Personality Traits of August-born That Make Them Exceptional

Those born in August are either Leos or Virgos. They are very strong people, physically and mentally, undeniably strong-willed, confident and some says proud…  Thanks to the combination of 2 great sets of personality traits.

What kind of person is your LEO friend? A passionate, warm-hearted, humorous and cheerful individual fun to be with – this “King of the Jungle” rules with self-confidence, dominant and irresistible…

Virgoans, on the other hand, do have appealing personality traits – explicitly, organized, precise and detailed-oriented. They are dependable and also practical people.  They are charismatic too but theirs is a quiet charisma.

Some said to be arrogant yet humble. Straightforward and honest – they are friends who will never sugarcoat anything and only choose those worthies of their time. And if they love you, they really do and will give you all they have.

If you have any friends in mind who fit the August bill, please do wish them a wonderful birthday month.

On behalf of SilverHairsClub – we’d like to wish all the August babies an amazing month.

PS – do drop a line or 2 to all who are celebrating their annual natal day…


Author: Sally Foo

SHC1703 Introduced by ex-classmate Joo Tian. Married. I am in F&B industries for many years. Enjoy food and travelling. Love singing Karaoke with buddies. Date joined 22.3.2017.

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  1. There is one member whom I chance upon and we hardly engage with each other. Based on my 2 cents worth of instinct, I find her undeniably strong-willed, straightforward and one who will never sugarcoat and only choose those worthies of her time… you know who you are – Happy Birthday August-Born!

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