Life without social media

It is refreshing to read that some millennials are living without social media* I have always wondered why many adults, young and old, are proud to have hundreds of Facebook friends.  I emphasized ‘adults’ as many schoolgirls have been abused by their online friends and we feel that it is because they are still young and gullible and did not realize the dangers of befriending people online. But adults should know better.

What a person says about himself /herself – take it with a big pinch of salt. I had a friend who said if her 10-year-old son strayed off during our holiday trip, she would not go after him. Yet, during the trip, she was always running after her son, leaving me to follow behind!

To know what a person is like we need to see the person and while talking, note his/her body language.  Nonverbal language generally tells more accurately than what a person says about himself/herself.  As for Facebook friends, many are lying – about their gender, age, occupation..etc.  

“There is more to life than Facebook” said one of the millennials featured in the newspaper report*.  How true.

  • Sunday Times, Pg. C3, 17 July.

Travel talkcock

Our forum tech guys have looked at reviving live chat.  The old chat apps was too cumbersome.  Here’s a new one.  Tell us what are your travel plans, the when’s, the excitement, the dates, etc. Interested travellers can then come together, agree on a time, and chat here.  If you are free, say the date and time, and when everybody comes together, just talkcock.

You can use Talkcock anything on the right column.

Let’s see and have fun.  Please respect other members’ views and comments.

Terence Seah

Learn how to Create a Blog (Preview)

A Blog gives you a new way to communicate, to share, to influence, to connect, to outrage, to matter, …

A Blog can be your life journey (A Reflection), your legacy you would like to leave behind. You are the writer, the editor and publisher – all in one. However, whatever you do with your Blog, you are required to conform within the International & Local Laws and Regulations.

If I have interested you, come and see how simple it is to start publishing a Blog in the Internet and it is totally free. No programming or special software required.

All you need is a laptop able to connect to the Internet and some basic knowledge of computing like surfing the Internet and sending/ receiving emails.

Topic: Learn how to Create a Blog (Preview)
Date: 13th August (Saturday)
Time: 3PM to 5PM
Venue: Bukit Merah Public Library
Course fee: Free (no charge)
Direction: Nearest MRT: Tiong Bahru, exit and turn right, up escalator and take bus number 5 or 16 or 815 to end (Bukit Merah Bus Interchange). About 5 minutes walk to library.

Sample Blogs:

hew lee (EC)
Those registered coming:
1) Quan Ray

Ride for Rations – A Charity Event

Hi SHCians, pls lend a hand…TQ!

On 26th to 28th August 2016, I will be cycling a distance of about 250km from Malacca to Singapore to raise fund for a registered charity organization, Sunlove Abode for Intellectually Infirmed Ltd.

This is my first time participating in this particular charity ride. The aim is to provide monthly food rations worth S$70/- or monthly breakfast rations of S$25/- for needy residents living in 1 room flats in Chai Chee, Hougang and Marsiling. 100% of the funds raised will be use to help them as all cost of this event is covered by us, the volunteers.

Please join me in making a difference. No amount is too small. To make a monetary donation, please click on the following link. Donations of S$25/- and above qualifies for tax deduction. To facilitate this, provide your official name, address, tel and tax reference (NRIC/FIN/UEN).

Or you can share out on your FB timeline etc using the below link:

Looking forward to your support. Thank you again!

Ivan Lim

(Note: Terence Seah had asked that I post this Charity Fund Raising Event on SHC Website.)

SilverHairsClub – Westend Singapore

One suggestion that came out from recent brainstorming ideas on “Bringing SHC to the next level” is to have a regular gathering for members who live in West Singapore.  Reason given was many of our activities are centred around the city or in the East.

We had a couple of gatherings in the West; but this gatherings did not continue due to a lack of follow-up.  Some members would like to continue with Westend gatherings; and I thought we can give this suggestion a kick again.

Past few gatherings were held at JEM or Jurong East, where JE MRT is located.  Please recommend a venue.  It does not have to be at JE, but as long as it is located where a MRT is, I guess the suggested venue will work.

From experience, it is difficult to mix retirees and part-time working members with full time working members.  So, we may need to have two gatherings; one on a weekday for retirees and one on a weekend for working full time members.

Thank you for the members who have met and contributed to this suggestion.  Look forward to suggestions of venues and date/time.

