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IMG_20160505_224354We would like to welcome our new members who joined us recently……..

Ms Michelle Sim K L
Ms Kee Seow Leng
We look forward to your participations in this Forum and
events organised by our members.


lost pwMembers who have misplaced their password, kindly request for a temporary password via email to clubadmin@silverhairsclub.com. Remember to include Username and your registered email address wherever possible.

Yoon Chin


ST May 2, 2016 reports that our govt is going all out to help but workers have to step too

work1    work2

All of us are in the seniors group.  Some of us need to work, while others can manage through.  I thought that some of the current schemes are interesting and I would like to hear if you have other views or options besides putting retirees through training programmes.

The brighter side reports solar power companies and IT giants may be able to offer up to 30,000 jobs by 2020.  And the Career support program for PMETs retrenched.

Personally, I do not support retrenchment insurance.  We hear of the need for companies to be more creative and be the disruptor In recent years, new business models have disrupted existing ones and improved the lives of consumers.

This Post is intended to hear your views and hopefully some of your ideas will be picked up by fellow readers.  As I said, some of us need to work, others don’t.

Please do not finger point any person or political party or Govt body.  Stick strictly to ideas and suggestions.

Terence Seah


Retiree Club (East)

retirement2  retired1  retired2

Calling all retirees in the East

I have formed a retiree club in the Kembangan area wherein active retirees can:

  • gather for coffee chats in the nearby coffee shops/joints in the east
  • makan in the hawker centres/markets in Bedok, Paya Lebar and Tampines in the east
  • morning walks at 5.30 am or late evening walks at 6.30 pm when it’s not too hot
  • introduction to ukulele fun
  • yak yak on anything (ranging from current affairs, in-laws, grown-up kids to anything under the sun)
  • help and seeking advice from one another
  • cycling in the parks (I need a trike or tandem rider though)
  • ….. and so on…. the list is by no means exhaustive

The 24-hour sarabat stall at Jalan Lapang (Kembangan) may be a good venue to be considered.  It’s just a stone’s throw from the Kembangan mrt station.  Those staying in this area may be familiar with this eating place.  It’s rustic, nostalgic and gives the ambience of Singapore in the early 60s or a typical Malaysian sarabat stall of today.

These are only ideas on the drawing board and can be finetuned as we gather momentum.  A chatline has been set up for those who have indicated interest so as  to keep everyone in the loop on activities or good sharings.  As we’re retirees, we’ll keep to thrifty thrills/fun…. no lavish spending.

So far, some 20 of my friends (mostly shc) have already indicated their interest in joining this retiree club as and when they’re free.  It’s good to form friendships now before it’s too late.  One’s spouse may not be with you forever and depression may set in (if you’re too close or dependent on your beloved) and especially when you’re already facing the empty nest syndrome.  We must rely on ourselves for our own well-being and happiness.  There’s a saying:

“No one is born happy but every one is born with the Ability to create HAPPINESS”.

Just leave a message here or apps me (if you have my hp number) if you are interested in joining the Retiree Club (East). A very important requirement is no quarrelling, hitting below the belt  or gossips on my chatline (taboos for the retiree club).   We want everyone to be happy and get along well.  Any recalcitrant member will be deleted from my chatline   🙂

Thank you.

Warmest regards,


Those Interested:

  1. 23 members in my Retiree Club  (East)
  2. Just leave your name on this forum page or apps me …. tks

retiree group4  retiree group2

This is Sompho from Thailand

May I say hi from Thailand?

this is the first time I leave the massage in this board and for sure this is not the last time.

Some of you may know me when we travelled together in Thailand. We went together to many places like Chiangmai, Pai, full moon party, Laos and so on. Last trip happened last October at Khao yai natiol park, the world heritage.

Now I already passed the training course for tour guide. So, more fun is coming.

I’m thinking about Ayudhya historical park trip. Just one hour from Bangkok, you will see the glory of the former capital of Thailand.

The high light of Ayudhya is not only an ancient city. It was found in 1350 and had been the capital of Thailnd ofor 417 years until the second dowf fall in 1767. It was announced to be a world heritage in 1991.

I will come back with more information later on.




Date: Saturday 7 May 2016

Meeting Place: Bishan MRT Exit A, wait nearby Pastamania

Time: meet by 4.30pm sharp

Duration:  about 1½ hours

ECs for this walk :  Veronica Wong and Mary Tan

Take a walk down memory lane!  The route a straight leisurely walk is easy and basically on level ground.   For some stretches, due to construction works, we go on the pavement for just a bit.    It takes you through mature residential estates in Bishan and Potong Pasir meaning “cut sand” in Malay.     Spend some time admiring the scenery and the bridges.   At mid walk, we give time to enjoy obstacles to revive younger days memories and expend your energy.  Also an opportunity for walkists for socializing .  Continue to catch up on your “chit chat” at dinner.   Many choices for dinner at Potong Pasir.

