A poolside SilverHairsClub gathering sometime in Jan/Feb 2017

Club has a plan to hold a members only gathering at a condo poolside, sometime in Jan or Feb 2017. The exact date will depend on the availability which is  subjected to a ballot. The condo is conveniently located close to the train station. We are able to use the pool as one of our members lives there.

We hope to provide this platform for members to meet one another and get to know one another better.  No details on the program but you are invited to contribute an event, if th condo management allows it.

If you think you can help with this activity, please raise your right hand.  Thank you.

Terence Seah

Monthly walk: Haig Walk Corridor to East Coast Park

Monthly walk: Haig Walk Corridor  to East Coast Park

Date : 10th Dec 2016, Saturday

Time : 4.30pm SHARP

Duration: approx.  2hours.   Distance 4.8 km

Meeting Place:  Paya Lebar MRT ,  exit A facing Paya Lebar Square

ECs: Charles Wee with Serene Low
This is the last walk for the year 2016. It takes us along a relatively quiet Haig Walk Corridor, commencing from Geylang Serai to East Coast Road and exiting near Katong Shopping Centre.  Thereafter we do a short walk to Chinese Swimming Club at Amber Road where we enter the underground tunnel to East Coast Park. Along the way at Ceylon Road we will view our late President Nathan’s house.

Our walk ends at Marine Parade Centre .  Buses 134, 135 and 43 to Paya Lebar mrt Interchange are available at the bus stop just nearby.

  1. For your own safety, come in comfortable footwear, no slippers/sandals.
  2. Protect oneself with sun screen, sunglasses, caps, mosquito repellant.
  3. Bring a disposable raincoat (hope for good weather)

The Walk Team:  ChristinA Chan, Veronica Wong, Mary Tan, Serene Low, Azhari Cuttilan and Charles Wee.

This is an EC activity. You can bring your adult friends .

Now is the best time to enjoy cool Thai season and culture

Most of Northern and Central Thailand are seeing dry and cool, even cold seasons.  It’s the time of the year when Thais enjoy seeping beer among the rice fields while eating spicy basil minced pork with sticky rice and tomyam kampong chicken.

It’s time to make a journey to Chiangmai, Nongkhai and the border province between Laos, Myanmar and Thailand.  This is also the last rice harvesting crop of the year.  Almost everywhere, farmers cut Hom Mali rice, drying them before storing them for slow use throughout the year.  Rice is in abundance this year.

If you are planning to come to Thailand before 7 Jan 2017, give me a buzz.  We can have a few beers together.

Terence Seah

hohhoohoho hahahahha 1st Laughter Yoga Excersie @ chinese garden Wed 7 Dec 2016

wow x 3  , this is going to be crazy ya ! let do d laughter therapy  in chinese garden ya .

date 07 th december wednesday

1030hrs . meet @ chinese garden MRT outside d control station .

it been ages  for me not been there ! used to performed security duties when i was in d force !

please bring your extra tee shirt ,small towel ,best a water bottle of warm lemon water lor !

be prepare to de stress ,thru laughing !good cell in our body to kick up ya !!if possible surf d website youtube or whatever thot in Laughter Yoga !

no religion ,no praying come & expereince  it for free  only to SHC.

as i am oredli a trained & qualified teacher ! for public normally we charge ya !!!

hohhohohoho hahahaha


brother Sam Huat

yo yo hahahahha hohohohoh jurong east jems meet up !eo Wed 7 Dec 2016

hohohohohoho  ,my humble apologies for d last minute event cancelled ,d first gathering @ jurong point last time ya .

my sworn brother from KL since young .. he was warded to hospital ya.okay ,for de retire semi retire or those keen from other boundaries are welcome with my laughter & open arms hugs ! i am giving 15 small present as xmas is around d corner ya !

date 07 december 2016 wednesday

time 1400hrs to 1700hrs

venue  jems jurong east food court near the royal rojak / meng teochew bak chor mee !

those who are worry about finding us ..feel @ ease , i am wearing a yellow cap with silverhairs wording ! & if still cant see properly den look out for siverhairs banner ya /

foods plenty of choices ya .just pay @ d counter lor.

agenda ! will talk about our health ! like laughter yoga ! many still tot must stretch legs to head huh ??? no lah !!! also on foods we consume every day !

