Embracing a Digital Lifestyle

I am starting a WhatsApp chat group to allow those interested to share their IT (computer) discoveries with those in the group.
For those interested, we can arrange meetups in foodcourt, cafe, library or even in a volunteer’s home. You can also provide feedback to me as to what computer topic or smart devices (iPhone, smartphone, iPad, tablet) you would like to learn more or have trouble with. I can then consider to include in my monthly free IT (computer) talks in the library or other venues.Currently I am providing an IT (computer) talks on the second Saturday of the month in Bukit Merah Library. Please visit my blog for details.

I am also, if time permits, considering doing another two hours IT (computer) Talk on a rotational monthly basis in various library branches.To keep up with active ageing, I do also organize high tea, photo walks, sculptures hunting and other anniversary type of events like the once a year Christmas Walk.

For those interested, please provide me with your full name and mobile number through email, hewlee@gmail.com. Please do not provide your telephone number in the comments of this post.


Chatline for makansutra kakis

laksa   makan sutra2 makan sutra1

Hi friends makan sutra drooling


I would like to set up a chatline for makansutra kakis.  The purpose of this chatline is for friends who enjoy trying out new places which offer good and reasonably cheap food.  Since most of us are retirees or semi-retired, we have loads of time to travel to such eating outlets. The recommended makan places should preferably be near mrt stations for easy accessibility.  Wd appreciate if you could indicate your interest in joining this chatgroup either on this forum page or apps me if you have my hp number.    I’ll be the admin for this chatgroup. You may exit the chatline anytime if you find that it does not serve your interest.  And last, but not least, those who keep silent for a month will be removed from the chatline (no hard feelings about this requisite)…….

Hope that many like-minded people will come together for makan, fellowship and bask in the camaraderie of good friendship.  Let’s make the rest of our life the best in our life!


Gabriella Chua


Interested Parties:

  1. Gabriella Chua
  2. Loong Say Meng
  3. Amy Ko
  4. Alice Tan
  5. Charles Wee
  6. Jazz Soh
  7. Daniel  Chan
  8. Susan Chong
  9. Myra Chia
  10. John Chua SC
  11. Richard Kwok
  12. Winnie Tan
  13. Vincent Long
  14. Maria Tan

friendship1   friendship2


Precious collection

This is the heading in today’s Sunday Times about a jewellery shop, in commemoration of SG50, presented a Peranakan-inspired jewellery collection. I looked at the pictures of the jewellery and immediately thought of my own small collection of Peranakan jewellery encrusted with intan (diamond chips).

Under the influence of a good friend years ago, I started buying some pre-owned kerongsang,  earrings,  etc. I liked and still like their intricate designs.  Twice  I thought of selling them and took them out of the safe deposit box, but twice changed my mind when I looked at those exquisite things of beauty!

The jewellery shop chose to promote the Peranakan-inspired jewelley pieces with an updated version. Mine are the old originals.  So happy!



Coffee meet on Thursday, 16 July


July kopi1     july kopi2

Hi everyone

The next coffee meet is here again.  Details of the next session are as follows:

  • Date:           Thursday, 16 July 2015
  • Time:           2 – 4 pm
  • Venue:         Usual haunt viz: Paya Lebar Singpost food court, B1 (next to Paya Lebar mrt station)
  • Charge:        Nil  – just order your own coffee and snacks and join in the fun ~ Seniors can get special discount for drinks from the Kopitiam stall
  • Topics:         Feel free to discuss on anything under the sun except the SHC taboos ~ otherwise FGM will come with his cane  :-)

Come and join in the fun, laughter and fellowship on a lazy Thursday afternoon.  Friendship is very important at this stage of our life ~ Let’s make this lap of our life the best in our life ya?  I’m sure we just want to be HAPPY ~ we have all the tangibles of life.  Perhaps, we should now focus on such intangibles like happiness, love, kindness, care, concern and contentment.

Always remember, the money isn’t yours until you use it.

Register here if you wish to join in.


