Using Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System

Microsoft Windows 10 is the latest Microsoft operating system for all Windows based smartphones, tablet, laptop and PCs.

If you are caught with this Windows 10 operating system after purchasing a tablet or laptop or desktop PC, this is the opportunity for you to learn some tricks to tame the OS.

Topic: Using Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System
Date: 12th March 2016 (Saturday)
Time: 3.00PM to 5.00PM
Course Fee: Free (no charge)
Venue: Bukit Merah Library

For those who have the laptop or tablet installed with Windows 8 or 10 Operating System, please bring along to the class. Please fully charge your devices.
hew lee (EC)

Those registered coming:

Kopi Chat on Wed, 9 Mar

Febkopi1   febkopi2

Hi friends

Our next kopi get-together will be held on Wed, 9 Mar.  Details are as follows:

9 March

2- 4 pm

Raffles City Food Court, Level 2

(City Hall mrt station)

General yak2 and fellowship to wild away the time.. haha :-)

Come and enjoy yourself.  We have lots of laughter therapy … talking about anything under the sun (nothing serious though).

Pl indicate your interest here ASAP.

Thanks & Cheers,


Those coming:

  1. Gabriella Chua
  2. Zara
  3. Lily Boon
  4. Jazz Soh
  5. Loong Say Meng
  6. Friend (MH)
  7. Holly Lim
  8. David Low
  9. Jimmy Longpoetih
  10. Charles Wee
  11. ??

The Last One Night – Cabaret Night 2

For some of us, we had sad memories in our lives.  We tried to forget the good times and then the bad times, and then we remembered the good times again.  We tell ourselves life must go, and that we must try to forget the good and the sad memories. Many sad memories are painful and they are difficult to shake them off.

Songs bring back time, sorrows and hurt.  And to kick start “Cabaret 2  The Last One Night”, I like to dedicate this song to those who have been hurt and wish to move on with their lives.

Terence Seah

A “Nobody can recognise you picture” competition

Many of us keep pictures of our school days.  Some of us still remember our classmates or schoolmates.  You may still have these pictures in your storeroom,  bedroom or on a shelf in your living room.  Perhaps, if we look at these pictures again, we may not be able to recognise our own faces.  “It cannot be me, I cannot be that skinny”, or “I was the most handsome boy or pretty girl in class”.

If we show our old school pictures around, this may even help us to find old friends whom we have lost touch.  As we get older, our memories go back to our school days, our primary or kindergarden days.  Maybe, during our school days, we went to a waterfall with some boyfriends; and all we have left is a picture, no boy.  Or we went to a disco with a few girls, and then, we lost touch with them forever.  What about ourselves?  Do you still have your old school dates pictures?

Let’s have a competition.  Send in one of your old photos.Take the picture with your mobile camera, as high resolution as possible. Then whatsapp it to +65 9489-4360 or email it to  You can also whatsapp or email your entry to any senior SHC member who will insert your entry picture and name in the comments of this Post.

We shall then enter you into a competition by inserting your picture as a comment on this Post.  We shall then see if any member can recognise you.

** You will win a prize if no member can recognise you.

** The member who can recognise the most number of pictures correctly will also win a prize.  The owner of the picture will decide if you have correctly recognise his/her face in the picture.

The prize is the latest design of the SilverHairsClub T-shirt.  Winners will get to choose the size S, M or L.  Closing date has not been decided; but you may start sending in your entries now.

The objective of this competition is to encourage members to get to know one another better and also to know other members.  In the spirit of friendship and fun.

Terence Seah

To a healthy and happy Lunar New Year to all members and family

monkey year   On behalf of SilverHairsClub, I like to take this occasion to wish all members and families a healthy and happy Monkey Lunar New Year.  It would be nice to see how playful we can get as we enjoy our SilverHairs years.

And if you have not been active for some time, do take this opportunity to wish fellow members our seasons greetings.  We want to know from you.

If you are travelling on holidays, do remember us too.