Terence Seah


Introduction of Whatsapp into SHC Forum

I have been told by my software guys that a Whatsapp Button has been installed into our Forum for use by members who are EOs or ECs.

However, I dont see the Whatsapp Button, and these tech guys tell me that only when using the mobile, then one can see the Whatsapp Button.  I am also not sure how it works.  If you have a chance to try this out, please share what you see and maybe how these works.

Terence Seah

Coffee chat on Wed, 3rd August 2016

coffee1   coffee august2

Dear friends

Quite a few members have enquired about my next coffee chat. It’s so heartening.  Hence, I’ve decided to put up this posting early to keep our kopi kakis informed.  Details of the next chat are as follows:

Date:                               Wed, 3.8.16

Time:                              2.15 – 4.15 pm

Venue:                            Same viz:  Raffles City food court, 3rd Level

Cuisine:                            A wide variety of food, drinks, desserts are available

Topics for chat:               Anything under the sun except the shc taboos viz: sex, politics, religion, mlm

Do come and join in an afternoon of chit-chatting, joking, exchanging views over a cuppa.  We have so much fun and laughter during all our kopi meets.  Socialising and meeting old as well as new friends are enjoyable and drive away depression and  dementia.

Please register here if you’re coming.


Gabriella Chua


  1. Gabriella Chua
  2. Friend (MH)
  3. Loong Say Meng
  4. Friend (FL)
  5. Lim Tiang Soon
  6. Richard Kwok
  7. Steven Chan (to be confirmed ?)
  8. Alan Ang
  9. Tony Ang
  10. Ron Lai
  11. Alice Lai
  12. ?? who else…


~ Welcome Our New Members ~

We welcome our new members who joined us recently……..

Ms Chia Wee Meng

Ms Doreen Chan
Ms Daisy Wee S F

We look forward to your participations in this Forum and
events organised by our members.


lost pw Kindly request for a temporary password via email to Remember to include Username and your registered email address wherever possible.


Yoon Chin

August’s Gathering (Marina SQ)

Bobby and I are co-organising an EC event or gathering with details as mentioned below.
Date: 3rd August 2016 (Wednesday)
Time: 5.30PM to 8.30PM
Venue: Marina Square (The Gallerie Food Court) Level 4
This EC event or gathering will give an opportunity for new members to make some new friends and old members to catch up with one another.
Bobby and I will also take this opportunity to conduct a smartphone clinic for those that require our service (during this session) for both Apple & Android smartphones – free of charge.
hewlee (EC)
Those registered coming:
1) Hewlee
2) Bobby Bok
3) Seok Cheng
4) Soon Huat
5) Vivian
6) Lydia Soh

Retirement community – an idea

The AWWA Senior Home community article in the Sunday Times (26/6)  is an eye-opener on how it operates.   There is a lot of freedom of movement for the residents. I think this is a good model for a retirement village, Sg style.

The studio apartment blocks can easily be adapted to a retirement community by following the AWWA Senior Home model. As the occupants of the studio apartments are owners of the apartments, they would need to pay a fee for the services provided, hence it is important that the retirement community of studio apartments be managed  by a govt. department to keep costs affordable for the residents.

Recently I visited a friend who got a studio apartment in Hougang. She told me her neighbouring units are taken but the occupants are seldom at home. This  implies  that these elderly buyers of the studio apartments have a place to stay but thought it a good measure to buy a studio apartment. These early birds.

Now my friend, flushed with cash by downgrading to a studio apartment,  is going on a  tour of Europe.  Life is good. 🙂

Going to Desaru using Sam Goh’s services (Trip cancelled)

desaru beach

I love Malaysia, especially its beaches.  I too love Malaysian food.  Although I travel extensively within Asia, it seems I will not have enough of enjoying Malaysia’s countryside, food, beaches and other delights.

I like to give this a try, and that is to go to Desaru beach.  I discussed with Sam Goh and he is able to provide transport and bring us around Desaru.  He knows enough of Johore to be able to bring participants around.

