Mthly walk: 07Feb-Scenic waterfront, a wildlife sanctuary

Date: Saturday, 07th February 2015 (ie., 1st Saturday/month)

Start Time: 3pm sharp!! (due to constrains, must be punctual)

Duration: approx 3.5hrs

Meeting Point: Kranji MRT, entrance to “KopiTiam”.

ECs: ChristinA Chan & Charles Wee.

We are back for an exciting adventure… Get up close to wildlife!

I have waited for several years for a better access to our largest
mangrove forest, 130 hectares (about 130 football fields) in
addition another 31-hectares of rich mangrove and coastal forests.

Hopefully, you will chance upon a baby frog hopping along the paths
(I missed to capture a shot) or a monitor lizard basking in the sun!
Do have your camera ready to take the unexpected encounters. hehe

Please bring along a snack or fruit for the extra “energy boost”!

This walk might end past norm dinner hour… we shall play by ear.

Wear comfortable walking/covered shoes, if possible bring
a small torchlight, drinking water, insect repellent, hat/cap.

If you encounter wildlife, back away slowly/quietly!
Never turn&run!

Walk Team ECs: Alice Seah, Azhari Cuttilan, Charles Wee,
Jeffrey Lim, Mary Tan, Serene Low, Veronica Wong
and I, ChristinA Chan, signing off….

Please register soonest, cut-off date: 5th February…

1.  ChristinA Chan
2.  Charles Wee


A Slow & Tedious Chore

Uncluttering is a difficult task for hoarders. It often takes two or three rounds before the ‘junk’ finally leaves the house. I think it is because uncluttering for the hoarder is an emotional thing.

In the first round of uncluttering an area in the cluttered, disorganized storeroom, a lot of white elephants did not leave the house. The hoarder threw one bag of stuff out and looked at the storeroom. Oh no. After more than an hour of uncluttering, the storeroom looked no difference – still too cluttered. The hoarder felt a little desperate …how to rid the rest of the house of clutter at this rate?

After a day or two, the hoarder, trying to be practical, ruthlessly threw out two more bags of the ‘junk’ he had cleared in the first round of uncluttering. And then worked like a beaver at uncluttering  another part of the junk-full storeroom, struggling hard to overcome the reluctance to throw out his ‘beloved junk’!

Uncluttering is a slow and tedious chore!

Hmmm…a  related story:

More than twenty years ago, a big fire razed a row of double- storey shop houses near the former Newton Circle, to the ground. My friend was at work when her room went up in smoke. All the victims of the fire had only the shirt on their back – nothing else. The next day when the rubble had cooled down, the victims went back to look for their jewellery which did not melt.

The govt. gave them priority in applying for new personal documents and allocated them new flats. My friend and her relatives got flats near Upper Aljunied Road.

WE always sympathized with our friend for losing all her belongings in the fire and she was also feeling miserable, but – a few years later, she said to me it was good that all her clutter went up in smoke! She appreciated the chance to live in her new place without any old clutter! Is this not a little irony in life? …

I sometimes think of a fire when I’m having a difficult time uncluttering. Lol!


A volunteer to manage our Club support function

volunteer2     volunteer1

SHC needs a few members to help with support functions.  Here, I like to highlight membership, registration, approval and lost passwords.  Due to my travelling patterns, I am unable to access my desktop, thus slowly down the registration, approval and loss passwords process from 1-2 days to sometimes a few months.

The job of managing registration, approvals and lost passwords is straight forward, but it requires a desktop or notebood.  The person has to be patient, and able to communicate with members via emails.

The most important criteria is the person must maintain confidentiality, and cannot release ANY information about another member to any other members, even if the skies turn red or there is an emergency.  This person cannot use the membership information for any purpose, other than for the task itself.

Obviously, the member has to be aware of club happenings and policies. If you can volunteer with this support function and if you have been a member for at least 3 years, please write to me.   I hope you will appreciate that I reserve the right to turn down any application, altho I will inform the applicant accordingly if I do turn down the applicant.

Closing date: end Feb 2015.

Terence Seah


Our trip to Kerala is confirmed for 17 – 24 Feb 2015

kerala1  kerala2  kerala3

This has been a long awaited trip to Kerala, located at the Southern most tip of India.  Here are some pictures to tempt you to come. It’s very countryside, coconut trees, beaches, boats, winding roads, bananas, mangoes, massages, herbs, fishing villages, and Kerala food which is very unlikely the Indian food we get in Little India.

Pictures: Click here.

  1. Date:  17 – 24 Feb 2015.
  2. Flights:  we shall fly Sin/Cochin and Travandrum/Sin.  Altho there are many combinations.
  3. Mode of transport (internal):  Jeap or mini coach.
  4. Schedule:  We wont have a schedule, as this is not peak period. But we will travel from town to cities.  We start at Cochin and ends at Travandrum, capital city of Kerala.  We will only travel at night.
  5. What not to expect:  Kerala is not Singapore. It’s all about culture, traditions and scenary.  With me, you are not likely to enjoy 4-5 star dining.  Most nights, we will stay in 3-4 star hotels.  The only thing that may be comfortable is transport, altho you are likely to hit your head against the roof of the jeap with bumpy roads.  Cockcroaches are about to mature, and they are now 2 months old.
  6. Food – you bet most of it will be Indian and Kerala food, altho most of what you see locally in Singapore will be available. Please do not expect Chinese food, Bring some packets of instant noods, if you are really unable to eat Indian food, which is not chilly hot, but have a lot of spices.  Water – Kerala is one of the cleanest state in terms of hygience. Bottled water is easily available. But, we shall keep our eyes open for fresh vegetable salads and some street food.  Maybe the last day, we can have a down pour.
  7. Visa – Now, Singapore need a visa.
  8. Cost:  I cannot firm a number, altho I know it will not cost a bomb. Hotels, food, transport, driver, tips.  I would ask you budget USD 80 a day, altho I think it will be more like USD 60 per day.  Flight excluded.
  9. Language – Kerala has one of the best English speaking population. In fact, many speak British English.
  10. Trip is confirmed.  Please keep these dates if you are able to go. Please have +6594894360 in your Whatsapp. I am in Bkk for almost two weeks. Communication via Whatsapp in our group will start Monday.  If you like to join the Whatsapp group, please register here.

