Monthly Walk 14 Aug’10 – Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

EO: Joyce Tan, Co-EO: Conrad Tang

Date: 14-Aug-2010      Time: 9am – 11.30am

Meeting: at the visitor Centre, 10mins before walk start at 9am sharp

How to get there: via bus service nos. 67, 170, 171, 173, 184, 852 and 961

Join us for a visit to Singapore’s oldest primary rainforest, you’ll be rewarded for spotting the most native plants and animals in this part of the world.

We’ll begin with a 20-25mins warming up walk at the Hindhede Nature Park where you get to view the quarry pool before we confront the steep slope. But fret not, we’ll reach Kruing Hut in about 4-5mins and followed by a gentle slope all the way up to summit hut, 163.63 metres above sea level.

The trail on way down will take you much closer to the nature, come with your most powerful torch to find out what’s hiding in the cave….

End of walk, pamper yourself at Beauty World Plaza for some foods & refreshments, or, go to the row of restaurants along Cheong Chin Nam Rd. Some of you may prefer the famous kopi-o at B.Timah food centre a stone throw away. 

Who’s coming: 1)James Tan; 2)Susan Tan; 3)Grace Wong; 4)Amy Soon; 5)Lynn Chan; 6)Daisy Phua; 7)Ivan Lim; 8)Feztus Lim; 9)Richard Wong; 10)Thomas Lau; 11)Daniel Ong; 12)Han Fong Chin; 13)Leah Tan; 14)Wee Chin; 15)Rosalind Soh; 16)Alice Seah; 17)Mollie Tan; 18)Kristin Leong; 19)Alan Bok & Ann Bok; 20)Lawrence Khan; 21)Janis Han; 22)Margaret Soo; 23)lee Ah Nee; 24)Michael Tan; 25)Yatsing; 26)Charles Chua; 27)SK Chua; 28)Bobby & Tracy Bok; 29)SereneL; 30)Stephen Low; 31)Daisy Neo; 32)Lilian Teo; 33)Lina; 34)Lisa Leong; 35)Hou Chong; 36)Yvonne; 37)Conrad

EOs of the Walk Team:   Charles Wee, Veronica Wong, Mary Tan, Jeffrey Lim, 
ChristinaCL Chan, Andrew Thio, Serene Low, ConradT and me,….C ya!

Photos by Richard Wong

46 thoughts on “Monthly Walk 14 Aug’10 – Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

  1. Hi Joyce and Conrad

    I’ve been looking forward to this walk of the Nature Reserve. Aiyo, I’ll be away on that day.

    I hope that there’ll be another one in the near future.

    Cheers & enjoy yourselves,
    Gabriella Chua

  2. Joyce,

    You used to put up details on how to get to the meeting
    point. Can you do the same for this Nature’s walk? If
    possible, include the map as well so that there’s no fumbling
    to find the way.

    By the way, it’s good to change the walk to the morning
    once in a while. Walkists pls note time to meet is 8.50am.

    Pls put me on.


  3. Hi Gabriella,
    We’ll keep in touch, gonna miss u.

    Hi James,
    Please log-in to and look for ‘Hindhede Rd'(off Upper Bukit Timah Rd). The visitor ctr is at the end of the road after Public carpark.
    Thanks for highlighting the meeting time.

    Hi Ah Nee,
    Yes, we’ll be back to the visitor ctr at the end of the walk.

    Btw, parking lot can be quite limited during weekend. You may have to park your vehicle across the road at Courts if no luck finding a space near our meeting place.

    Hi Susan,
    Good to know that you can make it this time.


  4. Hi Joyce,

    I also want to join in the monthly Walks but most of the time I am quite tied-up during weekend. Like what James has mentioned, it will be good that once in a while or maybe all the walks be shifted to be in the morning. This is just my suggestion.

    Ok, cu on the 14th Aug.
    susan tan

  5. hi joyce, the walk is quite near where i am. so i am planning to join in. plse register me.

    too bad the durian trees in the area have all dropped their fruits and picked up by regulars

  6. Hi Joyce and Conrad,

    Thank you very much for organising this walk.

    Please put my name on the list.

    I will see you this Saturday.


  7. Hi EOs:
    Much that I would want to join in the Walk, I had to give it a miss due to it being held same day as my Company’s Event in Dempsey Hill.

    Staff participation is compulsory!!So cannot “siam” leh.

