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Hi All,
Kindly refer to the attached for the blessings that I will be giving.  Please indicate your interest here.  Collection had to be in Bukit Panjang with date/timing at my convenience or thru SAE, please avoid propose any options for me as I will sure that I will accept options as I hv other family commits now.

ipone4 cover iphone button stickers


12 Days Mount Everest Tibetan Plateau (9 – 20 June 2014)

I have looked at more than 15 Tibet packages and was looking for one that include Mt. Everest in the itinerary. Most travel agencies offer 9 or 10 days packages that do not include Mt. Everest. The reason is that a side trip to Mt. Everest base camp will add $400-$500 more to the package and there is little demand for it. Most people want a shorter and cheaper trip. So far, I have found only 1 travel agency that offer a 12D Tibet tour that includes Mt. Everest and the tour is confirmed. Let’s call this agency A.

For agency A, the departure date is 9 June, 2014. The cost is 2888 (package) + 350 (taxes) + 72 (tips) = $3310. It was more than I initially expected. But, after talking to the agent, I think the cost is justifiable and reasonable. She promised that there will not be any compulsory optional tour, no shopping tour and the cabin for the train ride is 4 to a room with soft beds. Some travel agencies provide 6 to a room with hard beds. For those with 6 in a room, the door cannot be locked (security is compromised) and the windows are dirty (cannot take photos through the window).

Beside the above mentioned travel agency, there are 2 other agencies that offer 12D Tibet tour with Mt. Everest. None of them have received any booking. Let’s call these 2 agencies B & C, and the details of the packages are given below.

B: Depart 5 June, Requires 10 to depart, Estimated cost $2900 (includes package, taxes, tips and compulsory optional tour), Shopping stops on the trip

C: Depart 5 June, Requires 6 to depart, Estimated cost $3050 (includes package, taxes, tips and compulsory optional tour), Shopping stops on the trip

In 2008, three of my friends (with one of them from Xian, China) have decided to visit Tibet in April 2008 on a Free n Easy trip. Due to the riot in March 2008, the Tibet trip was cancelled. Since we have already purchased our air tickets to Xian (we plan to take a train from Xian to Lhasa), we decided to fly into Xian and spend most of our time in Xian and the surrounding regions. At that time, we estimated the cost to be about $2000+ on a shoe string budget and plan to stay at budget inns.

So far, Jane Chua and I are confirmed going. If you are interested in any of the packages, please reply with your preference (indicating A, B, C or no preference), preferably asap as we have to make a decision soon. If we can get enough people, we can consider the lower cost package.

EO: Moon Wong

The itinerary of Agency A is given below. The tour is conducted in Mandarin. Its Chinese version of the itinerary is very detailed with names of hotels given.

Tour Highlights:
Potala Palace, World’s highest palace / Jokhang Monastery – sacred place of worship for the Tibetan / Barkhor
Street – characteristics of Tibet local folk art-crafts & Tibetan-style daily goods / Yamdrok & Namtso Lake, heavenly
beauty lake
Nyingchi – The Jiangnan of Tibet / Lhasa River / Niyang River Scenic Area & Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon
Shigatse – Tashi-Lhunpo Monastery: Panchen Lama’s residence
Train Journey Highlights
- Ride the most luxurious train on the world’s highest railway
- The world’s most advanced oxygenized cabin
- Marvel at the snowy landscape at the top of the world
Mount Everest : The highest point on the Earth’s continental crust

Day 1: Singapore Chengdu (L/D) CA404 SINCTU 0200/0630
Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport for our flight to Chengdu, provincial capital of Sichuan. Upon arrival, visit
Kuan-zhai Lane where is a conservation of old architectural structures that have been implanted with modern decoration in a bustling
Chengdu city. Enjoy Sichuan spicy hotpot for dinner. After dinner, proceed to check into hotel.

Day 2: Chengdu Nyingchi CA4431 (07:20/08:50) (B/L/D)
Transfer to airport for your domestic flight to Nyingchi. Nyingchi is also known as the Jiangnan of Tibet with an average
sea-level of 2,500m. After lunch, proceed to King Cypress Natural Reserve. King Cypress is located near the village of
Bajie, about 7km from the town of Bayi and it has a history of more than 2,500 years. In the afternoon, travel 70km north in
the Yunnan-Tibet highway to the fairty-tale world ‘Lulang Forest Area’ which is known as ‘Little Switzerland of Tibet’. It is
the most impressive is the forest of Tibetan cypresses of about 10ha at the Bagyai Village in Nyingchi County at 3,040m
above sea level. Take a distance look at Najiabawa Peak. The main peak of Nanjiabawa is 7,782m high and famed as “the
father of icebergs”. The Nanjiabawa Peak is the highest in the Prefecture of Nyingchi and the 15th highest in the globe. Its
colossal triangle body is covered with deep snow and mists all year around which makes people hard to see its real face.

Day 3: Nyingchi / Lhasa (8hrs drive to Lhasa) (B/L/D)
Before depart Nyingchi, proceed to the most beautiful Kadinggou. Drive over the 5,013m above sea level Mila Mountain and
arrive Lhasa. Check-in to hotel after dinner.