  • Trip proper:  2D1N to desaru camping.
  • Date/time: Not agreed yet, but it will be 2D 1N.
  • Limited:  6 pax per trip.,
  • Pickup point:  JB Sentral
  • Return point:  JB Sentral
  • Petrol:  Sam tops up to full tank and will top up his tank on return.  Participants pay for petrol and toll.
  • Food:  All participants, exceopt driver, share in the food and drinks costs.
  • Hotel: Estimated at SGD 50 per night. Participants share costs of rooms.  Driver does not pay for the hotel room share.  He will share with me, if he does not snore.
  • Service fee:  SGD 10 per participant per day. For 2D1N, service fee per person is SGD 20.  If we go out for 3D2N, the fee is SGD 30 per pax.
  • Tent:  buy your own tent.  It costs around SGD 20, and you can use it when you join me regularly.

Please keep yourself updated here.  I shall announce the date soon.

Terence Seah


  1. Terence Seah
  2. Susan Tan
  3. James Tan
  4. Daisy Wee
  5. Stella Sheng
  6. Bobby Bok
  7. We will keep this list until confirmation.  A non-refundable deposit will be required mid July 2016.

Britain has exited the European Union. It’s now a fact. Why leave and How will this separation affect you?


Many of us SilverHairs, now in our 50s and 60s, have been associated with Britain ever since we started our early education. We learn English, our laws are based on the English system, we go to London, Scotland for our holidays.Some of us send our kids to study in Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow.  In recent years, many SilverHairs have bought properties in Central London,  We saw the ups and downs of Britain; and many of us tracked the growth of the English empire, and its association with the European Union.

Yesterday, at noon, the shock came as Britains voted to exit the EU.  The financial markets tumbled, governments come out to stabilise their currencies and economies.  What’s next?  How will this BREXIT affect you?  What happens to your properties?  Your kid’s education? And how does this affect your business, your equities and your savings?

Let’s discuss and share your thoughts?  A turmoil few of us expect.

Terence Seah

SilverHairsClub July monthly gathering, Tue 26 Jul 2016

announcement4     June2016 meeting  polaroid-110612

The next SHC monthly gathering is now set to be held as follows. This is a good opportunity to meet new and old SilverHairs.  The old Hans Cafe at Upper pickering Street has been closed; and this is a good time to try the new Hans Cafe.

  • Date:  Tue 26 July 2016
  • Venue:  Hans Cafe, Chinatown Point, 33 New Bridge Road, #B2 – 34 & 36, Chinatown Point, Singapore 05941
  • Time:  1700 to 2100 hrs
  • F&B:  On your own account.
  • Menu
  • Menu local:

Registration:  Please register your name here.  Bring along your name tag.

Strictly no discussion on sex, race, religion, direct selling and MLM.

Registration list:

  1. Terence Seah
  2. Laura Wee – 1 complimentary cloth SHC patch
  3. Stella Sheng – 1 complimentary cloth SHC patch
  4. Sue Chan – 1 complimentary cloth SHC patch
  5. Ronald Lam – 1 complimentary cloth SHC patch
  6. Mary Chan – 1 complimentary cloth SHC patch
  7. Christina Chan – 1 complimentary cloth SHC patch
  8. Ann Lim
  9. Frisna Tan
  10. Theresa Seow – 1 complimentary cloth SHC patch
  11. Daisy Wee – 1 complimentary cloth SHC patch
  12. Bernie Chung – 1 complimentary cloth SHC patch
  13. Shirley Tan *
  14. Teo Chin Hian *
  15. Steven Ang *
  16. Francis Rajaratnan M *
  17. Rose Chuang *
  18. June Ong *
  19. Jenny Liaw *
  20. Estee Oh *
  21. Jothi Dumont *
  22. Jacqueline Lim *
  23. Chris Leow *
  24. Sally Ang *
  25. SS James – One complimentary cloth SHC patch
  26. Andrew Koh – One complimentary cloth SHC patch
  27. Robert Ong – One complimentary cloth SHC patch
  28. Sam Goh (half Johorean) – One Complimentary cloth SHC patch
  29. Hwa Bee Gek – One Complimentary cloth SHC patch
  30. Lam HT – One Complimentary cloth SHC patch
  31. Bobby Bok – One Complimentary cloth SHC patch
  32. Jimmy Tsin – One complimentary cloth SHC patch
  33. Susan Sia – One complimentary cloth SHC patch
  34. Peri Liew – One complimentary cloth SHC patch
  35. Thomas Loh
  36. Steven Yuen – One complimentary cloth SHC patch (last piece)
  37. Susan CH Tan
  38. Karen Thio and Helper)
  39. ……………………………..)
  40. Wendy Lum
  41. Tony Ang
  42. Nina Choo
  43. Alan Ang
  44. Malyne Suen
  45. Victoria Tan


