“SilverHairsClub Awards night”, Oct 2012

We have many members who have contributed immensely to SilverHairsClub.  Many members have a strong desire to help fellow SilverHairs.  Others are excellent entertainers. For some, their contributions comes in the form of friendship and support.  We have some die-heart forum contributors.  Others may just have the sweetest of smiles.  I am receptive to all kinds of awards, eg the oldest SHCian, or the youngest SHCian, most meaningful picture, or even Mr/Ms Grouchy,  although I will leave this to the committee of judges.

Do you think it is a good idea to have the "SilverHairsClub awards night"?  It is a great way to show our appreciation to the people who have contributed to making SHC successful, and in fulfulling its objective of providing a platform for SilverHairs to meet new and more friends.

We could have awards like "Best EO of the year", or even "Best performing actress", or "Highest contributor to the SHC forum’.  Well, the list of awards can go on and on.  I was thinking that we could list the type of awards, from now to end of 2011.  For this first awards night, we can look back all the way to Oct 2005.  Then, we have the SilverHairsClub awards night in Oct 2012.

SilverHairsClub awards night is likely to take the form of a sit down stage/audience.  Presentations will be given to the winners of these awards.  There will also be stage entertainment.  Award winners would most likely be dressed in evening gowns, suits, or as appropriate to the event event.  The venue preferred would be an auditorium or a concert hall.

Unlikely, there will be dinner.  Other sides activities may be considered.

Nominations for winners of these awards will likely start around June 2012.  It will likely take the form of a postcard to be sent to the judging committee.  No mention of nominations will be published on this forum.  A committee will be formed to decide on the winners; and the results will be announced that very evening of the event.

So, for now, please share what’s inside your thinking cap as to what kind of awards we can have?  Comments are always welcome.  Please respect each others’ views.  Feel free, but please do not mention names.  Your comment may be deleted.

Terence Seah

45 thoughts on ““SilverHairsClub Awards night”, Oct 2012

  1. Thanks Terence for suggesting this excellent idea.
    But I’ll have to shoot down strongly your committee of judges. who wud be in thsi committee? what r the criteria they must hv to be in this committee?.

    Best way is always the democratic way via voting.
    Just my 2 cents worth. cheers!

  2. Yr idea isnt bad but very bad. “Time n tide wait 4 no man”. I hv not forgotten since d day she said it to me. So why 2012 n increase the chance posthumous awards? Not being humorous but what if the winners are already all far far away fr d maddening crowd? Wont b a gathering 4 citations but eulogies. Not sashes but epitahs?

  3. Terence

    This Awards Nite is an awesome idea and a long time coming, I might add.

    Some members really work so tirelessly to make all events a success. Not forgetting those monthly activities which certainly take perserverance, dedication etc.

    Back to your glaring ‘error’. If nominations are not posted here, how the fook would the nominees know they were nominated to begin with and they may not be there on the Awards Nite to receive their ‘Life-time Award’??!!

    I concur with Henry regarding the panel of judges. It may just be you, kekekekee but that’s not the point. I would like for it to have transparency (my thing) and nominees are posted here for the various categories and members vote accordingly (done privately – emailing to you and Dolly, if she is still the Club Manager by then) and results are announced on that nite – now you are talking.

    It is part of the fun and obviously we trust both of you to tally the votes accordingly.

    Nominees will be notified in case they do not log on regularly and they can decide whether or not they’ll be or can be there and perhaps have a proxy to receive on their behalf.

    I like the dress code. Don’t you dare come in with your halloween floor mop wig, whatever. Gosh.

    May I suggest having a cocktail reception before adjourning to the auditorium?

    I also agree that Oct 2012 is just too far away as we may not be around anymore. Perhaps the first quarter of 2012?

  4. A noble and noteworthy idea indeed. As with anything, ideas on papers (or screen) are vastly different from the real thing when carried out. I concur with the first 4 concerns highlighted above. Let me add my piece for further consideration:

    1. WHAT award? Money and/or a trophy made of precisous metal? If it is not significant, every one can make his own “award”.

