Yangon trip, IN Fri 03 Oct 2014, OUT Mon 06 Oct 2014

I shall be in Yangon again in early Oct 2014.  And I shall extend my my trip if there are members wanting to visit Yangon. The dates are:

  • IN Fri 03 Oct 2014 – you have to arrive on or before 3 Oct, although 3 Oct will be spent in Yangon.
  • OUT Mon 06 Oct 2014 – You can leave anytime on or after 06 Oct 2014.

Note:  06 Oct is a public holiday.  We are likely to stay in the Chinatown area because the hotels are cheaper, and a few were newly rennovated.  The hotels will have internet WIFI, although I cannot guarantee the WIFI is stable. Chinatown is vibrant, full of food and busy from morning 5am to at night 9pm. Check with your friends who have joined me to Yangon before. Participants will have the option to book their own hotels, and these can be organised together as a package by the travel company which we use during our last trip.

USD or Kyatts are accepted in Yangon.  Credit cards are very very very limited in use, and incur surcharges.  Money exchange difficult to find, rates at hotel are unattractive.  Bring USD, that’s for first timers.

Please contact or send your queries only via this Post.  I shall bring some brochures on Yangon.  You may have a look at my fleamart stand on Sat 6 Oct.

Min-ga-la-bar (good morning, afternoon or evening), Terence Seah

Registration list:

  1. Terence Seah – Arriving Yangon 3 Oct; Departing Yangon 7 Oct.
  2. Susan Tan and friend – Arriving Yangon Thu 02 Oct 1255hrs by SilkAir;
    Departing Yangon Tue 07Oct 1035hrs by SIA.
  3. Join this trip to Yangon.  Confirmation based on airtickets confirmation.

Terence Seah

Monthly Walk – Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to East Coast Lagoon Food Village

 Date : Saturday, 13 September 2014
 Time : 4.30 pm
 Meeting Place: Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal Departure Hall (beside Café Temptation)
 Distance: 7 km walk on level ground
 EOs: Serene Low and Judy Lim

How to get there:
MRT East West Line (Green Line)
Drop at Tanah Merah MRT station. At condo side, take Feeder Bus # 35 to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. Alternatively you can take the Bus # 35 from Bedok Temp Bus Interchange.
Note: the frequency of the bus is not regular and it may good if you reach the Ferry Terminal much earlier, have your tea and chit chat at Kopitiam there before the walk.

The walk: starts from the Ferry Terminal through paved roads of around 1 km before we reach the Changi Park Connector. From here you are going to enjoy the fragrance of forest pine trees, whiff of the sea saltiness, hear soft lapping of the waves, chirpy singing of the birds and screeching of the crickets.

We will end the walk at East Coast Lagoon Food Village where you will get a wide variety of yummy hawker food like satay, rojak, duck noodle, zhi char and many more.

Note: bring water, caps, umbrella and wear comfortable walking shoes.

Our Walk Team EOs: Christina CL Chan , Charles Wee, Mary Tan, Veronica Wong, Serene Low, Alice Seah, Jeffrey Lim, Azhari Cuttilan, June Koh, Judy Lim.

Carnival @ Pinevale on 7 September 2014


Hello frenz.. you’re invited to a Carnival @ Pinevale

Date : 7 September 2014 (Sunday)

Time : 11am – 5pm

Venue : Tampines Street 73, Pinevale Condo

There will be food, games, flea market stalls, and karaoke!

Yes, calling all karaoke enthusiasts, come …  showcase your singing skills.

Tickets can be purchased on the spot.  But pls let me know if you’re coming.

Cheers, Lydia Chin.

Dinner followed by chit-chat and drinks on Wed 3rd Sept 2014 in Bishan

This event gives an opportunity for working members and non-members to take part and spend time together.

It is an EC activity co-ordinated by me, Kristy. Due to space constrain of my flat, attendees are limited to 8 (fa, fa, fa)

Date : Wed 3rd Sept 2014

Time : 6.30pm to 10.00pm

Venue for dinner : Coffee-shop Blk 112, Bishan St 12, S’pore 570112

Venue for drinks and chit-chat : Blk 103, Bishan St 12, S’pore 570103

Cost : You pay for what you order. There are chicken rice, zhi char, Italian food and chai fan.

Attendees :

1 Kristy – EC

2 Terence Seah

Yew Kwong

4 Dolly





“Made in Singapore”

Very few things are made in Sge. In today’s ST there’s an *article about some products that were made in Singapore many, many years ago. Reading about it made me feel proud of the little red dot and I hope the present IT generation will produce more inventions and original ideas to do Sge proud.