Day 4: Lhasa/ Potala Palace / Jokhang Monaster / Barkhor Street (B/L/D)
After breakfast, we begin our exploration of the famous Potala Palace, perched on the northern side of Morburi Mountain.
Throughout the ages, it had been the winter palace of Dalai Lamas. Its name means ‘sacred Buddhist site’ in Tibetan
language. This palace-like complex of buildings was first built in the 7th century by King Songtsen Gampo to mark his
marriage with the Tang Dynasty’s princess Wencheng as well as to house the Buddha images brought by Wencheng and
the Nepalese princess Bhrikuti Devi. Over time, the palace was restored and expanded. The buildings are built of wood and
stone over 13 levels that span a height of over 117m, and a width of 400m from east to west and 360m from north to south.
The 130,000m2 architectural wonder has more than
1,000 gilded rooms and halls. The palace also houses priceless artefacts and artworks. Continue to Jokhang Monastery,
situated in the centre of Lhasa. It was first built in 674AD to celebrate the marriage of King Songtsen Gampo with Princess
Wencheng and Bhrikuti Devi, both devout Buddhists. This monastery underwent expansion over the years and today, its
four-level main hall sports a gilded roof and a blend of Han Chinese, Tibetan, Nepalese and Indian architectural styles. The
centre hall is supported by 20 beautifully carved wooden beams, while the under the eaves of the second and third levels of
the main hall are intricate sculptures of sphinxes and woodcarvings depicting animals. The corridors and halls are also
densely adorned with colourful murals of a total length of over 1,000m, which portray historical episodes and mythological
legends. Buddha images, including one of Sakyamuni at 13 years old, preside over the main hall, while the side halls feature
lifelike statues of King Songtsen Gampo, Princess Wencheng and Princess Bhrikuti Devi. Proceed to Barkhor Street in the
old city, which offers glimpses of traditional Tibetan life. The faithful chant and circumambulate around Jokhang Monastery.
In this circular street there are also shops selling a wide variety of crafts such as Tibetan knives, bangles, shoes and more.

Day 5: Lhasa/ Namtso Lake (B/L/D)
After breakfast, coach to Namsto. When you arrive Na Gang Kou, you can see the bright lake surface of Lake Nam-tso in the
western side. Follow the smooth road down the mountain, you may then see the lake. However, the road is heading for Nam
village government at the north side. You cannot see the other side of the shore of Lake Nam-tso..

Day 6: Lhasa / Yamdrok lake / Shigatse (B/L/D)
After breakfast, we depart for Shigatse. Along the way, we pass-by Yamzo Yumco Lake, whose name means ‘swan lake’.
Also known as Baidi Lake, it is wedged between two mountains, hence like a swan spanning its wings. The crystal-clear
lake, located over 4,000m above sea level, has an area of 638m2, about the size of Singapore. It is the largest freshwater
lake in Tibet, with a depth of up to 59m.

Day 7: Shigatse / Dingri (B/L/D)
In th morning, visit Tashi-Lhunpo Monastery, the largest monastery of the Tibetan Buddhist Yellow Sect and seat of the
Panchen Lama. This monastery, whose beauty is on par with that of Potala Palace, is located 2km west of Shigaze. It was
founded by the first Dalai Lama, Gyalwa Gendun Drup, in 1447AD. Its name means ‘all fortune and happiness gather here’.
Built against the mountain, this complex of overlapping buildings looks like a little town from afar. Covering 300,000m2, the
complex is enclosed by a wall of 1,500m. The oldest building is the Main Chanting Hall. Constructed over 12 years, it is
fronted by a courtyard where Panchen Lamas presided over Buddhist lectures. The courtyard walls are covered with
Buddha images. The Main Chanting Hall houses the Panchen Lama’s throne and several chapels, including a Sakyamuni
chapel, Bodhisattva chapel and Tara chapel. Don’t miss the Tenth Panchen Lama’s Stupa. The Tenth Panchen Lama was a
highly respected Tibetan Buddhist leader.

Day 8: Dingri/Mount Everest/ Shigatse (B/L/D)
Zhumulangma Peak (Chinese: 珠穆朗玛峰 Zhūmùlǎngmǎ Fēng) or Mount Chomolangma – is the highest mountain on
Earth above sea level, and the highest point on the Earth’s continental crust, as measured by the height above sea level of
its summit, 8,848 metres (29,029 ft). The mountain, which is part of the Himalaya range in Asia, is located on the border
between Sagarmatha Zone, Nepal, and Tibet, China.
We’ll go to the highest Mount Everest nature protection area and watch sunrise by early morning.
After that going to Mount Everest station by walk, it will take about 1 hour. Feels the nature grandness, also may see
fortunately has Mount Everest flag cloud which like fire of the life flutters. Across the Mount WuJiaLa(5200 m), we can find
out Mount ZhuoAoYou (8201 m),Mount LuoZi(8201 m),and Mount MaKaLu(8463 m) around the Mount Everest. All the white
world, stand here, Life, even the whole universe is absolute reality.

Day 9: Shigatse /Visit Tibetan Family /Lhasa (B/L/D)
After breakfast, we proceed back to Lhasa. On the way, we can enjoy scenic views of the Yarlung Zangbo Gorge. Upon
arrival, visit the Tibetan family. Continue coach to Lhasa.Stay Overnight in Lhasa.

Day 10: Qingzang Train: Lhasa/Xining (B)
Transfer to Lhasa railway station by Train start at 12:45pm.It is a high-elevation railway that connects Lhasa, Tibet to Xining,
Tibet Autonomous Region, in the People’s Republic of China.The length of the railway is 1,956 km.

Day 11: Xining (B/L/D)
After breakfast, a site not to be missed is the Dongguan Mosque, one of the biggest mosques in northern China.

Day 12: Xining Chengdu Singapore CA403 CTUSIN 2000/0040+1
Train arrival Chengdu at 08.00am.Enjoy free time in Chengdu until transfer to airport for our flight back to Singapore.