Register here.

  1. Terence Seah
  2. Ann Giri (keen to go)
  3. Moon (very keen to go)
  4. Freda Lim (join chat grp only)
  5. Maria Tan (join chat grp only)




Dear friends

We, the same team as last year are going to hold another lohei gathering.
Date: 28 Feb 2015 (Sat)
Time: 14.30-22.00 (tentative, depends on available slots)
Place: Parc Oasis, Condominium. 55 Jurong East Ave 1(tentative, depends on availability)
33 Mount Sinai Rise S(276954) (about 200 meter from Dover MRT
or 7-10 mins walk)

POSB Saving Account : 038-02874-0

Cost:$28/pax (include high tea,dinner, yu sheng, million $$ ang pao, bingo tickets)

Program: bingo, bun luck, lohei +makan2, chat2, lucky draw

As we can only book the venue 1 month in advance please indicate your interest here by 27th January for us to gauge the interest. we will take in 50pax first. Lets repeat the fun!See you! REGISTRATION N PAYMENT BY 5TH FEB OR 48 SEATS ARE FILLED WHICHEVER COME FIRST.

The BFSTAMP (Bira Frisna Susan Theresa Ann May Peggy)

1.Bira (committee member)
2. Frisna (EO)
3.Susan C H (com mbr)
4. Theresa (com mbr)
5. Anne Lim (com mbr)
6.May Woo (com mbr)
7. Peggy Yap (com mbr)

8. Maggie Teo
9. Albert Tan
10. Lillian Teo
11. Lam H T
12. Bee Gek
13. Susan SW Tan
14.Karen Phoo
15. Irene Poh
16. Marge Tian
17.Gingko (paid)
18.Eyvonne Chew
20.Richard Wong
21.Alice Seah
22.Christina Chan
23.Grace Kang
24.Shawn Soh
25.Maureen Lee
26.Dan Huang
27.Karen Thio + Wati
28.Lily Lim
30.Arthur Yap
31.Charles Wee

Sushi Making Class – March 7,2015 (Saturday)

This is an opportunity for those who want to try their hands at making sushi.

Venue: Sushi King KSL City ,  Johore Bahru.

Cost: $20.00 for Bento Lunch and Class fee.


8.45am       Meet at Kranji MRT Station

10.00am       Sushi Making Class – A competition will be held and prizes to be given.       Attendance certificate will be presented to you. All will receive a goodies bag.

12.00pm       Bento Lunch (Free)

2.00pm       Shopping/Massage at your own cost

5.00pm       Back to Singapore..

EO,  Dan.

Those coming:

1. Dan
2. Alice Yap
3. Susan
4. Susan SW Tan
5. Bee Gek
6. Lam HT
7. Judy Lim
8. Cat Yeo

9. Yew Kwong

10. Grace Kang

11. Shawn Soh

Airline Safety Rankings -2015

…according to Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre (JACDEC)

I was dismayed to find that SQ is not among the top 12 safe airlines!  SQ has got one of the world’s youngest fleet and yet…even little-heard-of airlines like Hainan and JetBlue made it to the top 12.

Here are the rankings of the top 12 airliners out of 60 for the safest airline for 2015 according to JACDEC.

1stplace – Cathay Pacific             6th – Air New Zealand        11th – All Nippon

2nd – Emirates                                  7th – Qantas                         12th – Lufthansa

3rd – Eva Airlines                           8th – Hainan

4th – Air Canada                             9th – JetBlue

5th – KLM                                       10th – Etihad

Malaysia Airlines fell to 57th (From 34th last year) because of its two major air disasters.

*Just sharing info and reflecting on SQ…



Monthly Gathering for February at Jayleen Hotel – Friday 6 February 2015

This gathering will be held at Jayleen Hotel, 42 Carpenter Street.

Nearest MRT Station: Raffles or Clarke Quay

Big public car park in front of the hotel

  • Date: Friday 6 February 2015
  • Time: 6pm to 9pm
  • Price: $11 per person (inclusive of mini buffet and free flow of tea/coffee and soft drinks)

Please transfer the amount to POSB Savings  Account No. 137-13046-7

Once the money is transferred, please indicate the date of transfer, the amount and the transaction reference in this forum for tracking purpose.

Please register early as there will be a cap on the number of pax due to space constraint.

Only those who have registered and paid up will be treated as confirmed registration. Sorry, no walk in is allowed.

Please bring along your name tag.

Judy Lim

Latest News

Music will be provided for your dancing pleasure after dinner.


6pm – Drinks and getting to know you.

7pm – 7.30 pm –  Dinner is served

7.30pm – Dancing start. 

9pm – Function end.

After the event, those interested can join me to Chinatown for jalan jalan to soak in the festive mood and to do CNY shopping.


