Living in Thailand

I have lived in Thailand since 1990.  In Thailand, Singaporeans have two communities, Singapore Club of Thailand and Singapore-Thai Chamber of commerce.

Many Singaporeans are expatriates, though there are also equally long stayers who have lived, worked or have business in Thailand.

As for me, I travel alot in Asia, and so I spend many weekends in Bangkok.  If you are interested to live in Thailand for short periods, join some of our weekend activities.  You might like the culture and way of life.

If you like travelling in Thailand, not the expensive way, please let me know. There are people who can keep you in the looop.

Terence Seah

Author: Terence Seah


2 thoughts on “Living in Thailand”

  1. Dear Terence Seah,
    Thank you for sharing. I am interested in living and travelling cheaply in Thailand, hopefully living on between S$500 to S$1000pm including rental of room. Please put me in the loop on such opportunities when they arise.
    Many thanks…from…sigyam, a new member, male, Chinese, aged 60yrs, still working fulltime but am ready to retire any time, with annuities kicking in from age 62.

  2. Hi Sigyam, glad you share the same interest. This site has regular postings on short term living outside Singapore. There is also a Nov 1st trip to Thailand. Have a look, you may be interested.

    See you next Friday.

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