Bring water, cap, umbrella and wear comfortable walking shoes.

Our Walk Team ECs:  Christina CL Chan, Charles Wee, Veronica Wong, Mary Tan, Serene Low, Alice Seah and Azhari Cuttilan.

Come and join us!    Do register here

  1. Gabriella Chua
  2. Margaret Soo
  3. Monica Tan
  4. Janis
  5. Janis’ friend
  6. Tony Ang
  7. Alice Seah

Mahjong anyone?

Hi all,
Mahjong helps to exercise the mind, like Sudoku, Scrabble, Chess etc.
I am not a good or regular mahjong player.
My aim is to have a non gambling game, that is, chips will be used. The idea is to learn to build on the doubles, not just to game small. To exercise the mind and also to socialise.
I would like to start with a small group of 4.
You may be a beginner, a regular or someone who has not played the game before.
I have a mahjong set and table at my place, which is in Pasir Ris.
I’m willing to teach the game if you are a beginner.
If there are people who wish to add some excitement to the game and not use chips only, I’m not averse to it but I play very small.
Do let me know your preference and I can have a separate group for that.
Just email me at meiliix@gmail.com .

Healthy at 90!

Queen E2 is 90 and a picture of good health! She joins the rank of the greatly blessed.


Old age –

Visons of tottering, of illness, pain

And a wheelchair near by.

But the blessed nonagenarians

Debilitating diseases and second childhood

Are spared and active remain


A special tea set for the Queen on her 90th birthday ( President’s gift)

Long live the Queen!

(How beautiful she looked as a young queen in 1953)





Smartphone Photography –

Dear fellow members

I got an accomplished photographer and friend keen on conducting smartphone photography workshop to interested parties. Handphone photography is becoming very popular and you’d be surprise at the possibilities and capabilities with simple handphone photography.

Will be grateful if fellow members can share their views or inputs, even suggest course content and suitable pricing, including overseas hp photography course in Bangkok? – he has contacts in Bangkok and is keen on running a course there.

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you!

Just helping another photographer friend gather some insights

Jenny Lim

Coffee Chat on Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Maykopi1  maykopi2  maykopi3My dear coffee kakis

Our next coffee meet will be held on 4th May. Details are as follows:

Date:                     Wed, 4th May 2016

Time:                     2.15 pm – 4.15 pm

Venue:                   Raffles City Food Court, 3rd Level (Long table near the window)

Cuisines:               All types of food,  beverages and desserts

Topics:                  Anything under the sun except politics, religion, sex, MLM (shc taboos)

Come and join in an afternoon of makan, coffee drinking, fun and laughter.  Maybe, I can throw in a uke sing-along for two songs only (as we do not want to be too boisterous since it’s a public area).  The coffee chat provides good fellowship and camaraderie among active aging pals 🙂 .. Keeping dementia and depression at bay.    Do not stay at home alone (empty nest syndrome) ~ come and spend an afternoon here.

Hope to see as many of you as possible.


Gabriella Chua


Those coming:

  1. Gabriella Chua
  2. Friend (MH)
  3. Loong SM
  4. Friend (FL)
  5. Jimmy Longpoetih
  6. David Low
  7. Dave Chong
  8. Fida
  9. Lily Boon (will attend if free)
  10. John Chua SC
  11. Joan Ang
  12. Mary Chan
  13. Tony Ang
  14. Charles Wee
  15. Kent Chan
  16. Richard Tan TT
  17. Lim Yoon Chin
  18. Ronald Lee

A gentle reminder that the Kopi chat on 4.5.16 is on … See you all at Raffles City foodcourt at 2.15 pm

dec kopi thanks  Thanks to all who turned up today.  We had a great time. There are also plus points in having a smaller group.  We could mingle and communicate better.  Looking forward to meeting up in June 2016.    Cheers 🙂


A day trip in jb makan, massage & shopping.

Ho ho Hahaha buddies  of SHC, Any four or five buddies like to visit JB, you will all experience the local eateries like bak kut teh, bar ber que hot Coconut,. Many sporean hit near jb check point for the eateries, food there re just average &  much expensive.. You may drop a note here or email me at gohchinhuat @gmail.com please take note, there re few dates I am not available  will see our timing  if match ya… Hoho haha Cheers

bro Sam huat

Integrated Shield Plans

I had no clear idea when people talked about integrated shield plans (IP) until recently when I had to give advice to a relative who was wondering whether he should downgrade to the new standard IP  which will come into effect in May.

