Chinese Sit-down Buffet Lunch@Grassroots on 10/9/10 (non-halal)

emoticonDear foodies,

GOOD NEWS ! ! !   I’m organizing another special sit-down buffer Chinese-style lunch at the
Grassroots club on 10-Sep-2010 (Hari Raya Puasa)
The details:

Event : Special non-halal 35-dish sit down lunch at Grassroots Club (3 min walk from YCK mrt)
Venue : Imperial Court Shark Fins, Level 3
Address: 190, AMK AVE 8, #03-01 The Grassroots Club
Date :   10-September-2010 (Friday – Hari Raya holiday)
Time :   11.30am to 2.00pm
Cost :   $25 nett (normal $29)
             (includes GST + SC, 35 dishes AND free flow of Chinese tea)
Closing Date: 25-Aug-2010 or when 40 pax reach

Soft drinks and alcohol can be ordered at own expense on ala carte basis.

Pls pay $25 to DBS Savings   047-5-014580   by 25-Aug-2010 emoticon
Those transferring from non-POSB/DBS accounts please sound out.

1)  James Tan (E.O) (paid)
2)  Susan Tan LC (paid)
3)  Christina Seet

4)  Sock Cheng 

5)  Bessie Lam (paid – 11/8)
6)  Andrew SP (paid 11/8)
7)  Steven Chan

8)  Jane Loh

9)  Rosalind Lee

10)Maureen Lee (paid 11/8)

11) Steven Ng

12) Pauline Ho

13) Danz

14) Joy

15) Susan Tan SW (paid 11/8)
16) Jane Ong (paid 11/8)
17) Tim Liu (tentative)
18) Alan Bok
19) Ann Bok
20) Bobby Bok
21) Tracy Bok
22) Francis R Mangalam
23) Daisy Phua


Waiting List

For the convenience of this event, I’ve pre-selected the following 10 dishes:

1. Shark fin soup with chicken & Chinese Herbs
2. BBQ roast pork & soya sauce chicken 

3. Stir-fried seafood with conpoy.
4. Deep fried Soon Hock Thai style
5. Salad prawn
6. Sweet and Sour pork
7. Deep fried prawns
8. Sauted cubes Beef with black pepper sauce
9. Braised bean curd

10. Braised noodles with duck meat

Altogether, there are 3 dishes of soup, 17 meat/fish dishes, 6 vegetable plates, 5 noodle/rice varieties,
and 4
dessert selections.

In case your table wants to order additional items, you are free to do so, subject to
NON repetition of the same dish. Also, no food is to be wasted for any item ordered,
otherwise, the restaurant may impose a charge.

I look forward to a sumptious meal with all you food buddies very soon.

Note: The last one organized in Jun-2009 was full house. Each table ordered at least 18 dishes.

Link reference :



Nearest MRT – Yio Chu Kang
Buses (at YCK Terminal) – 13, 70, 70M, 72, 76, 162, 162M;;  (along AMk Ave 6) – 851, 852, 853, 86, 45
Car Parks – Grassroots club, YCK Swimming Pool/Sport center,
Nanyang Poly (free parking) (entrance at AMK Ave5)

james tan

Notes: The restaurant does not have a K-ok license at their premises.
 Lunch is FREE sitting.

28 thoughts on “Chinese Sit-down Buffet Lunch@Grassroots on 10/9/10 (non-halal)

  1. Hi James,

    Pls. count me in.
    And thanks for organising this sumptous lunch. Already I am feeling hungry when i saw your widespread menu. :)

  2. Hi James,

    Please register me for the event. I like non-halal food as it is more tastier.

    By the way I notice that their normal rate is $22.80++ from their website. Maybe you can negotiate for a better rate since they quote you a wrong normal rate of $29.

    Thank you.

  3. Hi Steven #5,

    Yes, normal rate is $22.80++. If you add Chinese tea at
    $2 pax, it would comes to (22.8 + 2) x 1.17 = $29.
    I’m able to get 10% discount due to VIP m’ship.
    However, this only applies to first 40 pax.

    To all my foodies buddies who came last year – per my
    email, assure you will get a place if reply by end of
    today 23.59hr 8/8.
    Apologize that this post was put on draft but due to some
    error by the blogmaster this thread was put up ahead of time.


  4. Hi James

    Yeah…Makan session again… (^_^) … pls choope one seat for me… (^_~)… thanks…

    Missed your 2009 session ‘cos not member yet but definitely am sure it will be as good as that or maybe even better… **(^_^)**

    Will be sending you the ($_$) soon… ^_^

    Cheers – Pauline

  5. Hi James,

    Thank you for your clarification.

