Update on my hospital adventure Jun 2021

I realise that I have been losing energy and feeling breathless last one year. Late last year, TTSH docs advised me to be prepared for water dialysis. Sounds like an exciting adventure and stage of my life.

Last Monday, I was admitted to TTSH for suspected fever and infection. The hospital also drew 2 kg of water making my weight now 72kg, instead of 75kg when I arrived.

Well, today the advice is to start blood dialysis quickly today.

I have been getting queries from members. And in order not to have bits and pieces of information from diff sources, I shall update this Post regularly.

I am fine mentally. SHC will move on, We are making arrangements to plan forward next 5-10 years. I am glad to have very strong support from Jean Lim. And the many members, pioneer and newer, who believe in the SHC objective. Tq.

Terence Seah

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    • Alway believe something wonderful is about to happen !

      During this Covid phase we overcome a lot of obstacle to stay alert,safe and more stronger with life uncertainty.

      Yes, we learn the hard way – we SURE will make it !

      Let your hope up dun let go !

  1. Stubborn as an OX – coz he has a mind of his own tho’ slow and rather dull at times… Luckily for us, a very good, smart mind with positive mind-set. Calm and patience are his characteristics – strong and never give up.

    Hoping you find strength with each new day.

  2. You must have forgotten to eat your apple. Now you have to see a doctor.
    They will release you soon because we need you more than they do.
    You are never alone. We all love you and are by your side.
    Cheer up! We want to see you fit and well very soon.

    Cola Tan

  3. Tq for all the well wishes. I entered hospital at 75kg. This morning my weight was 69kg. Doc removed the fluid, saying no fat.

    So happy today had 4 pcs of prawns. All other days melon soup and clear stewed pork.

    Am well, likely to stay in hospital one more week. Admiring the nurses around.

    Singapore TTSH has excellent doctors, C class treatment was superb, its medical database first class and good wifi. Trust the Singapore system to retire and be treated surely when sick.

    Terence Seah

    • my goodness, you have 3-in-1 no wonder u are so happy… food, pretty nurses and good connection with outside of hospital world… haha! Take care!

  4. Quite excited this morning
    Lost 10 kg, now 66 kg.

    About 8.30am insert tube
    10am start 1st blood dialysis.

    Chat after lunch. I am fine. Looking forward lobster soup.

    Terence Seah

  5. It really is wonderful news to hear that you are making such positive and encouraging progress, and it’s inspirational to hear how you are overcoming this. I am proud to know someone who is so brave and positive. I know you will stay strong.
    Cheers !

  6. Just out from operating room. Surgeon inserted a 19cm into my artery, to do blood dialysis. Less than 30 mins, no pain, some super glue, stapler at work and freezing temp.

    Guys, godmother still alive. She is going to boil water and cook fox tail. Tq for your concern

    Terence Seah

  7. This morning. I was pleasantly surprised my weight had dropped to 63.6kg from 75 kg a week ago. Had a 3 hr dialysis, feeling much better and hungry all the time.

    Jean brought some hard boiled eggs which I silently cracked in the middle of the night

    I am expected to remain in hospital for another week.

    Terence Seah

  8. Hard-boiled egg is a handy high-protein snack if you have diabetes. The protein will help keep you full without affecting your blood sugar. Protein not only slows digestion, it also slows glucose absorption. This is very helpful if you have diabetes.

  9. Terence?
    Hope you will feel better each day,
    May good health envelop you, spurring a quick recovery.
    May the good wishes and warm thoughts of those who
    care about you send cheerfulness into your world and wish you healthy!
    Regards Alan Ang

  10. Every Thur 9pm, we have a support group meeting on zoom for diabetics. Many things to know and share. EO Jean Lim.

    Diabetics is a complex disease, if sugar and diet are not well controlled.

    Coming Monday, I have a up and down colonoscopy to see if my colon is stucked.

    The leg surgeon is putting a tube past my groin, into one of 3 leg arteries.

    Doc also doing a tube into my leg artery via a balloon. Then the surgeon will do an operation on my kneel.

    Medical science is just fantastic.

    Terence Seah

    • Wow! What a bumpy journey for u but none the less thankfully appreciate your update to us your rough ride thru this whole week. Jia You!

  11. As we get older, our body parts aged too. With time, some parts don’t function as well as they should be. This is the process of life. I have had my knees replaced, eye parts replaced too.

    Bothersome as it is, dialysis helps those with kidneys problem. Life still go on.

    I am aware you are having a colonoscopy on Monday. I have had 3 already. Like to share a little with you. Before you go for the procedure you have to drink a liquid to flush out the rubbish in the large intestine and colon. This drink tastes horrible. To mask out the taste, normally 100 plus or a palatable drink can be added. Be prepared for it.