I went to read up about medisave, medishield, integrated shields etc… and  I realized having MediShield Life is enough health coverage with affordable premiums paid from Medisave if we do not mind being in class B2 or Class C wards.

I asked my relative ( an ordinary employee) why he had bought the IP and he said his insurance agent told him it was good to have that and that  the premium would be paid from medisave which savings he  could not touch anyway. (A little knowledge is indeed dangerous).

My conclusions – IPs are for :

  1. People who want to be warded in B1 or class A ward. They can choose their doctors.
  2. People who want to be treated in private hospitals. 


Interesting info from MediShield Life website:

“60% of Singaporeans have integrated shield plans but many end up not staying in the ward their coverage entitles them to.”  No reason given but I thought it was strange.




New Members


We would like to take a moment in welcoming our new members who joined us recently…….. 

Philip Quek Janie Ng  Vincent Chee Rose Ong

Lim J T Stella Sheng Agnes Tan

We look forward to your participations in this Forum and

events organised by our members.

Have FUN ………..

   Club Admin


Monthly Walk – Beach, Lake, Woods and Ski Park


ECs for this walk: Serene Low and Christina Chan
Date: Saturday, 2 April 2016
Start Time: 5pm sharp
Duration of walk: approx 2 hrs
Meeting Place: Kembangan MRT, Void facing canal

As current weather is pretty warm, we shall start walk at 5 pm. The route is not exactly new but hopefully for those who have been to this part will still appreciate the matured trees, cool breeze and scenic view.

From the park connector, we head towards the beach where we then explore a lake, part of the woods, ski park before ending the walk at East Coast Lagoon Food Village for dinner. From here, you can have a great variety of hawker fare – rojak, duck porridge, satay, char kway teow etc etc.

So do dress comfortably with hats, umbrella, drinking water, camera, sun block and comfortable walking shoes.

Walk Team ECs: Christina CL Chan, Charles Wee, Veronica Wong, Mary Tan, Alice Seah, Azhari Cuttlian, Serene Low.

1). Gabriella Chua (withdraw)
2). Tony Ang
3). Jimmy Longpoetih
4). David Low
5). Bernie Chung
6). Bobby Bok
7). Judy Lim
8). Christina CL Chan
9). Serene Low
10) Veronica Wong
11) Janis Han
12) Margaret Soo
13) Ronald Lee
14) Lydia Chin
15) Irene Chua
16) Evelyn Ong
17) Andrew Koh
18) Monica Tan
19) Henry See

Room reservations at KSL IN 23 Apr OUT 24 Apr 2016

We have now almost completed our target of 80 pax for our D&D Cabaret Night 3 on 23 Apr 2016.

Hotel room bookings are now open.  Closing date and payment:  30 Mar 2016.  All bookings with KSL hotel will be handled by SS James who is our liaison man with KSL hotel.  Our corporate rates are:

Room category
OPTION 1: Superior (Double/twin) RM 258 Nett per room, per night (with 2 breakfast)

OPTION 2: Superior (Double/twin) RM 208 Nett per room per night (without breakfast)

* Room guests have free access to dinosaur water theme park.

* Members may stay in any other hotels of their choice. Members can also book through any other channels.

* If booking through SHC, payment will be in cash and in RM only.
Bookings and payments closed on 30 Mar 2016.

Booking confirmation:

  1. SS James           6 + 1 rooms (all without breakfast)
  2. Andrew Koh        1 room (without breakfast) (Paid deposit of SGD50)
  3. Terence Seah     1 room (without breakfast)
  4. Judy Lim             3+1  rooms (without breakfast) (Paid deposit of SGD200)
  5. Ann Lim              2 rooms (without breakfast) (Paid deposit of SGD100)
  6. Daniel Chan        1  room (without breakfast) (Paid deposit of SGD50) 
  7. Rose White         1 room (without breakfast) (Paid deposit of SGD50)
  8. Cecilia Lim          1 room (without breakfast) (Paid deposit of SGD50)
  9. Lydia Chin           2 rooms (without breakfast) (Will pay in cash to Terence)
  10. Bobby Bok          1 room (without breakfast) (Paid deposit of SGD50)
  11. May Woo            2 rooms (without breakfast) (Paid deposit of SGD100)
  12. .    23 rooms todate.