    2. WHO decides which or what event/person is accepted as a nominee? Who is to judge the “judge”?

    3. And who shall fund this great event?

    Some may have the fantasy of an award-presentation night like the Oscar, Academy or Golden-Horse. That will be extremely desirable. But those super-drama extravaganzas really cost a bomb…….and sow plenty of “post-humour” gossips and grudges.

    NEVERTHELESS, it is good for us to have our own version – on a lighter note and a lower expectation perhaps. The real challenge then will be how to balance between honour and humour.

  5. DanielC, Geraldine, Henry and Tim,

    The “SilverHairsClub Awards night” can be our own version. As to how it will progress, it will depend on us as we progress.

    It is important we think together and finally bring it to life. You can be sure this event will come true, after we wake up from the sleep dream. Tim, Geraldine, although a October date has been set, once a venue has been identified, we will advance the date of the Awards night.

    All members are invited to participate. You can do your bit with your ideas.

    This first stage is to identify what are the awards for? For example, we can have an award for:

    1. “Most memorable event”
    2. “Best actor” and “Best actress”
    3. “Most eligible bachelor” or “Most eligible lady”
    4. “Best Event Organiser”
    5. “Most ideal travel partner”
    6. “An SHCian with the sweetest smiles”
    7. “The most attractive pair of legs”. Can be male or female.
    8. “The quietest member and supporter in SHC”

    Aiyah, something like these. The rest are details eg how we nominate, what kind of prizes, how we select this and that, etc. We close this awards suggestions end of the year. So, please crack your heads. Please respect other members’ suggestions on the awards.

    Terence Seah

  6. Let me name 2 Award Winners.

    Champion Bowler and party gamemaster – Benson Koh

    Enrichment Guru – Robert Quek.

    Gone but they live within our hearts. No award will mean anything to them, not that they clamoured for or needed any recognition.

    Life is fragile. After this post, I will join a cortege preparing for the Last March to the Mandai Crematorium.

    Personally, I dont want any Award. Where do i place that darn thing after the pomp and glory of the Nite? An item for the next flea mart?

    Love me, loath me, but that’s me. And I know I will be remembered as an extremist either for being good or bad. To me that’s my Ultimate Award.

    Anyhow, I will support this Event. It’s nice to officially give recognition and appreciation (to people sans me) in the form of an Award. What shape it takes, what $ value it carries shdnt be important.

    And I believe, the real fun is in getting people to walk up the stage and be measured by the kind of Award he/she receives – and there will be roars of laughter, not sarcastic ones, but roars of approval from the heart.

    Wont it bring a smile to your face if Terence is voted the Best Ghoul with or without make-up?

  7. Dear Terence,
    3. “Most eligible bachelor” or “Most eligible lady”
    doesn’t sound very appropriate to me as our club is not a match making club. For us to know who are eligible, all singles – men or women must declare themselves. I can’t speak for the guys, but I’m quite sure some ladies here wud really like to keep their status private( until they see something haha). After all many are here to make friends & join in the activities as we can see from most of their profile write-ups. Very few if not none have said explicitly that they are looking for spouse.

    Dear Geraldine,
    Your email idea is a splendid one. I like to expand it a little further to suggest that maybe we suggest 5-6 members ( mixture of old & new members who may be nominated or who have volunteered themselves to tally the votes) After the award categories are fixed, all members who are interested to vote may send in their votes to these 5-6 members in a very precise format.
    And when all 5-6 members have similar tallies, then we are talking.

    For me to suggest this, trust is not an issue, rather the processes that we adopt must be beyond any doubt. Being transparent is one thing, the processes must be convincingly beyond doubt.

    I go to this length to emphasise the fairness & the processes is because Daniel Chan hits a bull’s eye. quote “and sow plenty of “post-humour” gossips and grudges” Anything that we do that results in a greater divide, please think twice. All that is good & that unite us, well & good.

    From American Idol to KwangChow Have Talent, they are using participants’s vote as a major factor, and with today’s technologies, it’s a breeze. This is a global trend we can’t ignore, in my mind for 2 main reasons, 1) not only to be seen as fair & transparent, the processes must be
    beyond doubt. 2) Mass participation (in voting) results in mass support.

