FAQ Zoom Meeting on SHC Activities Matters

DATE:    Tuesday, 25 April 2023

TIME:    8:00pm – 9:30pm

MEETING ID: 417 852 5736

MEETING PASSCODE: shc (small letters)

Join Meeting – please include your name and DO NOT tick on *Turn off my video*

EO: Dolly Lim

A list of commonly asked questions: –

  1. How do I create an account?
  2. Where should I put my post? Or create…
  3. What do I put in the title of my post? Or what do I put in my post?
  4. Can I include screenshots or videos?
  5. Why did a moderator edit my post?

Moderators will edit posts when it’s required. If someone uses vulgarities, posts private information (like emails or passwords), or otherwise violates the guidelines, we will clean up the post.

  1. Other matters.

Please be on time and you can log in 15 mins before 8:00pm to self-intro yourself and getting the atmosphere warm up before we start.

4 thoughts on “FAQ Zoom Meeting on SHC Activities Matters

  1. Dear All,
    Both Sally and I hope to see more members will be attending this zoom session as we wish to see more members to be fully utilize this forum, be it to attend an event or to create an event for other members.

    And since both of us are still working at this moment, we also dont know when will be next zoom session be too.


  2. Good revision and update for me. Thank you Dolly and Sally. WordPress is a very useful and powerful software. Its always good to learn a bit here and there. Hope more members will step onto this safer platform.

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