Those coming

  1. Judy Lim (EO)
  2. Jazz Soh (Pd)
  3. Andrew Koh (Pd)
  4. Douglas Chan (Pd)
  5. Alice Yap (Pd)
  6. Bira (Pd)
  7. Lily Ho (Pd)
  8. Rina Tan (Pd)
  9. SS James (Pd)
  10. Robert Ong (Pd)
  11. Ann Lim (Pd)
  12. Ah Nee  Karen Thio (Pd)
  13. Peng Peng   Jane Tan (Pd)
  14. Ronald Lam (Pd)
  15. Catherine Koh (Pd)
  16. Bessie Lam (Pd)
  17. Lina Tan (Pd)
  18. Lai Fong (Pd)
  19. Gabriella Chua (Pd)
  20. Veronique Lee (Pd)
  21. Joe Choo (Pd)
  22. Ronald Lee (Pd)
  23. Leon Lau (Pd)
  24. Theresa Seow (Pd)
  25. Lillian Teo (Pd)
  26. Myra Chia (Pd)
  27. Moon Wong (Pd)
  28. Alice Tan (Pd)
  29. Philip Wee (Pd)
  30. Priscilla Wee (Pd)
  31. Lam Hoy Tzee (Pd)
  32. Bee Gek (Pd)
  33. Andrew SP (Pd)
  34. Thomas Loh (Pd)
  35. Eyvonne Chew (Pd)
  36. Joan Ang (Pd)
  37. Jway (Pd)
  38. Yat Sing (Pd)
  39. Malyne Suen (Pd)
  40. Magdalene Phey (Pd)
  41. Jonathan Ong (Pd)
  42. Eileen Ong (Pd)
  43. Bobby Bok John Howe (Pd)
  44. Jenny Lee (Pd)
  45. Choy Kum Weng (Pd)








Coffee Chat on Thursday, 12 February from 2 – 4 pm


febcoffee3  febcoffee1  febcoffee2

Hello everyone

It’s time for our next coffee club session.  It will be held on Thursday, 12 February.  Details are as follows:

  • Date:         Thursday, 12 Feb
  • Time:          2 – 4 pm
  • Venue:        Our usual coffee club haunt ~ Singpost Food Court next to the  Paya Lebar mrt station
  • F & B:          All types of dishes/beverages/desserts available at this Food Court .. 10% discount  for payment with Kopitiam card .. just order your own food and drinks
  • Agenda:       None ~ just coffee chat and detressing

We may have a singalong accompanied by some ukulele strumming.  So do come along and wild away the afternoon, especially for the retirees and semi-retired.  Friendship is very important at this stage of our life.  Fellowshipping will keep dementia at bay and is also a good way of preventing one from depression and loneliness.  Just come out from the ‘empty nest’ and enjoy with other active agers.  Would appreciate if you could indicate your interest ASAP.     :-)

Warm regards,

Gabriella Chua, EO

Those coming:

  1. Gabriella Chua
  2. Alice Tan
  3. Charles Cher
  4. Jazz Soh
  5. John Chua SC
  6. Amy Ko
  7. Veronique Lee
  8. Joe Choo
  9. Alice Seah
  10. Roland Tong (see comments….)
  11. Lim Tiang Soon
  12. Jennifer Wu
  13. Ann Boey
  14. Kenneth Tan
  15. Karen Phoo
  16. ??




“I choose to make the rest of my life the best of my life.”

“We cannot change the cards we are dealt.  Just how to play the hand.”

“Some people aren’t satisfied until they sabotage someone else’s happiness.  Be careful who you trust, not everyone who smiles at you is your friend.”

”No matter how good a person you are, there will always be someone criticizing you.”

”Life is too short to worry about what others say or think about you. So, HAVE FUN and give them something to talk about.”


Lost your password?

pass1  pass2

This week, we shall give some time to help members who have lost their passwords, and are unable to retrieve them.

If you or your friends do not have a password, please write to before 17 Jan 2015.  After this date, your membership will be removed if you cannot remember your registered email address.

For members who register for their friends for events, please ask them to get their own passwords to enter the club now.  Once their membership is removed, they would have to apply new, as members.

Terence Seah


31Jan2015- Nostalgic Ride to Pengerang – cancelled.

Hi cyclists.

All cyclists are invited to participate in this nostalgic cycling event from Tg Pengelih jetty to Sungei Rengit town before it becomes a petroleum hub.

The area’s landscape is rapidly changing, the tranquility scenery is fast disappearing, very soon the town may also be demolished.

This is a 2D1N event (31Jan-01 Feb 15)

Meet : Changi Village hawker center
Date : 31 Jan 2015.
Time : 0800 hrs.
Cycling speed : leisure.
Rental bike : Sgd 11-12 per day.
Ferry : Sgd 13-15 one way.
Hotel :2 to a room @MYR 168.

closing date : 23 Jan 2015.

Going :
1. Douglas

Le Danz Payback time from EZ4U/Glamour

EC : Jeffrey Gan

Come and join us at Le Danz for the best of the best Tea Dance party at unbelieveable price.

Location : LE DANCE,222, Queen Street, next to Oxford Hotel 2 minutes from Bras Basah MRT
Date and Time : 25th January 2015 (Sunday) from 1pm to 6 pm
Pricing (Payback time) : $10 nett, comes with free flow of coffee/tea and light snacks.
pay at counter. For group reservations above 6, please call/email me
so I could reserve a good seating for you. Seatings at first come first seat.
Professional In House DJ from Le Danz.
Large dance floor with great ambience.
Can pay directly at counter.

Looking forward to see you…………………….. Cheers!

Jeffrey at your service.dd1

Chinese Recording Artistes Concert Saturday 25.4.2015 @ 2 Bukit Merah Central

Hi All Fellow Singing Enthusiasts at Silverhairs Club

Anyone keen to attend this concert with me – I understand it will be a singing show cum comedy skit by 8 professional artistes,, many of them from Malaysia – tickets at S$55.00.  Concert is @ Spring Singapore, 2 Bt Merah – am helping my liveband singing teacher (organiser) promote tickets – hence, do let me know if you are interested – tickets already on sale..thanks All!