1. Moon Wong (No preference)
2. Jane Chua (No preference)

Season of grief

Spring becomes the season of grief (ST 21/4) this year for S Koreans because of the ferry sinking disaster with so many still missing. The suicide of the vice principal who was rescued but found the burden of guilt unbearable – why could she not see it was not her fault? Today’s ST – all the desperate calls for help…heartrending.

Season of blossoms,

The eye sees, the mind enjoys -

This time tears falling

MonthlyWalk: 10th May, Off the Beaten Walk venture

(This trip also in response to the request of “Let’s venture out of Singapore, perhaps to Johor?!”)

There have been much interest going to Pengarang especially since In late 2011 news about the Malaysian government’s plans to build petrochemical projects there and,
in Feb 2014, a Feng  Shui expert has selected Pengarang for its “good Feng Shui” and to which graves from the new Chinese gravesite in Bukit Gelugor, Johor will be relocated here!

Before this wonderful place is no more…. become less idyllic, with an increase in traffic both human and vehicles – lorries …
COME, join us  in this “raw” venture ie., sans prior recce, so somewhat disorganized…  bear with us ….   :D    :D

On the way one will enjoy lovely scenery of uncut grasses waving on either sides (sign of ‘welcome’  hehe)  coconuts trees swaying  with the wind;  the lovely kampong charm; the peaceful surrounding devoid of tall buildings! The lack of urban noises, if one craved  for open spaces

Sungai Rengit the  town in Pengarang located south-eastern tip of Johor is dotted with a dozen seafood  restaurants, all with local Spiny Lobsters as their main draw!

The favourable currency exchange rates for Singapore dollar meant we will eat  like ‘royalty’ there.

Pengerang was also the site of a major WW2-era British coastal battery — Malayan WWII history, where the British troops  readied their defences in preparation for a Japanese attack via Singapore!

Unlike other groups, I prefer to go with the bumboat instead of coach!      :D     :D

NOTE:  Time & cost – are estimates only and to be paid by each participant.

This trip is subject to availabilities & weather condition.

The day’s adventure shall start from our Changi  Village.         :D

ECs:  Christina Chan & Azhari Cuttilan
Date:  Saturday, 10th May 2014  (ie., 2nd Saturday)
Start Time:  8.15am sharp.
Meeting Point:
Changi Point Ferry terminal, gather at the back to ‘Mark’ attendance (do not go down to the ferry departure lobby).

LOGISTICs purpose –
GUARANTEE OF SEAT/RESERVATION ***** -  Deposit S$20 with registration to POSB Acct No.: 542-107-561
by Tuesday 29th April 2014.
Please provide name & time of deposit for verification purposes.

Deposit will be refunded either on board bumboat or during lunch.
“No show” = No refund of deposit, which will be taken to defray cost for missing seats in bumboat and taxi or registered participant get a replacement.

Reservations will be considered in sets of 12, SHC members shall be given priority.
Initial target:  24pax.
Additional will be placed on wait list, if insufficient no. of pax to fill another bumboat, you may choose to pay/share for the missing seats to make up the bumboat operators’ requirement.

The prerogatives of the Walk Team shall take precedence.

HIGHLIGHTS of the trip –

1)    Visit Ostrich Farm, admission charge RM$15 – ostrich satay, omelettes… yum, yum
2)    Walk around town and/or to the lovely beach.
3)    a sumptuous seafood lunch (must have lobsters!, need to place orders.)
4)    hopefully, we can find the trail to Pengarang Battery – last heard trail was covered  by nature.
5)    3pm – head back to the jetty by taxi.
6)    4pm – back in Singapore soil!

IMPORTANT! Participant to note:

2)    Bring mosquitoes repellent, umbrella, sun block, cap, water bottles, wear comfortable  shoes.
3)    Bumboat : one way trip S$12.00.  bumboat operator will only leave if the capacity of 12 passengers is filled OR pay for the missing passengers/seats.
4)    At Singapore Passengers Departure Lobby – required to submit individual passports for custom registration.
5)    Travel time:  Approx 45 minutes/1 hour to reach Tanjung Pengelih  jetty./Pengarang Ferry Terminal.
6)    CLEAR CUSTOMS.  Then gather together in your groups as per in the bumboat of 12pax.  Will nominate 1 lead/per bumboat to assist.
7)    Take Taxi (can seat 4passengers) to the small town.  Travel time: about 15 minutes at $20 Malaysian Ringgit OR we might book taxi for round trip (approx. cost M$90 – 100 for full day).  At this point still Unable to get in contact with taxi operator.

General Information –
Ostrich farm is opened by Mr Colin Teh who is a former Singapore SAF pilot.  Both the showroom and restaurant are located outside the farm so no admission charges to visit them.
Do you know the toughness of an Ostrich’s egg? Answer, hear it from Mr. Teh  … intro about Ostriches are provided by Mr. Teh/or staff.

Buy home  — individual choice
Kedai Kek Lim Choo Seng famous for pastries eg., Lao Po Bing aka Old Wife Cake, etc.

Walk Team ECs: Charles Wee, Veronica Wong, Jeffrey Lim, Mary Tan, Serene Low, Alice Seah, Azhari Cuttilan, Judy Lim and June Koh and I, Christina CL Chan, signing off….

REGISTRATION with deposit*****


2 VCR tapes TBB

Hi All,
Another member, AnnGiri have 2 VCR tapes to be blessed for members who want to have them…
Title : Learn Tai Chi (Chinee self healing) and the other one
Title : Video School of Music – Guitar….

