Social Get-together – Saturday 7th November 2015

Where: Jayleen Hotel, 42 Carpenter Street
(Opp Clarke Quay MRT; public car park available)
When : 7 November, Saturday
Time : 12.30pm to 5.30pm
Price: $18.00 nett per pax, includes
*Ala carte set lunch with salad, soup, fresh fruits & dessert
*Free flow of coffee/tea, soft drinks & water throughout event
*Games with prizes, karaoke/sing-a-long, music & dance

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life, to be happy
– it’s all that matters” … Audrey Hepburn

So come, special call to New Members, join in the fun … mingle with new and old friends, eat, drink, laugh, play, sing, dance, or just yackety-yak’s but NO topics on politics, sex, race, religion, direct selling or MLM.

Ala Carte Menu – Select one Main Course below
1. Pan fried Salmon in Hollandaise Sauce with salad
2. Pan fried Beef Rib Eye in Wine Sauce with salad
3. Pan fried Chicken in Black Pepper Sauce with salad
4. Seafood Spaghetti

All above come with unlimited self-served
Soup of the day, Garlic toast bread, fresh fruits and Tang-sui Dessert

Drinks – free flow of coffee, tea, soft drinks & water throughout event

12.30pm : Registration at Hotel Reception + place your order of
Main Course
1.00 – 2.30pm: Lunch will be served (within this time slot only)
2.30 – 3.30pm: Karaoke & Sing-a-long; Social Dancing
3.30 – 4.00pm: Mystery Games with prizes
4.00 – 4.30pm: Line Dancing
4.30 – 5.00pm: Mystery Games with prizes
5.00 – 5.30pm: More Social Dancing

So friends, don’t procrastinate, Register Now and pay soonest to secure
a confirmed place.

*Only limited to 40 pax due to space constraint
*Closing Date: 23 October or 40 seats filled up, whichever come first
*Registration confirmation will be based on payment received,
first-payment-come-first basis
*NO Walk-ins entertained

Please transfer funds to POSB Savings Account Nbr: 148138591
after which advise on this blog date of transfer, amount & ref #. We’ll acknowledge accordingly. To help ease our administrative time, appreciate you can arrange to make payment in groups.

See ya guys soon and don’t forget to bring your Name Tags otherwise your
chest may be ‘molested’ by someone at the door :))


  1. Theresa Seow, EO
  2. Frisna Tan, Co-EO
  3. Terence Seah
  4. Mega Abdullah
  5. SS James Tan
  6. Ann Lim
  7. Daisy Yeo
  8. Karen Phoo
  9. Irene Tan
  10. Grace Wong
  11. Lily Lim
  12. KF Lee
  13. Yatsing
  14. Gingko Tay
  15. Daniel Chan
  16. Charles Wee
  17. Bernice Chung
  18. Ronald Lam
  19. Bessie Lam
  20. Andrew Tan
  21. Judy Lim
  22. Jazz Soh
  23. Susan Sia
  24. Gabriella Chua
  25. Jennifer Wu
  26. Lillian Teo
  27. Peri Liew
  28. Esther Mok
  29. Thomas Loh
  30. CJ Ang
  31. Oi Cheng
  32. Richard Wong
  33. Catherine Yeo
  34. Lydia Chin

Welcome New Members

We would like to take a moment, welcoming our new members who joined us recently. They are :

  • Ms Nancy Lim M H
  • Ms Rebecca Tan S W
  • Ms Holly Lim M

We look forward to your participations in this forum and events organised by our members. Or to start, simply write a brief introduction of yourself to this post.

Have fun ……

Please email to should you encounter difficulties logging in to SHC website with your passwords.

If you have send in your membership application and your name is not listed in this post, please email to Thanks again for joining!

Club Admin

If you have a hearing problem, your mobile can be a great help

hearingaid     I like to share an accidental experience with a hearing problem.

Most of us carry a mobile phone.  Inside the mobile phone, there is a microphone and an external jack for a headphone.

  1.  Look for an apps with the name “hearing aid”.  Install it.
  2. Plug a headset to the external jack.

When you have a chat with your friends, put the mobile phone on the table.  Start the app.  Hear the conversation clearly and loudly with the headset.