Happy seasons.

Terence Seah


How about a CNY lunch for ourselves?

lingzhirestaurant Dear fellow SHC members,

It would be nice if we can gather together for a CNY lunch, sometime during this festive period.  Years ago, we went to this Red House at Chin Swee Road.  I am not sure if this place is still around.  We could have a dim-sum lunch.

I am definitely game, as I will be around during this CNY period.  I am not too familiar with many places, but if you know of a restaurant that can take, maybe one or two tables, let’s gather together to enjoy the season.  I guess we have to be fast, as the monkey year is here, and restaurants are being booked up fast.

Even, if one table, and we can book the table, it would be fine. Let’s find a place that is nice, and we can chat.  Maybe at a price tag of less than $30 per pax.

Well, we have found and confirm the place.

1 Restaurant: LingZhi Vegetarian, a Tunglok restaurant.

2. Place: Novena Square, Velocity, #03-09/10, 3rd floor

3. Date/time: Sun 21 Feb 2016 / 1500-1700 hrs

3. Food: New Year Hi-tea buffet

4. Cost per person: $25 per person, including Chinese tea. Any surplus will go into buying Monkey toto or Big sweep.

3. To participate, please pay $35 $25 into an account which will be provided soon. Payment:  POSB Current:  951-00428-6. Payment confirms your participation. If you cannot come, you can replace your seat with another SilverHairsClub member. No refund for not turning up.

Once you make payment, plse inform here on this post, with the transaction reference number.

You may also register first on this list, but only payment can confirm your attendance. Limited seats, please be quick.

Terence Seah

Registration and payment list:

  1. Terence Seah (Paid)
  2. Mary Chan (Paid)
  3. Philip Chia
  4. and Jian Li
  5. Magdalene Phey (Paid)
  6. Gabriella Chua (Paid)
  7. Charles Wee (Paid)
  8. Alan Ang  (Paid)
  9. Richard Kwok
  10. Andrew Koh (Paid)
  11. SSJames (Paid)
  12. Susan S W Tan
  13. Jane Ong
  14. Judy Lim
  15. Jimmy Tsin (Paid)
  16. Dan Huang
  17. Mega (Paid)
  18. Leow Soon Huat (Paid)
  19. Dona Ching (Paid)
  20. Friend (MH)(special approval from fairy godma)
  21. Steven Yuen (Paid)
  22. .

Would you like to manage and run the SilverHairsClub?


Dear Fellow members,

Last two years, I have not been able to spend enough time with SHC, mainly because I dont have enough time.  As such, not much has been going and we dont have enough activities to keep our club active.

Many members have gone into private groups, and we have lost the cohesion of the club as a whole.  Unfortunately, I dont see myself spending more time; infact, I expect to reduce my time in Singapore.

Would you like to take the lead and give SHC a change?  Ilook forward to hearing from you.

Terence Seah

Lessons to learn

The Phey YK story is a tragedy.*  One cannot help but feel sorry for his suffering while he was on the run. Flashback to 35 years ago ….he was such a powerful figure and his greed that led to his corruption.  Now old and frail, he decided to turn himself in and ‘come home’ and has been sentenced to five years in jail. No commiseration from the judge. I think he might die in jail.

There are some lessons to learn when a powerful mortal falls from grace and thoughts about life in general. For the latter, it is old age that counts when it comes to evaluating whether one has a good life.

It seems ironical to say take care of your old age when you are young. The cool advice to the young is “just do it!” I shudder.

*ST Saturday Jan 23.

autumnif autumn is here can winter be far behind?

Post CNY Cycling in Pulau Ubin on Sat, 20 Feb 2015

It’s been some time since we last cycled on Pulau Ubin. Let’s do it again and this time together we celebrate CNY 2016.

I would also like to share a video clip. It was a short one and made specially for “Life Matters” Expo to showcase one of SHC’s activities, at Suntec City where SHC participated. In this video clip, one may see the many familiar faces, some have gone, some are still around and some have MIA.

