July Monthly Walk – Pasir Ris Mangrove Boardwalk Trail

Date: 11 July 2009 (Saturday)

Meeting Place: Pasir Ris MRT nearby control station

Start Time: 4.30pm             
Duration:  about 1 1/2 hours

For those who are driving, free parking at Pasir Ris Car Park C.

Can wait at entrance of Car Park C where the signboard "Pasir Ris Park" is, to join group walking from Pasir Ris Mrt station.

EO for this walk:  Mary Tan

The Pasir Ris Mangrove Boardwalk Trail

Easy walk along wooden walkways which allow you a closer and comfortable look at the plants and animals that live in the Mangrove without getting you muddy.  See what it’s all about.  Observe all sorts of interesting inhabitants, like moths, snails, mudskippers, springtails, sea slugs and insects you would never encounter in normal urban life.  See the "volcanoes" of free housing for crabs that mud lobsters burrow and made.   Look at the distinctive features of the land plants that help their survival in the mangrove.

Bring drinking water, an umbrella (for rain or sun), mosquito repellent, camera, cap and wear comfortable walking shoes.  Note that while mosquito repellent may be a good general precaution, liberal doses may drive away insects that you wish to observe!

Walk ends at Car Park C and for those who wish to, can adjourn for dinner at the foodcourt in White Sands shopping mall.

Register HERE!

See you at the walk!

Mary Tan and other Walk Team members:  ChristinaCL Chan, Charles Wee, Veronica Wong, Jeffrey Lim, Joyce Tan & Serene Low

Registration starts here

  1. James Tan
  2. Susan Tan LC
  3. Frisna Tan
  4. Mary Chan
  5. Andrew Thio
  6. Christina CL Chan
  7. Patrick Lee
  8. Judy Lim
  9. Karen Lim
  10. Bernie Chung
  11. Kristin Leong
  12. Steven Chan
  13. Susan Tan SW
  14. Arthur Yap
  15. Peggy Yap
  16. Dan Huang
  17. Joy Chuang
  18. Maureen Lee
  19. Daisy Yeo
  20. Paul & Peggy Kong
  21. Grace Wong
  22. Alan & Ann Bok
  23. Gwyneth Lee
  24. Helen T Wong
  25. Thomas Goh
  26. Alice Kwok
  27. Lettishia 
  28. King Seng
  29. Pauline Chew
  30. Joyce Tan
  31. Aaron How
  32. Veronique
  33. Hou Chong Lee
  34. Wee Chin

Click here for photos

84 thoughts on “July Monthly Walk – Pasir Ris Mangrove Boardwalk Trail

  1. Hey all the PASIRISIANS! Where are you?

    We are having a walk in your hometown and you don’t even raise your hands in support??? Come on you guys. This is the time to show your hospitability.

    As for people in the West, just take the EW mrt line, all the way to the LAST station, drop off and wait for us to come rescue you.

    People from the NORTH, take the mrt to CITYHALL and change to the EW line and do likewise.

    Besides what Mary Tan had suggested, there is Downtown East and the EHUB to adjourn to for food and drinks. Try the yummy satay at the Halal foodcourt. There is also another food court if you prefer that to places like NYNY, Buddy Hoagies and numerous other places to chill out in.

    If you want to stay by the beach, there is a place in the park which serves stuff like “mee siam” and other Malay food.

    Furthere along the beach are two other outlets, Beach Culture and Summer Breeze. You can have food and drinks just metres away from the water’s edge and enjoy the evening breeze and lights from the ships.

    So, do come for the walk and enjoy the ‘resort’ feel of Pasir Ris.

  2. I would also like to add that there is a tower in the park from which one can watch the birds in the tree tops, if one is quiet enough and I don’t mean the ‘lovebirds’ who sometimes hang out there, haha.

  3. Hi MaryTan, I will certainly be there! all the way from the West!

    #8 MaryC, like your enthusiasm! :D and it has been a long time since had the walk at Pasir Ris!

    The daily hustle and bustle in the office, in the city and perhaps even the noisy neighbourhood, surely this walk which brings you closer to nature is definitely therapeutic; just a couple of hours of time well spent :D


  4. Hi MaryT (EO)

    Please include me for the walk on the 11th July.
    Will meet at MRT Pasir Station.

    Thank you

  5. Susan, James, Frisna, Mary Chan, Andrew, Christina and Patrick, glad all of you are joining the walk. See all on Sat, 11 Jul.

    Mary Chan good suggestions at #8. Thank you.

  6. Hi Mary Tan

    Calling Lina,Su Chang,Norlinda,Ah Nee, peggy yap ,arthur Yap and Chin Boon 9 ( bring your Bam Bam along.)etc….

    Wau! This trip sounds interesting.

    It helps to refresh the memory of my ex-excursion trip with our lecturers and students while we were studying about the Ecology of the Mangrove Swamp.