Share your experience.  Which app works well.

Terence Seah


Setting up a Premier Paypal account for your small business

Paypal is a popular way to sell your things and collect money.  It is also a way to pay for goods and services you may buy internationally or locally.

In Singapore, money that is collected by Paypal on your behalf can be withdrawn to a local Singapore account.  Some of you are doing some selling, and may like to set up a Premier account or a Business account.

We are trying to identify a place.  Yew Kwong has been kind enough to conduct a session, approx 2 hours for members who are interested in setting up a Premier Paypal account.  We have not identified the place yet.

But, if you are interested, please register your name here.  More information will be per provided here, when ready.  Charge approx $5 per person.  Priority given to those who register personally on this forum.

Terence Seah

These Hazy Days

The haze is exceptionally bad today;

The sky is a uniform sea of grey.

Nothing in sight save a still volleyball of chrome yellow;

At 9.30 a.m. is it the moon or the sun so mellow?

Heavy hangs the still, ashen air;

Still leaves on trees stoically bear.

Now the haze has got worse – the PSI is more than 300!

School is cancelled; outdoors is unsafe – life’s disrupted.

But happy the schoolkids – their ignorance is bliss.

Guilt-free  forest fire perpetrators continue to get away;

Across the sea, haze victims a change in wind direction pray.



Basic Digital Photography with Photo Editing

Course Title: As above.
Course Description: This course will cover some photography basics including the aspects on composition and photo editing.
Date: 21st October 2015 (Wednesday)
Time: 2.30PM to 5.30PM
Venue: Woodlands Regional Library
Charge: $2.00 per seat
Maximum number of participants: ten (this is a hands-on course)
Registration is on First-Come-First Served basis. Through any library outlets or online through NLB’s GoLibrary web site.

NB: For the Photo Editing part, the free AutoDesk Pixlr software will be used.

Registration is now opened. 

hewlee (EC)

Sep 2015 Online Fleamart


The online flea mart site is available to members this month.  If you have a lot of stuff, and would like to sell them or give them away, you can invite members over for a garage sale.  Guess, many of us don’t have a garage nowardays.  Simply sell or give away your items here.  If you are looking for something, you can also use this Post too.  Personal services and pictures encouraged.


  1. Each advertisement not longer than 10 lines.
  2. Can be stuffs from your storeroom or your personal skills.  No Corporate items.
  3. MLM and Email address collecting for other purposes not permitted.
  4. If you personally have a room or house for rent, you may also advertise here for free.  Housing agents are not allowed to use this corner, unless the room is yours.

E-Communication (All about Skype)

This IT talk will walk you through how to download the Skype program and how to create a free Skype account. If you have the right smart TV model, your whole family can even use Skype to video conferencing with your loved ones anywhere around the world provided the other party also has similar arrangement remotely.

Date: 10th October, 2015 (Saturday)
Time: 3PM to 5PM
Venue: Bukit Merah Library
Admission is Free.

hewlee (EC)

Those registered coming:

Recruit the new SHC committee

shclogo300    committee1

Dear members,

We have tried different committee concepts to run SHC.  We learn what works and what fails.  But, we should not give up, even though we had failed in the past.  I still think it is better to have a committee to run the SilverHairsClub.  Personally, I do not prefer the status quo situation.  So, I will try again.  One concept which will not change is that members can continue to organise activities for other members, as EOs or ECs.

The new committee will come from our general membership.  For the first year, the chairman will be me.  Haha, I am no retired general, maybe a retired fisherman. If you like to join the committee, please whatsapp to me at +65 9489 4360.

Some points which I have learnt over the last 10 years from Club members are:

  1. Able to work with other committee members.  Friendly and sociable members preferred.  Less “I” and more “We”.
  2. All meetings will be via Whatsapp only.  Physical meetings only from time to time.  Why Whatsapp?  because I travel most of the month, so very little time in Singapore.  But, I believe in SHC and our seniors population.  We have to care for ourselves.
  3. Members should not circulate pictures, videos, URLs, only text.
  4. Agenda strictly re Club matters only.
  5. No politics, sex, race, religion, direct selling and MLM.
  6. Committee members who are unable to participate in the meetings, I am sorry we have to let you go.  Committee members who break the rules, will be automatically take out of the committee.