    Hope you get back to normalcy soonest.
    Many in SHC care about your health and wish you well. Sorry for the double posting. I will delete the other one if I can.

  12. I am a very firm believer of a saying “Everything happened for a reason” So, just go along with this saying cant be wrong, tio bo? Quai quai obey the “must”, follow the “should” by the doc and surgeon and lastly but not the least, keep fighting for a better tomorrow… I am looking forward for the Fairy godmother not only be alive kicking but also can be strong to wave the magical wand again lor…

    Take care… :)

  13. Keep going Terence. SHC wishes you speedy recovery and regain full strength. We feel there is so much more to do with little time and we are there for you always. Best wishes. Bruce Lee

  14. I think I can be discharged end week. Tomorrow I have an angio on my left leg, a little tube and balloon. Then can go home. Need a walking stick though.

    Am doing ok with dialysis.

    Tq Bruce for your concern.

    Terence Seah

  15. Though all that treatments you are receiving are challenging, it’s a passing phrase. So glad to hear the you are recovering well and going home soon. Shortly, you are able to throw the walking stick and cha cha cha.

  16. Mon 5 July, i went for a water blister follow up, which has been bugging me last 2–3 mths. Instead of a plain dressing, I was readmitted to TTSH last night, and scheduled for a wound operation , and with a suction pump attached to reduce infection.

    Still on q to do the op. Expected to stay 7 days. Tq everybody for concern.

    Terence Seah

  17. My 2 mths stay in hospital is attributed mainly to diabetes and subsequent kidney failure. I encourages all seniors to monitor your diet, exercise and take your medication seriously.

    Besides kidney failure, other organs can fail. Dialysis treatment is advance, but body movement is restricted.

    Every night in hospital, I hear fellow patients scream. Why? I dont know. Other patients just look at the sky the whole day. I realise 5 out of 6 seniors dont know how to use their mobile to chat with friends. Life growing old, sick and lonely. So, it is ok to lose our cool once in a while, but dont not enemies.

    Surgeons took out a 20 cts x 0.5 cm deep of flesh from my left food. In healing process now. Expecting to stay at TTSH until next week. Have a safe weekend.

    Terence Seah

    • Chinese New Year is a joy to everybody. This Tiger year is a joy to me. I will be getting a new leg soon.

      My rehab is doing well, and I am cleared to move around the hospital, toilet, bathroom, bed on my own. Am I happy

      Today, i was given a tight stocking to wear so that the part of the leg below the knee can look more sexy and rounded.

      I have been informed my discharge from rehab centre is mid next week. Thereafter, I will get to fit on my super duper leg.

      Jean Lim and many SHC members have given me moral support. I look forward to leading a normal mobile life and joining SHC activities.

  18. Here’s some update on my hospital stay. Early today, my foot doctor opened up my wound. Half was recovering but the surrounding half indicates more surgery is required.

    Doc sees two options:
    1. Continuing and repeat surgeries.
    2. Amputation of left foot.

    The thinking is amputation is the better option, instead of the painful and repeat surgeries. Anyway, I wait for doc review today.

    Oops, this is something I didn’t expect to hear Monday morning. I now have the opportunity to be a super athlete with a stronger feet.

    Either option, I will be fine.

    Terence Seah

    • Alway believe something wonderful is about to happen !

      Continue your miracle prayer with grace !

      i alway know you are a very strong personality with positive mindset- keep it up !

      jia you !

        • Hi Terence,
          ON me , + Big Mac -once you are given the green light to eat . Stay strong to claim your craves OK.

          Positiveness being the best medicine, hang on there ya !

          Wishing you painless recovery and speedy discharge.

          Please take care & rest fullest.

          Best wishes ,

  19. Had a good sleep under LA.

    Midnight, has 2nd surgery of left foot, to avoid limb loss. Bigger tissue cut under LA. No blood loss, well well. Looking forward to Big Mac. Tq members.

    Terence Seah

  20. My surgery doc inspected my leg today, say my foot wound is not deteriorating, and that I may be discharged on Fri, with a small pump to suck out any blood. Completed a few doses of antibiotics and 2 sessions of blood transfusion. Doc advise the wound is not over as diabetic foot may take many mths to heal. So important to avoid infection and limb amputation. He also encouraged me, saying many amputees live close to a normal active life.

    Hope to go cycling, attend SHC monthly gatherings and eat durians. Tomorrow morning, the docs open my wound. I am frightened but I hope to get discharged.

    Terence Seah

  21. I was feeling very good this morning. The hospital had prepared 6 weeks dressing plus a pump to do home removal of blood from my left leg wound.

    My scheduled dialysis was in progress while the foot doc inspected my wound. He knew I was expecting to be discharged today. He said, No good. Either I go back to the OT and remove my left foot or a few more rounds of tissue temoval and some bone.

