MONTHLY WALK: A breezy coastal, historical walk – Sat, 9 Nov @ 4.30pm

Date:  09 November 2013, Saturday
Start Time:   4.30pm sharp
Meeting Place:   HarbourFront Centre, Level 1 (vicinity of Pizza Hut #01-69/
BreadTalk #01-67).
Nearest MRT: HarbourFront CC29, Exit B.
ECs for this walk:  Charles Wee and ChristinaCL Chan

Join us in this last walk of 2013…  to a place filled with war history
nuggets and beauty! preserved, retained, yet seamlessly merged
with modern ammenities to provide a haven for all to enjoy.

Let the sounds of music from the sea;
the songs from a variety of feathered species;
the cool of sea breeze; the flutter of wings;
the beauty of a variety of blooms;
bring to you, a sense of calm and rest!

We will transverse along the coastline from man-made boardwalk into the
forest, filled with historical relics – an open-air museum that showcased
underground bunkers and gun batteries from WW II.

The surrounding area projects peace and solitude that brings a sense of
relief and thankfulness that the guns had ceased fire long ago and battles
are no longer fought!        {sigh}

The sight of artists capturing the gorgeous views over the sea;
fishermen preparing their fishing baits or trying their luck,
families and friends enjoying, yet another natural oasis.

With a panoramic view, it is indeed “THE place to watch sunset!”

Let us linger for a moment along the coastal front, be soothed, be lulled by
the wonders of nature and revel in this scenic view of vast sea and greenery…

Dine & Home Sweet Home will be in the Nature Reserve itself – Eco Gourmet Cafe comes highly recommended OR next to Labrador MRT (CC27) Alexandra Retail Centre(ARC) with a selection of Japanese/Chinese restaurants; Komala’s, cafes, etc

1)  For your own safety, come in comfortable footwear, no slippers/sandals.
2)  Protect oneself with sun screen, sunglasses, caps, mosquito repellant
3)  Besides umbrella, bring a disposable raincoat (though we pray for good weather)
4)  Hydrate with a bottle of drinking water.
5)  **In nature reserves — leave nothing behind and take nothing away
except memories through your lenses.

From March 2013, monthly walks will be an EC event till further notice.
You are allowed to bring your adult friends who are non-SHC members
(please get them to join SHC club, too).
Please observe SHC Rule  – Names & pictures of non-members are not to be shown or mentioned in

Walk Team ECs: Joyce Tan, Charles Wee, Veronica Wong, Jeffrey Lim, Mary Tan, Alice Seah, Lydia Soh, Serene Low and I, ChristinaCL Chan

To a place of historical significance and tranquility….

1)  Charles Wee
2)  Christina Chan
3)  Alice Seah
4)  Gingko Tay
5)  Johnny Pow
6)  Annie Pow
7)  Judy Lim
8)  Maureen Lee
9)  June Koh
10) Ronald Lam
11) Bernie Chung
12) Eddy Lee
13) Margaret Lee
14) Thomas Lau
15) Lucy Lau
16) Jane Chua
17) Daisy Phua
18) Richard Wong
19) Jimmy Tsin
20) Irene Chua
21) Yew Tiong
22) Lina Tan
23) Dorothy Low
24) Cheryl Ho
25) Janet Ng
26) Azhari C
27) Andrew Koh
28) Veronica W
29) Mary Tan
30) Serene Low
and there is 1, the last pax, who came for the final leg of the walk!

30 thoughts on “MONTHLY WALK: A breezy coastal, historical walk – Sat, 9 Nov @ 4.30pm

  1. Good morning!

    Hi Christina & Charles,

    Please include me in this last walk of the year.

    Thank you again for your tireless efforts and precious time in organizing all these memorable walks for SHC members.

    Warmest regards,

  2. Dear Terence,

    seriously! comments have not been coming in to my INBOX since the previous post.

    This post, received only 4 of the comments; even the one prior to my comment did not roll in either!

    I hope this is resolved asap.


  3. Hi Gabriella,

    Thanks for your comment.
    It is a pity alright as we have not done this trail since 3/4 years ago!
    Do enjoy your hols… see you next walk 2014!


  4. Hi Alice,

    Thanks for joining the walk.

    Gingko, glad you are back walking with us. hehe

    Johnny & Annie, the busy travellers! Glad you make it for this last walk of the year! hahaha

  5. Judy, June, Maureen,
    glad you could take time off to join us for this lovely, historical trail 🙂

    RonaldLam, no time no see 🙂

    Thanks for your support!

  6. Hi Charles/Christina

    May I borrow this to announce if anyone interested to attend the Back to 60’s show at Outdoor Theatre after the walk, please contact Lydia Chin or refer to the Back to 60’s thread as she posted there. Please note there is no entrance fees…..FREE EVENT!!!!

  7. Hi Charles/Christina,

    Please include me for this walk.
    Like to see you all again after missing in action for quite sometimes.

    Warmest Regards,

    Capt. Jimmy Tsin

  8. Hi Bernie, thanks for coming!

    Eddy, sounds so so sad! Let the sound of the waves & breeze carries away all that soulfulness ahem! hehe

    Thomas/Lucy, glad you can take time off work to join us to RELAX! haha

    Thanks for your support!

  9. Hi Jane, noted your registration. Manna your kaki2? hehe

    Daisy, Daisy,,, haven’t seen you for months! Your hubby not coming?

    RichardW,,, yea! march on!

    JimmyT… glad we have a Kapitan perhaps can help us steer in “cloudy” shady day!

    Welcome your support!

  10. Hi Christina & Charles,

    Thank you both for organizing this walk. Christina, we appreciate your leading us along the pleasant scenery and giving history lessons at its historical site before taking the steep stairs to the canon.Good timing too for the public bus to arrived when we just ended. We also enjoy dinning with you all at the Esplanade listening and watching William David and friends performance.

    Stay Healthy! Be Happy! 🙂

  11. Saturday morning 08Nov, I was awaken by the rain… it rained and rained, not heavy but enough to cause anyone to want to stay indoors…then, I recalled the past days there was no rain at least in the SW! I said a little pray! It stopped! Shortly after, it started to pitter patter again! It continued so for a couple of hours. As I was leaving my home, my neighbor who was standing at her door said “it is raining!”… oh yea, but it will stop soon….” I replied with a smile. It did! HE is so good!
    Everyone who had registered before 8Nov 4:09 came! Thank you!
    I did not log in again… for those who registered after 4.10 or later… thanks for coming too!


  12. Hi JaneC, glad you find this easy walk interesting… hahaha

    Hi OliviaRos,
    look forward to see you in our next walk!


    Our Walk Team shall take a long break!

    2014 2014 2014 2014 2014
    COMMENCE OUR MONTHLY WALK ON: 11th January (2nd Saturday)!

    Stay COOOL! See YOU 🙂 🙂

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