Monthly Walk, Sat 7 Mar – Lower Pierce reservoir Board Walk



Date: Saturday, 7 March 2015
Time: 3.30 pm sharp (be punctual as would be taking a bus to Bishan Park)
Meeting Point: Yio Chu Kang MRT station (Beside POSB ATM)
Duration: Approx. 2-1/2 hrs
ECs : Alice Seah and Serene Low

The hustle and buzzle of Chinese Lunar New Year will end on 5th March. After feasting on all the sumptuous goodies during this festive period, let us all get ready to burn off some excess calories by joining our next monthly nature walk.

The walk will cover the area of Lower Pierce Reservoir, the second oldest reservoir in Singapore. On the boardwalk, we will meander through the matured secondary rain forest where there are numerous rubber trees and oil palms. Apart from the flora and fauna, there are birds, wild boars, monkeys, squirrels, mini monitor lizards, spiders etc.

At the end of the walk, we will aim for the Casuarina Curry Restaurant for the famous crispy roti prata.

Note: Bring water bottle, caps, umbrella and insect repellent. Do wear comfortable walking shoes.

Our Walk Team ECs: Christina CL Chan, Charles Wee, Mary Tan, Veronica Wong,
Serene Low, Alice Seah, Jeffrey Lim, Azhari Cuttilan.

Please register.

1) Alice Seah
2) Serene Low
3) Gabriella Chua
4) Alice Tan
5) Loong Say Meng
6) Sharon Loong
7) Danny Lye
8) Charles Wee
9) Christina A Chan
10) Susan Tan
11) James Tan
12) Azhari Cuttilan
13) Peng Peng Lee
14) Theresa Seow
15) Vincent Lim
16) Shirley Tan
17) Pauline Chew
18) Lilian Teo
19) Catherine Yeo
20) Lily Lim
21) Jimmy Tsin
22) Richard Wong
23) Moon Wong
24) Tony Ang
25) Vincent Lim
26) Andrew Koh
27) Lawrence Khan

43 thoughts on “Monthly Walk, Sat 7 Mar – Lower Pierce reservoir Board Walk

  1. Hi Alice and Serene

    Tks for organising. I like this walk … The Pierce Reservoir is tranquil and scenic. I’ve done it before. Please count me in.


  2. Hi,
    My wife, Sharon and I will love to join in your LOWER PIERCE RESERVOIR BOARD WALK on March 7. Please register us. Look forward to meeting you folks.

    Thank you

  3. Wowee! I like the second picture…paper prata!
    I may join the walk at Casuarina …but it’s a Saturday and at 6pm…so…

    Alice, see you at the Coffee Chat instead!

  4. Hi ECs
    Pls deregister my name due to sudden
    invitation to join my ex classmates gathering
    whom I not had seen long time
    I had to forgo this nature walk
    Tkx ml

  5. Hello ECs,

    “GONG XI FA CAI”. Please include me in for this walk as I have been away for too long last year missing so many wonderful walks. So this year, must start the ball rolling. See you all there.

    Take care and enjoy your Lunar New Year.

  6. Hi Alice & Serene

    Actually, I’ve to take a train to Bishan mrt and change to the North South train to Yio Chu Kang station before taking a bus back to Bishan Park.. Perhaps, it wd be better for me to join you all from Bishan Park..

    Charles Wee: can I meet you at Bishan mrt station and proceed to Bishan Park from there? ie if it is ok for you. Otherwise, I’ll just follow the crowd and proceed to YCK station and back to Bishan Park.. Pl let me know.. Tks


  7. Hi Alice
    In view of your explanation that the walk starts from Bishan Park 2, I’ve decided to join the crowd from YCK mrt station.. I’ll enjoy the longer mrt ride….

    C u then.

  8. Hi Kenneth,
    I was so so happy to see your name on the list… wow, after such a long time, then,
    upon reading your comments…. 🙁 🙁

    Anyway, see you sometime, somewhere… hehe

  9. Count me in..
    I’ll join you at entrance to Bishan Park 2 (on Marymount Rd.)
    BTW..Serene nice pix of me with the Crispy Honey Prata 🙂

  10. Dear Alice and Serene,
    My sincere apologies. Please cancel my name for the coming Walk.
    Regret any inconvenience caused.
    Thank you.

  11. Hi Alice & Serene,

    Please count me in. If I’m not at meeting point Yio Chu Kang Stn by 3.30pm,
    I’ll be waiting at the Driving Range on AMK Ave 1 ok?

  12. Alice Seah,

    Thank you to all SHC Walkers for their concerns. We are fine but June maybe out of the walk for good (pending on her knee injury improvement). I will still continue with the exercise unless I have other schedules clashed with the dates.

    So happy to see all of you again new and old this coming weekend. Be happy and Take care. God Be With You !

  13. Winnie — noted. No worries. See you at next walk.
    Peng Peng –Glad you’re coming. Thanks.
    Theresa — Noted. Yeah, Thanks.
    Vincent & Shirley Tan — Glad both of you can make it. Thanks.
    Danny –Best wishes to June for speedy recovery.


  14. Hi Alice & Serene,

    Please count me in for this walk.
    Theresa, Moon, Peng Peng, glad to see u all coming. Can catch up.
    But your names are not updated yet. Oh oh, Sori EOs. kaypoh reminder, haha

    Tks & Rgds,

  15. Hi EOs of the walk team,

    I would like to join in the walk but prefer to meet at pierce reservoir instead. May I know where exactly is your starting point at Pierce?

    Thank you.

  16. Hi Cat,
    Start at Lower Pierce Reservoir, old Upper Thomson Road, near Ang Mo Kio Ave 1.
    We’ll be walking Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park 1 and it’ll be approx 4.30 pm when we reach the Reservoir. Thanks. See you.

  17. Hi Lilian, Yeah you’re coming, Thanks.
    I only know how to type in this comment page and don’t know how to post or update the attendees list. That is done by the other EO Serene who will be updating it tonight. Cheers

  18. Thanks Alice,

    I will be at lower pierce about 4.30pm and hope to join the group then.

    Looking forward to the walk and meeting all again.

    Cheers !

  19. Thank you to all the ECs for their efforts and hard work in organising the walk. It was indeed a enjoyable and wonderful walk since I have missed some of the walks for the past months. Photos taken during the walk can be viewed at :-

    Hope you all like the photos.

  20. Hi Alice/Serene & Walk Grp Committee,

    Kudos for organising the walk. Regrettably, Margaret and I cldn’t make it. A prior lunch appointment had precluded us partaking. Anyway, those candid photos taken by Danny Lye were as gd as we were there. Our salute to him.

    Moreover, I’ve a sentimental feeling whenever I view SHC YouTube video clip of The 2011 Bt Timah Railway ramble before its track closure. Now this had become a history album. Once again thanks to Danny Lye – Your photo shoots showed rejuvenating moments had made them possible to showcase SHC website – Thus keeping its flag unfurled. What a sense of nostalgia for all SHC Walkers. My adage:-


    Eddy Lee

  21. EDDY, we missed you at the Walk You are indeed a happy person who spreads much cheer around. Thanks.
    Thanks too to our EOs Alice and Serene who helped to keep the Walk Group going, Walks after Walks , year after year. Main driving force is Christina Chan who is so passionate about this Walking activity . Thanks

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