    Well there will be future nature walks, he he.

    Enjoy yourselves.


    Msaureen Lee

  8. Once back to nature, back into the jungle, nobody in his right mind will want to come out again and be constrained by this cannot that also cannot restrictions, with CWO shirts ready cut for you to wear.

    In the pristine rustic nature, you can litter as you like……excreta, used toilet papers, flick what you pick from yr nose.

    So, to get them out again, you need to call out loudly “O ee O, tarzan lai buay kor (and jane lai buay koon).” So used to wearing clothes, I dont think they can ever give this habit up and so will need to change their pants, skirts regularly, but can do without anythg under……

  9. Hi Joyce and the Walk Team…

    Will be there this Saturday for the Walk. Please add on, myself and Michael Tan to your list. TQ :)

    Ah Nee

  10. Dear All,

    Thanks to TimL #23 for reminding us of some rules to observe:
    (extracts of visitor guidelines from nature reserves)
    – you may take photographs but do not damage any feature of the built or natural environment
    – respect the natural dietary needs of the native animals and do not feed them. Feeding monkeys, for example, may encourage aggressive behavior.
    – Dispose of all litter thoughtfully. Bring out what you have brought in.
    – The streams and other water bodie are essential parts of the ecosystem, treat them with respect by not polluting or washing in them.
    – Respect our fellow visitors’ right to peaceful enjoyment of the nature reserves and leave radios and sound systems behind.

    Do wear comfortable shoes and light cloting, bring water bottle and observe all signs and information boards to ensure our safety and enjoyment.

    Andrew & Maureen,
    There’ll be future nature walk, different paths perhaps :-)


  11. Hi Joyce,

    Must try out this walk even tho’ must get up early.

    Do you know where can we park our cars?

    Can I be registered for the walk? Is too late?


  12. Hi Charles #29,

    Never too late to register :-) , glad you all are coming.

    As in my comment #5, there’s a public car park near the visitor centre but you have to try your luck as weekends is always packed.

    See you tomorrow…

  13. Hi fellow SHC walkers,
    For those using mrt/bus , you can either take MRT to Newton and then take a bus no 67,170 at Bukit Timah Road to bus stop opposite Bukit Timah Shopping center. Alternatively can take express bus no 985 from Kallang bus terminal opposite kallang mrt,drop at Shell station before it turn into Jurong Kechil Rd and take no 67,184,170,852 to bus stop opposite Bukit timah shopping centre, cheers

  14. Hi Joyce Tan & Co-EO Conrad Tang,thank you once again for organizing this enjoyable monthly walk,Its my first visit to the Bukit Timah Natural Reserve and I truly enjoy the walk with fellow members.Thumbs-up for the walk.

  15. Ya ya, the walk was great indeed!

    Thanks to Joyce and Conrad for leading and tailing!

    I must admit I am very impressed with the energy and determination of my seniors.

    Let’s have more of such walks and the next time, we shall remember to pause more, to appreciate the nature around us.

  16. Hello Joyce and Conrad,

    Thanks for being such great EOs for this walk, Joyce always so friendly and helpful and Conrad, also, and making sure the stragglers are always accompanied.

    I enjoyed the walk very much despite having to wake up so early. This was my first time in this area and I look forward to many more walks.

    Mucho gracias

  17. Hi All,

    It was a good day began with a good morning.
    Despite the morning shower, i was greeted with almost full attendance plus additional participants to my pleasant surprise!

    All of you proved that our highest hill here is really just a small hill and the serenity of nature reserves is so close to us.

    Great of you to finish the walk within 2 hours, we can now plan for longer walk in similar setting :-)

    To those who’d taken some photos,
    kindly send to Sockie at for sharing please.

    Thank you, have a great week ahead.

  18. Hi Joyce and Conrad,

    Thanks the EO and committees organise the Nature Park
    This is the first time in my life I had gone hill-
    treking,it is a lot of fun.
    I also admire the spirit of the teammates for their
    mutual care during the trip. I was counting from the
    back to be the first complete the journey.
    Hope to have chance to participate in this event again.
    Once again thank you.

    Richard Wong

  19. Hi everybody,

    We have got two handsome young men in our banner picture. I guess one of them is Ivan Lim and the other is Richard Wong. After putting up the picture, I realise that there are two not-so-clear bystanders at the back of the photograph. I think this is my blind spot.

    Terence Seah

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