Using the Internet

Course Title: Using the Internet
Course Description: What is the Internet?
How do we connect to the Internet? What can Internet do for us? What is a 3G/4G Network? What is a 2G/3G data plan? These and many more will be explained in the 2-hours talk.
Date: 13th Feb 2016 (Saturday)
Time: 3.00PM to 5.00PM
Venue: Bukit Merah Library
Course fee: No Charge

hew lee (EC)

Japan Alpine Route Tour Tues 12 Apr to Wed 20 Apr, 2016

 photo Central-Japan-To-SHC-6Feb-1.jpg
 photo Central-Japan-To-SHC-6Feb-2.jpg
 photo Central-Japan-To-SHC-6Feb-3.jpg
We have booked 18 seats with SIA on a promotional rate and a deposit has to be made by Thurs 11 Feb. If you are interested, please register by replying to this post or private message (pm) me by Wed 10 Feb. The early birds will get the worms, those register later might have to pay a higher rate for the air ticket. If you are interested, but need more time to consider, do let me know.

For those who have previously registered, please reconfirm to secure your place. Single room supplement might not be available for ryokan and home/stay.

If the itinerary is too small for reading, press the Ctrl key and the + sign key simultaneously to enlarge. Press the Ctrl key and the – sign key simultaneously to reduce.

Moon Wong (EC)
1. Moon Wong (confirmed)
2. Jane Chua (confirmed)
3. Pauline Chew (confirmed)
4. Clara Chua (confirmed)
5. Linda Chan NK (confirmed)
6. Lilian Koh (confirmed)
7. Kenneth Tan & (confirmed)
8. Helen Tan (confirmed)
9. Mary Chan (confirmed)
10. Jenny Tam (confirmed)
11. Alice Seah (confirmed)
12. Maureen Lee (confirmed)
13. Friend (confirmed)
14. Friend (confirmed)
15. Friend (confirmed)
16. Friend (confirmed)
17. Andrew Yeung (confirmed)
18. Jimmy Tsin (single room)
19. Friend
20. Friend

Talk on Core Skills in Using Smartphones

Title: Talk on Core Skills in Using Smartphones
Date: 23 Jan 2016 (Saturday)
Time: 2PM to 5PM
Venue: Woodlands Community Club (1 Woodlands Street 81, Postal Code 738526)
Walk-in registration is welcome.

Course Contents:
1st hour – Core smartphone skills (iPhones & android phones)
2nd hour – Learning the “Toggle” App (from Mediacorp)
3rd hour – Any other smartphone questions.

hew lee (EC)


1st kopi kakis meet in 2016 (3 Feb 2016)

febcoffee1     febcoffee2  febcoffee3

(Click on the pics for the BIG picture…)

Our first coffee gathering in 2016 will be held in Feb.  Details are as follows:

Date:       Wed, 3rd Feb 2016

Time:        2 – 4 pm

Venue:      Raffles City food court, 3rd level

 Nearest mrt:    City Hall mrt station

Cuisine:      All types of food, beverages and desserts

Topics         Anything under the sun except shc taboos viz: sex, mlm and religion

Come and bask in the camaderie of friendship, laughter and fun over a cuppa of coffee on a Wednesday afternoon.  The coffee chat gathering is your platform to meeting more friends of the same interest.  Retirees have lots of time on their hands and we must enjoy while we can ..  Good health, sufficient wealth and good friends are the life-lines of active agers.  ‘Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional’ ~~ video forwarded to all kopi kakis on my chatline.

Wd appreciate if you could register your interest in attending here asap.

Cheers to all active pals.