Registration Desk:

Susan Sia

Sam Goh


  1. SHC first logo patch

    SHC first logo patch








Date: Saturday 2 July 2016

Meeting Place: Boon Keng MRT Exit A, wait nearby QQ House Hair Salon

Time: Meet by 5pm sharp

Duration:  about 1½ hours

ECs for this walk :  Veronica Wong and Mary Tan

Remarkably simple to walk on paved roads along the waterways with not too heavy human traffic.    On the way in the older town residential estates, by-passing a few pretty interesting spots………St Michael bus terminal, Masjid Hajah Rahimabi, nice mosque with a tall minaret and Wheeler’s Yard, a bicycle-themed restaurant and shop

At end of walk, there are eateries at Toa Payoh Town for those who wants dinner.

Bring water, cap, umbrella and wear comfortable walking shoes.

Our Walk Team ECs:  Christina CL Chan, Charles Wee, Veronica Wong, Mary Tan, Serene Low, Alice Seah and Azhari Cuttilan.

So bring your friends and join us!  Do register here

  1. Joan Ang
  2. Charles Wee
  3. Gabriella Chua
  4. Winnie Lim
  5. Christina Chan
  6. Bernie Chung
  7. Henry See
  8. Theresa Seow
  9. Ann Lim
  10. Tony Ang
  11. Alice Cheong

Our Fleamart has moved online. Go to and search for Silverhairsclub fleamart

We have gone to facebook as a revamp of our online fleamart. Many members have their own facebook.  If you have something to sell, rent, exchange or give away, go into silverhairsclub fleamart.  Advertise all you want.   flea3Anything except MLM items.  Not for announcements of events, gatherings.

Have fun.

Terence Seah


  • An EC event for Karaoke Singing
  • Venue:   Kolam Ayer C/C Geylang Bahru
  • Date and Time:   23/6/2016 Thursday. 6.30-10.00 pm
  • Fees:  About $6 per pax depending on number of participants
  • Beverage: Self-made hot drinks
  • Parking: Ample free parking lots in the C/C compound
  • Buses: Nos. 26, 107, 107M, 140, 853 (Board the bus near Lavender MRT or Kallang MRT and alight at Block 68 Geylang Bahru)
  • Use own VCDs or select from catalogues.
  • A attendant DJ will be in service
  • A good sound system for you to display your singing prowess
  • Participants:
  • 1) Robert Ong
  • 2) Peter Tan
  • 3) SIS Wan Tho
  • 4) Jessica Tan
  • 5) Ronald Lee
  • 6) Daniel Chan
  • 7) Susan Lee
  • 8) Sally Tan
  • 9) Stella Sheng

Dumpling Festival Celebrations 2016

Hi fellow SHC members

I’m having a Karaoke event on stage.  Yes, you will get a chance to sing on stage!  No prior registrations, hassle free.  Just bring along your KCD and go up stage and sing.

Yes, and there will be an audience.  This is an EC event, organised by Pasir Ris East CC, and open to members of the public.  Tickets are priced at $5 each.  For a princely sum of $5, you will get buffet food served as hi-tea, 2 pcs of dumplings, take part in chinese tea appreciation, take part in a game with prizes to be won, a dumpling competition, sing on stage, dance, drama and a lucky draw too.

Date : 19th June 2016 (Sunday)

Time : 2:00pm till 5:00pm

Venue : Pasir Ris East CC, Multi-purpose Hall.  Pasir Ris Avenue 1 (pls google for directions there)

Pls let me know if you’re coming.  I need to reserve a ticket for you.  Let me know too, if you’re singing.


Lydia Chin

Latest news: Sporeans do not need visa to enter Myanmar

Singaporeans now do not need visa to enter Myanmar. I am very happy with this news; so convenient to me now.

I am now planning to go to Yangon in July. with the new govt, open door policies and fast developments going on, this is a good time to see Yangon.

if you like to visit Yangon on a free & easy trip, you can join me. fly Sin/Ygn/Sin, stay in one of the 3 stars China town hotels, try Myanmese food and see Yangon before it becomes another modern Asean city.

Find your own room-mates, book your own flights, book your own hotels. we will meet one another there. No visa required.