2nd on holiday in either vietnam or manila ya .

so please po mia ( register here lah )

EO Sam Huat .

cheers !! hohohhoohoh hahahahha

a indian trained & qualified laughter yoga teacher !


November Gathering

The last Wednesday of this month is also the last day of the month. Nothing special except 25 days to Christmas.

If you are free, drop by Han’s Cafe at Chinatown Point. Get a friend (or friends) so that you can have someone to talk with.


Event Reminder


9 Days Yunnan Tour (Sat 18 Feb to Sun 26 Feb)

 photo Yunnan-Tour11.jpg
 photo Yunnan-Tour22.jpg
 photo Yunnan-Tour33.jpg
 photo Yunnan-Tour44.jpg
 photo Yunnan-Tour55.jpg
We plan to purchase our own air tickets and engage an overseas tour operator to conduct the tour. It will be a private group.

We plan to travel together on China Eastern Airlines. The best time to visit Luoping for the Canola Flowers is from 20 Feb to early March. It will be a peak period. My main concern is in securing the air tickets for our preferred days and times.

If you have concern about the difficulty level, I have checked with the tour operator. She said most of the places you can proceed according to your physical fitness. For the Nine Dragons Waterfalls, you can reach the first waterfall in less than 2 km on flat ground and it is up to you whether to proceed to the 2nd and 3rd tier.

If you are interested, please write to shctour@outlook.com preferably by Fri 25 Nov. The early birds will get the worms, those register later might have to pay a higher rate for the air ticket. If you are interested, but need more time to consider, do let me know.

If the itinerary is too small for reading, press the Ctrl key and the + sign key simultaneously to enlarge. Press the Ctrl key and the – sign key simultaneously to reduce.

Moon Wong (EC)

13 people have confirmed.

IT Talk on Internet Security (Saturday, 10-12-2016)

What is Internet Security? Internet Security is the online ways and methods to prevent your
data, your identity, etc. being stolen by hackers. Come and learn the proper ways to minimise your risk of getting into trouble when connected to the Internet.

Topic: Internet Security
Date: 10th Dec 2016 (Saturday)
Time: 3.00PM to 5.00PM
Course Fee: Free (no charge)
Venue: Bukit Merah Library

Direction: Nearest MRT: Tiong Bahru, exit and turn right, up escalator and take bus number 5 or 16 or 851 to end (Bukit Merah Bus Interchange). About 5 minutes walk to library.

Note: If you are interested to receive postings from this blog, be a “Follower”, click the “Following Lifelong Learning” at the bottom right hand corner on this page and submit your email address.

hewlee (EC)

Pound had dropped since Brexit. Now, USD has climbed since Trump.

By now, many of us know that the MYR has fallen painfully for out Malaysian friends against the Sing dollar and the USD.

Further away, the Indian govt has just made 500 and 1000 rupee noted illegal tender.

Share what you think? And where will all this turmoil lead to?  Is this the Trump effect?

For members who have an interest in currency, impact of USD against the SGD, MYR and major currencies, feel free to join SHC WhatsApp discussion at 9489-4360.  Strictly on this topic only. This post and WhatsApp group will close 31 Jan 2017.

Please introduce yourself when joining WhatsApp.

Terence Seah

The Aftermath

There is so much public outcry against Trump beating HClinton that one gets the  impression most Americans voted for HClinton and beggars the question: Where did the tens of thousands of votes for Trump that brought him victory come from?

From the silent majority – Americans who do not benefit but in fact suffer from globalization. This large group of voters HC overlooked but not Trump. He appealed to them and got their votes!

