Venue venue and still venue – Where to conduct classes

Hi All,
While we are aware that there are lots of talented members willing to come forward to conduct classes charging a minimal cost for materials and some extra.  It is always a great challenge as to where they can find a venue to host these classes.

This morning, while having breakfast with Karen – she was showing me those nail arts that she had done on her nails.  Wow, is really beautiful and she is willing to teach but again venue is another setback.

I always wanted to try putting a false eyelashes but yet to master this skill and always hope that someone will be able to guide me along.. todate, had been unsuccessfully discard at least 10 pairs of falsies due to no proper guidance given.

Of cos, some of you will definitely tell me, aiyah, go to youtube and watch video, sure ai sai 1.. well at least, I know that this does not worked out for me…

Having said all these, are any members out there able help to provide any info for venue (FOC) or cost at minimal charge – we want to hear from all of you….

Cheers… Dolly

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  1. Morning Dolly & Karen and all SHCian friends,

    I have my personal experience to share with all of you. With the introduction by one of the SHC members, Pat Oei, I went to Leng Kee Community Club and introduced my intention to encourage Seniors like me to be active and be engaged to things that they like to do.

    I proposed to conduct IT workshops and discussions on a monthly basis. In the course of the discussion, the issue on cost was raised. He said that he has to charge me on the CC facilities used. I told him my intention is totally voluntary and it is FREE of CHARGE to all participants attending. If you charge me, then I will charge who. After some further discussion, he said he will consider and is prepared to seek management approval. He will let me know once the decision is made. Finally, approval was granted and I can organize an EC event in this CC on a monthly basis.

    I termed the gathering as ITIG (IT Interest Group) and has been using this complimentary facility from Leng Kee CC for many months now.

    This is a good approach to any Community Club if the SHC organizer(s) is/are prepared to organize events without money involved (no money changing hands) and their activities are complimentary to the goals of CC and PA.

    My last event in Feb 2014 was a movie show where I have a full house of SHCians. What I learnt from this show is that some people are lucky enough to have their dreams come true and also made a legacy out of their actions and determination and spent their retirement time meaningfully!


    • Thank you Hew Lee, for showing a way of finding available venues at Community Clubs.

      Thinking aloud and following up from what Dolly has asked, we do have an issue with venues. Although there are clubs, condominium function rooms, hotel function rooms, restaurants, cafes, foodcourts and offices, we have to tussle with costs and availability. At the same time, we have to fight members of the public and venue customers. Fir example, at Hans @ Upper Pickering.

      Should we look at hotels?

      Terence Seah

  2. Hi HewLee,
    Thank you very much for the info.

    But as you had stated and I supposed that for IT related topics, it would be easy for CC to help out as they are equipped with pc and necessary gadgets to get this going.

    For the art and crafts, it is not possible to provide FOC as there will be still money needs for those art and crafts materials and some of these are not cheap at all.

    Hotels – of we can but we cant assumed that this will be free usage as I believed that a certain amount will be needed for utilisation. And if this cost need to be added to the event, it would be too expensive to conduct hence, we might not be successful at all.

    Of cos, it would be ideal if members interested in these courses are able to provide venue at a minimal cost… I am still hoping for miracle on this…

    Till then, we just hv to wait…. Dolly

  3. Hello Dolly

    I’ve been cracking my head for an answer to your need for a venue… Yes, where in Singapore can you get a free venue?

    I think I may have a solution::

    How many people do you need to accommodate?
    For a small group just to paint nails: Any homeowner can volunteer her house maybe in exchange for smiley face nails.
    For a larger group of ten or more: Private condos usually have a function room which can be booked and used.
    Aiyah, Dolly: If you need materials for your course, then of course you have to pay for them…we only talking of venue. If it’s a cooking course you may get the men involved to pay for the ingredients as well as eat your creations… maybe washing up? Don’t stretch your expectations too far…

  4. EOs may want to consider this place – Brooklyn Art Gallery Café inside Kampong Kembangan Community Club for conduct of SHC activities/events. The air-con Café hardly have customers and can easily takes in 20 or more people in a cosy setting. Ideal for gatherings, board/card games, Nail Art Design class, Investment talks and even events such as IT as Wi-fi is available. It is open daily from 9.30 am to 9pm. The lady I spoke to, would welcome us provided some of us in the group would patronise her food/drinks. The CC is about 250m from Kembangan MRT Station and members who are driving can park their cars by the roadside at Jalan Senyum nearby without fear of being booked. For sharing…

    yew tiong

  5. Hi Yew Tiong,
    Wow this is interesting – I will try to gather some other members to patronise the said venue first. Thanks for the sharing…
    Cheers.. Dolly

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