Member requested these tapes must have the VCR player which I am not sure whether these days, is the player still available as mine kaput long ago liao….

Please do not ask me for more details as I am posting on her half.

Interested to have them, collection is at Hougang…

Cheers… Dolly

vcr disks

Foldable Trolley Bag TBB

Hi All,
Another white elephant from me but might be of good use to some….

Foldable trolley bag (hardly used) to be blessed to 1 member here  – So hurry to indicate your interest here if any before I re-bless to other category.

Kindly note that this item had to be pick up at Bukit Panjang and please refrain from giving me option.  Kind understanding much appreciated.

Best regards…. Dolly

trolley bag2 trolley bag1

Are you still using SMS?


SMS was and still is one of the best instant messenger. With SMS, we are able to communicate with friends, family members, colleagues and just about anyone around the world.

Nowadays, we have more instant messengers, many of them free to use, if we have an internet or WIFI connections. With SilverHairsClub, we provide a platform for SHCians to meet new and old friends.

With Viber, Whatsapp, LINE, WeChat, Tango, and so many other free applications, we can now communicate quickly and freely. Share with fellow SHCians what you use, how you use these new applications and the when’s and the why’s. Do you talk with this messengers?

Depending on the interests, our next monthly gathering would focus on new ways of modern communication. Or, are you still using SMS.

Terence Seah

SHC Business Networking session 19 April 2014 (1030 – 1230 hrs) ~ Han’s Cafe, Upper Pickering St


The April Business Networking session is scheduled on Sat 19 April from 1030 hrs to 1230 hrs.

You are invited to participate. We have not decided on the venue yet, preference is to hold in town, quiet.

Please indicate here if you have a plan or idea which you like to share with other members. This way, those equally interest can discuss with you the business plan.

All participants are charged $3 and you may buy your food and drinks at the counter. Last session, we collected $33.

I shall hold this event monthly.

Terence Seah

Registration List:

  1. Terence Seah
  2. Joan Ang
  3. Mark Ee
  4. Maggie Chua
  5. Linda Chioh
  6. Hilton Ho
  7. Shirley Sim
  8. Jeffrey Gan
  9. Susan CH Tan
  10. Marge Tian
  11. Hong Jen (next month)
  12. ?

Monthly Cycling- 26 April 2014

Hi Cyclists.

Meet at : Pasir Ris car park C
Time : 1600hrs
Route : To Punggol waterway.
Bike rental : $6/- 2 hours

We will have a new segment for beginners interested in cycling.
All newbies or beginners interested in cycling are
encouraged to sign up for this free lesson.
Grace Kok has volunteered to be the trainer and I will assist her.

Feel free to ask her any questions during training.


1. Douglas
2. Grace
3. Eileen A
4. Lina N
5. Lee ah nee
6. Melissa Khng
7. Steven Chan
8. Hou Chong
9. Joan Ang
11.Jane Yeoh – TBN

Newbies ??

Lets relive the ” GOOD OLD TIMES ” with EZ4U

Come 14th June 2014, I am organising a singing/dancing function as below:

Venue: Orchid Country Club (Aranda Lounge)
Date : 14th June 2014 (Saturday)
Time : 7.30 pm to midnight
Price: $28 nett
Live Band with drums and DJ non stop music all night.
Relive the good old times with 50′s, 60′s songs
7 course buffet with free flow of water to midnight.
Large hall for your dancing pleasure
1 complete table of 10 sold will be entitled to 2 songs singing with the band
Method of payment : POSB Savings account : 247-63372-3
2 sets of attractive lucky draws sponsored by business associates.
Door gifts (sponsored by resident singer)

EC : Jeffrey Gan

1. Edwin Tan (x6)……….paid
2. Mega………………..paid
3.Jane Tan……………..paid
4 Irene Lee (x4)………..paid
6.Lai Fong
8.Jeffrey Gan (x8)………paid
9.Janie Leong (X2)
10.Philip Yeo
11.Rene Leong(X2)
12.Joan Ang(X2)

SHC Annual Dinner and Dance, Dec 2014

flintstone4flintstone5dino1  fun1flintstone1flintstone2  

If there is any event that we all look forward to each year end, it has to be our Annual Dinner & Dance. Obviously the D&D has to be fun, big and involves our members.  The planning has to start now, and your participation is key to making the event a success. You are invited to contribute your ideas and suggestions.  You are invited to join the committee. Let’s start with some guidelines for this year’s grandest event.

  1. Venue: subject to availability, the date will be xx Dec 2014, and can be a Saturday or Sunday.  The venue can be a Hotel function room or a hotel swimming pool.  If you know of the F&B or Banquet director of a hotel, please speak to him/her, look at dates availability.  200 pax, either sit-down or buffet, can be function room or swimming pool, must come with a stage and dancing area and music/PA systems. Convenience to public transport.  Please announce your recommendation, we will confirm before end June 2014.
  2. Food:  Can be sit down or buffet style
  3. Band and music:  Yes, open and subject to availability.
  4. Comperes:  Open.  Preferred from members.
  5. Participation:  From SilverHairsClub membership, as well as open to other SilverHairs in Singapore.  Target participation:  200 pax.
  6. Program of grames and activities:  Open
  7. Prizes and Sponsors: Open
  8. Cost: (a) members and (b) non-members:  Announced before July 2014.  via ticket sales only.

Let’s open our D&D event for discussion.  Please feel free to speak out here.  We will close all major decisions by 30 June 2014.

Terence Seah


How many places in the world would you like to see before the legs say No?