The silver generation today comprises mostly of baby boomers –mostly educated people – and I believe they have the potential to create/produce  something -  a simple, wonderful idea that benefits a community/society. A case in point is the new social network that was created in Slovenia. It allows residents in retirement homes to travel. Ref. “Social network connects globetrotting seniors” ( ST 9 august – A31). This social network is enhancing the life of the elderly in homes and I’m sure some of us here would make use of it in the near future.  Lol!

Could the silver generation in Sge create something original with the label ‘made in Singapore’ ? Not impossible, I believe. :)

*Celebrating ‘Made in Singapore’ products, ST wed 16/8. Pg. A2


Dance & Social Gathering Nite at Kovan

Dear Dance Enthusiasts……

Monthly Social Dance Nite at Kovan. We look forward to have you joining us, thank you!

Two One

Event Details:
Date: Friday, 29 Aug 2014
Time: 7.00 pm – 10.00 pm
Fees: $3.00 (Mineral water plus Finger food)
Music: Jeffrey Gan
Venue: Paya Lebar Kovan CC (Multi-purpose air-cond Hall)
             Blk. 207, Hougang Street 21

Ah Nee (Event Coordinator)  :)

Ah Nee
SS James
Thomas Loh
Bobby Bok
Susan Chang (will try)
Dolly (will try)

September Coffee Chat ~ 9.9.14 from 2 – 4 pm

sepcoffee1  sepcoffee3   sepcoffee5

Hello friends

Our next coffee chat will be held on Tuesday, 9 Sep.  Details are as follows:

  • Date:      9 Sep 2014
  • Time:      2 – 4 pm
  • Venue:    Singpost Food Court, B1 of Singpost Building, next to the Paya Lebar mrt station .. this is our USUAL HAUNT :-)
  • Agenda:   Nil  ~ just coffee drinking, yak yak and some good Fun and Laughter ~ maybe some uke strumming and music

Order your own coffee/dessert/food..  a 10% discount will be given if you use the Kopitiam card to settle your purchase.

Wd appreciate if you could note this date in your diary and come for an afternoon of fellowship ya?  :-)

Warm regards,

Gabriella Chua (EO)

Those coming:

  1. Gabriella Chua
  2. Kristy Quek
  3. G’s friend (Martin)
  4. Jazz Soh
  5. Charles Cher (professional musician will be playing the ukulele)
  6. Dennis
  7. Mary Chan
  8. Steven Chan
  9. Terence Seah (a good opportunity for those who have not met or wish to speak to our Chief of SHC)
  10. Peter Loo
  11. Tommy Choo
  12. G’s friend (FS) ~ a very good uke player
  13. Lim Tiang Soon
  14. Jenny Lee
  15. Chua Seng Chong
  16. Alice Seah

Quotable Quotes:

” In the blink of an eye, everything can change.  So forgive often and love with all your heart.  You may never know when you may not have that chance.”

“If you wait for perfect conditions, you’ll never get anything done.”

”Don’t waste your time trying to get people to love you.  Spend your time with those who already do.”  



Memorising Password

I believe we all have problem remembering growing number of passwords. Totally forget the less frequently used one and need to write in for reset.
Worse still cant write in or contact the administrator and forever cannot login. Or cant re-register cos username mentioned is taken and the admin replied you are registered already.

I have a simple way to overcome this be it PIN numner or passwords.
Find a word that have ten letters that have NO REPEATED alphabet. I use the word VOLKSWAGON as an example
Here is how you can use any of this word to code your numeric PIN.
Eg the word ……………. V O L K S W A G O N
You then attribute the number to it ……………………. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0

Assuming your numeric PIN is 5378 . You then code it into SLAG and write it down in your mobile phone memo or I even scribble it on the card itself. I actually index all my password (coded) in my phone for easy retrieving anytime anywhere

Thus I don’t need to commit it into memory. Can also use it to code password that are alphanumeric character.
Just underscore or bracket the alphabet that need not change. Eg your password is now N5W8V3. Your coding will be

Not charging fee for using the above method, smile..
If you people find this helpful, in my next post I will give you more such words to choose from if I get more than 5 endorsement. :-)


SilverHairsClub Dinner and Dance, Sun 21 Dec 2014 at Singapore Recreation Club

src2     src1  src3

src5   Dear members, We can now safely confirm this year’s D&D will be held in Dec. It will be themed along “Prehistoric Times” during the Flintstone era. Please watch this Post for updates.