Regular SHC retreat to Desaru for members to get to know new and more friends

lotus desaru    lotus desaru1  lotus desaru2  lotus desaru3  SilverHairsClub will be 10 years  in Oct 2015.  During all this while, we had observed our objective; and that is to provide a platform for SilverHairs to meet new friends.  This has worked very well, and many members have found their own circle of new friends.

Last few months, I have been reviewing our objective and plans for 2015.  The idea of providing a platform for members to meet, and then letting them find other SilverHairs with similar interests, hobbies and thinking has worked well.  So, I intend to stick to this route.  Yes, many succeeded; but many have not succeeded.  We have not been able to individually pair or group member interests yet.  It is kind of difficult to read members’ minds.

This year, in 2015, we are working on expanding members’ gatherings to outside Singapore.  Same idea on providing the same platform.Stay flexible, to gather to various size groups, eg from 20 to 200 pax, if the venue is flexible.  Stay close to Singapore, and desaru has been identified; thanks to the thinkers and support from fellow members.

It is important to keep cost low, to encourage retirees and semi-retirees to participate. We have many rich and fairly rich members in the club, as well as those who are still working, and able to afford 4-5 star outdoor activities.  But, for many members, maintaining a group of friends during our SilverHairs years is important.

Lotus Desaru Hotel has been identified to provide retreats for members.  A new idea is now to offer opportunities for members and other Singaporean/PR to participate in this retreat.  This opens the possibility of a wider membership, and expanding what we currently offer to members to Singapore as a whole.  I do not have all the ideas and plans, but you can help to add ideas by giving your feedback.  If you wish to be part of this direction, have your say.

Current info suggests that there are a few ways to get to Desaru ie public bus to desaru, a ferry ride from Changi and then a short land ride to Desaru.  Driving is a common option but this requires organising. and finally a coach ride from woodlands MRT to Desaru.

Inndications suggest the price will be about SGD 100, to cover shared hotel room, breakfast, uncomplicated lunch and dinner, transport from JB to Desaru.  Not sure what it cost for the ferry; and the timing.

We can invite activities from our own members, and new corporate members.  May a good 2D1N to get to know one another and new ones too.

Terence Seah


Talk on Surfing the Internet (14-02-2015, Saturday)

What is the Internet?
How do we connect to the Internet?
What can Internet do for us?
Do you know if you are 50plus, you can go to any library and surf the Internet free for one hour everyday.
The above questions and others will be answered. Come and join in the discussion. It is for beginners, the 50plus, wanting to learn more about the Information Technology (IT). If you have an iPad or any smart devices (tablet, smartphone) please bring along.
Topic: Surfing the Internet.
Date: 14-02-2015 (Saturday)
Time: 3PM to 5PM
Venue: Bukit Merah Library (BML), Level 3
Attendance fee: free

Introducing iShop@SHC, a SilverHairs Enterprise project 2015

buy online3  buy online2  buy online1

Background:  To enable some members to sell their personal items on the SHC forum, we had started the SHC online Fleamart.  This Post begins each month, and members can sell their personal items.  Jassmine Teo was leading this project.  We started with no picture, and the IT guys have added picture capability to the Posts and later t the comments.  The usage of this service varies from one to 5 items per month. Corporate or business items were excluded in the month online fleamart.  The online fleamart had stopped recently due to inadequate response and lack of members volunteering to lead and follow up each month.

There was good interest among members for the physical Fleamart.  From feedback, we had a few fleamarts, and the result range from so so to successful.  The last fleamart was held at Civil Service Sports Club.

Last few years, we had feedback to set up and gather a group to buy and sell in bulk.  The ideas toyed around, but there was insufficient interest.  I guess the thinking was that it is easier to buy from the suupermarket, than to harnesss a group to buy in bulk.  Maybe there is the logistic difficulty.  But, we keep this idea fresh and on-going, and if the item is workable, let’s pick it up again.

There has always been interests by some members to sell their corporate items.  The items vary.  The members who are interested are those with products and services, ideally suited to seniors and their elderly family members.  Various groups within SHC have met to discuss online selling; setting up a website, use of available shopping portals eg eBay, gumtree, etc. There were talks on delivery difficulties, collection of payment, and the type of products and services to be offered.  But, I guess the various groups did not take off their ideas, due to varied interests, concerns with starting an online business as most of us are no long as young as we thought, funding and fear of the long process in setting up an online shopping business.

iShop@SHC, a SilverHairs Enterprise project for 2015

We are all still dreaming, even though we may be young.  Well, if you have still the idea of running an online shopping business, dont give up.,  I think there is sufficient interest among some members, and I have asked my India guys to help set up a simple online shopping service called “iShop@SHC”.   Due to the legality and business nature, “iShop@SHC” will be operated under SilverHairs Enterprise Pte Ltd.  iShop@SHC will be a project of SilverHairs Enterprise, and is not intended to be a money losing project, unlike events and activities under SilverHairs Club which usually loses money.

Our India IT guys have just completed iShop@SHC.  The project starts with Adult diapers, and today, it has only 4 items.  The online shopping will be promoted in SHC and in newspapers and other media in Singapore.  It features payment collections via paypal, credit card, ATM transfer and internet banking.  The delivery portion is still in progress and limited; but I hope it will grow as we go along.  URL

A few members, who have their own products and services, have been discussing with me to use iShop@SHC.  If you are interested to sell your products or services as a business, especially to seniors and elderlies, please contact me via Whatsapp.  Think about your products or services, pictures, pricing, your competition, payment, banking procedures, storage of your products, orders handling, delivery and modes of communicating with your buyers and delivery team.

diaperslaunch   For a start, we have started with adult diapers, and the product identified is CERTAINTY Adult diapers, from Thailand.  This is an operational service.  If you like to run your own online shopping services under iShop@SHC, please understand the workings of the portal iShop@SHC.

Thank you to the members who have helped to test the service and offered ideas on test iShop@SHC.