Gabriella Chua, EO


Registered List:

  1. Gabriella Chua
  2. Loong Say Meng
  3. Jazz Soh (sick)
  4. Daniel Wong
  5. Lim Tiang Soon
  6. Grace Wong
  7. Richard Kwok
  8. Nita Sim
  9. Alice Tan


Although we have a small group of 6 today, I’m sure that we’ll still have a great time ~ a cosy table of 6 for warmer and better discussion :-) .. What is important is that we are good friends!

 Quotes on Happiness (main theme for the July coffee meet)

july kopi4  july kopi6  I july kopi5


The man who planted 20000 trees

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAll the stories published under ‘Impact Journalism Day’ in the *Straits Times are  inspiring, but the most impactful one for me is “The man who planted 20 000 trees.” I thought this is such a meaningful and good life and wondered how one can live a meaningful life, like Kartik’s , an ex-barber who has planted 20 000 trees and now at 75 years old is still planting trees.

From the story I distilled these pre-requisites:

  1. Serving others is the mission of life.  The ex-barber  would save some money from his earnings to buy the seedlings to plant his trees. He has never collected payment from anyone for his work.
  2. Philosophical belief learnt from  his father who told him: “…If you just plant a tree, that will bring you far more blessings than any pilgrimage…” To me this is equivalent to “faith with work…”

In a materialistic world where consumers are kings, it is not easy to not work for money, but on the road less taken, where money is secondary, where serving others is priority, life can be very meaningful and fulfilling.

*ST Sat 20 June.


Let’s organise the year end ball

    ball1      shc-logo

Let’s start dreaming our year end event of the year.  You can be a part of it; simply by raising your hand and agreeing that you will work with everybody in the team, whoever they are.  This should be the spirit for this and all our events.

What the event will be, it will be up to all of us.  But, it can be a ball, a big ball.  I can make the following guess.  We should aim big, and hit 150 pax.  Music, songs and dancing should be the theme.  Food, well, it is a must; for without it, many members will be unhappy. So, we want to be happy.  Seriously, we should have a balance of the sexes.  Let’s have all ears.  Maybe, if you have a great idea in mind, yes, why not?

Let’s start looking for a band; either a live band or a musician without a good sound system.  We dont need a pro, but someone who can make us feel young again.  Let’s go all way out to look for new bands or musician, that SHC has not used before.  Consider songs and music that we have not heard off for many many years, but were popular during our younger days.  Let’s make a decision by end July 2015.  We should pay for the music.

And, for the venue, why not a nice hotel venue.  This time, it need not be at a country club.  If you have great contacts with the hotels, and if we can have a good package of between $40 and $50 per pax, we can look at it.  Food, cannot be too different, international, Chinese or even simply a 3-course Western.

As for the date, somewhere towards Nov/Dec, it can be fun.  If not, we hold it in Jan. That should work too.

For a change, we can have corporate sponsors.  Probably, a company to sponsor a couple of pairs of airtickets or cruise tickets to Alaska, another company to sponsor the beer and drinks, we can consume.  Other ideas can be a company to sponsor SHC t-shirts for all attending members. , the latest Iphone or the latest smartTV.  Great, let’s see what we can come up with.  We should have other prizes too.

Activities and program for the ball.  How much we will charge is still open.

Hope we can all start the thinking process.  And, I am looking for a committee to handle (1) Venue, Decor and backdrop and F&B (2) Program and activities (3) Prizes (4) tickets and seatings (5) Registration and accounts.  And importantly, a co-EO.

Terence Seah


Would you like to go to Delhi and Mumbai this Nov 2015?

I am in Delhi and Mumbai this whole week.  In fact, I have been to these two cities more than 20 times in the last 20 years.  I plan to go again in Nov 2015.  After doing what I am doing, I am able to extend my trip and bring a group to travel Delhi and Mumbai.

Many of us may not know; but Mumbai is the largest city in the world.  It is a very vibrant city, with many historial sights, colourful markets, millions of people and exotic Indian food.

Delhi is the capital city of India.  It’s most well known site is the Taj mahal, which many of us must have known and studied during our school days.

When was the last time you were in India? and what were your feelings and feedback about visiting India.

Terence Seah

gate to india taj mahal



Monthly Walk – Nature in the Garden : A Green Treasure

Date: Saturday, 4 July 2015

Meeting Place: Boon Lay Mrt Station, Exit D facing Jurong Point

Start Time: 4.00pm Sharp, taking bus to walk site

Duration:  about 2 hours.