Please hurry to do your hotel rooms booking now.  If you are lookiing for a partner, please make your reqest here. A number of members will be staying 3 pax per room, altho the hotel will only provide for 2 pax only.

Entrance to Dinosaur theme water park is free, for hotel guest.

Dinosaur Water Theme Park

Terence Seah


Coffee Chat on 6th April 2016

Aprilkopi1   Aprilkopi2

Hi friends,

The next kopi chat will be held on 6th April 2016. Details as follows:

Date:              6th April (Wednesday)

Time:             2 – 4 pm

Venue:           Raffles City food court, L. 3

Nearest mrt:    City Hall mrt station (next door)

Topics:            Anything under the sun except MLM, sex, politics, religion (shc taboos)

Do come and join in an afternoon of fun, laughter and fellowship.  Friendship is critical at this stage of our life.  It keeps dementia and depression at bay. Leave the empty nest and join us on 6th April.  Be lonely no more!   🙂

Aprilkopi4  Aprilkopi5



Gabriella Chua

Those attending:

  1. Gabriella
  2. Loong Say Meng
  3. Lily Boon
  4. Alan Ang
  5. Jimmy Longpoetih
  6. David Low
  7. Friend (MH)
  8. Dave Chong (if work schedule permits…+ Fida)
  9. Friend (FL)
  10. Tony Ang
  11. Charles Wee
  12. Philip Chia
  13. Philip Chia’s wife
  14. Joan Ang
  15. Lim Tiang Soon (+ 1 friend  PL)
  16. John Chua
  17. Richard Kwok
  18. Friend (JL)
  19. Sam Goh Huat Ah
  20. Vivien Ler
  21. Mary Chan
  22. Roy Koh
  23. Lilian Koh
  24. Linda Chan
  25. Daisy Yeo
  26. Steven Yuen
  27. Dan Huang
  28. Bobby Bok
  29. Lim Yoon Chin
  30. Magdalene Phey

Ooh la la ~  Total of 25 (9 ladies, 16 men) attended ….Ah ha ~ Terence will be glad to know that the number of men have exceeded the number of women in his shc event!


dec kopi thanks  Thank you to all supporters of the coffee chat today. A whopping 25 turned up for an afternoon of laughter, yakking, drinking and FUN!  As ‘promised’, it was an afternoon well-spent with senior active pals.  See you all again at the May coffee chat!


Using Microsoft Excel to Create a Family Budget Spreadsheet

To understand family budget, we need first to understand what is quality family life.

What kind of Quality Family Life we want for the family. Everyone has a role to play in the family. Be it working smart to earn enough for the family, taking care of the children, spending quality time with the children and also know how to spend wisely. Make provisions for rainy days and save enough for the children’s future education.

There is no such thing as no time to learn something new to understand how “cash flow” can affect the quality of family life. It is just our priority has excluded that event. Sometimes, it is due to poor time management.

With some basic Microsoft Excel skills, we can share with you how a simple Family Budget spreadsheet can be created. If you have a laptop computer complete with the Microsoft Office application program, you can bring along to the class. Details of the session is as follows:

Date: 9th April 2016
Time: 3PM to 5PM
Venue: Bukit Merah Public Library
Direction: Nearest MRT: Tiong Bahru, exit and turn right, up escalator and take bus number 5 or 16 or 815 to end (Bukit Merah Bus Interchange). About 5 minutes walk to library.
Admission is free.

Hewlee (EC)


Do you have any old but working condition house phones??

Ho ho Hahaha buddies of SHC, II like to appeal If you ve extra or no longer use but still in working condition house phones. We need about four to five land lines phone for d underprivileged centre in johor.. Please drop your message here or email me at gohchinhuat @gmail.com.. Life is short so stay happy be happy hoho haha. A India trained LAUGHTER YOGA TEACHER… CHEERS bro Sam Goh

Sponsoring handicap and disabled children to attend our Cabaret Night

Sam Goh has always been supporting and helping out at Charity homes in Johore Bahru.  The children comes from orphanage and handicap homes.

He has requested the Club to sponsor a table of 10 for these children to attend the early part of our Cabaret function.  The children will also be giving a performance during registration time. And they will also be joining us for dinner. But will leave our ballroom when dancing proper starts.  Sam will organise all the logistics to bring the children to and fro the homes.

SHC invites members to sponsor each child at SGD 50 each. Besides the dinner, we shall also give the children a gift.

Partaicipants as well as non-participants are invited to sponsor these children to our D&D.  We also look forward to their performance.  Thank you Sam for arranging this activity.

To kickstart the sponsorship for the handicap and disabled children, we have our first sponsor Peggy and Arther Yap.

