Monthly walk – Announcement

Dear Walkists & members,

Due to the “hazy daze” the walk team are unable to conduct recces.

Should the weather/air quality get better enabling us to recce, we will consider to resume the monthly walk scheduled on 07November2015.

Till then, for the health of all, the monthly walks will be suspended till further notice.

Meanwhile, drink more water and minimize outdoor activities     😀

with much regrets… from the Walk Team.

One thought on “Monthly walk – Announcement

  1. I thought the next walk is 03 Oct 2015 and not 07 Nov 2015 which is 2 months ahead. The haze situation might not be over by end of this month, so the possibility of a walk scheduled on 03 Oct might have to cancel unless otherwise there is improvement within the next 2 weeks or so. By Nov the weather should be fine as the hotspots in Indonesia does not last for so many months if the authorities is doing something for the people and the country.

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