ECs for this walk:  Veronica Wong & Mary Tan

A nice place to explore.    Climbing 58 steps to the summit lookout for a bird’s eye view of the garden.   An amazing variety of wildlife and nature and is home to so many birds, dragonflies, butterflies and insects.   Go through the freshwater swamp, streams and ponds in the garden.  Try to spot butterflies and dragonflies flying around at the Butterfly Garden.

Venture into the walking trail which is just a path between bushes and trees   The trail is a fairly easy route on an all-flat terrain except at the end where there’s quite a steep slope to go down and it is quite hard to gain a foothold on small slippery pebbles.   This trail will only be available till 2019 so come visit before it disappears.   Do wear comfortable covered walking shoes.

At the end of the walk, those who wish to have dinner can proceed to Jurong Point mall where there’s the Kopitiam and other food outlets.

Our Walk Team ECs: Christina CL Chan, Charles Wee, Mary Tan, Veronica Wong, Serene Low, Alice Seah, Jeffrey Lim, Azhari Cuttilan.

Come join the walk, do register here!

  1. Andrew Yeung
  2. Gabriella Chua
  3. Danny Lye
  4. Peggy Yap
  5. Arthur
  6. Peter Goh
  7. Tony Ang
  8. Lilian Teo
  9. Friend
  10. Grace Kang
  11. Hew Lee
  12. Judy Lim
  13. Steven Chan
  14. Daisy Phua
  15. Shawn Goh
  16. Chwee Yin
  17. Grace Wong
  18. Andrew Koh


Monthly cycling-27 June 2015



IMG-20150620-WA0016Hi all cyclists

We are going island cycling at St John’s Island.

Meet : Marina South Pier,
Time : 8am
No rental bikes nearby. Only folding bikes allowed on ferry.
Ferry : $18 return

Those without bikes are welcome to join.
We will visit St John’s and Larazus island.

Things to bring:
1. Brolly or hat
2. Sun block
3. Packed lunch or some snacks.

1. Douglas
2. Lily
3. Judy Lim
4. Susan CH Tan
5. Julian Mok
6. Andrew k
7. T.S. Lim
8. Hou Chong
9. Ah Nee
10. LinaN
11. Susan Tan
12. James Tan
13. ChristinA

High Tea (Small Group Gathering)

Over a cup of coffee/tea, drink or with snack, we have two solid hours of networking and getting to know each other better. All are welcomed.

The details:
Date: 18-July-2015 (Saturday)
Time: 3.00PM to 5.00PM
Venue: Swissbake Cafe @ Marina Bay Link Mall
Meeting Place: After coming out of Raffles Place MRT Station, turn left, up escalator and wait nearby Jollibean Stall.
(We will start walking to the cafe at 3.05PM)
[For those who missed us, you can meet us at the cafe itself at 8A, Marina Boulevard,
#B2-47]. For those who still have time to spare, we can have our dinner either at Marina Bay Sands Food Court or Chinatown Complex Foodcourt along Smith Street by New Bridge Road.

To make the gathering effective, we will limit the number of participants to not more than eight.
hewlee (EC)
Those registered coming:
1) Hewlee
2) Joan Ang
3) Gabriella Chua
4) Charles Wee
5) Peter Loo
6) Gingko Tay
7) Registered
8) Registered
Registration is now CLOSED.

IT Talk – Using Facebook

The talk will cover how to make a new post with photos, comment on posts received from friends including recommended settings on Facebook account and the like.

If you have an iPad or any smart devices (tablet, smartphone) please bring along.

Topic: Using Facebook
Date: 11-07-2015 (Saturday)
Time: 3PM to 5PM
Venue: Bukit Merah Library (BML), Level 3
Attendance is free



We shouted , we chanted, we clapped ,we jumped and then we jogged out to the field and waved to about 55.000 strong audience watching the 28th Sea Game closing ceremony last night!