  1. Venue: Singapore Recreation Club SRC
  2. Date/Time: Sun 21 Dec 2014, 1800 hrs to 2330 hrs
  3. Theme; Prehistoric Times – Flinstones Era
  4. Ticket price: $55 per ticket (inclusive of an international buffet)
  5. Band (subject to confirmation):  Charles Cher and his band.


  • An item, entitled “Flintstones and his friends”.

Number of pax: due to space limits, 80 pax. Strictly SilverHairsClub members only. Tickets are sold, subject to registration on this Post, and subject to ticket availability. **

For the first time, this event will be organised by SilverHairs Enterprise PL. It will be the first test case for SHE. Members who like to participate as a committee member of this project are invited to contact terences@SilverHairsClub.com.

Terence Seah

Sep monthly gathering at CSC, 6 Sept 2014

flea mart1   flea mart2 flea mart3

SilverHairsClub will continue to play a role to enable SilverHairs to meet new and more friends. In September, we shall have a day gathering on a weekend. Our monthly gathering has been one of our most successful gatherings; and we will make effort to hold it monthly.

Hjere are the details.

1. Venue: Civil Service Club at Tessensohn Road. MRT – Farrer Park

2. Date: Sat 6 Sep 2014.  Time: 1100 to 1600 hrs.

3. Meeting area: At the cafe area and the CSC Lobby area, where the fleamart is being held.

4. Participants: Open to all SilverHairsClub members, families and friends. As this is CSC Club, there will also be CSC members and public.

5. Charge: Free to members and friends.

6. Food and drinks: available at the CSC cafe, near the swimming pool.

7. Registration: we will have a registration desk at the fleamart area. Please contact the registration desk when you arrive. Do put on your name tag so that other members can recognise you.

8. SHCians who are CSC members can invite fellow members to the swimming pool, jackpot room and other activities available at CSC.

Please indicate here your coming and the number of friends you will be coming with. See u there soon.

Terence Seah

Those attending the monthly gathering:

  1. Kristy Quek
  2. Jenny Lee
  3. SS Tan
  4. Vincent Khoo
  5. Ong Lin Khim
  6. Shamin Moledina
  7. Lily Ho
  8. Terence Seah
  9. HC lee
  10. Susan CH Tan
  11. Rosalind Lee
  12. Frisna Tan
  13. Gabriella Chua
  14. Caroline Gee
  15. Peri Liew
  16. Dolly Lim
  17. Jassmine Teo
  18. Joan Ang
  19. YU Yu Chiu
  20. Theresa Seow
  21. Vivian Lai
  22. Lam Hoy Tzee
  23. Bee Gek
  24. James Tan TH
  25. Helen Cheong
  26. Bobby Bok
  27. Bernie Chung
  28. May Woo
  29. Yatsing
  30. Grace Kang
  31. Robert Ong
  32. Gingko
  33. Alice Seah
  34. Ann Lim
  35. Evon Lim
  36. Susan Tan

IT, computer and smartphone courses – Sharing and teaching

training3  training4  training2

All of us want to learn.  It used to be taken courses on computers – desktops and notebooks.  Today, there are smartphones.  Not a new idea, but we have always talk about closing the digital gap between the savvy and non-savvy members.  If only, we have a place. Many of our members have the knowlede and the experience.  Learners can pay a fee, and the proceeds can go to pay the cost of the venue, the instructors, etc.   Yew Kwong has suggested that we draw up a list of members who are interested to conduct e-sessions.  I too think this is a good idea.  Hew Lee is one good example. Let’s draw up a list of topics, and if you think that you can teach a particular topic, raise your hand here.  Once we have a sizeable team of instructors, we would look at a team of people to organise these courses.  Feel free to add the topics that would be of interest to seniors and Singaporeans in general.

  • Instant messaging – Viber, Whatsapps, LINE, WeChat, facebook
  • Skype
  • Games
  • Emails – smartphones,
  • Android system – Internet browsing, Maps
  • Storage – dropbox, google box, etc
  • Online TV, radio, songs, karoake, youtube
  • Online transport – IRIS, SG All bus

And, if you have suggestions for a venue, please let us know.  Members can offer to conduct these above courses, find a venue, and also charge a fee.  Please go ahead.