    Unfortunately there was a outcry from environmentalists regarding consumption of sharp fin meat or else Citibank card holders will be entitled to a 15 percent discount. This was withdrawn by Citibank last month after suffering a huge backlash on Facebook.

  6. Hi James.

    Dan and Joy look forward to join you for another session of good foods and fellowship. Count us in.


  7. To all gourmets who sign up,

    Apologize can’t get your names into the main post yet.
    Once the admin grant me the editing rights, I shall amend

    Appreciate your patience ….


  8. James, me not feeling too well so hv brought forward my endoscopy check. Once green light is given, i will join you and the rest. Appreciate yr patience too, heeee………..

  9. StevenN #8,

    I’m not sure what to make of your statement.
    If you are an environmentalist, I admire your concern and
    courage to practise your belief. To you and those of your
    frens who strongly support the cause, I respect your belief.

    However, there’s another school of tot that said that since
    shark fin may be an endangered item if the WWF is to step
    in, then eating a few bowls now & then, here & there, would
    not be a sin and until the ban takes effect, it’s just a
    little joy they would enjoy for a while.

    As an EO, it’s not my perogative to impose on members’
    belief. They are free to join the lunch either to participate
    in every dish, leave some dishes out or not join in the
    feast at all. The decision is entirely theirs and I respect

    Anyway, thank you for your concern.

  10. Hi James,

    As I won’t be around, it looks like I have to miss this sumptuous invitation of yours again. Keep up the spirit and energy.

    Terence Seah

  11. Hi James,

    You misunderstanding my message.

    What I mean is – if not because of the environmentalists, we will be able to get discount of 15% as a Citibank credit card holders. I am sure there will quite a few who have Citibank credit card members which we can make use of.

    If I am one, I will not have registered for the event. :)

    My apology for any misunderstanding.

  12. TimL#11,

    Have a good check up and get well soon. I’ll put up your
    name as tentative.

    Terence #13,
    Hope you have a wonderful time at the kelong and a
    sumptuous feast of crabs, lobsters and shark fins.

    Now I understand your message. Keep me posted if you have
    a good makan deal.

  13. Hi James,

    Pls register myself and Ann for the buffet lunch.


    Alan Bok & Ann

  14. Great !

    Many discords arise out of misunderstanding, exacerbated by 1 party jumping the gun too early too fast.

    You 2 – James-T and Steven-N – are pleasant folks and it takes a little patience and a bit of write to put everything in perspective, and the friendship becomes thicker, better for that.

    Definitely, James, if the doc says i am ok but me not too sure this time. But who cares if you folks dance, cheer and sing with gusto while I lie in the long box humming in unison.

    Seriously, no chance for that. Coy while alive, i certainly wont allow myself to be a displayed item when gone.

  15. Hi James,
    Would appreciate if you could register myself and my mrs, Tracy for the buffet lunch,thank you..
    Bobby Bok

  16. Dear James

    Yum. Sounds sumptuous
    Do count me in. Will transfer $25

    Daisy Phua

  17. Hi James,

    IB $50.00 to your account on 11 Aug at 8.32pm,

    Ref: 3059570577



  18. Hi James

    Sorry to trouble you on this… //(+_+)\\

    To remit $$ to your account, the #@&$%*! online Standard Chartered Bank service need me to insert the actual account name and branch code….. (#_#)

    Could you pls provide these info to my email… ( ?_? )

    Thanks – Pauline

  19. Bessie, Andrew – have updated payment. Thank you.
    Susan Tan SW, Jane Ong – payment received and updated.

    Thanks for being the first to make the transfer.

  20. Hi James:
    Pls acknowledge my $ Transfer,

    Ref No:3012 dd 11.08 12:32

    via Shunfu Rd POSB ATM Mac


    Maureen Lee

  21. Maureen,

    Acknowledge receipt of yr transfer.
    There’s some problem in the main post and I’m trying to
    resolve it.


  22. Dear all,

    There’s some error in the main post which blank out all the contents.
    I’ll manually update the payment in the ‘Comments’ till
    it is resolved.

    1)Susan Tan SW 2)Jane Ong 3) Bessie Lam 4) Andrew SP
    5)Maureen Lee

    Appreciate your patience.


  23. Dear all,

    This post is un-usable now.
    I shall close it.
    Pls use the new post for comments.

    Thank you.


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