It was a bit chaotic with only 10min rehearsal but it was fun and exciting!
I am glad to have volunteered for the Sea Game and have a memorable experience. The Game will come back to Singapore again in 22 years time but where will I be then? Only God knows…

By chance I found out another fellow SHCian Shirleen Kao also volunteered, so last night we sticked together chasing all sort of athletes to take picture with. And in the process hit by the big balloons several times ha ha!

Wonder if any other members have volunteered as well? (Either this or other national scale events). Perhaps you would like to share your experience with us too?

Hooray Team Singapore for achieving 84 record Gold Medals!

(PS. I volunteered for youth Olympic too in 2010.another memorable experience dealing with media.officials.athletes and had a close encounter with prince Albert of Monaco)

Golf game at Khao Yai Golf Club, Mon 12 Oct 2015

golf1   golf2  As we will be going to Khai Yai in Oct 2015, I did a recce today with Sompho to Khai Yai National Park, and while looking for a suitable place to pitch our tents on the first night and a resort on the second night, I remembered there is a beautiful golf course in Khai Yai.

Before we go on to organise a golf game, I would like to find out if there are members who are interested  to play golf on the following schedule.

  1. Venue:  Khao Yai Golf Course.
  2. Location:  Khao Yai, one of the most beautiful and stunning thai golf courses, set around the splendour of Khao Yai, with beautiful mountains and large land green pieces.  It is located north east of Bangkok, about 100 km away.
  3. Date Mon 12 Oct 2015.
  4. Number of holes:  18
  5. Par:  72
  6. Yardage: 7058
  7. Booking time:  6 am
  8. Number of persons:  4 per group with some flexibility.
  9. Price:  1500 baht (inclusive of golf cart, caddie fee and green fee).  Approx SGD 63.
  10. Transport, meals, guide and tips not included.
  11. Members who are interested and have connections to get a special price, please let me know.
  12. URL:  http://khaoyaigolfclub.com/home/

For info, this golf game will be on the 3rd day of our Khao Yai trip.  After the golf game, players will join the rest of the Khao Yai group, before heading for Don Muang airport.

Terence Seah




LPA – Some thoughts

A friend passed me some notes and forms on the lasting power of attorney (LPA). Because of the *abuse of the LPA by the China tour guide, I took a closer look at the powers granted to the Donee ( (person appointed by the Donor to make decisions on his behalf) by the Donor ( person who makes the LPA), and felt shaken by the ABSOLUTE power the Donee has over the welfare and assets of the Donor  – shaken in view of the fact that the China tour guide was also the sole beneficiary of the rich widow’s (the Donor’s) will.

Very often the fiduciary role of the Donee is taken for granted and there lies the loophole for abuse. But then the Law will say that onus is on the Donor to appoint someone he can absolutely trust.  I feel this is dangerous for the Donor as it assumes every Donor is wise enough to pick the right Donee. What if the Donor was under duress or undue influence of the Donee to make the LPA (as in the *case of the China tour guide)?  Another case of challenge to the LPA has surfaced.

As the present form of the LPA is not foolproof, I hope the Office of the Public Guardian will refine the LPA and ensure that it is 100% foolproof.

*The China tour guide has not been convicted of the charges brought against him.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALPA – information and forms

SHC Whatsapp Cooking

cooking1     cooking2

Hi fellow members,

I have been following up on SHC Whatsapp Cruises and Whatsapp Gardening, and I am impressed with the success of the groups discussion and interests. The participants were genuingly interested in cruises and gardening. Those who find the discussions not to their interests can drop out of the group anytime.

So, we move on. Cooking (not baking or making cakes) has been talked about in SilverHairsClub for years. We tried cooking demos, recipes, and classes. Some worked, others didn’t work. But I am only an eater.

Well, guys and gals, if you are truly into cooking ie cooking different dishes, welcome to SHC Whatsapp Cooking. Feel free to drop a note here that you are interested, and I shall contact you to the group.

Please keep strictly to cooking, or the fairy godmother will wake up after years of sleeping. I hope you enjoy yourself.

Cooking brings friends together. Not for those who wish to eat only.