    I believe if this event start off with the right footing, mass support is assured. Thanks for reading.

  8. If you had joined us in the early days of the SilverHairsClub, you would have remembered the friends you had made. Some have quietly moved away from the club, while others are helping to bring others in to meet other members.

    See how young you were then, 5 years ago. The fifth picture on the left column is a video of “SilverHairsClub – The early years”. See if you can find yourself inside the video.

    Terence Seah

  9. Hey Henry

    I would think nominees should not be involved in counting the votes – conflict of interest? A group of 5 people will do the job and their final tally has to match.

    Basically this part is taken care of – not just a detail, Terence. What we need is to list out the various awards and hope members will come up with great ideas.

  10. Dare I be the only “party-pooper”?????

    I am feeling “gutsy” this morning. I’m simply gonna say my piece, and then run – before a hailstorm of stones hit me….

    This “award event” is a good idea. It will make a handful of people very happy: the award winners.

    The following groups of people will NOT be happy:

    The people who are NOT nominated for the awards.

    The people who are nominated for the awards, but did NOT win the awards.

    Some of the people who (will) win the awards, may not be happy, too.

    Why are they NOT happy? I guessed – some of these winners may feel that some other UNdeserving award winners have trivialize their “winning”.

    The people who will whisper “kelong” – no matter how transparent the voting system is.

    Can you think of more UNHAPPY groups of people?

    I applaud the idea of recognizing outstanding contributions from outstanding members.

    However, this “award event” will create more problems and dissent, than it is worth.

    Let’s focus on “creating events” that will encourage friendship and camaraderie, rather than “competition”.

  11. Jacqueline Han, hee, you are not the only ‘party pooper’.
    I fully agree with you.


    Competition divides and creates hostility,animosity and enmity.

    Besides,the people who vote for someone are usually their friends. It won’t matter to them whether they are worthy or not.

    A club needs activities that bring happiness to the members and this kind of award will definitely cause a lot of unhappiness.

    This will most likely split the members into ‘opposition’ groups. It’s not worth it .

    Sorry for being a ‘ma kaypo’.

  12. Hi Jacqueline #12, MaryC #13, Henry, and others for and against,

    If there is any reason, why we should take note of your concerns, it’s because you are over 45. You have seen it all.

    Maybe we should also look at how we can give recognition and appreciation to those who have put effort, to make the club a vibrant and fun place to be in.

    That’s why I raise the idea of a “SilverHairsClub Awards night”. Msybe you can help with other ideas. Some members prefer not to be an organiser or a committee member. Instead they prefer to participate what has been organised for them. Some do not participate because they do not like the activities.

    Like in all clubs, some members come with ideas and what should be done and what should not be done. Still, there are some who simply dampen the enthusiam of the active members who willingly raise their hands, to do something for the fun for others to enjoy. There are difficulties running a lively club. I think SHCians are very lively, you included.

    Membership is lifetime. The club hopes that all members can be an EO and organise one activity during the lifetime of their membership. For those who raised their hands, I thought the evening would be a nice appreciation. To be honest, I am not sure how to appreciate them for their time, effort and dedication.

    It’s good you raise your viewpoints. I am happy to discuss this event openly, and every member can have a say. Perhaps, we may not have the event at all. But before anything else, let’s hear from others.

    Terence Seah

  13. Jacqueline-H, I have come. Are you scared, about to run from my hiding? Dont have to hide. If need to, I am here to protect you. My promise.

    Reading the comments so far, there’s agitation. But if the Event isnt seen as an Award for the Most Deserving but as a time for a get together, to have some laughs (yes, for laughters really giving no 2 hoots to who the winners are).

    Long ago, I have said that if we hadnt achieved much in our prime years – when not only the best of awards but rewards were given to us – what we receive now is a consolation to us for being under-achievers.

    So why be unhappy yourself, fret over this or that not being fair, and worry whether another standing next to you will pout?