Terence Seah


I am looking at 16 D/15N Tibet n Silk Road with Dynasty Travel in mid June Twin sharing is $3068 nett/pax
Single supplement $700 for not sharing a room.
Interested please let me know. We can arrange a date to go to Dynasty Travel .

Name Capt Jimmy Tsin Yeong Cheng
Email :

2-Sessions Course on Movie Making

I am organising a 2-sessions course on Movie Making using Microsoft Windows Movie Maker program. It will be on two Wednesdays (21/1 & 28/1) from 2PM to 5PM. The course can only accept a maximum of six participants.

Those interested are requested to attend a briefing and also to confirm in writing that you are coming and would like to be registered. Details of the briefing session are as follows:

Date: 17-01-2015 (Saturday)
Time: 3PM to 5PM
Venue: City Hall Food Court (MRT – City Hall)
Meeting Place: Just outside ticket gates @ City Hall MRT
We will start walking to food court @ 3.05PM.

Hewlee (EC)
The following are registered and confirmed coming:
1) Non-member
2) Andrew Yeung
3) Doreen Tay
4) Lawrence Lee
5) May Woo
Registration is NOW CLOSED.

Badminton at Gombak 2015

Dear All
Badminton at Gombak started 3 years ago.
It saw players came and go.
The regulars who come faithfully made it worth the efforts of “bookers” who camped at 7.00 am just to ensure that we get our bookings on Tuesdays 10.00am to 12.00 noon.
(Sometimes, we would miss the regular slots if the booker is too slow to click the buttons.. sigh..)
Yes, Gombak is “out of the way”, “ulu” and “walau.. so far leh”
Still, I hope there are SHC members out there who would join us for some sweating out.
We welcome pros and beginners
See you on 6/1/2015 (Tuesday) at Gombak Indoor stadium, 10.00am-12.00noon

Happy New Year to all members and friends

new year2    new year1

Dear fellow SHC members,

As the year draws to a close, and a new year begins, let’s take this occasion to wish one another a “Happy New Year”.

In particular, I wish you have met new friends in SilverHairsClub; and that you will also bring your other friends and family members to join the Club next year.

Thank you to all the Event Organisers EOs and Event Cordinators ECs who have played a role in bringing SilverHairsClub together. And to the other members who have silently worked in the background to bring more activities to our fellow members.


Have a meaningful and healthy year in 2015.

Terence Seah


iPad Tutorial on 10-01-2015 (Saturday)

NLB has an on-going iPad for loan program in Bukit Merah and Bedok Libraries. In assisting the 50plus in learning how to use an iPad and also have an opportunity to pick up some IT (Information Technology) skills, I have volunteered to assist and to compliment this iPad for loan program.All 50plus are welcome to participate in this tutorial class. To register, please contact the Library Help Desk (Reference iPad Tutorial @ Bukit Merah Library on 10-01-2015). You can either arrange to borrow an iPad from the library or bring your own to the class.If your own iPad does not have a SIM card with data plan, then you have to create a Wireless @ SG free Wi-Fi account. Assistance is provided to help you to create this account in the classroom.

Topic for the Day: How to download Apps to iPad?
(Remaining time will use as general discussion on other usage of iPad and Q&A)

Date: 10-01-2015 (Saturday)
Time: 3.00PM to 5.00PM
Venue: Bukit Merah Library (Level 3)


Chinese New Year Fun party with EZ4U/GLAMOUR

EC : Jeffrey Gan

Time to let off your steam and lets celebrate the Chinese New Year
of the Sheep/Ram/Goat in Chinese Zodiac with a BIG BANG………..

Location : LE DANZ, 222 Queen Street, next to the Oxford Hotel
Bras Basah MRT is 2 minutes away
DATE AND TIME : 21ST February 2015, Saturday from 730 pm to 1.00 am
Highlights: Lion Dance, YU SHENG for good luck the whole year through
Professional LE DANZ In House DJ for whole night dancing
EZ4U live Band for 1 session 45 minutes Chinese New Year songs
in dance tempo for dancing and singing along
20 sponsored lucky draws
Door gifts
Besides YU SHENG, an additional 8 course buffet spread, with free flow of water

Maximum tables 12 to 14 sit down round tables to ensure big space for dancers to enjoy……
Full information on attached poster.
Further enquiries, do feel free to enquire.
Payment can be made through bank transfer Gan Poh Thye..UOB Current A/C 209-303-2073 Hougang Branch.
Coming :
1. Jeffrey Gan (x40)……………….. paid
2. Irene Lee (x 20)………………….paid
3. Edwin Tan (x10)…………………..paid
4. Janie Leong (x2)………………….paid
5. Doreen Tay (X2)…………………..paid
6. Mega…………………………….paid
7. Kent Chan………………………..
8 Carly (x2)………………………..paid
9.Gabriella Chua(X2)…………………paid
10.Catherine Koh(X2)…………………paid

Cheers! Jeffrey GanIMG-20141216-WA0000

SHC monthly gathering – Fri 6 Feb 2015

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Update:  The cafe seems to have been closed.  This post is not valid for now.

One of the most important activity in SilverHairsClub is the monthly gathering. It is an Suddexcellent opportunity for members to meet one another.

The key agenda of the monthly gathering is to meet one another, for all kinds of reasons and excuses. It is the after-the-monthly-gathering that is equally exciting. We leave it to you.

This time, we have a fellow member who has volunteered to ring the ship’s bell, and buy the first drink for all members who register for this event. We will work the details later.

The event will be held as below:
Hans Cafe and Restaurant,
Upper Pickering Street,
Near MRT is Clarke Quay
Time: 5pm to 8pm
Date: Fri 6 Feb 2015

Registration is required. Please bring along your home-made nametag. The drink voucher will be given to you, for registered members only.