If you would like to develop a future for SHC, and are interested to make our objective work, I would to invite you to join the new SHC committee.  Our objective is to provide a platform for SilverHairs to meet new and more friends.  I would like to extend this platform, but let’s discuss within the committee.

I look forward to hearing from you.  +65 9489 4360.

Terence Seah


A singer and entertainer, and a non-professional

singer1   sing2  sing1

If you can sing, love to sing, in English, Chinese, Malay, Vietnamese, Hindi or just about any language, comfortably and with your own music media, we would like to hear from you.

Continuously 4-5 songs, dont have to be a professional.  It is ok to fumble once in a while but can get out of it and laugh at oneself, this would be great; I am looking at an entertainer and singer.  I dont expect your entertainment to be free.

Songs, memorable, love, known, evergreen, songs that most of us know, male or female.  Romantic also can.  Hatred also ok.

I dont need you to have a good professional voice, but if you can carry through throughout the 4-5 songs, without looking at the scripts all the time, you are the person.  Sure, you can have a partner.

You know who to contact: +65 94894360.

Terence Seah


Coffee Chat on Friday, 9th October from 2 – 4 pm

octcoffee1  octcoffee2  octcoffee3

Hello everyone

The coffee chat is back again ….. Next gathering of coffee friends will be held on:

Date:         Friday, 9th October from 2 – 4 pm

Venue:      Raffles City Food Court, 3rd Level (Huge footcourt with many long tables – just renovated ~ ideal for chatting)

Theme:      Happiness and Fellowship

happiness quote1     happiness quote2 happiness quote3

Do come for this chat if you’re free. Meeting up with fellow active pals is critical at this stage of our life to keep depression and dementia at bay :-)

Wd appreciate if you could register your names here if you’re coming.



Those coming:

  1. Gabriella Chua
  2. Kenneth Tan
  3. Amy Ko
  4. A friend
  5. Susan Chong
  6. Loong Say Meng
  7. Charles Cher
  8. Lim Tiang Soon
  9. Winnie Tan
  10. Nancy Lim
  11. John Chua SC
  12. Holly Lim
  13. A friend
  14. ?


Monthly walk – Announcement

Dear Walkists & members,

Due to the “hazy daze” the walk team are unable to conduct recces.

Should the weather/air quality get better enabling us to recce, we will consider to resume the monthly walk scheduled on 07November2015.

Till then, for the health of all, the monthly walks will be suspended till further notice.

Meanwhile, drink more water and minimize outdoor activities     😀

with much regrets… from the Walk Team.

Sept Monthly gathering

shclogo300 announcement4  aprilmtg1

This month, we were planning to have the SHC monthly gathering with Ann Giri as the EO.  Unfortunately, she has indicated she has no experience organising the monthly gathering.  Looks like the Sept monthly gathering is off.

I am not sure about future monthly gatherings.  A few things go on in my mind.

  1. Should we have a paid person or group to organise the monthly gathering?  Of course, we have to figure out how to pay this person or group.l
  2. It appears that free membership is not working.  Members expect someone to organise the monthly gathering on a regular monthly basis.
  3. There is a suggestion that we should ask the previous EOs to organise gatherings again.  I am not sure, as it runs counter to our idea to have one member do a gathering once in the lifetime of the members.
  4. Maybe we should pick members in turn to be the EO if the member has not done the role before.

What do you think?

Terence Seah


Parliament dissolved; Singaporeans to vote in General Election on Sep 11

SilverHairsClub is a social club; and politics is one of the taboos which is not allowed into discussion in  Very soon, Singaporeans will vote in a General Election on Sept 11, 2015.  This is an important day for Singaporeans.