Travel has always been a top activity of SilverHairs.  We have worked all our lives, and we have not seen so many places. Some of us yean to go to Bangkok every year.  I go every month, and it is still exciting.  But there are so many other places.  There is China, India, Callifornia, Mexico (World Cup comng), Artic cruise, around Vancouver, etc, etc.  No end, our dreams and our pockets will decide.

An European Train travel 14 countries, How about Genting, Penang, or even Bali, or even Perth, Brisbane.  Too many, where do you want to go.  Your wishes, make it come true.

All your travel dreams will work well, if planned in advance, and you go with friends, people you know.  Maybe you want to go to Europe next year, but dont know who to go with.  Well, there is always someone who wants to go to Europe too.  Talk about it.  Let’s others know where you would like  go.  Maybe, both of you will pair up.

Well, we will set a date where all interested in travel can come together.  We will gather you in groups, by cities or groups, or …. The rest will be up to you. So, speak up and register your interest here.

This event is strictly for SHC members only.  However, you go with finally, is up to you.  Have fun.

Terence Seah

Sharing about the markets. SilverHairsClub monthly gathering – 17 May 2014 at Oxford Hotel, Skylight Cafe (3.00 pm sharp – 5.30 pm)

monthly meetingstock market2stock market3stock market1   I have better put this down in writing before I leave Singapore next week.  Then i shall be away for a few weeks.  Some of you think, wow, I come up with marvel ideas and interesting events.  Honestly, my upstairs is quite crowded, or I rather say clouded.  The real ideas come from SilverHairs members.  These are the members who have enjoyed the friendship they had made from SHC events.  They want to help others come out of their apartments. I feel very good and satisfied when someone calls me and say, Terence, you wont believe it.  I had a tea party this after, and then followed by a movie, and ….  Well I cannot enjoy this rush, but many have.

Back to May.  What shall we have?  Do you know how many members spend their waking up hours as well as sleeping hours?  Yes, in the financial markets, buying and selling local equities, European and US too.  Recently, some made money from the fall in penny stalks. Others made a bundle.  The typical question is always “What tips do you have”.  For some, it will be how to sign up and with who, which ….

How about we have a day or late afternoon?  May be a Saturday afternoon.  The experts come and share.  The regulars talk with other regulars.  The newbies, come hear from the other newbies.    Share what you are doing in the US markets,in the European markets, what’s new.

We will gather in small groups.  Maybe by markets.  maybe by the type of markets – currencies, stocks, bonds, …..Tell us here what you are interested here.  You will be surprised how many will come up to help you.

Somewhere in the middle of April, we will come up with a place, if you dont say anything, I may consider suggesting Hans.

Strictly for SilverHairsClub members,

Terence Seah

Registration List:

  1. Terence Seah
  2. Hou Chong
  3. SB Khoo
  4. Kenneth Tan
  5. Christina Pan (tentative)
  6. Peter Lim (tentative)
  7. Yoke Moon
  8. ?



What if we can raise $3m? How shall we do it? What shall we do with it? And how shall we safeguard this idea?

money3property 1property2money1money4 Besides holidays, dancing and makan, I am glad to see that there are others in our membership coming up and sharing their ideas, although they may not want to raise their ideas in the Club forum for members to discuss.  One main reason is being slammed down by experts and Mr Know Alls, even before the topic gets underway.  Sometimes, I wonder how some members know that I am in Singapore.  Well, I found out that if these members see that I have registered for an event, it is likely I am around that day.  I do make an effort to come for discussions, if my time permits.

This discussion is interesting; it had been raised before during the early days of the SilverHairsClub; but it had been slammed down due to I forgot what.  Start again.  We had discussions about a physical club and a place.  It has always been “Why not?  Members need a physical place to call home.  We never got anywhere.  Today’s property prices are high.  It may drop after cooling measures.  Prices may also go up and higher too because of limited land in Singapore, unless a major disaster happens.  During the recent business networking meeting, I had a chat wit a fellow member, who was looking at some properties.  What not we share to buy a property?  Maybe for investment.  Of course, there will be nitty gritties, risks and …., but we have so many experts within SHC.  We have so many members, maybe 50 or 100 are looking to invest in a property, something.  I dont want to over jump the options.  We have financial experts, property experts, bankers, … lawyers, and investors.  Some want to invest, others want  keep their money in the bank, and others put their money under the flower pot.

Let’s discuss an idea.  If, for example, we use a number of SGD 3m.  We aim to raise that number.  Let’s say we have interest participation for 40 people.  If this works, this would mean 75,000 per lot.  Let’s say we raise this over 6 months.  There will be 3m in the kitty. This will be one group.  They come up with options, buy backs, interests, the financial managers, etc.

Meantime, another group can look at what to do with the 3m.  Maybe, buy a commercial property.  Maybe take over a company or business.  Invest in a co-operative. Sure, if there is 3m, it is easier to talk.  Without, it will still be easy to talk. Perhaps, IvanL, you may have some ideas too. Maybe we can do something that will benefit us, through our SilverHairs years. So, the 2nd group looks at the investment opportunities.

I think we can have the last group, which will look at protecting the investors.  Many times, we failed in such discussions, because we are all talking about retirement money.  If it fails, what happens.  Are the pluses attractive vs the negatives.  Can we buy back?  Etc. I guess a lot to discuss.  Experts, experienced members, and ordinary members, how can we take this forward.

I think there some members will offer very negative comments and viewpoints.  While I agree there can be negatives, how about thinking how to make the idea work.  We have enough brains and expertise to fine tune the idea.