Plse put this date into your diary. And on this note, and on behalf of SilverHairsClub, I like to thank the kind member.

Terence Seah

Like to Dance

I stumble across this article which I guess will generate some comments; No right or wrong it’s a matter of choice and opinion!

What men look for when inviting women to dance.
At dances, men gravitate to women who are easily approachable. A woman doesn’t have to be the best dancer, or the best looking, or the youngest and prettiest. Any woman can attract more invitations to dance merely by making herself more approachable. Here are 19 easy ways to do that.
I’m a man who dances often. Many of my regular dance partners tell me they want to dance more, but men don’t ask them enough. I know these women are good dancers and attractive to men. So I’ve started talking with them about how men select women at dances. Here you will find the best of the techniques I have discovered.
A few weeks ago I attended a large dance of about 300 people. One woman started the familiar lament about not getting enough dance invitations. So I briefly explained just three of the 19 techniques below. She didn’t believe they would work. I told her, “Go try it. I’ll sit here and time you.”
She did. I timed her on my watch: 22 seconds later a handsome man asked her to dance.
When the song ended, she rushed over to me, almost breathless with excitement, saying she’d wanted to dance with that particular man, but was too shy to ask him.
Your mileage will vary – I make no guarantees of 22 seconds every time. But from experience with many of my dance partners, I know that these methods are certain to attract more dance invitations for any woman.
I’ll start with how to dress for the dance. Your purpose is to be more attractive to men who dance, not just men in general. There’s a huge difference: If you want just any male attention, simply wear something that displays your belly button or your cleavage or your legs – and you won’t need to read any more of this. On the other hand, if you want men to invite you to dance, then you need to know what men who dance are looking for. Here are my four recommendations for what you should wear:

#1: Wear a single layer top.
Two layers of clothing slip and slide under a man’s hand on your back. That makes it difficult to lead you. A man with dance training will know this consciously. Other men won’t be able to say so, but they’ll have a ‘gut feel’ about it. So do not wear a vest or jacket or an over-blouse. You will carry a sweater, because dance rooms are usually very cool, but you won’t wear that while you dance.

#2: Avoid bare shoulders or back.
Yes, bare skin attracts attention from men. But after you’ve danced a little while, bare skin can feel damp and clammy to the man. Men who enjoy dancing prefer the feel of silk, rayon or cotton. Sleeveless is fine – and cool for you – but avoid dresses with open shoulders or back. (Unless at a very formal dance – where your purpose is to be seen more than to dance.)

#3: Keep jewellery to a minimum.
Long necklaces and big bracelets catch in clothing. Dangling earrings are distracting. Large rings can scratch a man’s hand. Men are aware of this. Wearing loads of jewellery is like a sign saying, “Stay Away.” So keep all your jewellery small and simple.

#4: Shoes are your most important accessory for attracting men who dance.
Men who dance will avoid women with the wrong shoes. Don’t wear sandals of any kind, or any rubber-sole walking shoes. Don’t wear ultra-high heels that have you teetering instead of dancing. Suitable shoes for dancing are flats, pumps or medium heels. They can be fancy – sparkles are fine. Just be certain that shoes are secure on your feet – not lose or floppy.
Now you’re dressed for dancing and you’re on the way to the party. Even as you arrive, there are ways to immediately make yourself more approachable to men. Here are four easy things you can do.

#5: On your way in, say “Hi” to many men you pass.
That’s all, just “Hi” – as you walk in from the parking lot, as you stand in line to pay, as you walk to a table to put down your purse and sweater, as you get a drink from the bar, as you walk to the restroom and back. Just a “Hi”, with a smile, to many men. Even other men – to whom you didn’t say “Hi” – will notice you doing that. That’s often all it takes for you to appear easily approachable to men, and for you to get lots of invitations to dance.
If you just say “hi”, you will be highly unusual among women today – in a positive way. At public dances and parties the vast majority of women avoid looking directly at men. If you simply say, “Hi”, and smile, you set yourself apart as a woman who is friendly to men. That’s rare in today’s social climate.

#6: Circulate (walk slowly) around the edge of the dance area.
Men who want to dance will stand near the dance floor. Simply say “Hi” to some of them, smile, and keep walking and circulating. The men who don’t or won’t dance will stay far from the floor, sitting at the sides, or congregating around the bar. Don’t waste time circulating there.

#7: Discover the ‘traffic lanes’.
As you circulate, look for where most dancers walk onto the dance floor. When the music changes, look for congestion, a ‘traffic jam’ of people in one or two areas. When you are ready to dance, you will come back to this area. Usually these traffic areas are the two front corners of the dance floor, but not always. Sometimes near the lobby or entrance doors. Sometimes next to the bar. When the song changes, determine the location for these entrance/exit ‘lanes’. They won’t be marked in any way – you must watch the flow of people between songs.

#8. Stand apart from other women.
A woman standing alone is – by far – most comfortable for men to approach. The quickest way to get more offers to dance is simply stand alone. Yes, I know, it is politically incorrect to ignore your ‘sisters’, but you must decide if you are there to socialize with other women, or to dance with men. Your choice. When two women stand together, men are reluctant to ask one of them to dance. If three or more women are standing together – very few men will approach. If a group of women is sitting down, then men conclude they prefer to be with other women, not to dance with men. Women sitting in groups get few invitations to dance. Men call groups of women “hen houses”. We avoid going into hen houses – unless we already know you or find you extremely appealing. So, circulate by yourself, go to the bar by yourself, go to the restroom by yourself – and you will easily make yourself more approachable than most other women at the dance.
So, now you’ve circulated and said “hi” to a variety of men. You’ve already made yourself easily approachable. I bet that by now you’ve already had more invitations to dance than most other women at the party.
Still, there is more you can do to make yourself highly approachable. If you love to dance, then I want you to have lots of invitations from lots of men! So, here are six additional ways get many more invitations to dance.