    Back to Nature! :)

  7. Steven,

    Pasir Ris Mangrove Boardwalk Trail is interesting. My parent is residing at Pasir Ris, so I am quite familiar with this place also. But hor, have to miss this walk, it coincides with our trip to Yunnan. heheee…..we can foresee that there will be a lot of walking & walking with different scenery ……. :)

    Ah Nee

  8. Hi Mary Tan,

    Please include me in this month’s walk at the Pasir Ris Mangrove Broadwalk Trail. I will meet you at P R MRT control station on that day.



  9. Hi Judy, have included Karen for the walk.

    Bernie, looking forward to meeting you again.

    Kristin, see you at the walk.

    Steven, are you coming to this walk to relive your good young days?

    Ah Nee, have a good trip and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Yunnan.

  10. Hi EO:
    Please include me in the walk, will meet at P P MRT Station.
    #8 Mary Chan:
    I hear you loud & clear, since I stayed in the East, I am here to give my support.
    C ya

  11. Maureen Lee
    Glad you heard me. See you on the 11th.

    I wonder if the others in the east are pretending not to hear? Perhaps I should shout louder, hahaha.

  12. Hi Mary Chan.

    …..I wonder if the others in the east are pretending
    not to hear?

    I am from the west yet I heard you LOUD and clear. Ha! ha! :)

  13. Steven Chan, great that you are coming.

    Susan Tan SW, Arthur & Peggy Yap, we have not met yah? See all three of you at the walk.

    Dan & Joy, hope both of you have a good catch this Sat.

    Maureen, thanks for your support.

  14. Hi Mary

    Your shout woke me up from my sleep. Ha ha ha….

    Please count me in. Thanks.

    A note to Chin and back to sleep… s…noo…ze…..

  15. Hi EO:
    I forgotten to add dinner as well.

    Hi Mary Chan:
    I am sure you wont mind to be our Makan guide,
    hands up for those who want to join.

    Daisy ……come join dinner too.

    C ya

  16. Hi Eos,
    The lure of the Eastern Wind is too tempting & a very friendly call from the East beckons me to join you from the West with my walking boots,my watering can & me…sorry no pony..hee..ya! Meet u at PASIR Ris MRT.

    Wowee! The group is getting bigger and bigger! Going to be a fun walk!

    I would like to make a suggestion to all the walkees.

    The boardwalk is not very wide and sometimes there are other people there for their walks.
    Please try to keep to 2 abreast at the most and not block the path of others.

    Another thing to note is the peace and quiet of the place. If you want to see any creatures other than people, you have to speak in low tones. Otherwise all you will see will be the trees.

    Regarding the spice gardens, if we do head that way, PLEASE DO NOT PICK ANY OF THE SPICES, FRUITS OR LEAVES. The garden is taken care of by volunteers who put a lot of hard work into it although there are people who help themselves to the plants without any qualms.

    Although I’m not the EO and have been there several times before, I’m looking forward to the walk very much! :-)

  18. Maureen, Daisy, Steven
    Glad you all responded to my ‘shout’.

    Oh yes, there are quite a few makan places here. It depends on what you all fancy. Satay? Mee goreng? Foodcourt food? Thai, Japanese, Western? I can recommend some good outlets.

    Hee, ‘pig out’ after the workout?? Why not? Especially Steven Chan, who looks like he can never get fat.

  19. Hi Mary / Chris,

    I’ll be around P.Ris and wld like to join u for the walk, but having problem with where to keep my bicycle which i’ll be riding on. As it’s too precious to park away at any open area, does anyone know if there’s a place where i can safely hide it and collect after the walk?


  20. Joyce,

    I kaypoh kaypoh lah, don’t know my sugestion is practical or not? Too bad I cannot join this walk, if not you can park your bike at my Sis shop at Elias Mall. Alternatively, you can cycle to any of the SHC members’ house at Pasir Ris and park your bike there, and then 2 of your go together for the walk. How about that? :)

    Ah Nee

  21. Hi Ah Nee,

    This is the answer i’m waiting for leh. Will hv to disturb your Sis if there’s no other offer. Understand some of them will go for dinner after the walk so it wont be practical to go to their house to collect my bike while i’ll heading home straight away.

    Any chance to introduce me to your Sis?

    Cheers, Joyce

  22. Joyce,

    You take down the address first, my sis is sleeping now, later I call her and then I call you to make arrangement.
    Address: Blk 625, Elias Mall, #02-306, opp diagonally MacDonald.

    Ah Nee

  23. If my sis cease & desist in wanting me as a bro, I know where to go liao…………..will go to that mall and will find a pretty like ANee sis who looks like a risis orchid.

    cant wait so rushing down liao…………….

  24. Hi Mary Chan,

    ….Steven Chan, who looks like he can NEVER get fat.
    Curious to know ?

    Why ? Because the initials of his name begins with

    C.S.F. which means

    C annot
    S tore
    F att.

    So how can he be FAT ? Makes sense isn’t it ? :)

  25. Hi Joyce,

    If you like, you can park your bike with my motorised bike at Blk 502 Pasir Ris st 52, #02-227. The blk is next to Elias Park Pri School. I will be visiting someone there first. It will be a 5 min walk to the MRT station.

    My bike is also too expansive and tempting to curious eyes at the MRT station even though it has a 110dB alarm.