Through the way he planned his campaign, Trump showed his talent – the winning unconventional ideas that conventional thinking people have no inkling of .

It will be very interesting to see what the president elect will do in his first 100 days in office next year.

Kopi chat for December 2016

The deckopi1   deckopi2

Hi kopi kakis

Time for our next kopi chat which will be held in December 2016.  Details are as follows:

Date:                                       Wednesday, 7th December 2016

Time:                                      2.15 pm – 4.15 pm

Venue:                                    Raffles City Food Court, L. 2

Nearest mrt:                            City Hall mrt station

Food & Beverage:                  All types of cuisines… just order your own drinks and food

Topics:                                    Anything except the shc taboos viz: MLM, sex, politics, religion and selling of investment products

This will be our last kopi chat for 2016.  Hence, I hope more members will join in the fun, laughter and immersion into the Christmas mood.  Christmas is the best time of the year! Fellowship and making friends are very important in this final lap of our life.  Let’s enjoy and be merry ya?

“Forgive what you cannot forget”

“Forget what you cannot forgive”

Live every moment

Laugh every day

Love beyond words!

Please indicate your names here if you’re coming.  Thank you.

Those coming:

  1. Gabriella Chua
  2. Jimmy Longpoetih 
  3. Cheng W K
  4. Friend (MH)
  5. Peter Loo
  6. Lim Tiang Soon
  7. Friend (ET)
  8. Alan Ang
  9. Friend (JL)
  10. Grace Wong
  11. Loong Say Meng
  12. Friend (CA)
  13. Joan Ang
  14. Friend (HC)
  15. Daniel Chan
  16. Michael Yeo

Thank you for all your support and coming for the kopi chat this afternoon.  We had an enjoyable time drinking coffee, fellowshipping, chatting and playing rummykub….

Got a surprise. I got myself admitted into the hospital

Some of you have called me, i shall share a fun story with you.

I went to Hougang polyclinic yesterday morning for a routine blood test. Staff was efficient and I got out within 1 hour.  Have to wait one week to follow up with doc for results. Sometime in the afternoon, I received many calls from a number I was unfamiliar.  Late yesterday, I returned the call, and it was from the critical results doc. She asked me to repeat my blood test at any A&E as my potassium level was critically high at 6.5.

So, I went to TTSH, my favourite hotel.  Even though I did not make an appointment with TTSH, the hospital already knew of my coming. I just showed them the hospital SMS, to make sure it is me.

Dracula took some blood and I was put on an ECG. To wait for the results, the nurse put me on a trolley and wheeled me to a waiting room.  An hour late, the doc explained that my potassium was still high and need to repeat. Test repeated and an hour later, it was confirmed potassium at 6.5.

The doc welcome me to stay at TTSH hotel for the night for further review.  Two giant tubes of medication injected into my blood stream. Gosh, it was painful, size of a large colgate toothpaste.

And the staff wheeled me to my room. Two hours later, I was sweaty and faintish. I pressed the button and my blood test now showed sugar level at 2.5. The hospital gave me some biscuits and my black coffee opium. Plus a cup of glucose water to bring up the sugar level which went back to normal at 6.5.

Had a good sleep, and now I have bread and coffee for breakfast.  Morning doc saw me and just told me I can stay one or two nights more at a discount. Good value, I couldn’t say no.

I shall update u on this post. My WhatsApp is 9489-4360.  No need to visit me, as technology is just as good.  I welcome you to communicate with me on this post.

Have a nice Sunday.

Terence Seah


Date : 12th November 2016, Saturday

Time : 4.30pm SHARP

Duration: approx 2hours

Meeting Place: Labrador MRT Station(CC27) – Take escalator up to ground level.
(no facilities during walk, till probably 1.5hrs later).

ECs: Veronica Wong with Henry See.
Note: Henry See, one of our regular walkers, suggest to do this route, so he will
assist to co-lead.