    Oops. Dont know what to say. Just imagine myself as a limpy horse. I will move on.

    Terence Seah

  22. Thank you very much to the many members who had written to me to express concern over my health.

    Yes, it’s been almost two months at TTSH, starting with dialysis, followed by a critical left foot wound.

    Am presently undergoing a series of surgeries, with the aim of saving the foot. Tomorrow, one more cleanup before the surgeon do the wound cover up from muscle from another part of the foot. This is scheduled end this week.

    I encourage diabetics to keep good sugar control, and daily care over their foot. A simple wound can turn sour fast.

    TTSH is a great hospital, many good doctors, surgeons, nurses and a excellent medical experience, should one fall ill.

    I hope to give good news next week, and be back to work asap.

    Terence Seah

  23. Thank you to all members who have written me to find out how I am.

    I am still at TTSH, both eyes as big as ever, enjoying most of my time, strunged to my airbed. Still receiving treatment on a wound on my left leg which looks like a Bak Pao when bandages are unwrapped. Am likely to continue enjoying rice porridge with sesame oil, braised chicken, stir fried winter melon and dragon fruit almost daily. I may be in hospital for another 2 weeks, as long as I continue paying rent.

    Meantime, keep active, and stay safe. And if you write here, I will reply you.

    Terence Seah

    • Hi Terence.
      Stay as positive as you are now. Be sure only to leave hospital with wound sealed and healed. Pay rent as billed! Not easy to care for yourself at home and must treasure your left foot. Treatment is on right track with skin graft and proper dialysis, painful as it may be. Your gang in SHC waiting to see you out to have a burger together at least.

  24. This morning, my surgeon did another skin graft on my left foot. The first graft was left to breathe and get better.

    Medical science can really do wonders. Under GA, I went to sleep and 1.5 hrs later. I woke up, not knowing my 8th surgery is over. I am expecting to stay at TTSH for another 2 weeks.

    I just saw my 1st bill, admitted on 1 Jun, for 17 days. I still have not reveived my bill for the next 2 mths. Admitted as a Class C ward citizen, the 17 day bill came with govt subsidies, NTUC INCOME shield medical insurance, medisave and co-payment in cash. I wait for my second discharge envelope.

    Do say some good words for me.

    Terence Seah

    • Never fret about the bill. The govt has publicly stated that if you can’t pay the medical bill it will be written off.
      Instead focus in getting well. Stay positive and have faith that things will get better..
      Chin up !

  25. Written off – I think should have lor.. though these did not happened to my parents before they passed on. But I sure did witnessed their long-listed medical items sum up to many thousands $ and after all apa macham deductions here and there, need only to pay couple of ten $ nia. So bo dai chi la, getting well is what you should looking at it now.. Stay strong with superb fighting spirit ya…

  26. TTSH surgeon opened up my wound this morning created a new skin graft, next to the earlier graft, while letting the earlier one breathe.

    I am glad good progress made.

    Terence Seah

  27. Now almost 3mths in hospital, I look forward to seeing rain soon. Undergoing therapy now, I had my first cup of black coffee after being barred from caffeine.

    Happy to be out in one piece.

  28. 3 mths in hospital and recovering. No fun being a diabetic. I encourage all diabetics to be strict on blood sugar control, and care with leg wounds.

    Someone has been kind with me. My leg is saved.

  29. I am happy not to lose my foot due to gangerine which started as a small blister. The infection reached the bone and I had to do a amputation. Through surgery, strong antibiotics and continued cleanup, I now need to do drressing twice a week to keep the wound clean. I have also some long pins inserted in my ankle to prevent ankle movemen t. It will now take about 3 more months for full healing.

    Jean Lim has been keeping company with moral support and prayers. I am out of hospital now.

    Thank you to all members who had wished me well and prayers too. Plse take extreme care if you are diabetic. Join SHC diabetic support group.

    • This Christmas and New Year, I get a new gift. This is no surprise after almost 4 mths in Hosp. The docs tried to save my left foot by opening the left foot artery for the blood to flow. But this is not working, and I get periodic fever due to infection.

      Coming monday, i am scheduled for a left foot amputation, below the knee. Will take a few weeks for heeling. Then i have a artificial leg and a new life.

      This is the best the doctors can do and I will move as normal as possible.

      I heard it will be a super duper leg, and with remote controls, I can walk almost normally.

      Terence Seah

  30. Left foot gone. now, at AMK Thye Hua Kwan hospital for rehab. I expect to recover quickly and walk. Thank you members for your concern.

    I encourage members with diabetes and leg blood circulation to take care of all foot wounds.

  31. Speedy recovery dear Terence. Just read this thread when a member alerted me. Like your positive and cheerful attitude. You go man! Can we visit?

