Nov Monthly Walk – Lower Seletar Park

Monthly Walk – Yishun BottleTree  & Lower Seletar Park
Date:13th Nov 2010 , Saturday
Time: 4.30pm
Meet: Khatib MRT station exit point.
EO – CharlesWee & Christina Chan

Walk starts from Khatib mrt station to the Bottle Tree at Yishun, followed by  a visit to the newly opened Lower Seletar Park & Jetty. Click below…. for pictures of Bottle Tree site and  scenic shots of Seletar Jetty.After a short stroll in the park, we will travel a short distance along Lentor Ave before reaching a small canal/river, Sungei Seletar which flows towards Springleaf  estate; walk alongside the river until we reach a short link road in a fairly secluded section of the estate, walk through it and emerge along Upper Thomson near Mandai road junction, close to a coffee shop which houses a  popular wanton mee & tim sum stall.  
Buses to many mrt stations and bus interchanges are easily available along Upper Thomson Road .

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Photos by Charles Wee & King Seng

Author: Charles Wee

UPDATED: 25 May 2021 Interests: Make a difference to someones life, non-competitive cycling and walking.

49 thoughts on “Nov Monthly Walk – Lower Seletar Park”

  1. Hi EOs Chales Wee / Christina,
    Very much wanted to visit Bottle Tree since sometime ago, finally given an opportunity to visited this place. I would like to thanks both EOs to organizing the enjoyable and great scenes walk on last Sat.
    King Seng/Sokie, appreciate both of you effort to snap and uploaded the photos in all events.


  2. Charles-W, me artful me? You very the aslamak leh. But then hor better than associating me with an artillery or calling me arty farty.

    Me, good choice for banner? Wait for the day when I send you your banner with big Chinese characters written on it, huh !

    Terence, what’s “The picture of Tim brings”?

    See, I told you you’re not yourself lately. Once I have attained the 8th grade of Mao Shan art of hoodoo, you will have cure.

    Taking a break to read my vampire hoodoo now…………..

  3. Hi CharlesW,

    Sally, I guess I have not met her. Indeed, you have many interesting SHCians joining the walk. The picture of Tim brings was very well taken. Well, all in the day’s walk. Thank you to you and your team for the leadership.

    Terence Seah

  4. Terence, the Walker shown on the right in SHC banner is Sally Tang, one of our Walk Team leaders. She is superfit.
    Tim’s colourful umbrellas together with his artful pose certainly makes an interesting picture, and is a good choice for the banner.

  5. The turnout was good – some 30 odd with a few squatting behind in the Group foto and so unseen.

    The EOs deserve every bit of the accolades for planning a great sightseeing route, with no soggy grass field to cut across during this rainy season. And terrific food to greet us when the walk ended, also pelting rain to keep us cool in an otherwise crowded restaurant which wd hv been stuffy. And then told the rain to stop when we all had eaten enough and wanted to leave.

    The heavy rain tapered to a light drizzle when we were abt to set off for the walk. A kind lady went to her car to take out all her 3 umbrellas……just in case. Thank you.

    Haha, I was asked why I posed like a monkey but what else when i am one? If you see the infamous “369” in my pose it was accidental. My allegiance/affiliation is with the Shans (??like ?????????????………

  6. Hi Charles and fellow walkers,

    From the pictures, the walk seems to have all kinds of experiences. Great scenes, fun people, lovely walkers and great food.

    I didnt participate in the walk; so the first picture seemed tasty, the second picture look sweet and the last picture looked challenging.

    Glad you guys and gals had fun; Charles and Christina, many applause for making healthy activities fun and lively.

    Dont forget to refresh your browser. And, can you share who is the walker on the right?

    Terence Seah

  7. Charles and Christina

    Thank you v much for organising this enjoyable walk last Sat. Great scenery, exercise, nature and camaderie among SHCians. Unfortunately, could not join in the wantan mee dinner… looks yummy on the photos….!

    Also thanks to Charles, King Seng and Sockie for putting up the photos .. real quick eh?

    Sorry for the late posting as I was unable to get into this thread until now. Thanks to Terence for responding so quickly. V happy as I can now yak yak on this thread again.. kekekeeee

    Looking forward to our next walk in Jan 2011.