Our PM Lee is in Yangon tomorrow.

let’s me know if you are interested to meet in Yangon.

Terence Seah

let’s celebrate Hari Raya Puasa this July

This year, Hari Raya Puasa is on Wed 6 July 2016. It is a public holiday, and is celebrated at the end of the Ramadan month of fasting. It is also known as the festival of Eid or as Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Hari Raya means the ‘grand day of rejoicing’ and, in Singapore, it is a big Muslim festival that recognises the demonstration of self-restraint during Ramadan, and symbolises purification and renewal. It is a time of forgiveness and children often visit their parents. From the 20th day of Ramadan, oil lamps are lit in homes until the end of the festival. For Hari Raya Puasa, people decorate their homes and put on new clothes. The men wear Baju Melayu (a loose shirt with trousers) with kain samping (a short sarong), while the Baju Kurung is often worn by women. Early in the day on Hari Raya Puasa, Muslims go to the mosques for prayers. During the afternoon, families and close friends gather together for a thanksgiving feast where forgiveness and blessing is sought from one another. Duit raya, green envelopes containing gifts of money, are often given to children and the elderly then everyone enjoys the food specialties such as beef rendang, satay, ketupat and lontong followed by cookies, cakes, biscuits, sweets and pineapple tarts. The customary greeting is ‘Selamat Hari Raya’, and celebrations of Hari Raya Puasa extends for three days, up to a month.

We have not had a Hari Raya Puasa celebration and gathering before, and I am thinking this year, we shall hold one event during the month of July.
Let’s open to members for ideas.  We shall firm our ideas by 30 Jun 2016.
Terence Seah

The Straits Times Newspaper

Do you think the Straits Times (ST) newspaper is worth $1.10  and  $1.20 for Saturday’s copy?

For me, I find the quality of ST as a respected newspaper for current affairs local and global has declined drastically. Nowadays, I find very few newsworthy reports and articles to read. Domestic news is important but there is not enough of it. Instead there are pages and pages of sports news.  

The ST pads up the daily newspaper  by having sections  and supplements like property, motoring, recruit , scholarships …etc  catering to sectors of society but we seniors must also pay for them.

Last Wednesday (May 25) there was a supplement entitled “The doctor is in”. I read the articles on the various afflictions and their cure including beauty treatment before realizing the write-ups were supporting the advertisements of products and services appearing on the same pages. I felt cheated by ST.

If not for the obituary pages, I would have given up buying the ST last year.


Read the write ups with a big pinch of salt!

Ticket applications for National Day Parade 2016

Dear Member,

Just in case you are not aware, Singaporeans and Permanent Residents can start applying for tickets to this year’s National Day Parade and its two previews via this link:

This year’s festivities will mark the celebration’s return to National Stadium after 10 years. Previously, it was held at Marina Bay’s floating platform and at the Padang after the former National Stadium was slated for demolition.

The parade this year promises highlights such as the use of unmanned technologies, aerial displays involving props and performers, and indoor fireworks.

Previews will be held on July 23 and 30, while the official parade will be on Aug 9, Singapore’s national day.

Hurry!  Application ends this Sunday – 22 May 2016.


MIke Tay


Monthly kopi chat on 17 June 2016

coffeejune3  coffeejune2  coffee march 3

Hi friends

Time again to arrange the next monthly kopi chat.  Details are as follows:

Date:                              Friday, 17 June 2016

Time:                             2.15pm – 4.15 pm

Venue:                          Raffles City food court, Level 3

Nearest mrt:                  City Hall mrt station

Cuisine:                         A wide variety of food, drinks and dessert

Topics:                          Anything under the sun ~ except MLM, politics, sex and religion (shc taboos)

Come and enjoy an afternoon of chitchatting over a cuppa, fellowshipping and meeting old and new friends.



Gabriella Chua

Those coming (Please register here or apps me):

  1. Gabriella Chua
  2. Daniel Chan
  3. Friend ~ MH
  4. Jimmy Longpoetih
  5. David Low
  6. Friend ~ FL
  7. Loong Say Meng
  8. Lily Boon
  9. Susan Chong
  10. Lim Tiang Soon
  11. Dave Chong
  12. Fida
  13. John Chua SC
  14. Richard Kwok
  15. Kenneth  Tan
  16. Joan Ang
  17. Magdalene Phey
  18. Mega
  19. Angeline Ong
  20. Lily Boon’s friend
  21. Friend ~ RY

dec kopi thanks  A BIG thank you to all those who attended the coffee meet today.  Your support is greatly appreciated.  We had a good fun chat, laughter therapy and good fellowship. I’m sure everyone enjoyed the afternoon.