Terence Seah

Cooking classes

cook2     cook1   cook3

For a long time, we have been trying to organise cooking classes.  We love to cook, try new receipes and finally eat, what we cook.  However, it has not been easy to find a cooking place.  Conducting cooking classes in the house or apartment has not been very successful, due to limited space and resources.  Venue has always been hard to find. Schools with cooking facilities are expensive; although they are idea. Some members have their own specialties.  There are Hokkien, Hakka, Beijing, Indian and Indonesia food.  We can also have break making classes, cakes, etc. Last week, I was shown around the cooking training classroom with full kitchen facilities at CSC Tessensohn Road.  I  was impressed. Holding cooking classes at such venues has its advantages, although there is cost, timing, cleaning and effort to go with it.  But, maybe we can now try cooking classes, a great way to meet the club objective of providing a platform for members to meet new friends.  Food through the stomach; and putting members and seniors skill to good value.

  • If you like to try other members’ specialties, please raise your hand. So, we know who you are.  Maybe you like bread, cup cakes, 12 layer something, etc.
  • If you have a couple of specialty food skills, and like to share and teach your delicacies, please raise your hand. We might pick up the idea, and conduct cooking courses.

Terence Seah

Allowing mobile telephone number to be published on this forum

hp1      hp2

Dear members, in particular EOs,

We have not allowed the contact telephone numbers to be published in SHC, for security reasons.  This has its disadvantages.  Members are unable to contact the EO or the EC, in case of need for emergency contact.  Over the past years, some EOs have requested to allow their mobile tel to be published.  I see the advantage.  But, it is still a NO.

I am thinking of allowing mobile telephone numbers of EOs and ECs to be published.  If there is sufficient support for this suggestion, I am likely  allow mobile tel of EOs and ECs to be published.  Provided the EO and EC published enough information in the post.  And, that this does not allow the collection of members contacts for direct selling, MLM or any other purpose than the intended event.

Please to hear your views.

WEF 23 Aug 2014, EOs and ECs can insert their contact telephone numbers on this forum.  Non-EOs and Non-ECs should continue to use this forum for communication.

Terence Seah


Let’s celebrate Singapore’s National Day

national day1 Today is Singapore’s National Day. Let’s all wish Singapore, fellow Singporeans and PRs many good years ahead.  As all of us are part of the Baby Boomers group, each year, each month and each day means a lot to us.

Take this opportunity to wish one another, your fellow friends and family members, an exciting year ahead of this year’s Singapore National Day.

Terence Seah


Yangon 3D2N In 18 Aug Out 20 Aug 2014

myanmarmap    yangon3  Hi guys and gals, I am going to Yangon, Myanmar again, this time on 18 Aug 2014 and back 20 Aug 2014.  If you can organise your air ticket, you can stay with me. terences@SilverHairsClub.com. There is Jetstar, tiger air and airasia.  Try it.

My next trip is IN Fri 03 Oct 2014 OUT Mon 06 Oct 2014.  Have to do it quick as 06 Oct is a public holiday. I have time to extend my trip to organise a trip for fellow SHCians, similar to the one we last organise.  Yangon is growing fast.  Come see the place before it becomes another Ho Chi Minh.  Say a few words if you are interested.

Terence Seah

Oct trip

  1. Laura Wee + friend (tentative – to be confirmed)
  2. Lily Ho
  3. T K Pow and Helen Pow
  4. Jenny Lee and Choy Kum Weng (?)
  5. Susan Tan and friend – ETA Yangon Thu 02 Oct 1255hrs SilkAir, ETD Yangon Tue 07Oct 1035hrs SIA



August 2014 Online Fleamart

Guidelines and regulations for advertising on the online flea mart. Comments/queries are permitted. This online flea mart site is here to serve members, so do make full use of it. 

flea market2

 Guidelines (regulations)

1. Each advertisement not longer than 10 lines.

2. Members can advertise dress alteration, plumbing, cooking, cake making, bak chang sale, care services, apartment for rent, car for sale, etc.  Personal/’professional’ skills like dressmaking, clothes alteration,  repairing / mending/fixing… Personal items from your storeroom are welcome.

3. MLM and Email address collecting for other purposes not permitted.  Pictures of products and services are allowed.  URLs are not permitted.

Terence Seah

Planning our year-end do at Scarlet City, AMK Hub on Fri 5 Dec 2014







Couples dancing a tango  shcdance4  shcdance5

Latest:  This venue may be changed.  Please refer to http://silverhairsclub.com/?p=16351.

We had an earlier plan to have a D&D at CSC Tessensohn in Dec 2014.  However, for various reasons, we are unable to hold the event there.

A few members have recently recee’d Scarlet City at AMH Hub and found the place suitable for our year-end event.  We do like to have your feedback before deciding further what to do. It is expensive to find a venue during the month of Dec when corporations and individuals are looking to celebrate the year end.  Prices are also steep, and especially when we are looking to have the event on a Friday evening.