This time, I have decided to open politics for discussion in fast moving social media on Whatsapp GE 2015.  Whatsapp discussion will be open from 26 Aug 2015 and will carry on till 13 Sep 2015.  Please feel free to add your personal comments, comment on all/any of the paarties.  Please do not name call any person.  No not spread rumours. And do not attack any members who participate in this Whatsapp chat.

This whatsapp chat is called GE 2015.  To participate, simply whatsapp to Terence Seah at +65 9489 4360.   And feel free to exit anytime.

Terence Seah

System upgrade on 30 Aug 2015

Hi fellow members,

We will have a system upgrade on Sun 30 Aug 2015.  This upgrade will clear some bugs; and will incorporate new changes.  I am not sure what these changes are; but the improvements have been incorporated from feedback from all over the world.

We should completed the upgrade by 1 Sep 2015.  Look forward to your feedback.

Terence Seah



Date: Saturday, 5 September 2015
Time: 4.30 pm sharp
Meeting Point: City Hall MRT station (Exit B, near Ticket Office)
Duration: Approx. 2 hrs
ECs : Alice Seah and Azhari Cuttilan

The next monthly walk will be to admire the beautiful sky line of Singapore. On one side of the Singapore River are office buildings of various shapes, and on the other side the yet to be completed Civic Centre.

The scene along the Jubilee Bridge is picturesque. The atmosphere is windy and you will see two old buildings which were restored but now occupied by restaurants, wine bars and cafes. We will pass the new Marina Financial District which is occupied by financial institutions and various other companies.

The walk will end at Marina Bay Sands food court where we will have our dinner.

Note: Bring water bottle, caps, umbrella and camera. Do wear comfortable walking shoes.

Our Walk Team ECs: Christina CL Chan, Charles Wee, Mary Tan, Veronica Wong, Serene Low, Alice Seah, Jeffrey Lim, Azhari Cuttilan.

If you can make it please register.

1) Winnie Tan
2) Lilian Teo
3) Gabriella Chua
4) Maureen Lee
5) Daisy Phua
6) Theresa Seow
7) Danny Lye
8) Winnie Lim
9) Grace Wong
10) Karen Phoo
11) Bessie Lam
12) Ann Lim
13) Tony Ang
14) Wendy Lum
15) Judy Lim
16) Angie Ng
17) Irene Chua
18) Bernie Chung
20) June Tan
21) Evelyn Ong
22) Moon Wong

Photo Walk – Botanic & Orchid Gardens

This photo walk, we will be going to the Botanic Gardens and the National Orchid Garden.

We will meet at the Bus Stop (13019) in front of Gleneagles Hospital along Napier Road/Holland Road on the day and time stated below. We will start walking to the National Orchid Garden at 3.05PM. Entrance fee to the Orchid Garden is $1.00 for seniors (above 60 yrs) and $5.00 for adults.

How to go to the Bus Stop (13019) in front of Gleneagles Hospital along Napier Road/Holland Road?

Take train to Somerset MRT. Exit A (Bus Stop 3), up escalator and make a turn back to Somerset Road Bus Stop Number 08121. Take Bus Number 7, 77, 106, 123 or 174 to Gleneagles Hospital (about 7 bus stops away). Cross overhead pedestrian bridge to Bus Stop in front of the Hospital along Napier Road/Holland Road.

Date: 19th Sept 2015 (Sat)
Time:  3.00PM
Meeting Place: Bus Stop (13019) in front of Gleneagles Hospital along Napier Road/Holland Road.
Time to Commence Walk from meeting place: 3.05PM (Total walking and picture taking time is about 2½ hours).
Hewlee (EC)

Those registered coming:
1) Registered
2) Registered
3) Registered
4) Registered
5) Winnie Tan
6) Joan Ang



Welcome New Members – Month May/June 2015

We would like to take a moment in welcoming our new members who joined us in May/June 2015. They are :

  • John How
  • Tara
  • Peter Wong
  • Philip Foo
  • Eve Ong
  • Hazel Lim
  • Susan Sia
  • Adeline Y
  • Lay Chin

We look forward to your participations in this forum and events organised by our members. Or to start, simply write a brief introduction of yourself to this post.