So, let’s use $3m as the target to raise to invest, look at what we can invest with 3m and finally how to safeguard our interest.

** Thank you to the people who caught me when I had some time in Singapore.  I love to listen to ideas. So, let’s start.

Terence Seah



Thinking Aloud

Is the lives of 239 on board the ill-fated mh370 matter much more then lives of 11,420 children killed in Syrian’s civil war? Coverage of the missing plane dominate international media and get lots of political leader’s attention. Not only had the government of those countries, its commercial entities also put in lots of effort and money tracing its flight destination. This will cost countless millions of dollar. However, very little of Syria story was publish by media and on the political leaders. Why?

One may say flight safety and securities is most important because people all over the world travel by planes compare with issues only involves the lives of one specific country. The civil war had been fought for the last three year and people already got tired wanting to know. All this seems logical.

According to a former head of Al-Jazeera and CBC News who teach journalism in a university – “Syria is complicated to cover and very costly” The mh370 “is the stuff for fiction … theories of black holes, kidnappings etc is very easy to do”. Is he agreeing with the writings by an American media and cultural critic in 1985 who wrote that “TV news was treating serious issues as entertainment and demeaning political discourse by transforming it into show business”

Hmmm, will think about that when next alone drinking coffee and eating bao at a food court.

Spending SongKhran in Bangkok next week and 12, 13, 14 April 2014

songkhran1songkhran2thailand2thailand5   Next week, Mon 7 April,  I plan to go to Bangkok.  Will be there until Monday 14 April.

SongKhran is the Thai New Year, and is the most important year in Thai festivals and traditions.  Most Thais would take their holidays from Fri night 11 April and return 14 April. Bangkok will be quite, the roads are fast as there are few cars.  Tradition way of respect to the elders is to hold the palm of the elder and pour slowly water over the hand, until the container is empty.  Young people and every other person would splash water onto you.  It will be a fun week.

If you like to join me in Bangkok, and have some fun time enjoying the place, do let me know.  I see air tickets to Bangkok are attractive, so you may like to consider.

Terence Seah

Paradise on Earth?






Spot on, Ah Née!  Looks like you’ve been to this beautiful country haven, a UNESCO Heritage Site, but poor me, it will be my first time there.   I thought the colourful scenes came from the movie “Avatar”!  We can feast our eyes on the rich colours and backdrops of the mountains and lakes of Jiuzhaigou just by googling and I hope this will tempt you all to visit this sanctuary with me and some others in Oct, the most ideal time to visit.

My buddy, Ann has sussed out a deal from a deal company but I thought I’d better call them to clarify and confirm the financial costs and other essential details, so here they are:

Period of Travel:           19-26 Aug (8D 7N) Jiuzhaigo

26-28 Aug (2N) Hong Kong free ‘n easy

Cost (estimated):         $1,100 estimated (5-star hotel, food, airfare, guide/driver tipping $6.00 per day)

Places of Visit:            Jiuzhaigou, Mt E’Mei, Lesha, Huanglongxi Ancient Town, Panda Breeding Research Base

Airline:                         Silkair or Cathay Pacific

EXCLUDES:                Airport/hotel porterage, travel insurance

Compulsory:               All passengers must follow tour throughout; penalty of $100 per day per pax applies should passenger deviate from tour.

Tour conducted in Mandarin and Cantonese.

No amendment or cancellation allowed once booking has been sent to Travel Agency by email.

Above is my summary of what’s given in the deal printout but there are few other details, too much to be spelt out but no less important, and I will email you the link, once you have registered here, so you are advised to double check.

I think that for $1,100 to pay for everything including 5-star hotels and Silkair flights  is a pretty good deal, hence sharing this with you.   What remains to be seen is how is the service from the tour guide as we’re buying at a bargain price, so we just have to keep our fingers crossed and hope not to be disappointed, but the plus point is that we will have strength in numbers and can look out for each other as in all our SHC travels.   So what d’ya say?

As we must redeem our vouchers soon, I need to have your expression of interest by 8 April (1 week’s time).

We’ll start with the following interested parties:

1.    Susan CH Tan

2.   Ann Lim

3.   Evon

4.  Meng Wai

5.  Leon Lau

6.  Jane Chua

7.  Wong Yoke Moon

8.  Bobby Bok

Thanks to the confirmed group above who have all fund transferred $487.00 each to me (excluding airfare) to me.

We can still accept more members as I have secured the tour agent’s agreement for the late-comers at the same price but there is a limited time.   It will be easy for us if members can register as a pair for rooming purposes but not to worry even if you register singly and we’ll wait for the  next one to join in and will automatically be the room partner.





Saturday night disco coming up on Sat 17 May 2014 (6 – 11 pm) ~ Oxford Hotel, Skylight Cafe

disco9disco3disco2disco5disco6disco1Dancing has definitely changed since our childhood days.  I am not sure what your first disco night was like, and whether you rmembered who you dance with.  Well today, we have social dancing, ballroom dancing and line dancing, all sorts.  Our days of disco dancing were fun.

It’s time again to go disco dancing. And, our schools are selling tickets, and everybody is encouraged to buy at least two tickets.  Organisers volunteer to put up balloons, and very likely we have a live band.  Not so sure if we can afford it, although in this disco, we wont have a live band. It’s alright if the speaks sqeeks, or goes bomm bomm bomm. Never mind if there is a blackout. Everybody gets excited, who can we dance with?  What if we get rejected.  Toughest part, is what we wear?