    When I made my point that Benson Koh and Robert Quek are deserving winners of awards, I said it with all honesty. But if they dont win anythg, do I mind? Trust me, they too wont.

    Men of character are very ?? one hor, like me who won nothing at the one and only Talentime we had, however,. fully satisfied that I was a singing winner at the age of 12.

    This Event, if it takes off, will definitely have my support.

  14. Dear Geraldine,
    Sorry I shud be clearer “(mixture of old & new members who may be ‘nominated’ or who have volunteered themselves to tally the votes)” I shud not use the word ‘nominated’ but those who are called upon’ or who have volunteered themselves to tally the votes.

    Dear MaryC & JacquelineH,
    I’m completely aligned with your views on this, but my suggestion about votes are just so that in case this event go on, then it shud start with a proper footing.

    The friends we made here are important & precious, so we cannot have a careless attitude disregarding the consequenies of our actions & the way the club do things, of course when it comes to the jerk & born loser who is not worth it, then we can afford to have a careless attitude. hahahaha

    Whether there are more happy people or more unhappy people will depend on how the club handles things, already there are murmurs in the grapevine about some unhappiness because of misscomunications in some recent events.

    Good people like DanH, GeraldineT, DanielC, JacquelineH & MarcyC just meant well for the club & they also hope there will be more happy than unhappy people lah.

    Have a good week ahead all cheers!

  15. ACTUALLY, what Jac has said (#12) is not much different from what several of us have had highlighted, except that she has dispensed with the “niceties”.

    I hail you Jac, for the plain truth about people in general, and grumpy senior citizens in particular. The hailstones can wait.

    We are here to give our views on “SilverHairsClub Awards night”, Oct 2012 – the title of this post initiated by Terrence. For all intent and purpose, we presume this is not unlike any of those glamourous award nights, where the deserving are honoured. Tim #15 – and I quote – “But if the Event isnt seen as an Award for the Most Deserving but as a time for a get together, to have some laughs (yes, for laughters really giving no 2 hoots to who the winners are)” So Tim is suggesting otherwise. The organising committee will decide.

    Still on Tim – your frequent reference to yourself and those who have passed on does not add any life to this debate. We know you don’t want the award. Period. And with due respect to our departed friends, lets talk about those who are still talking and touting. We are trying to make all our members happy aren’t we?

  16. Hi Jacqueline

    There is no need to run for cover after speaking truthfully about human nature. I like strong women who don’t mince words (without being offensive, of course).

    All ideas will either get excitement, middle fingers or could-not-care-less response. No right or wrong.

    When I first read Terence idea, I think it’s great and also it’s something different. Most importantly, it’s fun. Did not think about the UNHAPPY people, kekekekee as it will always happen wherever. Don’t want to be unhappy over unhappy people. Negative energy.

    p/s I think you should be awarded the ‘Gutsy Award’. There you go!

  17. Hi Mary

    Good to see you here. You have also spoken clearly about the ways humans behave.

    You know, I do not see this Awards Nite as a competition; rather, it’s recognition for a job well done and a good way to have a great time.

    p/s this event is certainly very different from Porn Nite, kakakakaa, rite?

  18. I am back after a torrid day with her and a horrid time trying to guess whether she was a banker or a player. Now I know why the Becquerels didnt do baccarat.

    Daniel-C, I thot you were reformed? Well, an old cucumber can only get emaciated and dryer. I too know now.

    You quoted me only to come to the conclusion that the organising committee will decide. It’s agonising to read a litany from you only to be told of the so very obvious. i wd hv wondered what explained yr behaviour if you had not mentioned “Period”.

    Yes, anyone going thru a period – and you cant be an exception – feels pain so much so that he had to paint pain all over including the promotion of unhappiness. A better place for such rousings is at an election rally.

    Let me quote smthg i said which you were probably too shy to say.

    “if we hadnt achieved much in our prime years – when not only the best of awards but rewards were given to us – what we receive now is a consolation for being under-achievers”.

    Does that ring a bell?

    I have a soft spot for people who had contrbuted. I dont beat drums for those who are still alive. I remember the lates. Stupid of me, isnt it? The pass-on cant give me anythg of benefit. The clever will sing high praises for those talking and touting, holding hands for strength.