Gabriella Chua

Those coming:

  1. Gabriella Chua
  2. Jimmy Longputeh (+ friend)
  3. Friend
  4. John Chua SC
  5. Loong Say Meng
  6. Charles Cher (+ friend)
  7. Tony Ang
  8. Friend
  9. Lily Boon
  10. Daniel Chan
  11. Lim Tiang Soon
  12. Alan Ang
  13. Peter Loo
  14. Mary Chan
  15. Friend
  16. Richard Kwok
  17. Magdalene Phey
  18. REMINDER:  Coffee chat will be held tomorrow, 3.2.16

A big thank you to all who came for the coffee chat this afternoon.  It was an afternoon well spent with friends. Some of us stayed on till 6 pm and we really had a whale of a time ~ sharing personal anecdotes .. Heeeee :-) See you all again at the next chat. Stay tuned ~


The Monkey is approaching!

I hear the shops playing Chinese New Year songs,

While lively jingle bells is still playing;

I hear the distant sounds of breaking branches,

And realize the Monkey is fast approaching!

The Chinese New Year spirit is in the air,

And shops are selling Chinese New Year décor;

The Christmas tree has been safely put away –

Time to buy rhyming couplets for the door.

Chinese New Year goodies are already on sale.

They are quite expensive – shall I go JB?

May be I could bake my signature Marie cake –

But wait! I think I have lost the recipe!

The incumbent Goat is ready to exit,

While the Chinese New Year countdown goes on;

The happy Monkey will soon make his entrance,

While we look forward  to more babies born.

monkey-playing-vine-plant-illsutration-31911328The Monkey is approaching!

Happy preparation for the CNY!

Part time DJ and Part time staff needed

Hi Guys,

1.Like to take up this challenge to be a DJ for a big dance hall.
Training will be provided by my goodself.
No equipments and CD players required
Experience also not required but must have genuine interest
Must also know about dance music/rhythm
I will be on spot to teach you practice and theory

2. Part time staff to run and maintain a big dance floor
Flexible hours @$8 per hour for beginners and additional at
allowance once you are on your own. Fit and easy an added bonus.

Can email me @

Cheers and a very happy new year to all !

Jeffrey Gan

MONTHLY WALKS for year Twenty Sixteen


We wish each and every member a New Year filled with lots of fun, excitement, joy, happiness and expectation of good for you & your loved ones.



Monthly walks for 2016 remains an EC event, bring your adult friends on the 1st Saturdays/month unless otherwise informed.

Post for each walk will appear approx 10days prior to scheduled date.

1st walk for 2016 is scheduled on 1st Saturday of March ie., 5th March 2016!
02 Jan — do your own
06 Feb — CNY, time for family and friends.

Scheduled dates for 2016 —
05 Mar
02 Apr
07 May
04 Jun
02 Jul
06 Aug
03 Sep
01 Oct
05 Nov
03 Dec

Stay healthy, see you in all our walks!       😀    😀

from the Walk Team:
Charles Wee, Veronica Wong, Mary Tan, Serene Low, Alice Seah, Azhari Cuttilan and I, ChristinA Chan.


welcom3 images

We welcome new member 

1. Mr. Philip Quek

2. Ms. Janie Ng


who joined us in December 2015.
Have fun and enjoy your participation in this forum and events

organised by our members.



North Philippines Tour Sat 20 Feb to Sun 28 Feb, 2016

Updated Post
 photo NPhilippines-To-SHC-5Jan-1.jpg
This itinerary has been revised close to 10 times in the last 2 weeks to suit the SHC community. I have also listed the Difficulty Levels. I planned the entire itinerary.
 photo NPhilippines-To-SHC-5Jan-2.jpg
 photo NPhilippines-To-SHC-5Jan-3.jpg
For those who are interested, please register by this Saturday, 9 Jan if possible. If you are keen, but need more time, do let me know else we will close the registration.

————————————–Previous Post————————————–
 photo NPhilippines-To-SHC1.jpg

If you are interested, please register by replying to this post or personal message (pm) me. If the itinerary is too small for reading, press the Ctrl key and the + sign key simultaneously to enlarge. Press the Ctrl key and the – sign key simultaneously to reduce.