Well, Scarlet city has a slot for us, if we are interested.  The place is well setup for night entertainment.  We can have the place from 6.30pm, and enjoy ourselves until 2 – 3am.  Scarlet city will put up a buffet dinner, with free flow of soft drinks.  The plan is to have our own program from 6.30 pm to 9.30pm; followed by Scarlet City’s own music, entertainment and star performances from 9.30pm to 2am. During the second segment, there will be other guests who will come for dancing, music and performances.  We will continue to stay until 2am.  Cover charge included.

We need to guarantee 100 pax, so your feedback would help in our decision.  As Scarlet city requires a deposit to be made, in view of the busy period, we like to hear from you.  It is likely that the evening will cause us $65 per head, if we meet the minimum number of heads.

Terence Seah


Monthly Walk – Central Catchment X-treme

  • Date : Saturday, 23 August 2014
  • Time : 1 pm
  • Meeting Place : Bishan MRT Station (meet around station facing Bishan Road, landmark – Citibank)

Getting There :

  • MRT North-south Line, Circle Line
  • Buses – 13, 50, 52, 54, 55, 58, 88, 128, 156, 55B. These buses stop in front of Bishan MRT but you can also take any of the buses ending at Bishan Bus Terminus and walk through Junction 8 Shopping Centre.

EOs : Jeffrey Lim and Azhari Cuttilan

The walk : The walk starts as a ‘walk in the park’ literally, through Bishan Park. From there the terrain gets more rugged and natural. Much of the walk will be through the forested central catchment area, passing the tree top walk and on to the Bukit Timah forest reserve.

The total length will be approximately 15 km. At a fairly brisk pace we should finish the walk by 5.30 pm at the Bukit Timah Hill visitor centre. From there we can adjourn to Beauty World  Centre for dinner or across the road at the eateries along Cheong Chin Nam Road.

Note : bring enough water as there are no pit stops along the way except for the ranger station at the tree top walk.

Our Walk Team EOs: Christina CL Chan , Charles Wee, Mary Tan, Joyce Tan, Veronica Wong, Conrad Tang, Lydia Soh, Azhari Cuttilan and me, Jeffrey Lim


1. Jeffrey Lim
2. Azhari Cuttilan
3. Christina Chan
4. Phyllis Tan
5. Janis Han
6. Tony Ang
7. Eddy Lee
8. Margaret Chua
9. Henry
10. Lilian Teo
11. Ron Teo

Investments interest groups and talks

investtalk3   investtalk2  investtalk1

Following our last gathering on “Intro to US options” at the Oxford Hotel, there has been request to organise smaller talks to follow up on various investment options.  Many of the investment talks that are advertised in the newspapers and open to the public, cost in the few thousand dollars. For members that are looking to learn from these gurus, they usually register with different institutions, and spend a couple of days at these investment talks. For SilverHairsClub, we are looking at a smaller scale, subject to the speakers, and available and cost of location.  And perhaps, consideration to internet access for participants bringing their minipads, IPADS, Laptops or smartphones.  Maybe not in the 2000 to 3000 SGD range; but in the SGD 300 range and for about 5-8 participants. The structure could include “How to open a trading acccount”, specific to the investment type.  If it is on US options, then the session could include “How to open a US trading account”.  Then, the speaker can focus on the speaker’s strategies and live trades.  And, ample examples and actual trade results.

1.  If you are a regular trader, and would like to teach on a small scale, along the concept above, for a fee, please contact SHE@silverhairsclub.com.

2.  And, as a member, if you are looking for a fellow member who has been trading, please indicate your investment interest, and we will organise small groups, as per above concept.

Please also give your suggestions, so that we can link fellow investors.  And thank you to the members who have shared and helped me structure the concept of investment talks.

Terence Seah

A very near miss…

Life is fragile and unpredictable -  we are all aware of it, but when one is directly involved in a very near miss, I’m sure some people will feel they have been given a second chance and they generally become better people, certainly not as petty as they were before. I’m referring to the very near miss over Ukraine air space for SQ 351 which was just minutes behind MH17 when the latter was shot out of the sky!

Wonder who those in SQ 351 were and wonder if the knowledge that they had a very, very,  narrow escape affected them deeply in some ways.  Often it takes a close brush with the grim reaper to effect a real change for the better in a person.

Just reflecting, after reading the revelation that SQ was just 90 km behind MH and with *“The Road Not Taken” in mind.