Terence Seah

Those interested:

  1. Terence Seah (administrator of chatline)
  2. Gabriella Chua
  3. Mary Chan
  4. Freda Lim
  5. Patricia Low
  6. Jazz Soh
  7. Malyne Suen aka Catherine Suen
  8. Daisy Yeo
  9. Kristy Quek
  10. Rosalind Lee


Coming together for a gathering of online investors,, Thur 25 Jun 2015 evening

invest1   invest2

Since the beginning of this year,  we have been talking about organising a gathering for online investors  to meet and share their experience. Finally, with Kenneth Tan’s helping us to book a function room at his condo, we are now able to announce the gathering details.

  1. Venue:  The Milton, Hougang Street 11, Singapore 534079
  2. Date:  Thur 25 June 2015
  3. Time:  6pm
  4. Topic:  Online trading in stocks, shares, options, US or local markets.
  5. Number of participants:  10 members (max)
  6. Cost:  $5 per person
  7. F&B:  Food not included.  Please have your dinner before coming.

If you wish to make a 10 min presentation, please feel free to indicate your topic here.

Thank you Kenneth for making this gathering possible.

Terence Seah

Registration (on a first paid basis).

  1. Kenneth (Moderator)
  2. Bobby Bok
  3. Leon Lau
  4. Ann Giri
  5. Loong Say Meng
  6. Jennifer Wu
  7. Jazz Soh
  8. Robert Kwok
  9. Mega Abdullah
  10. Peter Goh
  11. This gathering is now closed.  Anymore will be put on waiting list.


Perth a place for holiday or for retirement. What is your experience?

australia     One of the most sought after activity after retirement is travelling.  Some of us are contented to say in Singapore; while others are forever looking out for near places to live their retirement. In the last two weeks, the Straits Times carried two articles on Perth and Western Australia.

For some members, their children are studying in one of Perth’s universities. For others, it is a golfing outing with friends.  Many just love the open air and wide space. Families may go there to see dolphines and whales.  And for others, a chance to own a 450 sq metre piece of land with a landed property at about AUD 450,000 freehold.

Some years ago, SilverHairsClub organised a homestay among Singaporean homes, enjoyed Fremantle and its wide and beautiful coastline, moved leisurely around Perth city, and mixed with the Singapore community.

Perth is 5 hours from Singapore, same time zone, and with Scoot, jetstar,
Quantas, Singapore airlines and Air Asia, many can buy their air tickets between S250 to 900 return. Hotels starts from AUD100, and rentals of an apartment or house are around AUD 450+ per week..  Car rentals are pretty cheap, and available at around AUD50-70 per day.  Coffee is expensive, at about AUD 4 per cup.  A single dish is big sized, and likely to cost AUD 10 – 18 each.

What are your experiences and considerations when it comes to holiday or retirement in Perth?  Share and discuss.

Terence Seah


Dance Exercise Classes for over 50s

Dear fellow members,

Dancercise together for a healthy lifestyle with me as a SilverHairs trainer with 23 years’ of training experience :

1)  Dancercise 50plus – program designed for both ladies and men of age 50 and over, to maintain their physical and mental fitness. Participants will be taken through a series of warm-up movements, dance steps and a variety of rhythms during each session. These moves help to develop good posture, stamina, coordination and alertness.

Attire: Sportswear and exercise shoes (suitable for dance moves)

Program Fee
$85 (Passion card member); $90 (non-member)
* Thursday, 2 July to 27 August (no class on 6 August)
* 9.30am-10.30am (8 sessions)
* Course code: C23082900
* Venue:  Queenstown CC (sign up online at www.one.pa.gov.sg or at any ccs)

2)  Zumba Gold – Dance Fitness program for seniors

Program Fee
$45 (member); $50 (non-member)
* Friday, 3 July to 31 July (4 sessions)
* 9.30am-10.30am
* Course code:  C23132381
* Venue:  Queenstown CC (sign up online at www.one.pa.gov.sg or at any ccs)

Attire: Sportswear and exercise shoes

EC and trainer, Shirleen Cheong.

Registration list:

  • Opportunity to tap the newly launched Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise (RaiSE)

    RaiSE was launched on 27 May 2015.  In Channel News Asia”s report today, RaiSE will distribute $30m worth of grant and investments over 5 years to boost social enterprises. The requirements are a financial assessment, a compelling social objective and a proven sustainability of the business model.  The amount awarded depends on the maturity of the social enterprise.  Funding will support proof-of-concept.