Kindly register here.  An account will be set up, please let us have your transfer reference  Thank you,.

Registration list:

  1. Peggy and Arthur Yap – 1 child, SGD 50. (paid)
  2. Anonymous LY – 1 child, SGD 50 (paid)
  3. Anonymous LB – 1 child, SGD 50 (paid)
  4. Bobby Bok – 1 child, SGD 50 (Paid)
  5. Charles Wee – 1 child, SGD 50 (Paid)
  6. Yoon Chin – 1 child, SGD 50 (Paid)
  7. Anonymous LB – 1 child, SGD 50 (Paid)
  8. Holly Lim – 1 child, SGD 50 (Paid)
  9. Frisna Tan – 1 child, SGD 50 (Paid)
  10. Vander Straaten Angela – 1 child, SGD 50  (Paid)

Max sponsorship for 10 pax from the handicap and orphanage.  This sponsorship is now closed.  Thank you for your support.

Terence Seah

Retirement: Some work to do

When asked when he was going to retire, 75 y.o. Tom Jones replied: Yeah, to what? (S.T. March 4 )

There are many elderly who do not want to retire because they do not know what to do if they retire. If you enjoy your work, like Jones, do not retire but if you do not enjoy your work (or more likely your job) but are hanging on to it for the money or the fear of not knowing what to do after retirement, then work, work, work till your health takes a heavy toll.

Retirement is the time when one enjoys a slower pace of life and has the opportunity to engage in work that one likes or even enjoy a second wind where one is one’s own boss!

Cheers!charlie brown


Monthly walk: to the ROCKET, we go!

This is an EC activity. Bring your adult friends who are over 45!

Date: Saturday, 5 March 2016
Time: 4.30 pm sharp
Meeting Point: Ang Mo Kio Bus Interchange – Bus 138 Boarding queue
Duration: Approx. 2 hrs
ECs : Azhari Cuttilan and ChristinA Chan

Here is the 1st walk for the Year 2016… Be like 20 feel like 16!        😀

Good time to walk off the loaded extras during the festive seasons.

We will walk to one of the less visited places: The “Rocket” at Upper Seletar Reservoir Park.
This “futuristic space age rocket” was built and completed in Seletar in 1969 – the
same year astronauts from the Apollo 11 space flight landed on the moon.

Pleasant & easy walk to the Rocket which overlooks lush nature.
Those with stronger legs & knees can go up the Tower. The view is breathtaking.
On the way back, if enough time we will visit Springleaf Nature Park & stroll along the newly built Springleaf park connector.
Surely, will meet several of this Lunar zodiac “representative” along the way.    Hehe…

There are many Makan places around Spring Leaf area. We can have dinner there
or take the bus back to AMK.
We shall decide at the end of the walk.

Bring water bottle, caps, umbrella and camera. Do wear comfortable walking shoes.

Look forward to your early registration!        😀  😀

the Walk Team: Charles Wee, Veronica Wong, Mary Tan, Serene Low, Alice Seah,
Azhari Cuttilan and I, ChristinA Chan.


1. AzhariC
2. ChristinA
3. RonaldLee
4. Judy Lim
5. Lydia Soh
6. Janis Han
7. Janis’s friend
8. Jani’s friend
9. Margaret Soo
10. Susan Tan
11. Henry See
12. Gabriella Chua
13. Tony Ang
14. James Tan
15. Irene Chua
16. Alice Seah
17. Veronica Wong
18. Charles Wee
19. Wendy Lum
20. Serene Low
21. Serene’s friend – Iris Lee

Song and singing registration list – Cabaret night 3

Cabaret Night 3 “The Last One Night” will have both dancing and singing. If you would like to sing during the night, plse register your name and the song title on this Post personally.


1. Songs suitable for dancing, popular, in line with the theme, and from within the 60’s – 70’s period.
2. Can be in any language, in line with the theme.
3. Singers can be male, female or duet.
4. Time allocated for singing and dancing is 4-5 hours, subject to programming.
5. During to limited time, each singer is limited to one song, duet to two songs.

This song list is created.  To participate, simply register on this post personally with the song title, dialect/language. We will close the singing list on 31 Mar 2016.

Terence Seah/Judy Lim

Singing and song list:

  1. Sally Tan
  2. Judy Lim, song and music coordinator
  3. .
  4. This list closes on 31 March 2016.

Using Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System

Microsoft Windows 10 is the latest Microsoft operating system for all Windows based smartphones, tablet, laptop and PCs.

If you are caught with this Windows 10 operating system after purchasing a tablet or laptop or desktop PC, this is the opportunity for you to learn some tricks to tame the OS.