*The Road Not Taken by R Frost

August “Boom Boom” – Be the first to answer two questions correctly and win $100 NTUC vouchers


“Boom Boom” – Win $100 NTUC vouchers

It’s easy to participate.  Simply answer two questions, and the first person to provide the correct answers wins a $100 NTUC Fairprice voucher.

  • Question 1 – Singapore’s newest attraction is a 15 min River Safari Cruise. When is the launch opening date?
  • Question 2 –  SilverHairsClub was open for membership in Oct 2005.  Clue: Offically, the first member is a lady.  She has profiled herself in HairsClub.com. Name one of her interests or hobbies.


  1. The winner will be announced 1-2 days before the last day of each month on this forum.
  2. The lucky winner will need to email boomboom@SilverHairsClub.com, provide the mailing address, and the vouchers will be delivered by registered post.
  3. Each member can win only one prize per calendar year or until 31 Dec 2014.
  4. Strictly for registered members.  Msembership should be updated for email address and contact tel during participation.

Boom Boom starts 1 August 2014 at 0001 hr. You may submit your answers after this date and time on this forum only.

Terence Seah


Coffee Chat Tuesday, 12 August 2014

coffee1  cakey1  doughnut1

Our next coffee chat is here again.  The session will be held on 12 August.  Details are as follows:

  • Date:       Tuesday, 12 August 2014
  • Time:       2 – 4 pm
  • Place:      Usual haunt viz: Singpost Food Court, B1 (next to Paya Lebar mrt station) …. within easy access from the north, south, east and west of Singapore :-)
  • Food:       All types of food, dessert and beverages are available
  • Agenda:    None ~ just yakyak, sharing of jokes for an afternoon of fun and laughter
  • Uke:          August Special ~  I’ll introduce uke playing fun by singing a few songs accompanied by the ukulele (CROAK, CROAK, CROAK)… just a sharing but don’t expect too much; otherwise you’ll be disappointed :-)

Hope to meet more new as well as old friends.  If you are free, just put a note in your diary and come.  Everyone is welcome ~ the more, the merrier.

Warmest regards,

Gabriella Chua, EO

Registered List:

  1. Gabriella
  2. Jazz Soh
  3. Peri
  4. Ann Lim (tentative)  – kindly confirm ..
  5. Frank Kaw
  6. Lim Tiang Soon
  7. Steven Chan (tks for informing that you were unwell and could not attend)
  8. Kheng Lim (tentative) – kindly confirm ..
  9. SS James
  10. Andrew
  11. Tony Ang
  12. Kent Chan (& friends)
  13. Roland Leow Soon Huat
  14. Amy Ko
  15. Lilian Koh
  16. Roy Koh
  17. Peter Loo
  18. Raymond Quan

Tks to all who turned up for the kopi chat.  We had an enjoyable and fun time.   Look out for my notice for next month’s event ya?    :-)  


Quotable Quotes

“Life is very short  ~

So break silly rules, forgive quickly, believe slowly, love truly, laugh loudly and never avoid anything that makes you SMILE   :-)  “

F R I E N D S…

  • Fight for you
  • Respect you
  • Include you
  • Encourage you
  • Need you
  • Deserve you
  • Stand by you “

“Öne small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.”

Whatsapp now used to announce Club News updates

apps3    apps2

From today, we are now able to use Whatsapp to announce Club updates to all SHC members. This is in line with the social media trend. The 1st announcement was made today.

If you did not get a SHC news update today, it means you have not completed your membership registration with SilverHairsClub. Or your registered tel is either wrong or not available to the Club.

Please email admin@SilverHairsClub.com if you have not receive the Club news update today. Or you have not add SHC to your Whatsapp contact. And finally, if you do not have Whatsapp, give it a good. Need to catch up with the times.

Terence Seah

SHC monthly gathering cum fleamart, Sat 6 Sep 2014 at CSC

flea market2   flea market1  meeting

Hi everybody,

We have tentatively booked the Civil Service Club at Tessensohn Road on Sat 6 Sep 2014 for our Sept monthly gathering cum fleamart. Ths date is also the beginning of the school holidays.  Details being worked out.  The monthly gathering is strictly for members only.  SHC gatherings are intended for SilverHairs to meet new and more SilverHairs.  Fleamart table owners have to be SHC members; however family members and friends may help to come run the stalls to make it more fun.  Time:  1100 – 1600 hrs. You may come earlier and end later.

The CSC management has also approved us the use of the place for a fleamart, right at the entrance.  The fleamart will also be open to the public and CSC members.  Limited to the size of the lobby area, in a C-shape.  Members may share tables.  Again, details will be worked out.

