Next Coffee Chat ~ Friday, 2.9.16

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Hihi kopi kakis

Our next kopi chat will be held on Friday, 2.9.16. Details are as follows:

Date:                    Friday, 2 Sep 2016

Time:                   2.15 – 4.15 pm

Venue:                 Raffles City food court, Level 3

Nearest mrt:         City Hall mrt station

Topics:                  Anything under the sun except sensitive subjects viz: sex, religion, MLM, politics (SHC taboos)

Cuisine:                All types of food, drinks and dessert (just order for yourself)

I’m glad that our kopi chat gathering is still going ‘strong’ and that many of you are now my regulars 🙂    I’m giving ample notice for our next event and I hope that those interested will register asap.   It’s an opportunity to meet up with old friends as well as making new ones.  We need friendship at this stage of our life ~ most of us are facing the ’empty nest syndrome’.  We should be very happy that we’ve raised a new generation for Singapore.  Now is the time to enjoy our life since we’re free of the burden of looking after our children .. This is the stage wherein we can enjoy without feeling guilty of neglecting the family.  Ya?  haha.  Such events will help us keep in touch with friends of our age, and keep depression and dementia at bay.  We should also not impose too much  on our children and infringe on their privacy, since most of them have set up their own homes with their spouses/children.  It’s time to cut off the apron strings and not to ‘destroy’ the marriages of our children with too much interference into their way of life ~ I’ve seen with my own eyes of some (esp mothers) who never let go of their sons after marriage!

“When you hold the bird too tightly, you will smother it and it will die, hold it too loosely, it will fly away but if you hold it just right, it will thrive”.

We must keep ourselves busy with our own activities with friends.


Gabriella Chua

Those coming:

  1. Gabriella Chua
  2. Loong Say Meng
  3. Friend (MH)
  4. John Chua SC
  5. Richard Kwok
  6. Veronica Wong
  7. Alice Cheong (did not turn up)
  8. Lim Tiang Soon
  9. Michael Yeo
  10. Friend (JL) (sick)
  11. Ron Lai
  12. Alice Lai
  13. David Loh
  14. Lily Boon (sick)


Note of thanks! Tks to all who came today. It was indeed a good gathering .. Small cosy group of  11 .. Cheers ..see you all next month !


6 thoughts on “Next Coffee Chat ~ Friday, 2.9.16

  1. Hi hi
    Calling Kopi kakis ~ hope to see more next Friday, 2 Sep, usual place, usual time…

    Are you all coming?
    Dave Chong
    Yoon Chin
    Silas Yeo
    Alan Ang & friends
    The list goes on …… All are invited


  2. Hi Gabriella

    Sorry, actually I intended to go but then last min I need to run some errand for my
    Company and I thought shld have enough time but then it turn out to be quite late by the time I can go is almost time and from outside I’m not able to log in using my mobile to inform u and also I do not have yr contact no.

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