Monthly walk: Saturday, 14th June 2014

Date: June 14. 2014, Saturday. 4.00pm
Meeting Place:  Ang Mo Kio MRT Station – Exit to ground level.
Duration:  2 ½ hrs
ECs for event :  Alice Seah and June Koh

This monthly walk will cover a garden and a park.

In the Ang Mo Kio garden much of the original vegetation and terrain of a secondary
forest has been retained. Various types of flora and fauna exist. Butterflies and
dragon flies can be spotted. There are also fruit trees and food plants, a reminder
of the past agricultural activities.

The Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park is filled with colourful shrubs, lush greenery, ponds,
and bridges. The Kallang river that runs through the park is of great benefit.
Picnics, fishing, cycling, roller blading, jogging and other sports can be found here.

(Posted on behalf of EC: Alice Seah)

Our Walk Team ECs: Christina Chan, Charles Wee, Jeffrey Lim, Mary Tan, Veronica Wong, Serene Low, Alice Seah, Azhari Cuttilan, Judy Lim, June Koh

Joining the walk….

1.  Alice Seah
2.  June Koh
3.  Maureen Lee
4.  Christina Chan
5.  Tony Ang
6.  Jimmy Tsin
7.  Ho Hew Lee
8.  Jassmine Teo
9.  Jassmine’s friend (non member)
10. Janis Han
11. Phyllis Tan
12. Judy Lim
13. Yew Tiong
14. Seok Cheng
15. Charles Wee
16. Steven Chan
17. Shawn Soh
18. Eddy Lee
19. Margaret Chua
20. Barabara Lim
21. Andrew Koh








24 thoughts on “Monthly walk: Saturday, 14th June 2014

  1. Hi ECs:
    I kee chew pls register my name

    Wah am I the first one?

    Altho this park we had been few times
    but it is always gd to do some exercising
    esp with so many frnx

    Tkx for organising
    Maureen Lee

  2. Maureen,

    Thanks for your continuous support.

    yep, it is not easy for us to find an “easy peasy” route!

    It maybe a neighborhood garden and park, it is still a good opportunity to enjoy nature and fellowship …… 😀


  3. Hi Alice and June
    Thanks for organizing the walk. Here’s a recollection of the beautiful part we were all so impressed with at the AMK gardens …

    Atop a pergola, honolulu creepers freely creep,
    Dainty little pink flowers among them shyly peep.

    Amid the remnants of a forest, behold,
    Two vertical rows of tall palms, straight and bold.
    With their canopy a gentle gradient rising,
    Delightful greenery most refreshing!

    And then – gasp! – ahead, an astonishing sight –
    A wide vertical stairway, rising with every flight.
    Flanked by the ramrod straight, ascending palms all the way,
    The long ascending stairway, oh – a stunning display!
    “A thing of beauty is a joy forever” – John Keats

    cheers 🙂

  4. Thanks Alice and Chris for a very enjoyable walk. Sorry that I had to do a u-turn when we reached Bishan Park, would have loved to joined you all all the way to the end but didn’t had enough time as I had a second place to go to that day.

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