Payment for fleamart table participants:

  • @ $15 per table (valid up to 20 tables or on/before 20 Aug 2014).
  • @ $20 per table (valid from 21 tables or on/after 21 Aug 2014).

For convenience, you may pay via POSB current account 951-00428-6.  Please   keep receipt and let us know the transaction reference.

Terence Seah

Registration list for Fleamart tables:

  1. Rosalind Lee – Two tables (Pd)
  2. Terence Seah – One table
  3. Frisna Tan - One table (Pd)
  4. Susan C H Tan – Two tables (Pd)
  5. Gabriella Chua – One table (Pd)
  6. Hou Chong – One table (Pd)
  7. Caroline Gee – Two tables (Pd)

Total of 10 tables booked in record time!

  1. Peri Liew - Two tables (Pd)
  2. Dolly Lim – One table (Pd)
  3. Jassmine Teo – One table (Pd)
  4. Joan Ang – Two tables (Pd)
  5. Yu Yu Chiu – One table (Pd)
  6. Helen Cheong – One table

Total of 18 tables booked altogether



Visit Karimun Island

Weekend Sept 6 & 7. Dear friends, please refer to Post of June 7th for details

Kenneth Tan, please note we can arrange with the Hotel Maxi chauffeur on whether he can chauffeured us

between Six to Eight(Indon time).


Abel Tan

Starting Aug 2014, we launch “Boom Boom”, a monthly online game on this forum


Starting Aug 2014, we shall have a competition in the Club each month.  It’s easy for members to participate.  Simply answer two questions, and if you are the first to answer the two questions correctly, you will get to win a prize.  The winner is decided, based on the first person to respond correctly.  Only one prize per member per year.

  • One of the questions is likely a general or current affairs question.
  • The other question is related to the Club and the answer can likely be found in the Club or in the Club forum.

We have a number of prizes which have been kindly donated by members, responding to our requests.  They are mainly vouchers, which can be sent to the winner via registered Post.  Some are entry tickets, perfume vouchers, restaurant vouchers, etc.  Winners will be asked to send their address to admin@SilverHairsClub.com. Thank you for the gift donations.

So, watch out for the first game.  It will be announced as a Post on this forum.  You are invited to help me organise this game.

Strictly for members.

Terence Seah

Participating in a survey

All SHC members

I’m a member of a survey team, officially appointed by a local universirty to study population ageing and the city.

The survey is to ask Singaporeans and Singapore PRs, age 55 years and above, about their experiences and opinions relating to the current housing and neighbourhood outdoor recreation space, as they age.

The face-to-face interview with participants may take about 20 minutes to complete. All responses are anonymous, and no identifiable information will be collected. All participants and responses are voluntary. Unlike commercial practices, there is no reimbursement for participation in this survey.

Please contact me on frankaw@gmail.com if you are prepared to spare some time to participate in this national survey for a really good cause.

Frank Kaw

How Not To Retire


I have been comptemplating retirement for a long while and my concept of retirement has been
constantly evolving as I look around , “listen to my body” and observing retirees.
I have seen many friends and neighbours who became so bored that they have become a nuisance to their spouse and children and to others!
A few of them have solved the problem by going back to work. They were able to do so because they have a skill/expertise that is still in demand. The rest live aimlessly or are waiting to die – a very sad situation, indeed.
There is no right or wrong but I have come out with some thoughts for sharing.

4 Pre-Conditions for Retirement

You should retire only when you fulfil these 4 pre-conditions:
1. Your children are financially independent (e.g. they got jobs),
2. You have zero liability (all your borrowings are paid up),
3. You have enough savings to support your lifestyle for the rest of your life,
AND most importantly,
4. You know what you would be doing during your retirement.
DO NOT retire till you meet ALL 4 Pre-Conditions. And of course you should not retire if you enjoy working and are getting paid well for it!
The problem cases I know of are those who failed to meet Pre-Condition #4.
When asked, “What would you be doing during your retirement?” some replied, “I will travel/cruise and see the World”. They did that, some for 3 months and then ran out of ideas. The golfers replied, “I can golf every day.” Most could not because they are no longer fit to play well enough to enjoy the game. Those who could, need to overcome another hurdle – they need to the find the “kakis” to play with them.
It’s the same with mahjong, bridge, badminton, trekking and karaoke – you need “kakis”! Most could not find others who share their favourite game and playing/singing alone is no fun.
Thus if you are into group sports or games, you must form your groups BEFORE you retire. You need to identify your “kakis”, play with them and discover whether they “click” with you.
The less sporty “can read all the books bought over the years”. I know of one guy who fell asleep after a few pages and ended up napping most of the time! He discovered that he did not like to read after all. We do change and we may not enjoy the hobbies we had.