#9. Stand in the traffic lane area that you observed earlier.
As the music changes, go stand right in this area. People will have to walk around you to get on or off the dance floor. That is exactly what you want to happen. Of course, you are standing alone. Men will see you as a woman who is in exactly the right place for an invitation to dance.
Few women know about this traffic lane area. Fewer have courage to stand there as people are moving on and off the floor. But this is exactly where men who are dancing will be. Those are the desirable men for you: They are far more likely to invite you to dance than any of the guys leaning against the bar.

#10. Stand so your toes touch the edge of the dance floor.
At most dances, there is a proper wood dance floor, surrounded by a carpeted area with the tables and chairs. If so, stand on edge of the carpet, with your toes touching the side of the wood dance floor. Literally, have your toes touching the edge of the wood. Not one foot away, not six inches away – but toes touching wood. This sends a non-verbal message to men that you are available to dance right now. That makes you easily approachable. However, don’t stand on the wood floor. That signals you are waiting for a specific partner; that you reserved the next dance, and are waiting for him at that spot. So stay off the wood floor until you’ve actually been offered a dance.

#11. Hold your arms at waist level.
Keep your elbows bent so forearms are at your waistline – standard dancers’ ready position. Gives body language signal that you are ready to dance.
Do not hold a drink or anything else in your hands. Do not fold your arms. Do not let your arms hang down at your sides. Never cross your palms in front of your skirt. Just hold your arms at waist level with hands relaxed, perhaps fingertips touching.

#12. Sway gently to the music.
Move your body slightly, but noticeably, to the feeling of the music. Not full dance movements, just enough to indicate you are ready to dance. Moving to the music is one of the easiest, non-verbal signals any woman can use to effortlessly attract more invitations to dance.

#13. Look only at the dancers out on the floor.
Look as if the dancers are the most wonderful sight you have ever seen. Let your eyes shine with delight and excitement – even if your stomach is in knots from feeling exposed and nervous. Look as if you love dancing and everything about it.

#14. Do not, DO NOT, look at any men while you standing ready to dance.
Looking around makes you appear overly eager and desperate. Men tend to avoid such women. Instead, simply look out at the dancers already on the floor.
At this time, do not say “hi” to any passing men. Just stand patiently, and continue looking out at the dancers. Don’t look around at the band, or at the decorations, or at your women friends at a table behind you. Just look out at the dancers and let your expression show you are enjoying what you see. This gives men a chance to look you over. And that will make it easier for men to approach you.

#15. If a man approaches from the side, don’t turn to look at him.
A man with dance training will approach in front of a woman so she can see him coming. But not all men know this, and at a crowded party it often isn’t possible. So expect some men to approach from the side. When that happens, DO NOT look at him. Turning to look sideways makes you appear desperate. Just keep looking ahead at the dancers on the floor. You want to give a man the chance to look you over. Only when he touches your arm or verbally asks, “Do you want to dance?”, only then look, smile, and nod or say “Sure”.
If you use even just a few of these 15 methods, you will attract more men to dance with you. In fact, you’ll probably attract so many men that your women friends may not be so friendly after that evening. You’re on your own to handle that situation.
What if you want to dance even more? Is it okay for a woman to ask men to dance? Yes, in these liberated times, that’s perfectly fine. Almost any man will be delighted and complimented by any woman who asks him to dance. Men have been doing the asking all our lives. When a woman takes the risk of asking us, she immediately gets our respect and admiration.
If you ask men to dance, I recommend four ways to make it easier and more relaxed for you to do that. But first, you know that men sometimes get turned down when they ask a woman to dance. Men are used to being turned down by women. But women are not so comfortable being turned down by men: big fear of rejection. It happens. You need to be prepared for this fact. So, if you want to do the asking, here’s how to make it much more relaxed and far less threatening for you:

#16. Never ask a man to dance.
That’s right – never say to a man, “Would you like to dance?” or “May I have this dance?” If you ask, it puts him on the spot to answer instantly. He may be surprised that a woman asks, and may stumble and get embarrassed. No woman wants to risk causing that at a dance party. Plus asking is difficult for the woman, because there is that chance of being rejected. So never ask a man to dance! Instead…

#17. Tell the man you want to dance with him.
Simply say, “I want to dance with you.” Just that, in exactly those words. Most women have a lot of experience telling men what they want. And men are used to hearing what women want. So when you tell a man what you want, both of you are in socially familiar territory.
Plus, in the right circumstances, many men enjoy providing for a “wanting woman”. So to make yourself more attractive to men, simply tell them what you want.
Then it is up to the man to take action. The man might walk you out onto the dance floor right then. Or he might say, “Sure, later”, and find you later on. Or he might say, “Maybe later”, and not find you later, or ever. If that happens, you won’t be terribly embarrassed and neither will he.
If you are still not getting enough invitations to dance, you can..

#18. Tell several men at the same time.
Do you want to instantly make yourself highly attractive to lots of men at any dance. It’s this easy: Walk up to any small group of men you find attractive and say, “I want to dance with you … and you … and you, too!” Then prepare yourself for lots of fun. And be sure you are wearing comfortable shoes because you are going to be dancing non-stop!
Now, what if you really, really, want to dance with one certain man. Okay, here’s the method to use that he won’t be able to resist…

#19. Add a touch to your words.
Always use exactly the words, “I want to dance with you.” Then – as you say that – touch the man you desire.
Your touch can be to place your hand gently on his arm, or use one finger tip to caress the top button of his shirt – as you look at him and smile and say, “I want to dance with you.” I guarantee you will get a lot attention from that man!
So, now you know 19 easy ways to attract more men to dance with you. I’ve observed that a woman who is dancing is a happy woman. I’m certain that these suggestions will increase your dancing happiness.
If you use these ideas, I hope you’ll send email and let me know about your experiences.
Care to Comment on this article? Do you have 19 tips for men? Send them in!