    RaiSE notes that many social enterprises face challenges such as talent, business know-how and funding.

    SilverHairsClub has a clear objective of providing a platform for Singaporeans, over 45 to meet new and more friends.  It has been operating since Oct 2005, and we would be celebrating our 10th anniversary this Oct.  We have many activities.

    1.  As a social enterprise, our EOs and ECs have organised numerous activities.  We have no lack of activities, as we believe in our concept of one member doing an activity during the life of his/her membership.  Some EOs have been organising and running activities for the last 10 years.

    2.  Financially, SHC operates on a cost basis.  The Club does not collect membership fees, and as long as members are over 45, Singaporeans and PR, they are eligible to join as a member of SilverHairsClub.  We have been operating 10 years under this financial model.  Although we do not have a physical premise to call our own or rent from a landlord, we have managed well with public venues and private premises.

    3.  In terms of management, we operate with minimal manpower.  Some of our key roles are membership admin, IT and hosting services and support services to our SilverHairsClub.com.  All other operations and management work are within the role of the EOs and ECs.

    4.  With the existing model and concept, SHC can expand its social enterprise to other Singaporeans and PRs living within mainland Singapore.  Funding and assistance from RaiSE will widen our scope, our membership and sustain our activities.

    What do you think?  Shall we actively seek assistance from RaiSE?  And what can you do be part of the committee to seek this assistance? Thinking.

    Today’s article is available at http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/new-agency-offers-funding/1876884.html

    Terence Seah

    June 2015 Online Fleamart

    flea3   The online flea mart site is up again, and available to members with extra items or unwanted stuff in the home.  If you have a lot of stuff, and would like to sell them or give them away, you can invite members over for a garage sale.  Guess, many of us don’t have a garage nowardays.  Simply sell or give away your items here.  If you are looking for something, you can also use this Post too.  Personal services and pictures encouraged.


    1. Each advertisement not longer than 10 lines.
    2. Can be stuffs from your wardrobe or your personal skills.  No Corporate items.
    3. MLM and Email address collecting for other purposes not permitted.
    4. If you are looking for something which you think some members may have, please ask for it here.
    5. Pictures of item and services are allowed.  Simply start a comment here, and insert your pictures.  URLs are not permitted.
    6. If unsure, please whatsapp +6594894360 or email admin@silverhairsclub.com.

    Terence Seah

    SHC Whatsapp Chat – Gardening

    garden2   garden1  It does seem the Whatsapp Chat can be very popular; and a new topic under Whatsapp Chat on Gardening will be created. I shall be the administration, although I am no gardener.

    This Whatsapp Chat – Gardening is for SHC members who loves gardening, and who likes to share their plants and flowers with fellow members. Hopefully, gardening hobbyists will find new friends, meet one another and exchange plants, shrubs, flowers and fruit trees.  I guess you can also exchange grass, weeds, seeds and tree trunks.  Have fun.

    Simply let me know if you like to join SHC Whatsapp – Gardening, and you will be put in touch with one another.  Please stay within the topic Gardening if you wish to stay in the group.  You may removed yourself from the group at any time.

    Terence Seah

    Those interested:

    1. Terence Seah, admin
    2. Gabriella Chua
    3. Laura Wee
    4. Alfred Ang
    5. Charles Wee
    6. Ann Giri
    7. HC Lee
    8. Sockie
    9. Peter Lim
    10. Lai Fong
    11. Melissa Khng
    12. Maria Tan
    13. Wendy Lum
    14. Frisna Tan (two pots of plant  ~qualify?)
    15. Jacqueline Wong
    16. Serene Low


    Whatsapp Chat – Cruises

    cruise2  cruise1

    Whatsapp has become very popular, and almost all smartphone users have the Whatsapp application.  It is use for fast communication, and interests groups find discussions on Whatsapp fast and meaningful.  At the same time, one can drop out of the chat if they wish to, anytime.

    At the request of members, I would initiate a Whatsapp cruise chat, and members can join the chat.  Simple register here, and we will put you in touch with the chat.  Please make sure your registered telephone number with SHC is correct.