    Moving on to another, and another award.

    There’s 1 award which must take pride of place. The Best Pleaser Award.

    This guy goes around calling bearded men father, and the unbearded brother.

    Gals dont have beard so he looks for hair. He casts blank looks at old hairs, not so pretty hairs. Then he pops his eyes at the good looking bairs and calls them sisters. Never called them mothers, smart boy.

    We need him who makes the less confident in us feel good. I will sponsor this award.

  19. Haha Tim, as with our previous exchanges,I know you will eventually reduce to personal onslaught. Not me. I am one who will say my piece for or against an idea, not the person. Like the Award we are talking about, ideas being thrased out here are viewed by many. Let the silent majority be the better judge. I give credit when credit is due. You sang well Tim, on that Kovan night and you were one of the few who helped at the end of the event. Together we had carried 2 X (50kg?) loudspeakers to Ronnie’s car. Appreciated, even though you may not wish for this to be mentioned. Having say that, I don’t have to always agree with what you say or do. Your post, Ref#7, “Love me, loath me, but that’s me” and I do love you and loathe you on different occasions. This is not the place to brat and bicker about our “love and loathe” for each other. Perhaps, let me rephrase my last para at #18….With due respect to our departed friends, and dear Tim, let us move on and discuss something more lively. Best Regards.

  20. Mary Chan #13, Terence #14, Tim Liu #15 , Henry Yip #16, Daniel Chan #18, Geraldine #19 –

    Thank you for your replies to my comment at #12.

    Just expressing my thoughts, that’s all.

    When I was very young, my mother chided me with, “Your straight-talking habit, though a good trait, may not be well-received by society. Be careful that your words do not offend others. Think thrice before you speak.”

    I am hopeful that my comment at #12 managed to strike that balance – a result of my mother’s chiding….

  21. You called me out in person by my name. My reply has 2 return personal 2 d person Daniel Chan, not any Damp squid or damned n ailed. N of cos i cant say d same 2 a rabbit as i wd 2 a rabbi. Jac, it’s a manner of d good n sincere 2 speak d truth n accept correction when we fall short. (sorie, cant do breaks writg fr my hp)

  22. Wow, so many exchanges of comments – exciting! i wish the Award night (whatever it is for) will materialise because i’d like to be the MC. am imagining being Whoppie Goldberg, Ellen De Generes and all the lady MC for Oscar awards – it’ll be fun to introduce the best performer, the sexiest legs, the gorgeous hunk, the youngest looking silverhairs, the most unforgetable face, the strongest hands, the longest serving member, the funniest guy/gal, the hottest host/EOs, the friendliest/warmest SHCian and of course the grumpiest old man/lady award etc
    I will make the night full of fun and laughter and every one goes home with 1 award or another – so all of you keen of joining Terence’s another dream, please prepare your speech list now!! (you may thank anybody you know but time given is only 1 second….

  23. Thank you Terence, for putting up the video. To the producer, thanks very much for the memories. The music accompanying the video are some of my favourites and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

    Best Regards

  24. A calm river gently flows;
    Good for boating, many an oarsman safely rows.
    Then, into the calm water a boulder is added;
    Behold! The beautiful rapids created.
    Now a canoe is approaching;
    Caught in the foaming white water, it is rocking!
    The canoeist falls into the turbulent water,
    The canoe overturns and goes under.
    Away flows the canoeist; away flows his oar.
    Henceforth, the river is safe no more.

    (Hindsight wisdom: better to have left the calm river alone)

    Paiseh, ??? (chang4fan3tiao4)

  25. Hi Frisna #26,

    While we will keep the suggestions for nomination categories coming in, and of course to encourage more thinking. I must say we do have similar ideas and direction.

    I would definitely like to have you as MC for that night. It’s a 90% yes.

    Terence Seah

  26. Please keep your suggestions for the SilverHairsClub award categories coming in.

    Meantime, we are looking for an auditorium or stage for this event. It is important you have access to use this auditorium or concert hall. It can be in a country club, in Suntec, or an organisation with this facility. SHC will pay for its use.