Topic: Using Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System
Date: 12th March 2016 (Saturday)
Time: 3.00PM to 5.00PM
Course Fee: Free (no charge)
Venue: Bukit Merah Library

For those who have the laptop or tablet installed with Windows 8 or 10 Operating System, please bring along to the class. Please fully charge your devices.
hew lee (EC)

Those registered coming:

Kopi Chat on Wed, 9 Mar

febkopi2  Febkopi1

Hi friends

Our next kopi get-together will be held on Wed, 9 Mar.  Details are as follows:

9 March

2- 4 pm

Raffles City Food Court, Level 3

(City Hall mrt station)

General yak2 and fellowship to wild away the time.. haha 🙂

Come and enjoy yourself.  We have lots of laughter therapy … talking about anything under the sun (nothing serious though).

Pl indicate your interest here ASAP.

Thanks & Cheers,


Those coming:

  1. Gabriella Chua
  2. Zara (+ 1 friend)
  3. Lily Boon
  4. Jazz Soh
  5. Loong Say Meng
  6. Friend (MH)
  7. Holly Lim
  8. David Low
  9. Jimmy Longpoetih
  10. Charles Wee
  11. Lim Tiang Soon
  12. Susan Chong
  13. Friend (JL)
  14. Peter Loo
  15. Alan Ang
  16. Philip Chia
  17. Tony Ang
  18. Mary Chan
  19. Daisy Yeo
  20. Dave Chong
  21. Fida
  22. Magdalene Phey
  23. Ronald Lee
  24. Richard Kwok

dec kopi thanks  A big thank you to all kopi kakis who came for the chat this afternoon.  The camaraderie and fellowship were wonderful.  I’m happy that everyone had a jolly good time chatting, drinking coffee and eating.  Cheers and see you all at the chat next month 🙂


The Last One Night – Cabaret Night 3

cabaret3a   cabaret3c   cabaret3b

For some of us, we had sad memories in our lives.  We tried to forget the good times and then the bad times, and then we remembered the good times again.  We tell ourselves life must go, and that we must try to forget the good and the sad memories. Many sad memories are painful and they are difficult to shake them off.

Songs bring back time, sorrows and hurt.  And to kick start “Cabaret 3  The Last One Night”, I like to dedicate this song to those who have been hurt and wish to move on with their lives.

Terence Seah


  1. Date: Sat 23 Apr 2016
  2. Venue:  Ballroom, KSL Hotel, Johore Bahru City
  3. Recommended hotel:  KSL hotel IN 23 Apr OUT 24 April 2016. Members can stay at any hotel.  Corporate rate will be advised soon
  4. Time:  6pm to midnight
  5. Dinner:  Round table, seating, Chinese menu.  Halal dinner on request.
  6. Price:  SGD 40 per pax (members only).  SGD 50 per pax (non-SHC members)
  7. Price per dinner table of 10 pax:  10% discount, if registration on this post before 6 Mar 2016 1200 hrs.  There is a * against your name in the list.
  8. Payment to:  POSB Current:  951-00428-6.  Please indicate your name, transaction reference, date and amount. Last day for payment:  31 Mar 2016.


  1. Mainly a night of songs, singing and dancing.
  2. Will be advised.


  1. EO:  Terence Seah
  2. Hotel venue and F&B Liaison:  SS James
  3. Song and music coordinator:  Judy Lim
  4. Compere:  Sam Goh (Ah Huat)
  5. Co-compere: Lily Ho
  6. Welcome Registration desk: Lydia Chin
  7. Mamasan:  Vacancy open.  Likely no mamasans for the night.
  8. Gifts and sponsorships: Terence Seah/Andrew Koh

Dinner menu (subj to change by the hotel kitchen):

  • Unity Combination of Five Varieties
  • Sichuan Hot & Sour Soup with Fish Maw & Assorted Shredded Mushrooms
  • Boneless Almond Chicken with Orange Sauce
  • Steamed Sea Bass Hong Kong Style
  • Sauteed Shrimp & Squid with Broccoli in Nest
  • Braised Mushroon & Bean strip with Cabbage & Garlic
  • Fried Spicy Rice with Dried Shrimp, Ham, Mushroom & Long Bean
  • Chilled Longan with Sea Coconut or Chilled Sichuan Rolls

Registration List:

Table 1: (Table complete)