Stay healthy and happy till we meet again next month 🙂

Let’s bring the Baycity Rollers to SHC

The Bay City Rollers are a Scottish pop band whose popularity was highest in the mid 1970s. They were worldwide teen idols.

In 1973, “Saturday Night” was produced for the band. By early 1975, The Baycity Rollers saw a successful UK tour, which prompted newspaper headlines about the rise “Rollermania”.  Bay City Roller fans had a distinctive style of dress,comprising calf-length tartan trousers and tartan scarves. In 1976, the group released “I Only Want to Be with You” which I am sure many Silverhairs have heard and danced to.

Where were you then?  In school, just finishing your National Service, dating your first love or feeling sweet 16.  Let’s bring back memories of the mid 70s.  English songs, pop music, London, Edinburgh, top UK charts, SATURDAY night and I only wanna be with you.

Yes, we should have a band and teeny idol singers to match.  And an English setting at the British Club to bring back the atmosphere.  And, our guests will be anybody and everybody over 45.

This is still a dream.  And if you share in the same dream, please share your thoughts.


Terence Seah

“Pay-hikes by Bus on 25th – 30th June 2016” Vs Hitch Hiking 48 Years Ago

I was then 15 years old. After my L.C.E. ( Lower Certificate of Education) Exam, while hanging around my school tuck-shop, talking to some trainee teachers, an idea of Hitch Hiking was introduced. A group of us were caught interested and we seek helps to organize . The teachers Training Centre was 150 meters from our school. It took us 1 solid week to gather contacts with Trainee Teachers ( from different parts of Malaya).
My dad/uncles were supportive and provided crucial meeting points whereby we can get free transportation back home. My dad operated a factory in Johor Bahru and distributed goods along the west coast up to North Malaya. Any one of us felt tired and like to return home can approach distribution warehouse in Muar, Malacca, Seremban, K.L, Ipoh, Butterworth/Penang for free transportation by Goods Lorries. These centers also provided temp Jobs for 1.80/2.00 ringgits with free meals/accommodation- sleeping on foldable canvas beds or empty goods racks.
I am now itch to organize “ A Pay-hike by bus on 25th – 30th June 2016. Please read the following brief and decide whether you are game to participate.

1. Group in 8 or 12 ( Ideal for Round-table Meals and Taxis )
2. You travel very light – Bring only 1 or 2 underwear/Inner wears with a foldable shopping bag, rain-cloth in haversack.
3. We shall meet at Kranji MRT between 8.00-8.30 am on 25th June, where we shall board 170 bus to Larkin Bus Terminal in JB. Familiar yourselves around this terminal and have breakfast here. We shall take a Direct Bus to Malacca Bus Terminal.
4. Stay in Malacca for 1 or 2 nights to replenish your clothing needs. Explore Malacca as much as we can .Will provide tourist must visit sites.
5. 28th June we take a direct coach to K.L/Genting.
We park ourselves here for 2 nights. We can shuttle ourselves to KL for shopping/makans.
6. We will take a direct Coach to Singapore on 30th. Coach normally leave at 12.00 noon or 2.00 pm. You can also fly back at 20.00 hr from KLIA 2 .
Estimate budgetary Coast:
1. Transportation S$ 100-120
2. Hotel Malacca S$ 30-45 per night/pax Hotel Genting – Maxium S$ 100 per night/pax; Resort Hotel S$ 50-60 per night/pax; First World Std Room S$ 25 per night/pax
3. Meals will be at cost
You can What’s App me on 90891348 OR email: If you need further information

any one keen to join me to bentong pahang

hohhohoohoho hahahahaha ,

i am planning of going up 2 bentong  next middle of d june ,

as durains season will just kick off on it top peak ya..actual date i am a okay for d majority

to choose from any five buddies to respond ,secure it place ya .beside d durains farm ,bentong is oso famous on it ginger ya…hahahahahaha , we may plan as we go along on it stay ya… please take note ,this is a EC event ya…hohohohohoho hahahahaha

cheers brother Sam Huat