  32. Oh no Terence, not aware that you went thru so much with your left foot ???? Juz followed up on this thread aft someone alerted me. Like your positive attitude which really inspire us. You take good care n speedy recovery starting the new year on the right foot yah.
    All Best, Theresa

    • So nice to read this msg. Appreciate your concern. I will be back walking in no time. Maybe make a trip to Chiangmai with my super duper left leg.

      Take care too.

      • When young and mobile, we think we can retire in Thailand or Malaysia.

        When immobilised and require constant medical care, nothing beats home.

        Dialysis is unsubsidised and expensive. Surgery and regular medication are expensive longterm.

        I am making arrangements to sell my apartment in Central Bangkok and relocate to Singapore. Life change.

        • 10 days after amputation, i am able to move around with a walking frame and wheelchair. So glad to be able to hop like a rabbit. Soon, I can move around AMK Thye Hua Kwan surroundings.

          With your encouraging words, I am determine to be mobile. Thank you guys.

  33. Hi Terence,

    Glad to hear that you are coping well with the amputation of your left foot, having read your cheery update. Life is indeed full of Uncertainties, so just follow what your heart desires to do, and get it accomplished with your Optimism.

    Wishing you sunny days ahead, and also sending you warm wishes of a Brighter Tiger Year which is roaring in soon !

    • Tq Sue for the inspiring words. I will definitely move on with your support.

      I wish covid restrictions can be relaxed and we can all get to meet.

      Meantime, have a great time spring cleaning and time with daughters this tiger year.

  34. Dear Terence,
    We felt a bit sad with the loss of your left foot but however it is not the end of the world and glad that you are recovering well and getting use to the environment. We look forward to go to ChiangMai once again together with you when you have your new artificial super duper leg and can walk almost normally again. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you need any help and we will definitely support you all the way. Wish you a speedy recovery and warm sunny days ahead.

  35. I’m glad to hear your surgery went well. .
    So glad that you are on the mend after your surgery
    Life can sometimes feel a little uncertain. However, one thing is sure, and that is the fact that it is still a beautiful world, filled with the love of those who hold you .
    We are those people, cheer leading for you to come through this current challenge. You are in our thoughts.

    We’re sending you all of the good and healthy vibes.

    Warmest wishes for a speedy recovery.


  36. Hi Terence, didn’t know you were in the hospital for a long time. You are so brave and we are proud of your positivity during this challenging time. Your strength inspire us. I know it’s take time to recovery from surgery but I’m sure you are going to bounce back stronger than ever! Wishing you a super, duper, easy recovery so that we will see you back in action soon.. Cheers!

    • Hi Shirleen,

      Very happy to hear from you. I hope you can help me kickstart our event “One night in Tokyo”.

      My left foot without the bottom part of the leg below the knee looks so cute when the cotton and bandages are taken out. Looks like a botak head.

      The wounds have dried up and the thread will be taken out this week. Then I expect to do my rehabilitation at home. If all okay I should be having a prosthesis leg fitted in Feb.

      I have been asking for a waterproof leg but have been told that a prosthesis leg is not waterproof. I cannot swim but I can walk and even run. The leg is painless now.

      My Life Will go on. I am determined to travel. Thank you for your good wishes. And a happy Lunar New year.

      • Very eager to get home. Discharged thur 30 from rehab.

        Had lunch and went home. Went up the ramp, and 1/4 way, the wheel chair overturned backwards. Wah minor on right side. As night comes, pain became unbearable.

        Next day, decided to go TTSH. A&E ordered X-ray. Rib 9 was broken.strugged home, expected 6 – 9 days recovery.

        What an adventure in one day. Haha.

  37. Thanks to Cola for the information through one of the Whatsapp chat groups as I do not log-in here that often.

    Terence, we all know you for you optimism and indomitable spirit. You’ll soon be hopping around better than many of us with old creaky knees!!

    I still have a presence in Bangkok although I’ve been stranded in Singapore for the past two years. I hope (or must) go back soon. Do let me know if you need anything to be done or taken care of in Bangkok.

  38. Fighter survives ALL tides & you are one ! Like your reply to me – you will get well FAST & YESsss, you surely will.
    Jiayou ya Terence !

    May the Year of Tiger brings you less bodily pains but more happiness in your life’s new adjustments.

    Wishing you well,
    Lydia Poh

  39. Always believe something wonderful is about to happen !

    Can’t wait to see you again in good strong spirit and determination – show the SHC senior as a role model – always be positive vibes !

    update us your “bionic leg” soon!

  40. Since so many members are asking, I might as well let you know that I am in another round in TTSH.

    As many of you know I lost my left leg, jan 2022. I was recovering and was beginning to walk.

    Suddenly last week I developed a right toe infection. Complications result, and today I might lose my right too.

    I am fine. And I hope that everybody in the club is fine too.

    Terence Seah

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