Trip to Bangkok to look at condo properties, 3-6 March 2014

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This is not a trip to look at retirement opportunities.  This a trip to view new properties in Bangkok and Pattaya, both of which have changed dramatically over the last few years.  I cannot make Chiangmai due to my schedule, maybe early next year.  So, for whatever your reasons, if you wish to see many properties within a short time, join this trip.

James SS Tan and wife are the first to confirm the dates, and i have already booked a 9-seater coach to take us around.

3 and 4 Mar 2014 – pattaya
5 and 6 Mar 2014 – bangkok.

Arrival and hotel:
Please book your flights and hotel to arrive bkk by Sun 2 Mar.  And departure, earliest 6 Mar.

Coach, guide, driver, tips and petrol will be shared.  Food shared or individual.  There will be no planned sightseeing or entertainment.  The trip is scenic and varied in the new Pattaya region.

So far, these names are confirmed.  If you wish to join the trip, book your tickets and you are confirmed.  If you stay outside the Sukhumvit, please try to stay near a train station, so you can get to our meeting points.

I have no plans as to which properties we will visit, but we will discuss during the next monthly gathering at Hans on the 21 Jan.  If you wish to buy the Home buyer’s guide magazine, let me know.  It’s $5.  If you wish to buy the English book on Buying properties in Thailand and i would recommend you to buy it, it’s about $50.  I shall bring it on 21 Jan.

On this trip, we shall only view 4 and 5 star properties.  Likely 1 0r 2 room apartments.  If you have a specific property, we can go too.

If you have interest to join the trip, please register here.  Only 7 seats left.  Strictly for SHC members.

Terence Seah

Registration list:
1.  SS James Tan
2.  James Tan wife
9.  Last pax

Kenneth Tan has booked the Home buyers guide.

16 thoughts on “Trip to Bangkok to look at condo properties, 3-6 March 2014

  1. Hi Terence

    It looks like there are no more takers for this trip to view properties. I thought there were a couple more SHCs who had expressed interest. I hope you will have some more signing up at the coming meeting. I think the current political situation in Bangkok is a main factor for this.

    I also note that I’m the only buyer for the property magazine… Also you now quote the price at $5, was the previous $3 price posted a typing error? Or is it inflation…quite like the price of a cup of coffee nowadays!

    Heehee… I don’t mind paying $5… but I baulk at the $1.80 I have to pay at Yakun for a cuppa!

  2. Today is what the Thais call Bangkok Shutdown day. The anti-government protesters hsve blocked off major road junctions. It is chaotic for road users and businesses.

    Property sellers are concerned at the impact on property sales. Some are offering big discounts; others are postphoning launches. For those with weak hearts, you may want to reconsider. But for those who like to do windows shopping, come along and enjoy the hills and sea views. One day, we may enjoy your stay together.

    See u on the next monthly gathering.

    Terence Seah

  3. Hi Terence, my wife and I will only join the group if there are a few others going as well, otherwise we will be calling off the trip and move on to Chiang Mai. SS

  4. Hi SS
    I think it would be a good idea to put off any trip to Thailand at this point. The demos in Bangkok are paralysing the city and threaten to shut down essential services and even the airport, like in 2008. If you’ve watched the news, you’d have seen the huge crowd at Ratchaprasorng junction which is where Mah Boon Krong (MBK) and my favourite hotel location are.
    I heard that these demonstrators are paid 800 baht daily and those bused in from the south got 2,000 baht each. So the politics involved is more than just the desire to end corruption…it is supported by factions which want to oust the government and replace it with their own. Meanwhile, the country and economy is being destroyed, and a larger majority of ordinary Thai citizens are made to suffer.
    Much as I would like to promote Thailand as a retirement destination, I think the present situation is getting seriously out-of-hand!

    • hi Kenneth, SS, and those following up on Thailand,

      I lived between Central World and the Asoke Junctions. I too would not encourage anyone to come to Bangkok at this time. While it looks peaceful, a little disturbance can create chaos and violence.