Routine Activities To Fill Your Week
For most people, your routine work activities are planned for you or dictated by others and circumstances. When you retire, you wake up to a new routine – one that you yourself have to establish as nobody else would do it for you!
The routine to establish should keep your body, mind and spirit “sharpened”. A good routine would comprise:
a) One weekly physical sport – you need to keep fit to enjoy your retirement. If you are the non-sporty type, you should fire your maid and clean your home without mechanical aids. Dancing and baby sitting are good alternatives.
b) One weekly mind stimulating activity – e.g. writing, studying for a degree, acquiring a new skill, solving problems or puzzles, learn or teach something. You need to stimulate your mind to stay alive because the day you stop using your brain is the day you start to die.
c) One weekly social activity – choose one involving lots of friends/neighbours. Get yourself accepted as a member to at least 3 interests groups. Unless you prefer to be alone, you do need friends more than ever as you get older and less fit to pursue your sport.
d) One weekly community service activity – you need to give to appreciate what you have taken in this life. It’s good to leave some kind of legacy.
With 4 weekly activities, you got 4 days out of 7 covered. The remaining 3 days should be devoted to family related activities. In this way, you maintain a balance between amusing yourself and your family members. Any spare time should remain “spare” so that you can capitalise on opportunities that come your way like responding to an unexpected request to do a job or to take advantage of cheap fares to see places or to visit an exhibition.

Mind stimulating activities
Most judges live to a ripe old age. They use their brains a lot to decide on cases.
Mind stimulating activities are hard to identify. They require your will to do something useful with the rest of your life, a mindset change and the discipline to carry it through. Find new field to learn or new hobbies.

Your Bucket List
Despite your busy routine, you will at times be bored. Then it’s time to turn to your Bucket List.
Your bucket list contains a list of things to do before you kick the bucket. They are not routine and are usually one off activities. You need them to have something to look forward to. These include anniversaries, trips (and pilgrimages), visits to friends and relations abroad, re-doing your home, attending conferences (related to your hobbies), acquiring a new set of expertise. 4 such activities that are spaced our quarterly would be ideal.

Retirement Is A Serious Business
If you can afford to retire and want to, do prepare to live to your fullest. You need to be fit to enjoy it – therefore get into shape now. You do not want to get up on a Monday and wonder what to do each week, therefore identify your set of weekly routine activities now and try them out to confirm that they are the activities that you will be looking forward to doing each week, week after week. You bucket list of “rewards” or “projects” or “challenges” is needed to help you break away from the routine thereby make live worth living. Start listing what you fancy and refine it as you chug along in your retirement.

I hope the above help for those who are planning of retiring. I am looking forwards to my retirement to embark on my various personal projects.



In our twilight years at 65+, we may have put a comma in our life. But hey, it is not a full stop yet, we still have some petrol left in our tank to move on.Some of us not only have done our national service, but also have raised a family. Some who are singles or living alone may have travelled wide and kept a lot of photo records.Whoever we are, there must be times we bring out our photo albums (Vol. 1, Vol. 2 and so on) and recollect the good times we had. The joy, the satisfaction, the achievement we had done to the nation, the family and with friends etc.In the spirit of sharing, do your children know what you have done, how you or your parents look like when young like your children or among friends how you all look like in your youth.In this digital age, there are better ways to share our memories. We can join all our photos with background music and create a slide show, playable with any IT equipment, DVD player or even with your smartphone. You can also burn your records into DVD disks.Let’s be forewarn, this is A PROJECT. It may take months to complete, depending how much photos you have and what story line (or theme) you have decided. A coffee meet is being organised on 27-09-2014, 3PM to 5PM @ City Hall Food Court. Also, a preliminary course of 3-sessions is being considered sometime in Oct-2014. It will be on three Fridays from 2PM to 5PM. For this preliminary course, a maximum of six participants are invited. Registration for this preliminary course is OPEN now. It will closed when six is reached.
The following have indicated interests in this Project:
1) Jassmine Teo
2) Freda Lim
3) Karen Thio
4) Angela Straaten
5) Judy Lim
6) Winnie Tan (registered for course – 1)
7) Joan Wong (withdrawn)
8) Bobby Bok
9) Roland Leow (withdrawn)
10) Caroline Sit (withdrawn)
11) Oi Cheng
12) Cindy Wee
13) Dolly Lim
14) Lilian Teo
15) Pearl Kwan & Simon
16) ChristinaCL Chan