    Please have a look at your resources and contacts, and let me know here on this forum. Thank you.

    Terence Seah

  27. SORRY guys, for that minor digression. Back to the topic. I believe most of us who have expressed their thoughts want this “Award Night”, including me. At least we agree in principle. How it should be done is the main contention. “Award” relates to something very sacrosanct or superior. People who are uncomfortable with this high-flying term may want something modest. I suggest setting up an organising committee – pro-tem, interim, intermittent or whatever. Everyone who has had contributed his/her ideas here is well suited to be in the committee.

  28. Sharing some random thoughts here.

    What about an “Appreciation Nite”?

    Though it may limit awards like the most eligible bachelor or lady, does the most eligible need to win an award for having done nothing, unless she/he has contributed to SHC and there again, it should really be for the cause of the contribution. Right?

    We could have nominations submitted prior but voting done during the event like in the Tribal Council of Survivors. If this takes too much time, then the counting may be managed while the evening’s program is ongoing with frequent count updates announced to stir excitement. This way, there should be transparency.

    Recipients of “Appreciations” may win once only so others may have an opportunity to be voted should there be subsequent “Appreciation Nites” held.

    Last but not least, is for all of us to manage our feelings and EQs should we not win an “Appreciation” the first time round. Ha ha….. I can say this only because I’ll have nothing to manage as I don’t expect even a nomination coming my way. He he he he he……

  29. Hi DanielC #31,

    I would gladly welcome you to join the committee for the “SilverHairsClub Awards night”. We will probably form the committee, once we have openly discussed most of the possible options. Meantime, let’s hear from members as they may be quietly wanting to have a say. This way, everybody get to hear and read them.

    Let’s keep the names of the Award categories coming in.

    Terence Seah

  30. Hi Jass #28 –

    Should there be an award for the “Best Poet”, you will win the award – hands down!

    I’ve always enjoyed your poems, this one is no exception.
    A calm river gently flows;
    Good for boating, many an oarsman safely rows.
    Then, into the calm water a boulder is added;
    Behold! The beautiful rapids created.
    Now a canoe is approaching;
    Caught in the foaming white water, it is rocking!
    The canoeist falls into the turbulent water,
    The canoe overturns and goes under.
    Away flows the canoeist; away flows his oar.
    Henceforth, the river is safe no more.

    (Hindsight wisdom: better to have left the calm river alone)
    End of quote.

    It’s a tad too cheem for me. Could you help, by saying –

    The “calm river” is alluding to whom/what?

    And the unfortunate canoeist! I believe he had his life vest on? It is mandatory to wear a life vest while canoeing, no? I hope that he managed to scramble ashore, unscathed…

    Keep those poems coming. “You go, girl!”

  31. For the purpose of record, a member has suggested the use of the YMCA roof top, which is windy and I think near the pool. We keep this suggestion, although I think most of us would prefer an airconditioned place, for a glamorous event as the Awards night. Keep the suggestion for venues coming.

    Terence Seah

  32. Hi DanielC,

    Your comment has been put on hold, and will likely be taken off the air. Please take note of the club taboo. At the same time, do also note names of non-members are not published on this forum.

    Terence Seah

  33. OOOooops..Sorry. I overlooked that. I found that article very interesting. Anyway, my point is, there is no harm having many awards if we do it half in jest and everybody enjoys it.

  34. Back to our SilverHairsClub Awards night.

    I was going through SilverHairsClub.com to find out who are the most active and visible members on this forum. Let me share with you how many Posts they have created to generate events, activities and ideas.

    1. Dan Huang – 104
    2. Loh Yew Kwong – 78
    3. Lily Ho – 48
    4. ChristinaCL Chan – 45
    5. Dolly Lim – 37.

    Let’s giver our applause to the above members who have made SHC vibrant and active. And, more and newer members will come in the coming years.

    Terence Seah

  35. Hi Susan Tan,

    I note your suggestion for an award for the “Best writer Award (Rib Tickler’s category)”. Good suggestion.