      I can hear the whistles from both sides. The streets are empty, unlike any ordinary date. Last night, I went to a cafe in Korean Town at 7pm. The cashier told me “No coffee” because there are few customers and Sukhumvit Road is quiet. So, I went to enjoy Korean food with my family.

      Unfortunately, as Kenneth said, this protest has a serious impact on the economy and business. It is difficult to say if this is the right way to change the government, but since the Thai constitution allows for peacful demonstrations, it is hard for the government to put a stop to this. But obviously many serious offences have been committed. The law takes care of that.

      At the same time, the Bangkokians are getting pissed off with this prolong rally and disturbance to their daily lives.

      Thailand is a beautiful country. Come when the situation stabilises.

      Terence Seah

  5. Hi Kenneth and Terence,
    Having read what both of you have written I still recommend moderate investors to window shop for properties at this point of time IF prices dip drastically south. The greater the catastrophe the greater the opportunities, this theory applies to the whole universe without exemption. So it is a choice and perhaps come courage. SS

  6. Wowee! SS
    I always admire courageous investors though you deem them as only moderate.
    You are the epitome of investors, rather like Warren Buffett: Buy when the market is fearful and sell when it is greedy!
    As a bonus for your travel expedition to Chiang Mai, I would like to offer you my pick of hotels there:
    Eurana Boutique Hotel in the Old City
    Wangburapa Grand Hotel also within the city walls
    Maninarakorn Hotel just out southeast of the Old City
    Raming Lodge on Loi Kroh east of Old City
    The above are Thai-style hotels, moderate priced, with swimming pool and free wifi. Please check your preferences especially in regard to breakfast, walking assessibility and location.
    Please take a direct flight to Chiang Mai on Silkair or Tiger; you may also use AirAsia flying direct from KLIA.

  7. Thank you Kenneth, although we met very briefly last Thursday, you are so helpful and willing to offer your in-depth knowledge about Chiang Mai. With your recommendation I am now spoiled for choice. A couple of days ago I was offered to stay in Twin Peaks Condo Serviced Apartment which provides twice weekly maid service. Is the offer at 30,000 Bhts per month reasonable? Warm regards, SS

  8. Hi SS
    I’m not an expert on serviced apartments so I can only give general opinions.
    Your Twin Peaks seems to be quite luxurious…so the price of 30,000 is reasonable based on what I see. This works out to around 1,000 per day, comparable to the lower-cost hotels I mentioned.
    Now to the other factors:
    Is there breakfast?
    What about wifi, any extra charge?
    What deposit needed, charge for electricity, water?
    Is the location convenient?
    I would look at around 15,000 for a serviced apartment, thereby saving half my hotel cost. If you want a “real” condo stay experience there are many apartments in the Nimman area available. Check apartments in CM for some of them.
    Two useful websites for CM property rentals:
    Have fun!

    • I have a strong view about foreigners buying properties in Thailand. While buying new properties has its investment opportunities, there are many issues that a foreigner will experience before he gets to move into his new condo. There are many ready to move in/new but second owner properties. This takes away a lot of unknowns. Many foreigners buy for investment reasons, not to move in and stay. A ready to move in unit will tell you if the location is rentable. It will erase the unknowns if you finally cannot register the new property in your name. Most foreigners wants to have the property in their name.

      From a few months to a few years, can you really stomach the risks and uneasiness, no matter how good or reputable your developer or agent is.

      Let’s say you are interested to buy; for investment or retirement reasons. I recommend you to get to know the country. 3-4 days or 1 weeks, you will not know the country. As a tourist, yes. You pay tourist dollars, your wont know. I live in Thailand for more than 20 years, and I am still learning.

      Consider staying first, while it is ok to do windows shopping. Have fun.