    Terence Seah


    1. Terence Seah – non-participant, only moderator.
    2. Zara Lim – Alaskan cruise and Barcelona cruise
    3. Freda Lim
    4. Gabriella Chua – Alaskan cruise
    5. Kenneth Tan
    6. Daisy Yeo
    7. Daniel Chan
    8. Mary Chan
    9. Susan Sia – Alaskan cruise
    10. Laura Wee
    11. Angie Chiaw
    12. Karen Phoo
    13. Bobby Bok
    14. Melissa Khng
    15. Malyne Suen
    16. Magdalene Phey
    17. MaggieTeo
    18. Jane Chua


    Monthly Walk: 06June Island in the sun

    jungle trailsThis is an EC event.. bring your friends preferably 45years & above.   {smile, smile}

    Likely many like me would have been to this isalnd several tiems.  However, this is the 1st time we are organizing this walk which coincide with the current FREE entry via the Boardwalk!!    {smile}

    Date:  Saturday, 06 June, 2015

    Time:  4.30pm sharp

    Meeting place : VivoCity Customer Service Counter/Information counter, Level 1 (near Tangs #01-187).

    Duration:  approx 3hrs

    ECs:  Azhari Cuttlian & ChristinA Chan

    We shall have a breezy, partially sheltered walk into the island… through secondary rainforest we shall go where birds, insects, habitants and plants are found…

    Have your camera / smartphones everready; your eyes peeled for things of interest — a beautiful bloom or perhaps a long-tailed macque, not forgetting the evening lights along the boardwalk!

    Our Walk Team: Charles Wee, Mary Tan, Alice Seah, Serene Low, Veronica Wong, Jeffrey Lim, Azhari Cuttilan and I, ChristinA Chan


    1) Azhari Cuttlian
    2) ChristinA Chan
    3) Winnie Tan & friends
    4) Goh Ah Lam
    5) Alice Tan
    6) Alice Seah
    7) Lee Ah Nee
    8) Lina Ng
    9) Charles Wee
    10) Danny Lye
    11) June Tan
    12) Veronica Wong
    13) Hew Lee
    14) Jassmine Teo + 2 friends
    15) Janis Han + friend
    16) Ronald Lee
    17) Irene Chua
    18) Priscilla Wee
    19) Irene Poh
    20) Joy Chuang
    21) Doreen Tan
    22) Olivia Jiang


    Hosting gatherings at your home

    shclogo300  house1  febmtg4

    For SHC events, we have held many of our activities at restaurants, cafes, cinemas, foodcourt, public parks and beaches, country clubs, homes, condo function rooms, hotels, sometimes in Singapore, nearby countries and also faraway destinations.

    We can now explore further, having some of our activities in the homes. I guess we can work on the following concept.
    1.  SilverHairsClub will organise and pay for the use of the place, food and drinks, clean-up and a fee for the maid.
    2. We can do small groups, hosting 5-15 members, subject to venue and member’s convenience.
    3. All activities are open to Seniors in Singapore and SilverHairsClub members. There will be a fee charged.
    4. For security purposes, only members who register personally at SilverHairsClub.com can participate.
    5. Each gathering would have a focus eg mahjong, arts and crafts, karaoke, viewing a movie, sharing pictures of an overseas holiday, cooking and receipe planning sessions and hydroponics gardening. Games, chess, holiday planning, small business discussions, IT sharing, talks and charity programs can also be in the plan.
    Casual chitchats are unlikely to be organised by the club. Chit-chat activities can be organised by any member, as is being done now by ECs.
    6. Concept-wise, the organiser will be SilverHairsClub, so the club can schedule various prgrams. The member in the house or apartment plays the role of host, and makes his/her place available on certain dates and times. The activity will be held, subject to acceptance by the venue member and SilverHairsClub.
    7. The objective of hosting activities in the homes is to encourage close group interaction among members for specific interest. We are looking at running these activities regularly, rather than adhoc basis. As our activities are not govt-funded and as volunteers are hard to come by, we have to find a workable solution to pay for costs and the organisers and yet give an option for SilverHairs and other seniors to enjoy their interests and meet up with friends.
    8. An organising committee, comprising SilverHairsClub members, will be set up to manage these activities.  The team committee will be paid a reasonable fee.
    This idea of “Hosting activities in the homes” is not new. It has been ongoing and organised by various members. But, it has been limited to small groups and not open to other members.
    * if you are able to host agatherings in your home, please contact me at +65 94894360. You can also indicate your interest here.
    *. Members who like to be part of this team, and help organise activities in the homes, please also let me know.
    Terence Seah