Moon Wong (EC)

1. Moon Wong
2. Jane Chua
3. Ann Giri
4. Andrew Yeung
5. Daisy Phua
6. Friend
7. Pauline Chew
8. Johnny Pow
9. Annie Pow
10. Friend
11. Friend
12. Friend

Time to spring clean

Some people might have started their spring cleaning weeks ago but for me it is this  week. This is the annual year-end cleaning and we are less than two weeks to the new year.

Spring cleaning is a tiring chore for me because of the big amount of clutter I need to get rid of. Why didn’t I throw this outdated stuff away earlier, I would always chide myself. Regret! Regret! A stich in time saves nine…all this ‘wisdom’ on hindsight!

Unless you are not a hoarder, it is a real challenge when it comes to spring cleaning and throwing stuff away.  Many of us are hoarders to some degree and  it is normal to be a small-time hoarder if there’s such a thing – just hoard some personal stuff for sentimental reason or things to bequeath to loved ones.  I’m a 50% hoarder trying to be 10% , so that’s why throwing out white elephants is quite stressful for me.

This year one of my resolutions was to declutter and work towards minimalism. Paiseh to say I’ve only achieved about 20% .  The things I find most difficult to discard are the hundreds of old photographs and tens of photo albums. My friend told me she reorganized her photos and kept four albums; the rest of her photographs she cut up and threw away.  I have been gearing up for this scary action – cut up and throw photographs .

Wishing all happy sprng cleaning!

spring cleaning

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New year

2016 greetiing1  2016 greeting

On behalf of the SilverHairsClub, I like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. As we are all getting more senior, it is a good time to enjoy ourselves.

I hope you will make more new friends, so that you will have good company when you are older and need friends to chat and go out with.

Merry Christmas.  A good time to hear your greetings too.

Terence Seah

Ho ho Hahaha laughter Christmas in Orchard

                          PLEASE NOTE: EVENT CANCELLED.

Hi ho ho Hahaha to all buddies…

  • My partner & me is planning a EC free event in Orchard Rd. It will be a lots differents from the old Sam.. I will be in Santa Claus costume. And we have a small size Santa Claus costume n two Angel costume to lend any buddy game for de night fun ya!!! We have prepare small gifts & candies for children’s in Orchard Rd. My partner have request that you come in red or green clothing, if you have any Christmas hats or decor, please bring along. No limits to anyone.. Get your ah Kong ah MA, aunt, uncle, niece n nephew to join in de laughter X’mas fun.

    .Date is on 23 /12 WEDNESDAY.. TIME 1900HRS meeting point…in front of takka shopping pedestrian walk path.. Facing lucky Plaza… We will walk slowly  to centre point  or half way you may drop out ya.. Cheers Bro Sam Goh

We Can Do IT Too

Four final year NTU Mass Comm undergrads have taken-on a project on “A campaign to help seniors learn how to use their smartphones better” – code name “#wecandoittoo”.

They are focusing on four Apps, via Facebook, Toggle, SG Buses & Google Maps using Apple or Android smartphones.

They, with assistance from iDA, PA and volunteers like us, have worked out the training sessions in Woodlands & Fengshan Community Clubs. Actual lessons will be held from 9 Jan 2016 to 28 Feb 2016.

My involvement is as follows (all on using Apple iPhones):

Date      Day       Time         Place                      Topic
10 Jan   Sun   9AM-12nn   Woodlands CC     Facebook
17 Jan   Sun   9AM-12nn   Woodlands CC     SG Buses & Google Maps
23 Jan   Sat    2PM-5PM    Woodlands CC    Toggle
24 Jan   Sun   9AM-12nn   Woodlands CC     Toggle

hew lee (EC)


Christmas Walk (18-12-2015, Friday)

This is a re-post. It serves as a reminder for those who signed up and also for those who may have missed this post. I am also looking for a “younger” member to take over this annual event which I feel is very meaningful. All we ask for is just “give something back” once a year after taking so much from activities in the forum site. This will be my last such EC Christmas Walk event in this forum and make a graceful exit.