  1. Yew Kwong *  DI
  2. Judy Lim * (Paid)
  3. Lily Ho * (Paid)
  4. June Ho (Paid)
  5. Sally Tan * (Paid)
  6. Lydia Chin * (Paid $40)
  7. Lydia Chin’s partner * (Paid $40)
  8. Shirleen Kao * (Paid)
  9. Andrew Koh * (Paid)
  10. Sam Goh Ah Huat – Compere * (Paid)

Table 2: (Table complete)

  1. SS James – Hotel and Venue liaison * (Paid)
  2. Yee Chee Kong * (Paid)
  3. Jennifer Wu * (Paid)
  4. Gracie Gingko * (Paid)
  5. Robert Ong * (Paid)
  6. Molly Chua * (Paid)
  7. Susan Chang * (Paid)
  8. Charlie Teo * (Paid)
  9. Cynthia Phua * (Paid)
  10. Terence Seah – EO * (Paid)

Table 3: (Formed by James Tan) (Table complete)

  1. Lee Kow Muay * (Paid)
  2. Tan Lay Hue * (Paid)
  3. Koh Yean Hong * (Paid)
  4. Ang Gek Liang * (Paid)
  5. Betty * (Paid)
  6. Neo Ah Koon * (Paid)
  7. Soi Ai Ling * (Paid)
  8. Karen * (Paid)
  9. Ng Soh Chye * (Paid)
  10. Chan How Mui * (Paid)

Table 4: (Table complete)

  1. Mega A * (Paid)
  2. Jane Tan * (Paid)
  3. Christine Poh SH * DI
  4. Sue Chan * (Paid)
  5. Wong Hong Jeng * (Paid)
  6. Bobby Bok * (Paid)
  7. Karen Lim*  (Paid)
  8. John How *  Evon Lim (John How Paid – will be refunded) (Evon Lim Paid)
  9. Dan Huang *Ng Meng Wai (Dan Huang Paid – will be refunded) (Ng Meng Wai Paid)
  10. Stella Sheng (Paid $36…. should pay $40  ~ not early bird)…extra $4 paid 

Table 5:  (Table complete)

  1. Ann Lim * (Paid)
  2. Lilian Teo * (Paid)
  3. Bessie Lam * (Paid)
  4. Andrew Tan * (Paid)
  5. Mary (Irene Wong’s friend) (Paid)
  6. Doreen Ho * (Paid)
  7. Rose White *(Paid)
  8. Cecilia Lim (Paid)
  9. Cecilia Lim’s friend (non-member) (Paid)
  10. James (Irene Wong’s friend) (Paid)

Table 6: (Table complete)

  1. James Tan * (Paid)
  2. Susan Tan * (Paid)
  3. Alex Woo (Paid)
  4. May Woo (Paid)
  5. Adeline Tan
  6. Rina Tan (Paid)
  7. Mike Tay (Paid)
  8. Kent Chan (Paid)
  9. Joe Choo (Paid)
  10. Veronique Lee (Paid)
  11. Daniel Chan* (Paid $40)

Table 7: (special sponsored guests from the Homes)

  1. 10 Altogether 10 pax.

Table 8: (Table complete)

  1. Ben Teo          Barbara Ong (Paid)
  2. Bart Teo          Karen Phoo (Paid)
  3. Henry Lum (Paid)
  4. Anna Chai (Paid)
  5. Janie Leong (Paid)
  6. Janie Leong’s partner (Paid)
  7. Irene Wong (Paid)
  8. Irene Wong’s partner (Wilbur) (Paid)   
  9. Maria Oh (Paid)
  10. Corrine Pereira (Paid)

Reserved List:

  1. Evon Lim
  2. Ng Meng Wei
  3. Barbara Ong (Paid)   (see table 8)
  4. Karen Phoo (for  table 5 if approved)   (see table 8 – table 5 is full)


  • For members who are looking for groups or share in transport arrangements, do join the Whatsapp group “Going to KSL on 23 Apr”.  You can also look for room partners on this group.  Whatsapp 9489-4360.
  • All early birds have a * besides the name.  You are entitled to a 10% discount off the D&D ticket.  Last day for payment – 31 Mar 2016.
  • All later birds ticket price is SGD 40 per pax.
  • 8 tables completely filled

A “Nobody can recognise you picture” competition

Many of us keep pictures of our school days.  Some of us still remember our classmates or schoolmates.  You may still have these pictures in your storeroom,  bedroom or on a shelf in your living room.  Perhaps, if we look at these pictures again, we may not be able to recognise our own faces.  “It cannot be me, I cannot be that skinny”, or “I was the most handsome boy or pretty girl in class”.