    In view of the current discussion, I thought an award for the “Most Calm SHCian” would be good. Well, then, maybe we need another one for the “Most hot SHCians” too.

    Terence Seah

  36. This month, I shall start to announce the nominees of the SilverHairsClub Awards. During the Awards night, we shall announce the winners from among the nominees. This evening will be a more formal evening than most our other events.

    I shall continue to make this announcement of nominees, until the end of July 2012.

    Today, I like to introduce one nominee who has been with SilverHairsClub since July 2005. During the early days of the Club, I met up with many potential members who had responded to advertisements placed in various media. This lady responded. The first meeting was definitely not cordial. I guessed she probably thought this dirty old man must be recruiting young female Seniors for what, I don’t know. Maybe, for orgy night. Well, I remembered there was no smile from her, throughout the one hour meeting. She gave me a background of her family; I felt it was to tell me not to have other thoughts. Whichever, I invited her to join SilverHairsClub.

    Since 2005, she has become a very famous name and face in the Club. Mind you, she is still a no-nonsence lady. Sometimes, she would send emails to me, ticking me off for not giving support to Club activities. I did apologise, but she didn’t accept it.

    What I am impressed is her ability to harness support from fellow members to continue with fun and healthy activities for SilverHairs. In the beginning, Charles Wee inspired the walk group, but he has since handed the role to Christina Chan. Despite the handover, Christina has always given due respect to Charles. She continuously gives credit to the other co-EOs of the group.

    Christina ChanCL obviously has done a lot for the Club and members. We just need to count the number of years and walks organised by the group. I am pleased to announce her nomination for the SilverHairsClub Award. On this note, thank you very much Christina for your contribution to SilverHairsClub.

    Terence Seah

  37. Another name I would add to the list of nominees for the SilverHairsClub Awards is Jassmine Teo. She is our coordinator for the SHC online fleamart, which appears in the Club’s forum every month. She has been very steady in ensuring that this fleamart comes out every month, while at the same time ensuring that the objective of the fleamart is met; mainly for individuals who have items in their homes that can be sold or given away.

    This is also not an easy task, as sometimes members stray away from the rules, and have to be brought back to the Club’s original objective.

    To my knowledge, Jassmine has consistently been involved in social and charity activities. She has a keen interest in helping the less privileged society; and always on the look out for jobs for this group. Do contact Jassmine if you are equally likeminded, and maybe you can do some projects together.

    Also, known as a great poet in the club, she attracts us with some of her poems from time to time.

    Thank you Jassmine for leading this online fleamart for many months. See you during the Awards night, once I have announced the dates.

    Terence Seah

  38. Hi Terence #43
    Thank you for considering me worthy of a nomination even though i did not fully support this event (#28) and still feel apprehensive about the potential ‘fallouts’. Are u sure you want to take the risk? lol!

  39. As we move on with planning for the SHC Awards night, I like to bring up two more nominations. Both are ladies.

    Although I keep my views to myself, I have to admit I am rather wary of these two ladies. Both joined as pioneers of SHC, and have since remained very active in the Club. I guess they both made friends in SHC. They are full of ideas, and my best compliment on both of them is their dedication to the SilverHairsClub and its members. They take great pains to make sure that members get to come together and enjoy the life of times.

    Best examples include their involvement in our Annual Dinner and Dance which we have every year, and the monthly cycling activities. Despite their working schedule, they take time off to gather members together, so that the general membership get to enjoy the planned events. Both have the initiative to work for the benefit of SHC members.

    However, what I find it difficult to accept is that these two ladies tend to speak their minds and sometimes are very direct in voicing their views. To some of us, this trait may be good attributes. To some of us, urhh !! I am still trying to figure out what and how to respond to both of them.

    The Awards night is intended to give credit to members who have made significant contributions to the Club. And, both Dolly Lim and Lily Ho are two of these members. On these criteria, I am nominating Lily and Dolly for the SilverHairsClub Awards.

    Thank you Dolly and Lily for your contributions. I hope both of you will continue to support SHC for many years to come.

    Terence Seah

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