    Discussion: MediShield Life

    medishield life

    “MediShield Life” is a much talked about topic among Singaporeans and PRs today. It is the new national health insurance scheme, providing wider protection than MediShield.  And, it affects all of us.

    Please do not treat this Post as a discussion of right or wrong. This discussion is for sharing and understanding. Do not use URLs.  Copy and paste text may be deleted from comments.  Let’s share based on our knowledge and understanding of MediShield Life.

    What is MediShield Life, how different it is compared to MediShield, What it covers, What it costs, When is it effective, and How to register for MediShield Life?

    How does it affects private insurance premiums?  Etc …

    If you are stating a point of fact, and you are sharing information from an insurance organisation, hospital, CPF or govt-related organisation, please indicate the organisation you work for.  We should minimise rumours and inaccuracies in this discussion.

    Members, please feel free to ask the floor; and please feel free to share your understanding too.

    Terence Seah (Moderator)


    Coffee Chat on Thursday, 11 June 2015

    coffeejune2  coffeejune1  Dear friends,

    The next coffee chat will be held in June.  Details are as follows:

    Date:                   Thursday, 11 June 2015

    Time:                   2 – 4 pm

    Venue:                Singpost Food Court, Basement…. next to the Paya Lebar mrt station

    Cuisine:              All kinds of food/beverages available at the Kopitiam ~ cheap & good

    Agenda:              No specific agenda… just chat on anything except the shc taboos (no sex, politics or MLM) … feel free to chat about smartphones, Medishield Life, R & R activities etc.

    Hope you’ll come and join in the fun and relaxation on a lazy Thursday afternoon with fellow retirees or the semi-retired.  We’re  an active, literate but ‘aging’ population and we’ve done a great job bringing up a new generation of Singaporeans.  I presume that most of our children are now young working adults. Our primary job is done!  Some of us are grandparents now and I’m sure we’ve loads of views and interesting stories to tell about our grandchildren.  Socialisation and an active lifestyle are good for us especially at this stage of our life~~  LET’S MAKE THE REST OF OUR LIFE THE BEST IN OUR LIFE!

    Wd appreciate if you could register ASAP if you’re interested.


    Gabriella Chua, EO

    Registration List:

    1. Gabriella Chua
    2. Alan Ang
    3. Loong Say Meng
    4. Alice Tan
    5. John Chua SC
    6. Amy Ko
    7. Charles Cher
    8. Alice Seah
    9. Richard Kwok
    10. Ann Giri
    11. Lim Tiang Soon
    12. Wendy Lum
    13. Kenneth Tan
    14. Jazz Soh
    15. Dave Chong
    16. Fida
    17. Tony Ang
    18. Jennifer Wu
    19. Hew Lee
    20. Daniel Wong
    21. Mega
    22. Joan Ang
    23. Mary Chan
    24. Gingko
    25. Tara Senn
    26. Peter Lim

    Sharing on some Words of Wisdom (WOW):

    coffeejune7 coffeejune6 coffeejune5 coffeejune4

    (Click on the images for the bigger picture)

    Talk on Social Networking Using Facebook

    Topic: Social Networking Using Facebook
    Date: 13th June 2015 (Saturday)
    Time: 3PM to 5PM
    Venue: Bukit Merah Library (Swordfish Room – Level 3)
    Admission is Free

    What is Social Networking? Learn how to create a Facebook Account and make use of it smartly. These and more will be discussed in the June IT gathering.

    We all are social animals. We need to communicate and keep in touch with our friends, our relatives and love ones. No man is an island (Ref: John Donne). NO one is self-sufficient. Everyone relies on others.
    hewlee (EC)

    Those registered coming:
    1) Walk-in public (more than eight)
    9) Susan Sia