We have a few details:

  • Date:  17 May 2014
  • Time: 1700 – 2300 hours.  Our parents want us to be home by midnight.
  • Place:  We have to find.
  • Food: Yes, the school teacher is still working on it.
  • Drinks:  Orange punch, water melon punch.  Ours may be different.
  • Program: Let the boys and girls across the other class come up with it.  Please help and come up with ideas.  Tie one leg with someone else leg.
  • Birthday: Are you borned in May?
  • Number of pax: 30
  • Charge:  Cannot be expensive, our parents gave us $0.50 a day.

This event can also be a chance for you to dream and bring your friends and classmates together. And, if your class wants to EO this event, why not?  Hands-up?

Terence Seah

Would you like to have a birthday party? Shall we have common birthday parties? (Dinner Party on 6.6.14 for the June babies)

hbirthday1party3party2 birthday4

When was the last time your family members or friends organised a birthday party for you? Maybe, the kids or office mates got everybody together, bought you a cake and sang you a birthday song.

I think we all should have birthday parties.  And, we should celebrate a grand birthday party for you.  Dont you like to feel young or at least wanted?  How about all those borned in Nov get together.  Are you expecting a present from those who come to your birthday and give yo a big kiss.  Or do you shudder at this horrible idea, why would I want to celebrate my birthday.

I am not sure how will SHC be, to have a monthly birthday party.  I like the idea too; but Some of us would hate the idea of food, food and food, and managing our wastelines.

Or shall we go to MacDonald or KFC?  How about Cher Char at the backstreets of Tanjong Pagar?  Nothing firm yet.

Have you been quiet all this while?  Shy to say anything.  Let’s hear from you.  And please respect the other person’s opinion and comment.

Terence Seah

Registration List (June Babies) (Dinner Party on 6.6.14)

  1. Terence Seah
  2. Sue Chan
  3. Lilian Teo
  4. Caroline Gee
  5. Molly Chua
  6. Joan Ang
  7. ?


Picnic by the sea, with potluck, no program in plan – 26 April Sat in April Monthly gathering

picnic6Pguitaristpicnic2 picnic5    

(Click on the pictures for a better enlarged view)

Most of us love to have friends whom we can get together.  We all love activities.  We want to join activities. And we want to meet new people and catch up with old friends. Since the Club started, I have always love to see SilverHairs meet up with other old SilverHairs, and meet new ones too. Let’s see how fast this program catch up with our membership.

First of all, I have found a place to hold a beachside potluck.  I accidentally found the place while doing an evening walk.  There are new BBQ pits around.  It is located somewhere in Changi, near some river mouth.  There is a jetty nearby, with some boats there, to ferry people to the islands.  The place looks new.  I have seen many Malay families gather there with tents, home cook food, doing cycing there.

I like to organise a big picnic there,  Once I have identified the place, I shall indicate the date and the time, likely an afternoon 2-6 pm.  And, of course, if my diary is free from any travel. Likely date:  within April 2014. Somehow, I had cut down my travel after the MH370 issue.  No program, food or drinks has been planned.  Let’s build the program from here.

All members are invited.  Non-members are also invited.

  1. Members – $10
  2. Non-members – $15
  3. If you cook a dish for 4-5 people (not buy) eg curry, stew, I shall discount $8
  4. If you bake a cake, or make a dessert for at least 4-5 people (not buy), I shall discount $8.
  5. If you lead an activity eg a singalong, I shall discount $5.
  6. If you register yourself personally for this event, there is a discount of $1.
  7. If you bring along another member or non-member of the opposite sex, there is a discount of 10%.

Let’s start.  Run wild with your ideas.  If ok, I shall say yes, If no, I shall say no within 24 hours.


  • Date:  Sat 26 April 2014
  • Venue:  Changi Beach Park
  • Exact location:  Carpark A, near BBQ pit 6
  • Time:  1400 hours to 1800 hours.

Terence Seah

The Picnickers are:

  1. Terence Seah
  2. Frisna Tan (our famous and entertaining SHC Seow Char Boh who stars in the Seow Seow Channel will be conjuring up some quiz and games)
  3. Rosalind Lee (cooking kong bak bee hoon)
  4. Lily Lim
  5. ??


Dinner & Music tomorrow Sat 29th march

What started as a small gathering has mushroomed into a gathering of 28 persons

We have space for 8 more persons if you’d like to come, as I’ve added more space.

Dinner: Seafood restaurant known for great Crabs and other food
Great music w live band. Some of us can sing too.
V small area to dance..

To make it easy, this will be an EC event.

Do indicate yr name:
1. Bessie Lam
2. Anne Chee
3. Andrew

Rgds Pat Oei

BT Gombak 6.30pm 3seats
Clementi 6.30pm 2seats
Paya Lebar filled up
Buona Vista 1 seat available 6.30pm
Jurong East filled up

The Internet and You

What can the Internet do for You?
How is the Internet governed?
How do you get entertained through the Internet?
How do you avoid getting trouble using the Internet?
How does one get a domain name?

These are, but, some of the questions we will touch on in the first session and through the 12 sessions IT course in Bukit Merah Library.

Details of the IT Course:
Title: InfoComm Skills Package for the 50plus
Venue: Bukit Merah Library
Duration: 12 sessions starting 3rd April on every Thursday (except 1st May)
Time: 6.30PM to 8.30PM
Fee: $24 for the 12 sessions
Prerequisite: You need to bring your laptop if you intend to get involved in the four hands-on sessions.  (Internet, Email, Entertainment & Skype)

Requirements to starts course: Minimum 8 participants. Max.=20
Registration: Those interested must get registered through the NLB web site or go personally to any library to register.