Date: 18th Dec 2015 (Friday evening)
Time: 6.30PM to 9.30PM
Meeting Place and Start Point: Tanglin Mall Food Court (junction of Orchard Road & Grange Road). End Point will be at Somerset or Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station.

1) Dinner before chat: 6.30PM to 7.30PM: for those who can come early, we can have a dinner together in the food court and getting to know each other better.
2) Fellowship: 7.30PM to 8.30PM: Chat at Mall (free n easy – form your own small group on per table basis). Share what you have experienced this year, your reflections, what you can do better, etc. [Always remember a quote from the late George Carlin on Ageing. Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.]
3) Start walking: 8.30PM to 9.30PM: Start walking and picture taking.

You can use your smartphone or camera to take some pictures.

Size of Gathering: in order not to make ourselves too obvious and attract unwanted attention, registration will close when 20 are reached.
Hewlee (EC)

Those registered coming:
1) Charles Wee
2) Registered
3) Joy Chuang
4) Registered
5) Judy Lim
6) Priscilla Wee
7) Lydia Chin
8) Frisna Tan
9) Shirleen Kao
10) Mary Chan
11) Grace Wong
12) Peter Loo

A Christmas Hope…… For someone….

Dear Members,

Both Karen and me had shared this in our Facebook but I think that we still wanted to share her request here in Silverhairs website to garner more hope for this little girl during this Christmas session.  I believed many might already had seen this request if you are a facebook user but is still worth a try here, right… Thank you.

Not sure if this request is even permitted to post here but will give a try – Admin, if you think that this is not appropriate, feel free to delete..

Cheers… Karen & Dolly

2016 is coming. What are your thoughts for the new year? And how was 2015.

Year2016 1      Year2016 2

A good way to get to know one another is to share our thoughts.
SilverHairsClub has been quiet this year; but to many groups, SHC has been active in smaller groups.

Share with us your thoughts on how 2015 has been with you and the Club.  And of course, looking forward, how do you see 2016.

If you are new to SHC, this may be a way to introduce yourself.  And if you have been an old member, share your thoughts for the new ones too.

December is full of holidays and excitement.  So, let’s hear from you.

Terence Seah

Giving away your spare calendars and diaries 2016

diary1     calendar1 Nowadays, it is difficult to get desktop calendars and book diaries. Especially when companies reduce their promotions budgets.  I put all my appointments in my Blackberry and it has worked well for me for the last 20 years.

However, some of us still need a desktop calendar, book diaries and also small diaries to carry around each day.  If you have spare, do not throw them away or keep them in a corner.  Give them away.

Use this post to give them away or use this post to ask for a calendar or diary which you need.  Maybe you can meet one another during Dec.  This is a good way to know one another better.

Terence Seah


Monthly Walk for Dec 2015

Finally…. the hazy days are over and just in time to catch the last month of 2015 for our Monthly Walk…this time we are taking the Rochor to Kallang to Stadium Route.

Date: 5th December 2015, Saturday, Time: 4.30pm sharp
Meeting Place: Bugis Mrt….exit A, Victoria Street Side
Route : Rochor , Kallang & Stadium Walk,, distance 4.7km of pleasant, easy walking.
Bring water bottle, caps, umbrella and camera. Do wear comfortable walking shoes
Duration: approx. 2 hours walk
ECs for this walk: Christina Chan & Charles Wee

Discover and see for yourself the newly upgraded Rochor Canal Walkway; continue along the Kallang River Park & Waterways until the iconic Kallang Stadium where we end our walk . We have dinner and fellowship at the Stadium Wave eateries. The Circle Line Mrt , Stadium Station is just next door and very convenient for your homeward bound journey

Walk Team….ECs: Christina CL Chan, Charles Wee, Mary Tan, Veronica Wong, Serene Low, Alice Seah, Jeffrey Lim, Azhari Cuttilan.