Have fun ……

If you need help with your passwords, please email me at   If you have send in your membership application and your name is not listed in this post, please email to Thanks again for joining!

Club Admin

Karaoke Singing on Friday 14/8/2015

  • Venue: Kolam Ayer CC 2nd floor Geylang Bahru
  • Date & time:  14/8/2015 6.30 to 10.00 pm
  • Rental: $50.00
  • Refreshment: Tea bags and hot water
  • Use own VCDs or select songs from catalogue
  • Car parking: Free in CC
  • Public transport:   Buses 107 or 107M from Lavender Mrt
  • Remarks: Due to space and time constraints , no. of participants will be limited to 12.
  • Type of event: EC
  • Registration:   1)  Robert Ong  plus 4
  •                         6)  Ron Lee
  •                         7)  Jass Soh
  •                         8)  Peter Tan
  •                         9)  Jessica Tan
  •                        10)  Daniel Chan
  •                        11)   ( Plus one friend)
  •                        12)

Robert Ong (EC)

FaceTime and Skype

IT Event for Month of September

Topic: E-Communication (Learn how to FaceTime with iPhones & iPads and using Skype with android smartphones & tablets)

Date: 12th September 2015 (Saturday)
Time: 3PM to 5PM
Venue: Bukit Merah Library
Admission is Free.

hewlee (EC)
Those registered coming:
1) Joy Chuang
2) Lilian Teo
3) Freda Lim
4) Winnie Tan
5) Pauline Chew
6) Eyvonne Chew
7) Ann Giri
8) Priscilla Wee
9) Daisy Yeo
10) Edward Lim
11) Gingko Tay
12) Joan Ang (not coming)
13) Peter Loo
14) Jimmy Tsin
15) Theresa Seow (not coming)
16) Wendy Lum



It’s National Day!

50 years of independence,

From backwaters to modern metropolis –

Achievement par excellence!

Good governance, supportive citizenry,

And we see ‘a nation built with love by you and me’.

So proud are we of things uniquely Singapore,

We treasure the little red dot ‘right down to the CORE’!

Happy 50th National Day! THREE CHEERS!

dragon215euniquely S’pore!

Monthly walk: August… Update

Note:  This is only an update …

Monthly walk: August 2015

Our walks for 2015 is on the 1st Saturdays/month unless otherwise informed.

For a few years now in the month of August, we have scheduled our annual Xtreme walk.  This year it is scheduled on 22nd August.

Due to unforseen circumstances and in view that this August there are many on-going activities, this walk on 22nd August is cancelled.

Wishing each of you a HAPPY & FUN  SG50!!     

Cheers!… the Walk Team…

Embracing a Digital Lifestyle

I am starting a WhatsApp chat group to allow those interested to share their IT (computer) discoveries with those in the group.
For those interested, we can arrange meetups in foodcourt, cafe, library or even in a volunteer’s home. You can also provide feedback to me as to what computer topic or smart devices (iPhone, smartphone, iPad, tablet) you would like to learn more or have trouble with. I can then consider to include in my monthly free IT (computer) talks in the library or other venues.Currently I am providing an IT (computer) talks on the second Saturday of the month in Bukit Merah Library. Please visit my blog for details.

I am also, if time permits, considering doing another two hours IT (computer) Talk on a rotational monthly basis in various library branches.To keep up with active ageing, I do also organize high tea, photo walks, sculptures hunting and other anniversary type of events like the once a year Christmas Walk.

For those interested, please provide me with your full name and mobile number through email, Please do not provide your telephone number in the comments of this post.


Chatline for makansutra kakis

laksa   makan sutra2 makan sutra1

Hi friends makan sutra drooling


I would like to set up a chatline for makansutra kakis.  The purpose of this chatline is for friends who enjoy trying out new places which offer good and reasonably cheap food.  Since most of us are retirees or semi-retired, we have loads of time to travel to such eating outlets. The recommended makan places should preferably be near mrt stations for easy accessibility.  Wd appreciate if you could indicate your interest in joining this chatgroup either on this forum page or apps me if you have my hp number.    I’ll be the admin for this chatgroup. You may exit the chatline anytime if you find that it does not serve your interest.  And last, but not least, those who keep silent for a month will be removed from the chatline (no hard feelings about this requisite)…….