      Terence Seah

  9. Hi SS,
    You have got velly good advice from Terence and Kenneth. Just remember them.
    Looks like it would be better to stay in a hotel than Twin Peaks as they cost about half to 80% of your TPeak price. The last few times we were in CMai, we stayed in Tawan Court Hotel, outside the Old City but still very close. Very good location, cheap, clean, have breakfast, staff helpful. If you stay in a hotel you can leave and travel around CMai and Thailand without paying for a serviced apartment while you are travelling. Go to Tashiliek, the Golden Triangle, Chiang Rai, the white temple, Pai, Chiang Khong, maybe even cross over to Lao for a look or anywhere you fancy.

    The food is good, very good, and cheap.Just ask Ken and Teence for suggestions. You will not be disappointed.

    Inter-city transport in Thailand is cheap but intra-city transport may not be so, especially as you are not local. I have never rented a car in Thailand but perhaps you can try and give us a trip assessment. I can only afford to rent a motorcycle and explore around. Last time I rented a bicycle but the sun gets hot very quickly from 11am onwards, and it is no fun then to ride. You should also go to Cmai in June or so to see how hot and humid CMai can be. It will be revealing.

    When I was there, I bought a chip for both my hp and my I-Pad. They are very cheap. I think S$14 gets you 2 weeks coverage, 2GBs of unlimited usage. So you don’t have to rely on wifi.

    If you get a good property agent in Chiang Mai, I will be interested in his contact no, as I am toying with the idea of getting something in CMai. Otherwise if you can get more people for your trip, I might join you, if you do not mind.

    Kenneth’s tip to stay in the Nimman Heimin area is good.Don’t know if I spelt it correctly but its on the way to Doi Suthep and the Chiang Mai Univ. Place is quite trendy and happening.

    Good luck on your adventure and keep us SHC folks informed please.

    Kenneth, I tried the “” website but got nothing. Is there a misspelling?

  10. Hi Charles
    Try… I googled “Chiang Mai condo for rent” with no problems.
    SS: Let us know where you’ll be staying…maybe I can suggest good food places.

  11. Hi Kenneth and Charles, thank you for all the advice given otherwise we could be lured to stay in Twin Peaks. We will now look at 2 different areas for 2 weeks in each place. One as suggested will be in Nimman and any suggestion for the 2nd area? We prefer a fully furnished Condo because it will give us more space and also allow us to have some home cook food. If not feasible then 1 month in the same Condo is also acceptable. You are most welcome to join us, in fact it is our privilege to have you joining us. We are not thinking of moving out of Chiang mai as we have seen some of the places already. We hope your idea of joining us will come true. Cheers! SS

  12. Hi SS James, and members,

    Due to concerns about the thai political, we shall cancel this trip to Bangkok.

    As I am in Bangkok every month, we can look at this on an adhoc basis.

    Terence Seah

  13. Hi Terence, Kenneth, Charles and all SHCians,
    The year of the horse has arrived and I take this opportunity to wish one and all a blessed, joyous, healthy and prosperous 2014. It appears that this horse can bring tremendous opportunity to every one of us. For the non adventurous type, hold tight and lock your idle funds in FaceBook. For the moderate investor, I think it is timely to visit Bangkok to browse and feel/see some properties. For the adventurous, get ready to jump in and grab blue chip equities and or properties when the worst kicks in. This is what I see as a mid-term 3 to 5 years endowment plan. We will leave on 27th Feb to Bangkok as planned. We will do our window shopping just to feel the property market with a prearranged agent in Bangkok. We will also be briefed on equities as arranged by our Singapore’s broker. From Bangkok we will move to Chiangmai and with the assistance of Kenneth we have booked a serviced apartment for one month. Anyone is welcomed to join from any part of our itinerary. Cheers and have a great year! SS

  14. Hi SS,
    Glad you finally got a date to Thailand . I too think it is a good time to do window shopping. There are some places where anti-govt protestors usually gather all these years. Would be wise to window shop for properties away from these venues. Have fun. Weather seems to be still cool.

    Hi Kenneth,
    Your buying guide is still with me. If we can catch up for some raw fish this few days, I would be able to pass over to you.

    Terence Seah

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