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Semi-retired. Current venture Upcycled Creative Movement, UCM a Social Enterprise Project. Was an OEM manufacturer of Lady's Platform Shoes, Clogs, Wedges and Heels (Johor). Exploring 4IR to bring the Made-to-Measure Shoe Business to the Market.

Last call for AutoFx preview

I had received some request for the above preview. To benefits those we are seriously interested to create a passive income I had arranged

Wednesday, 20 Feb 2008

7.30 pm at Scorebot for another preview.

It’s a two evening course with 3 months Expert Advisor Mentorship @$2,960 Public.

I am arranging for a special discount at $1k for SHC members only. If the batch can start with a minimium of 10 paxs. There will be a further discount of 30%. If neccessary, I will personally assist during the full Course and Mentorship period.

Pls note that a US$500 will be needed for opening a Micro A/C with FXDD to trade LIVE and test the auto trading & manual trading.

The trainer will be our SHC member KT Wong and his associate who had tested Algo trading for more than 3 years. The Algo are their own tested scripts.

This will be my 2008 resolution for all interested members.

Sign up HERE as comments.

Dennis Har,  Together we can achieve MORE.

SHCic Meeting Update

All Members,

Every  First and Third  Friday of the Month, SHC Investment Club is holding its Meeting at Scorebot Pte Ltd

Time: 7.00pm to 8.30pm

Cost: Purchase of F&B

Agenda: Open to members suggestion prior to meeting by posting on SHC website.

In order to better co-ordinate and subsequent follow up on the meeting. 

I had created this thread. Please use it solely for discussing matters related to meeting.

Our first meeting in 2008 was 4th January 2008.

Future meeting will have their respective comments added.

Members present:

  1. Terence Seah
  2. KT Wong
  3. Dennis Har
  4. Ronald Lee
  5. Ronald Wie
  6. Roland Tong
  7. Eleanor Chan

Please add your comments

Tuition Club – Exploration Phase

As in my comments and encouragement from Terence, I will start this thread and hope SHCians can all contribute towards a fruitful adventure. Those interested can show your interest here and I will set a date for meeting.  All ideas and suggestion is most welcome.


Together we will achieve MORE

Dennis Har

SHC December Gathering # Registration only

  • The SHC December gathering is now confirmed.
  •           Date:  Monday, 3rd December 2007
  •           Time:  1500 – 2030 hrs
  •          Place:  18 Bali Lane (Op. Golden Landmark Hotel towards Beach Road)
  •                       ( Scorebot Pte Ltd – Traders Hub )
  •      Charges:  $3 per set refreshment.
  •       Parking: Bali Lane is a One Way dead end street, it is advised not to park into this Lane. Parking @Raffles Hospital after 5.00 pm per entry @1.83.

Highlight of the event is the Demo of SHC website and its functions at 1900 hrs. From 1500 – 1845 hrs Get-To-Know each other plus SHC Activities Brain Storming. Any suggestions or what you want to see at SHC is  your call for the night.

Note:  As space is limited your early registration is appreciated.  No cancellation of booking by 1st December 2007.  When registration exceed our quota then those who had paid up will be given priority.

Happy Gathering and Merry Christmas

Dennis Har (Event Organiser)

All SHC members, please register here. The sitting capacity can only take 60 paxs for two floors. Those who had been issued Name Tags please bring along otherwise pls contact Dolly Lim.

Method of Payments: $3/pax to DBS Savings Plus A/C 011-0-035573 by ATM transfer or iBanking is Appreciated.

Attendees Listing:

  • 1) Yew Kwong – Working Committee (Demo of SHC website) – Paid $6 + Dolly. Trx #1441536557
  • 2) Dolly Lim – Working Committee – (Demo of SHC website) Paid
  • 3) L.H. Jie – Working Committee (Reg. cum Payment) 1500 – 1800hrs Paid
  • 4) Oi Cheng – Working Committee (Reg. cum Payment) 1801 – 2030hrs Paid $6 & Ang CJ
  • 5) June Chin- Paid  chq UOB#259846
  • 6,7) Ron Lai & Alice – Paid  $6/ Ref: 9892
  • 8) Grace Wong – Paid 
  • 9) Mary Chan – Paid
  • 10) Dennis Wee – Paid Deposited $9 for LH Jie & Mary Chan
  • 11) Caroline Gee – Paid
  • 12) Steven Chan –  Paid trans: 4507
  • 13) Jane Yeo Ang CJ – Paid
  • 14) Suzhang – Paid
  • 15) Lina Ng – Paid by internet. Ref. 1440065551
  • 16) Gingko Tay – Paid
  • 17) Lee Ah Nee – Paid
  • 18) Sb Khoo – Paid
  • 19) Dan Huang – Working Committee (Photographer) – Paid
  • 20) Kenneth Tan – Paid Ref: 6200
  • 21) Ronald Lee – Paid $6/- & Molly
  • 22) Peng Peng – Paid POSB Chq #542056
  • 23) Molly – Paid
  • 24) Brian Ong – Paid
  • 25) Rene Leong – Paid
  • 26) Venika Leong – Paid
  • 27) Benson Koh – Paid
  • 28) Christina Leow – Paid
  • 29) Kam Ming – Paid
  • 30) Veronique Lee – Paid $6 & Gingko Tay Ref: 1444253547
  • 31) John Howe – Paid
  • 32) Eyvonne Chew – Paid
  • 33) Alice Teo- Paid $6 & Anne To
  • 34) Anne To- Paid
  • 35) Norlinda – Paid $12 for Lee Ah Nee,Suzhang,Caroline Gee Ref: 0093
  • 36) Ann Lim – Paid $6/- & Anna Seet ref 7030
  • 37) Bessie Lam Anna Seet – Paid
  • 38) Roland Tong – Paid
  • 39) Kristin Leong – Paid $6 & Venika Leong
  • 40) Wee Chin
  • 41) Christina Chan – Paid ref:8192 $12 for Rene,John Howe,Benson Koh
  • 42) Eileen Lee – Paid Ref: 8455
  • 43) Bernadette Chung – Paid 
  • 44) Lily Ho Willocq – Paid by Yew Kwong
  • 45) Andrew Koh – Paid
  • 46) Richard Tan- Paid
  • 47) Harry C H Lim – Paid 
  • 48) Ronald Wie – Paid to DennisH 
  • 49) Seok Cheng – Paid
  • 50) Frank AW (New Member) – Paid
  • 51) Jane Yeo – Paid POSB chq160782
  • 52) Agnes Tan Jimmy Wee Paid POSB ref 6271
  • 53,54) Robert & Kristy Quek – Paid $6 20Nov
  • 55) Alice Seah – Paid $3.00 Ref:2737
  • 56) Mary Tan – Paid
  • 57) Jeremy Tan – Paid
  • 58) Helen Chiew (New Member) – Paid
  • 59) Johnny Lim (New Member) – Paid $3 Ref 18566579
  • 60) Melissa Khng – Paid
  • 61) Dennis Har  Paid (EO)
  • 62) KT Wong  Paid
  • 63) Shirley Wong  Paid
  • 64) Linda Chang  Paid ref 8548
  • 65) Anthony Lee  Paid Ref.1454079668
  • 66) Ang Ann Siong  Paid Ref: 6164
  • 67) Eleanor Chan – Paid
  • 68) Pat Lim – Paid
  • 69) Dorothy Shem
  • 70) Rena Wong – Paid
  • 71) Peter Goh
  • 72) Weng Hon – Paid
  • 73) Andrew Kuan  (New Member)
  • 74) John Soh  (New Member)

SHC December gathering – 3 Dec 2007 at Bali Lane

The SHC December gathering is now confirmed. (This Posting is no longer in Use)

  • Date:  Tue, 18 Dec 2007 3rd Dec. 2007
  • Time:  1800 – 2100 hrs 1500 – 2030 hrs
  • Place:  Hans cafe  8 Bali Lane (Op. Golden Landmark Hotel towards Beach Road)
  • Charges:  Preferably, no pre-collection.  To pay at door, direct to venue. $3 per set refreshment.

Highlight of the events is the Demo of SHC website and its function at 1900 hrs.

Registration:  As space is limited your early registration is appreciated. No cancellation of booking by 1st December 2007.

Happy Gathering and Merry Christmas

Dennis Har (Event Organiser)

SOHO for Remisier & Brokering Agents

We have a Trader’s Hub ideally tailored as a 3rd party support centre for remisiers, trading representatives etc. Just direct your clients to us and we become your support centre.

We have incentive scheme for your clients to trade. Trading is no more lonely here.  Its also a cafe fully setup with internet access for trading on a 24/7. 

Any startup business can also tap on our SOHO.

Venue for SHC events or meeting

The SHCic together with our founder, Terence had found a venue 18 Bali Lane. Its fully setup with Internet Access and ideally for courses and talk with Big LCD screen display. Any event organiser who is interested to use this place please contact Dennis Har for details.

Best regards,

Together we will achieve MORE,

Dennis Har

Forex Sharing

Lets start Forex Info sharing here.emoticon


 1.  It’s Automated.  This makes it easy for your broker to run. They’ll be no confusion.
 2.  The program attempts to recognize LONG TERM trends. It’s not a day trading approach.  This will minimize transactional costs (you’re not "trading" in and out).
 3.  Every trade has a clear stop loss.  Most experienced traders will tell you, "It’s not where you get in, it’s where you get out".
4.  In the event of a strong trend, your stop will trail, preserving more of what you’ve gained.

 Note: If you inspect a long term chart, I think you’ll discover that currencies tend to trend.  Why?  Because much of the basis for currency strength and weakness is interest rates (and interest rates tend to trend).  Witness: The dollar has been drop, drop, dropping for years!

If you have any Forex info to share,  post it HERE…


Stocks Investing, Sharing of Experiences

Hi, fellow SHC members,

I would like to see similar interest members sharing there trading experiences here.  Hoping that we can benefit from each others experiences, be it good or bad but please by sure that its not going to be too personal and expect much HELP.

To start with, I am a trader with a local brokering house managing my own personal Fund only. My approach is Fundament and Technical Analysis. But mostly TA for the timing of my trading.

Invested thousands of $$$ on Investment Courses before doing Full Time as an independent Trader. If you are also a Trader, I am most happy to see if we can storm out some money making Strategy.