Hope that many like-minded people will come together for makan, fellowship and bask in the camaraderie of good friendship.  Let’s make the rest of our life the best in our life!


Gabriella Chua


Interested Parties:

  1. Gabriella Chua
  2. Loong Say Meng
  3. Amy Ko
  4. Alice Tan
  5. Charles Wee
  6. Jazz Soh
  7. Daniel  Chan
  8. Susan Chong
  9. Myra Chia
  10. John Chua SC
  11. Richard Kwok
  12. Winnie Tan
  13. Vincent Long
  14. Maria Tan
  15. … I need to verify that those who ask for connection to the chatgroup are shc members.

friendship1   friendship2


Precious collection

This is the heading in today’s Sunday Times about a jewellery shop, in commemoration of SG50, presented a Peranakan-inspired jewellery collection. I looked at the pictures of the jewellery and immediately thought of my own small collection of Peranakan jewellery encrusted with intan (diamond chips).

Under the influence of a good friend years ago, I started buying some pre-owned kerongsang,  earrings,  etc. I liked and still like their intricate designs.  Twice  I thought of selling them and took them out of the safe deposit box, but twice changed my mind when I looked at those exquisite things of beauty!

The jewellery shop chose to promote the Peranakan-inspired jewelley pieces with an updated version. Mine are the old originals.  So happy!



Coffee meet on Thursday, 16 July


July kopi1     july kopi2

Hi everyone

The next coffee meet is here again.  Details of the next session are as follows:

  • Date:           Thursday, 16 July 2015
  • Time:           2 – 4 pm
  • Venue:         Usual haunt viz: Paya Lebar Singpost food court, B1 (next to Paya Lebar mrt station)
  • Charge:        Nil  – just order your own coffee and snacks and join in the fun ~ Seniors can get special discount for drinks from the Kopitiam stall
  • Topics:         Feel free to discuss on anything under the sun except the SHC taboos ~ otherwise FGM will come with his cane  :-)

Come and join in the fun, laughter and fellowship on a lazy Thursday afternoon.  Friendship is very important at this stage of our life ~ Let’s make this lap of our life the best in our life ya?  I’m sure we just want to be HAPPY ~ we have all the tangibles of life.  Perhaps, we should now focus on such intangibles like happiness, love, kindness, care, concern and contentment.

Always remember, the money isn’t yours until you use it.

Register here if you wish to join in.


Gabriella Chua, EO


Registered List:

  1. Gabriella Chua
  2. Loong Say Meng
  3. Jazz Soh (sick)
  4. Daniel Wong
  5. Lim Tiang Soon
  6. Grace Wong
  7. Richard Kwok
  8. Nita Sim
  9. Alice Tan


Although we have a small group of 6 today, I’m sure that we’ll still have a great time ~ a cosy table of 6 for warmer and better discussion :-) .. What is important is that we are good friends!

 Quotes on Happiness (main theme for the July coffee meet)

july kopi4  july kopi6  I july kopi5


The man who planted 20000 trees

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAll the stories published under ‘Impact Journalism Day’ in the *Straits Times are  inspiring, but the most impactful one for me is “The man who planted 20 000 trees.” I thought this is such a meaningful and good life and wondered how one can live a meaningful life, like Kartik’s , an ex-barber who has planted 20 000 trees and now at 75 years old is still planting trees.

From the story I distilled these pre-requisites:

  1. Serving others is the mission of life.  The ex-barber  would save some money from his earnings to buy the seedlings to plant his trees. He has never collected payment from anyone for his work.
  2. Philosophical belief learnt from  his father who told him: “…If you just plant a tree, that will bring you far more blessings than any pilgrimage…” To me this is equivalent to “faith with work…”

In a materialistic world where consumers are kings, it is not easy to not work for money, but on the road less taken, where money is secondary, where serving others is priority, life can be very meaningful and fulfilling.

*ST Sat 20 June.