By Dave Weston
Los Altos, California

Advent Reflections

The approach of X’mas and the New Year is a good time to reflect and soul search. This year has been mostly uneventful, with broken resolutions and a persistent reluctance to move out of my comfort zone. My plate was full and personal interests remained on the back burner.

Next year I hope to see some CHANGES. My plate shall be half full, thus giving me the time to pursue more deeply some personal interests and to build up a momentum for an exercise regime.

As we age, our priorities change and health becomes more important than wealth. Living with less becomes more attractive, hence becoming minimalist is an attractive option for me and I shall give priority to uncluttering next year.    

With these challenges in the offing, I look forward to 2015.  :)

Oh come, Thou Day-Spring, come and cheer /Our spirits by Thine advent here.”




First coffee chat in 2015 – Thursday, 8 January

jancoffee1   jancoffee3  jancoffee2  jancoffee4  Hello kopi kakis ~  Just a couple of weeks to 2015! Welcome to our first coffee chat in 2015… Details are as follows:

  • Date:           Thursday, 8 January 2015
  • Time:           2 – 4 pm
  • Venue:        Usual haunt viz: SingPost Building next to Paya Lebar mrt station
  • Agenda:      Anything under the sun except politics, XXX, MLM (taboos of SHC). Can have a sing-along if interested (although we have to keep our voices down)
  • Cuisine:      All types of food, beverage and dessert are available at this food court – You’ll get a 10% discount with the Kopitiam card

Come and have some fellowship and fun ~ a good time for retirees or the semi-retired to ‘wild’ away the time.  Chit-chat with friends (old as well as new ones), exchange views, sharing of jokes and have a good laughter therapy.  No charge for this event except ordering a cup of coffee for yourself unless you wish to indulge in the niceties available here.

Please register ASAP if you are interested.  You can either apps me or reply on this blog.  Thank you in advance for your support.


Gabriella, EO

Those coming (Event is strictly for SHC members only):

  1. Gabriella Chua
  2. Alice Tan
  3. Jazz Soh
  4. Lulu Kwek
  5. Alice Seah
  6. Lim Tiang Soon
  7. Chua Seng Chong
  8. Charles Cher (will bring his Signature brandy fruit cake!)
  9. Capt Jimmy Tsin
  10. Roland Tong
  11. Joan Ang
  12. Meg
  13. Tony Ang
  14. Dave Chong )  dropping in for a while to show support   :-)
  15. Fida              )
  16. Frank Kaw
  17. Hew Lee
  18. Peng Peng
  19. Robert Ong
  20. Ronald Lee
  21. Gingko
  22. SS James
  23. Gary Ong
  24. Jennifer Wu
  25. Ann Giri

(Thank you to all you friends who turned up to support  my coffee chat (now called kopi club)… hahaha… I’m sure you’ll agree that we had a wonderful time ~ yakking, drinking coffee, enjoying Charles Cher’s brandy fruit cake and his entertainment on the harpsichord. Of course, we had our free laughter therapy!)

Looking forward to seeing you all again at chat in Feb.   :-)


quote“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called STRESS.  Working hard for something we love is called PASSION.”

“The worst person to be around is the one who complains about everything and appreciates nothing.  Avoid these people at all costs.”

“Life only comes around once, so do whatever makes you HAPPY, and be around those who make you smile.”

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.”

“Life is like a roller coaster.  It has its ups and downs.  But it’s your choice to scream or enjoy the ride.”



Let’s send our year-end greetings to one another. 2015 is coming

Happy 2015 1  happy 2015 2  happy 2015 3

Dear members,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all members and families.

To many of us, this is the joyous time of the year. Weather is nicer, the mood is good, there is plenty of festivities around, bonuses if you are stil working and a new year to look forward to. Let’s look forward to our SilverHairs years.

Among some of us, we may be having a tough time, and may feel there is nothing to enjoy or feel good about. Perhaps, a loved one not joining us, a job lost, a sick family member or an exhausting retirement time.

Some of us may be looking forward to grand children running around, a move to another place to stay or… Aiyah, so many scenarios ahead of us.

Whatever, look forward, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Share with us, so our friends will know to.

Terence Seah


Lunar New Year falls on Thur/Fri 19/20 Feb 2015. Let’s have feedback on what we shall have for a CNY event

cnyear3   cnyear2  cnyear1

The Lunar New Year comes late next year.  But we have 2 weeks to enjoy this festive season.  We are now a few weeks away.  Let’s do some brainstorm on a big occasion to celebrate Chinese New Year.  Keep the ideas broad and Chinese,  No bad ideas.  Think of an event for at least 100 members.  Dont brush aside other members’ ideas and suggestions.

In the past, we had lunches, Dim Sum sets, buffet at a Jurong condo, ….   The more points you raise, the wider the ideas.  A Chingay show, a house party with majong and prata, an overnight somewhere, an overseas trip, a room at MBS.  Keep going.

Let’s use Dec 2014 to do some brainstorm work.  Be the first to raise your hand.

Terence Seah


New membership updates 2015

announcement red square grungy isolated rubber stamp  announcement2  announcement1

Update 1:
In response to members request to allow for membership to the SilverHairsClub for those who do not have access to a computer, internet and email address, the Club will now accept membership as follows:

* Send a photocopy of the IC to an address which will be provided soon. A mobile tel number will be used to link to the membership.

Update 2:
Corporate membership will no longer be free wef 31 Dec 2014.

Inactive corporate members with no activities for members, for a stretch of 6 months, will revert to our regular membership. As with regular individual membership, promotion of corporate events or advertising will be disallowed.

Please take note.

Terence Seah