If we show our old school pictures around, this may even help us to find old friends whom we have lost touch.  As we get older, our memories go back to our school days, our primary or kindergarden days.  Maybe, during our school days, we went to a waterfall with some boyfriends; and all we have left is a picture, no boy.  Or we went to a disco with a few girls, and then, we lost touch with them forever.  What about ourselves?  Do you still have your old school dates pictures?

Let’s have a competition.  Send in one of your old photos.Take the picture with your mobile camera, as high resolution as possible. Then whatsapp it to +65 9489-4360 or email it to admin@SilverHairsClub.com.  You can also whatsapp or email your entry to any senior SHC member who will insert your entry picture and name in the comments of this Post.

We shall then enter you into a competition by inserting your picture as a comment on this Post.  We shall then see if any member can recognise you.

** You will win a prize if no member can recognise you.

** The member who can recognise the most number of pictures correctly will also win a prize.  The owner of the picture will decide if you have correctly recognise his/her face in the picture.

The prize is the latest design of the SilverHairsClub T-shirt.  Winners will get to choose the size S, M or L.  Closing date has not been decided; but you may start sending in your entries now.

The objective of this competition is to encourage members to get to know one another better and also to know other members.  In the spirit of friendship and fun.

Terence Seah

To a healthy and happy Lunar New Year to all members and family

monkey year   On behalf of SilverHairsClub, I like to take this occasion to wish all members and families a healthy and happy Monkey Lunar New Year.  It would be nice to see how playful we can get as we enjoy our SilverHairs years.

And if you have not been active for some time, do take this opportunity to wish fellow members our seasons greetings.  We want to know from you.

If you are travelling on holidays, do remember us too.

Happy seasons.

Terence Seah


How about a CNY lunch for ourselves?

lingzhirestaurant Dear fellow SHC members,

It would be nice if we can gather together for a CNY lunch, sometime during this festive period.  Years ago, we went to this Red House at Chin Swee Road.  I am not sure if this place is still around.  We could have a dim-sum lunch.

I am definitely game, as I will be around during this CNY period.  I am not too familiar with many places, but if you know of a restaurant that can take, maybe one or two tables, let’s gather together to enjoy the season.  I guess we have to be fast, as the monkey year is here, and restaurants are being booked up fast.

Even, if one table, and we can book the table, it would be fine. Let’s find a place that is nice, and we can chat.  Maybe at a price tag of less than $30 per pax.

Well, we have found and confirm the place.

1 Restaurant: LingZhi Vegetarian, a Tunglok restaurant.

2. Place: Novena Square, Velocity, #03-09/10, 3rd floor

3. Date/time: Sun 21 Feb 2016 / 1500-1700 hrs

3. Food: New Year Hi-tea buffet

4. Cost per person: $25 per person, including Chinese tea. Any surplus will go into buying Monkey toto or Big sweep.

3. To participate, please pay $35 $25 into an account which will be provided soon. Payment:  POSB Current:  951-00428-6. Payment confirms your participation. If you cannot come, you can replace your seat with another SilverHairsClub member. No refund for not turning up.

Once you make payment, plse inform here on this post, with the transaction reference number.

You may also register first on this list, but only payment can confirm your attendance. Limited seats, please be quick.

Terence Seah

Registration and payment list:

  1. Terence Seah (Paid)
  2. Mary Chan (Paid)
  3. Philip Chia
  4. and Jian Li
  5. Magdalene Phey (Paid)
  6. Gabriella Chua (Paid)
  7. Charles Wee (Paid)
  8. Alan Ang  (Paid)
  9. Richard Kwok
  10. Andrew Koh (Paid)
  11. SSJames (Paid)
  12. Susan S W Tan (Paid)
  13. Jane Ong (Paid)
  14. Judy Lim (Paid)
  15. Jimmy Tsin (Paid)
  16. Dan Huang
  17. Mega (Paid)
  18. Leow Soon Huat (Paid)
  19. Dona Ching (Paid)
  20. Friend (MH)(special approval from fairy godma).. Will pay to Terence on day of high tea (Paid)
  21. Steven Yuen (Paid)
  22. Eleanor Chan
  23. Catherine Koh
  24. Joy Chuang

Would you like to manage and run the SilverHairsClub?


Dear Fellow members,

Last two years, I have not been able to spend enough time with SHC, mainly because I dont have enough time.  As such, not much has been going and we dont have enough activities to keep our club active.

Many members have gone into private groups, and we have lost the cohesion of the club as a whole.  Unfortunately, I dont see myself spending more time; infact, I expect to reduce my time in Singapore.

Would you like to take the lead and give SHC a change?  Ilook forward to hearing from you.

Terence Seah