Those registered coming (excluding the public)
1) Alice Seah
2) Peter Goh
3) Winnie Tan
4) Lilian Teo
5) Yew Tiong
6) Andrew Koh
7) Ronald Lam
8) Sylvia Ang
9) Richard Wong (Seat given to friend)
10) Olivia Ros
11) Registration CLOSED – Maximum of 20 is reached)

NB: Registration reached full capacity with a few still on waiting list.

Monthly Coffee Meet on Thursday, 17 April from 2 – 4 pm (Social Contact is the key to ageing well and keeping dementia/depression at bay)

coffee time5coffee time2hcoffee time4coffee time1  Hi everyone!

How time flies… it’s time to announce that our next coffee meet will  be held on Thursday, 17 April.  Details are as follows:

  • Date:  Thursday, 17 April
  • Time: 2 – 4 pm
  • Venue: Singpost Paya Lebar Food Court, Basement  (next to Paya Lebar MRT station)
  • Agenda: Just chitchat, joke, laugh, relax and enjoy over a cup of coffee and some snacks/food from the food court ~ a pastime for the semi-retired and retired…

Wd appreciate if you could mark this date on your calendar and register your name ASAP for this event.

Warmest regards,

Gabriella Chua, EO


  1. Gabriella Chua
  2. Pat Oei
  3. Winnie Tan (tentative)
  4. Joan Ang
  5. Kenneth Tan
  6. Paul Kong
  7. Peggy Kong
  8. Wendy Lum
  9. Roland Tong
  10. James SS Tan
  11. Andrew Koh
  12. Dave Chong
  13. Fida
  14. Christina Pan
  15. Gingko


See you all again at the next kopi chat in May.


Self-Identification on ” WhatsApp “

If you want to be identified ( by Names ) , you need to configure accordingly when you first downloaded ( or subsequently alter ) “WhatsApp” into you Handphone or computer. This is the same as when you set up your desk top/laptop- you are asked to name your device. When you named your computer and connected to Networks ( WiFi,etc ) your computer name will appear in the Networks Gateway.

If no name is given ….the Networks Gateway will display a series of MCA/ISA or Pos number XXXXXXXXXXXXX ( could be as long as 32 number and alphabets. This is the same as WhatsApp – a named device when joins a Chat will automatically  let the Chat Room/Group know who and who are on line.

I will quote some examples of members who I never ask for their phone numbers but I can identify by their names even though I had never meet them- Daisy Yeo;Richard Wong, Sharon,Anne Chee, aaronLow,Chiang ChengpunI, Freeda, Josephine, Richard Le Chang. All mentioned names are not registered in my devices contact list. Any one can inspect my device to verify.

So, if you join a Network( Chats,Skype,etc,) a named device will facilitate you identity, otherwise be courteous to provide when ask politely.

Tony Ang

Note: MCA = Micro Channel architecture;POS=Programmable Option Select


Sat 12 April 2014 Monthly Walk – Sungei Serangoon Park Connector to Punggol Promenade Riverside Walk

ECs for this walk: Veronica Wong and Mary Tan
Date: Saturday, 12 April 2014
Start Time: 4.30pm SHARP
Duration of walk: approx 2hrs
Meeting Place: Buangkok MRT, Exit B nearby Passenger Control Station

This walk route along the coastline and waterways in the north-east of the island is relatively easy flat terrains.
Take in picturesque views of Serangoon Reservoir as you walk along this greenway.
A welcome stretch of peace and quiet, the pleasing green landscape around Sungei Serangoon Park Connector
Revel in the cool breeze of Sungei Serangoon as you head down this 2.1km greenway.
Get closer to the adjacent Serangoon Reservoir at the look out points along Punggol Promenade Riverside Walk.

At the end of the walk, for those who wish to have dinner, there’s a cluster of food and beverage outlets -
Uncle Leong Seafood Restaurant, Popeye’s fast food, Pitstop and Ah Dong Tea House (15% discount with NTUC membership card)

Walk Team ECs: Christina CL Chan, Charles Wee, Veronica Wong, Jeffrey Lim, Mary Tan, Serene Low, Alice Seah, Azhari Cuttilan,
Judy Lim and June Koh.

Those joining the walk :

  1.  Andrew Yeung
  2. Gabriella Chua
  3. Tony Ang
  4. Winnie Tan
  5. Maureen Lee
  6. Jimmy Tsin
  7. Joan Ang
  8. Eleanor Chan
  9. Lee Ah Nee
  10. Alice Seah
  11. Christina Chan
  12. Shawn Soh
  13. Wendy Goh (non-member)
  14. Paul Kong
  15. Peggy Kong
  16. Steven Chan
  17. Lena Ho
  18. Pauline Chew
  19. Judy Lim
  20. Richard Wong
  21. Seok Cheng
  22. Serene Low
  23. Wendy Lum
  24. Laura Ng
  25. Lay Nah (non-member)
  26. Andrew Koh
  27. Lawrence Kang

2 Items TBB

Dear Members,
It is me again.. This time, I m going to give away 2 items:

Item 1 : A pair of colorful hair clips – Never used before and cant used anymore cos now hair too short liao.. so need to bless to those who need…

Item 2: Rechargeable shaver – Given by the previous China company and never used b4.. Everything is intact inside the box as shown.  Interested, please comment here.

Preferably collection at Bukit Panjang but sending via post (charges incurred) and will not be responsible for lost mail if any.  But so far, so good… delay in post but never mia lor

hairclips & rechargeable shaver

As usual, if there is no takers for these items, will be transferred to other sites for free cycles…

Best regards,