Monthly Walk – Sat 14 May Zhenghua Park to Singapore Quarry

Date: 14 May 2011 (Saturday)

Meeting Place: Segar LRT (not MRT) Station, Entrance by 4.30pm sharp and walk will start punctually.  Do allow 15-20 mins extra waiting and travelling time on the LRT.

Duration:  about 2 hours

EOs for this walk:  Veronica Wong, Charles Wee and Mary Tan

From Segar LRT station, we head towards Bukit Panjang park connector which links to Zhenghua Park.  This charming rustic park was built between the PUB pipeline reserve and the Bukit Timah Expressway.  It stretches in a long corridor for about 2.5km and nestled right in the middle of the Bukit Panjang housing estate.  Leaving the park, walk continues along Dairy Farm Road.  We then take the nature trail which leads to the Singapore Quarry, a transformed wetland with  steep cliffs, peaceful quarry lake and inhabitants of nature…….birds, fishes and many more.

Bring drinking water, an umbrella (for rain or sun), mosquito repellent, camera, cap and wear comfortable walking shoes with covered toes as we may walk the dirt trail if weather permits.

Walk ends back at Car Park A and take Bus No 178 at nearby bus stop to Bukit Batok Central.   For those who wish to, can adjourn for dinner at the Koufu Food Court or other eateries in West Mall. 

Other Walk Team members:  ChristinaCL Chan, Jeffrey Lim, Joyce Tan, Serene Low, Conrad Tang and Andrew Thio.

Walkies interested to go for this walk,  register HERE!

  1. Gabriella Chua
  2. June Koh
  3. Grace Ng
  4. Hew Lee
  5. Alice Seah
  6. Evelyn Ong
  7. Maureen Lee
  8. Lydia Chin
  9. Lydia’s friend
  10. Lee King Seng
  11. Ng Lai Hock
  12. Daisy Phuah
  13. Lydia Soh
  14. Tim Liu
  15. Irene Poh
  16. Peng Peng

Photos by Charles Wee and King Seng

35 thoughts on “Monthly Walk – Sat 14 May Zhenghua Park to Singapore Quarry

  1. Hi Mary

    I would like to join in but I’m not familiar with the LRT in the area. Wd appreciate if you could advise which is the nearest MRT or whether we could meet at an MRT station instead.

    Just a suggestion.


  2. Hi Gabriella

    Via East West mrt line, change at Jurong East to Choa Chu Kang MRT and follow direction sign LRT. Do not go out of Choa Chu Kang MRT as Segar LRT is within this station.
    After considering that the LRT may be overcrowded, it would be better for those reaching earlier to proceed first on the LRT and all to meet at the entrance of Segar LRT. Hope this helps. See ya!


  3. Hi Mary/Veron/Charles,

    will see you guys :)

    Just a feedback:
    I recalled our previous walk approx 2 years ago, taking the LRT at CCK MRT — waiting and travel time was almost 15mins, not sure if it was due to some delay then. Good to allow extra commuting time. {grin}


  4. Hi Mary:

    Please count me in.

    Thanks for organizing the walk.

    I missed the last walk so make sure this time I don’t miss it again.

    See all of you soon.

    Maureen Lee

  5. Hi Mary,

    This route sound interesting. I have a friend who would like to join in the fun. He’s not registered with SHC yet, can he come along? Please let me know.

    Regards, LydiaChin.

  6. Hi Lydia

    Good if your friend will register to participate in SHC activities/events. Will see both you and your friend at the walk tomorrow.


  7. Hi Mary and Veronica
    Thank you for organising this event. It gives me a fun way to know another part of Singapore which I will never go if not for this event.
    Please register me and Ng Lai Hock, a new member of SHC.
    I hoped that my main concern is being addressed i.e. there are Rest Rooms at there park. Otherwise there must be thick bushes along the way where I can hide
    King Seng

  8. It’s raining now, heavy enoyuh to need umbrellas.

    Charles-W, I saw you collecting blue umbrellas sold/given away during the recent hustings.

    Bring them all. Make the Walk appear like a procession albeit without a permit, as we go abt shaking hands with men and primates. All for a day’s fun, shiok……

  9. Dear Mary.

    I have to give this walk a miss. Not feeling well today. Having a bad tummy ache, and couldn’t sleep well last night.

    See u some other time.

    Enjoy your walk today. Weather looks good now.

    Cheers, Lydia.

  10. Dear Mary and other organisers of the Walking Team:

    Thanks v much for organising the walk yesterday. I really enjoyed such walks with SHCian’s nature lovers. A scenic walk through ZhengHua Park, Dairy Farm which culminated in a picturesque view of the Singapore Quarry. We were rewarded with beautiful ‘virgin forest’ throughout the walk, camaraderie among the SHCians and good exercise. The weather was fine too – the sun was shielded by the thick clouds.

    This is my first time travelling on the LRT to Segar station. It’s indeed well worth the time spent on a Saturday afternoon viz: approx 6 hours from the time I left my home in the east around 2.30 pm till back home around 8.30 pm.

    Looking forward to the next walk in a month’s time.

    Warmest regards,

  11. Thank you Mary-T, Christina-C, Charles-W.

    We enjoyed the Walk in good company and fine weather, into territories once the turfs of tigers. The sight of a SHCian standing guard outside a mobile toilet, chatting to ensure that the occupant was not left behind and had tissue to clean up, taught me what friends are for.

  12. Dear Mary Tan;
    Veronica Wong; and
    Charles Wee
    Thank you very much for organising the walk.
    I enjoyed the walk as well as the company of wonderful fellow SHCians.
    Warmest Regards
    King Seng

  13. Hi Lydia

    Sorry to hear you are not well and couldn’t make it, hope you are feeling much better now.

    Gabriella, Tim and King Seng, glad you guys enjoyed the walk.

    To all those who came to the walk, hope you gals and guys also enjoyed the walk, meeting fellow SCHians and had a great time. It was a long tiring walk but we made it. Meet again at the next walk!

  14. Hi Mary & Team

    Thks for giving me the opportunity to East Meets West.
    Enjoyed the much appreciated greenery with so many like minded SHCians.

    Shall Meet Again!

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