  8. Many thanks Charles-W, Chris-C for a good sightseeing. I never knew what I saw existed.

    The rain was held back till we were all safely nestled in that food shop. Hope those who had headed elsewhere had made it to their destinations before the downpour.

    And that lady who caught a bag of fish, please take a look. If they cant be resuscitated, beware. They’ll turn into vampires after midnite and it’s no joke to see them walking around yr house, circling round yr bed crying out ‘where are we” and “??????“?

  9. There seems to be a powerful magnet pulling in more walkists/walkers.walkools, and that shd work tons of wonders to giving the EOs more zeal to further enthuse participants in making the walk one to remember.

    Morning has been sunny but it’s getting cloudy. Hopefully it will stay this way without rain or too much sun.


  10. The more the merrier…

    DaisyYeo, StephenLow, Fredalin & Carol, LilianTeo, James&Susan, VeronicaWong, DebbieOh, A.Bakar, CharlesChua.

    Look forward to seeing you all at the walk.

  11. Hi Charles & Christina,

    Me too, have an appt this afternoon. If I can make it, will be there.
    Chrisina, has been a long time didn’t c u.
    Hope to catch up with you.

    Thks n regards,

  12. Hi EOs,

    Wan to be included in the Walk but I have an appt this afternoon. If I can make it, will be there.

    Hopefully to be able to join you guys. Cu soon.

    susan tan

  13. Wow, more gfs than bfs walking with me tomorrow so King Seng, dont worry, you walk slowly, I walk carefully and like this hor, we will be keeping pace with each other.

    Charles-W, you one horse comes out, get so warm enthusiastic response, you steady bocelli, man !

  14. Look forward to seeing all of you for the walk…

    KingSeng, TimLiu.

    Hope we have nice weather for the day.

  15. Hi Charles,

    Please include Evelyn Ong.

    I wont be joining u but maybe passing by with a group of cyclist to say helo, otherwise, see u next time.


  16. Thank you June-P.

    Having called yourself June, you’ll hv to live uo to very high expectations cos all the Junes here are nice to me.

    Well, Juliana-K, you’re almost there……almost another June. But nvm, this is November……Nober and every June and Juliana is noble. Pls let me know if you disagree.

    Imagine it rains. Each with an umbrella over his/her head hops in a line in the rain guided by a whistle sound. Wont it be a sight to remember? And one for the album. Even Charlie Chaplain and Dick Van Dyke will take their bows, concede, cede and then recede.

    Not forgetting that we will have two Mr Goh. All Gohs are naturals with the a-go-go. With them leading the hip-swirl, you can be sure I will be up the Bottle Tree in a flash.

    So pray for rain, ok…………?

  17. Tim don’t be like that leh, what ?????. We want good fine weather to enjoy the walk and scenery. Anyway, thanks to Charles and Christina for organising this walk.

  18. Though I am new but it is a must to browse this site everyday. Really enjoy the comments given by you guys.

    Tim, you are so humourous. Each time makes me laugh. Sent thru iPhone.

  19. Have been reading books on Chinese vampires but find myself too old to learn ?????

    So it must be exciting if Charles/Christina will put us all in a line (??) then 1-2-3, blows his whistle to start the walk or rather hop.

    ??????????????????????????Charles ????????????????????????

    ????????????“????????”?????????Charles ????????????

  20. Charles & Christina,

    The regular WALKING SHCians said that they noticed me joining the monthly WALK every month. Why not? Healthy exercise wat…

    But this Sat, I have to give this WALK a miss :( because I need to attend a wedding ceremony……hope next month there will be one :)

    Ah Nee

  21. Hi Charles and Christina

    I’ve been looking out for this thread and hey presto, found it today.

    Pl count me in for this interesting walk.

    Thank you so much for organising this…

    Gabriella Chua

  22. Charles-W, your sale pitch for the Walk is too long lah and with the use of “road” so many times, it becomes confusing to the old me.

    I’ll do you a favour. Without addind anything, it is abridged as follows :

    “Walk from Khatib to the Bottle followed by a Click below for scenic shots of flows towards Springleaf estate until reach a coffee shop”.

    Now, I am getting curious and will want to see for myself how a click below will result in flows of water from Khatib thru Sprinleaf estate and what the coffeeshop ah pek will do with such gush of water below.

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