PA to licensed independent financial advisor

Friend of mine looking for a Personal Assistant.

1. Enjoy talking over the phone and simple telemarketing with HR departments and potential clients
2. Simple corresponding via emails and phone co-ordination with HRs and clients
3. Other ad hoc admin matters

Full or part timer (during office hours) with some relevant experiences. Flexibility to work at home occasionally, as long as able to work well with results. Pay negotiable.

If interested, email me at

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Male, 53 yrs, hobby nature photography - like to take walks in nature reserves and park connectors. Read alot too, english educated but like chinese literature and history. Currently still fully employed. Worked in CBD.

3 thoughts on “PA to licensed independent financial advisor

  1. Thanks Conrad for the job opportunity, I’m sure some members in SHC may be interested in the position.

    My Job Specialisation is:-
    * Corporate Strategy/Management
    * Marketing & Business Development
    * Education Projects
    * Office Administration

    A senior citizen, I clocked some 35 years of business knowledge and experiences to share with prospective employers.

    Please contact me if you or other members have any lead or opening on a part or full-time basis.


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