    Would you want to take up my offer or Ah Nee’s sister’s?Elias Mall is much further from the MRT station. Let me know.

  26. Hi both Marys!

    I’m coming from the west to meet the Easterners and will join the pack from the entrance of carpark C.

    Hope to see 1 person there, I guess some of them with me yesterday will know who??? Hahaha…………..


  27. Hey!Hey! Paul, the reward is you can have endless photo shots with this celebrity. But hush-hush for now, ok?

    C u and Peggy 2moro!

  28. Hi Mary,
    I will be coming for this walk and will wait for you guys at Car park C.

    Ps : Paul&Peggy, Veronique, Grace, Gwyneth & Kristine : looked fwd to another Main Kia Eu session – starting with mosquito repellent, I will bring a bottle of H1N1 repellent along too..hehe. StevenC : I look fwd to meeting you on this nature walk – like a (senior) student on sch excursion with (senior) teachers on hand to lead…hehe.

  29. James, okay you are not coming.

    Joyce, so you’ve decided where to park your bicycle? Looking forward to meeting you again.

    Arthur, Aaron, Veronique and Hou Chong Lee, we folks walking from Pasir Ris MRT will meet the four of you at Car Park C. Mary Chan, you too will be at Car Park C.

    Wee Chin, see you at the walk.

  30. Steven Chan
    “Fatt” rhymes with a word that involves a release of gas. So ‘cannot store fatt’, then release lor, but don’t release any how, especially not near me, hahaha.

  31. Hi Mary,

    Good that you are organising this walk which I have not been to, sounds interesting. Will be coming along with Doreen and Sally.

    C U all.

  32. Thank you MaryT for leading us on this walk. Most refreshing. The weather conducive. Nature is so capitivating – the mangrove growth exhibits the unspoilt
    serenity of its surroundings.

    Humankind should show the balance of living to appreciate
    the beauty of space and freedom of encumbrance of life’s uncertainty.

    An affinity to nature and a leisurely walk is in harmony to the well-being of each individual.

    Walking is like a journey through life. We pace ourselves to our ability and condition our movements to our pace.

    Many of us never enjoyed the ‘leisurely walk’ of our life. We rushed on to try to outdo others, unable to compromise our humble realities of existence. We dashed to the finishing line but realised to late, we have never truly
    enjoyed the walk of our life. Time has lost its essence.
    We are unable to rewind the passing. We may have walked our
    lives away without the awareness of nature’s wonder.

    Ultimately, we will walk to our grave, so let us walk with happiness within the vast realms of the universe.

    We must all walk with a heart.

    P/S It was an honour to meet an SHC member (who eats potatoes – teochew lingo) from Perth. Since He left S’pore,
    he has never touched a plate of rice, Hahaha ! My amiable Lee Hou Chong. Nice to meet you !! Australia will be a vast continent for the walk of eternal life. I have a soft spot for Australia too. Carefree refreshing wilderness in the suburb down under.

    LeePatrick SJ.

  33. Hi Lee Patrick SJ

    Re yr #76 , wow, what a piece of written art. I like your philosophical perspective of life and how you have equate it with our need to appreciate and engage with nature. It is an honour to meet you too.


  34. Hi Mary Tan,

    Thanks for leading the bunch of us to this interesting mangrove swamp board walk.

    Lee Pat, I totally agree with you abt your philosophy of life.( …Walking is like a journey through life )

    Unfortunately,in the pursuit of material wealth most of us isn’t really walking but brisk walking astray in all directions.

  35. Hi Hou Chong ( Perth ),

    It was v.good that you can finally join us in this board walk despite your short stay here in Spore.

    I believe you can feel that SHCians are friendly and warm in their own ways and I beieve it stems from our Asian culture.

    How abt Perth?

    Perhaps,you could tell us more in detail abt life of Sporean immigrants in Perth. I am sure that SHCians are eager to know abt what’s happening in the other part of the world.

  36. Mary
    thanks for organising the walk. Enjoyed the commune with nature.

    Sorry that I had to cut out early and couldnt join dinner. Bro-in-law just back fr Saudi & had to attend e family gathering. Hope u guys had fun!

  37. Hi StevenC,
    Yes it has been very nice to have met many friendly and warm SHCians in the last 2~3 weeks, you being one of them of course. Regrets, I can’t write about the “life of S’porean immigrants in Perth” on this forum because a comparison of lifestyle, culture and cost and related subjects, are sensitive.

  38. Hi Hou Chong

    Glad that u enjoy the walk. You really show your ‘mean kia eu at the end of the walk ya!.
    Sorry was not able to join you after the walk to… cáuse heavy rain after dinner and we got a bit wet too. Will be flying off on thursday so hope to see you on your next trip.
    Have a nice and enjoyable stay in Singapore.
    See you than. God Bless.

  39. Photos uploaded. Select category Walking then view. Link to photos is at the end of the post.

    Happy viewing!

    EOs of walks, please ask photographers to email me photos in their original format for uploading. As there are different photographers at the walks, some may not be aware of this.

    Of course, there’ll be some who prefers not to, I respect their decision.

    Usually, I will wait for a week for all the photos to come in before uploading them.

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