It was 3 years ago that we had transversed along the coastline on a man-made
boardwalk. The creek is a natural oasis of mangrove, mudflats, lush and green foliage.

Linger for a moment along the coastal front, be soothed, be lulled by
the wonders of nature and revel in this scenic view of vast sea and greenery.
At the bay feast your eyes on a cluster of yachts and perhaps at sundown,
the beautiful sunset!

1) For your own safety, come in comfortable footwear, no slippers/sandals.
2) Protect oneself with sun screen, sunglasses, caps, mosquito repellant
3) Bring a disposable raincoat (though we pray for good weather)

We shall end our walk at HarbourFront.

The Walk Team: Charles Wee, Veronica Wong, Mary Tan, Serene Low, Alice Seah,
Azhari Cuttilan and I, ChristinA Chan… signing off!

This is an EC activity. Bring your adult friends who are 45 and above!

Registration appreciated.             🙂

Hello ………….. New Members…

Ms K Chew
Ms Choi Hong
Ms Son Lin
Mr Kah Siong


Say Hi and connect here !
We look forward to your participations in this Forum and
various events organise by our members.


Members just need to send an email to
for a temporary password.
Remember to include Username.


Yoon Chin

Drive Along The Old Memory Roads To Relax in The Cool Mountain Breeze atGenting Highlands On 20th/21st To 24th/25th Nov 2016

We shall drive through old towns/villages. Stop whenever we please. Kulai, Simpang Renggam , Ayer Hitam ( must eat the original “Amy Yip” Big Bao). Left turn to Batu Pahat, Lunch at Muar/Malacca, Seremban to Genting ( Note : If we start on 20th Nov, will stop at Malacca for a night )
At Genting Highland ( Rooms book from 21st to 24th Nov)
Day 1-Gather for Restaurant Dinner + discussion on following days activities
(a) Tour Goh Tong Township/Temple,Mushroom/cherries farms
(b) Kuala Lumpur city tour
Day 2- Select eiher (a) or (b) above
Day 3- Select remaining (a) or (b)
Day 4- Check out. Drive to Bentong ( must buy Bentong Ginger). Driving along Karak, Mentakab,Triang, Meng Kuang,Bahau, Rompin,Segamat(durian) Labis,Kluang( Beef kueh Tiew), Kota Tinggi ( dinner-Char Coal roast Pigeon, Curry Wild Boar meat)

Estimate Cost – Hotel resort Genting – S$27 pxn per night twin Share.4 Ladies can share one room as they do not have the tiny extra leg. First world much cheaper.Meal voucher MR 10-good for lunch, dinner.
Must eat Dinner RM75-90 at arrange restaurant ( 8-10 course)
Must try Lunch – RM 42 Buffet at Coffee Terrace
Other Traveling -Petrol ,meals pro rated as we spend.

Confirm participants :
Tony Ang + 1
Alan Ang
Nina Choo
Susan Lee

WhatsApp : 81578136

October Gathering

Hi..folks. It is that time of the month again. 26th October to be exact. I will be in Malaysia so I am sorry if any of you intend to chat with me.

See you another time.

Please get a few friends to go to Han’s Café at Chinatown Point. Give them some business. It is our de facto Club House.


Event Reminder

Kopi Meet on Wed, 2nd Nov 2016

novcoffee1  novcoffee2Dear kopi kakis,

Our next kopi meet will be held on Wednesday, 2nd November 2016.  Details are as follows:

Date:                                                         Wednesday, 2nd November 2016

Time:                                                         2.15 – 4.15 pm

Venue:                                                       Usual haunt – Raffles City food court

Nearest mrt:                                              City Hall

Cuisine:                                                     All types of food, beverages and dessert

Topics for discussion:                               Everything under the sun except the SHC taboos (viz: sex, politics, religion, selling of MLM and investment products)

Come and join in an afternoon of fun and laughter among like-minded retirees and the semi-retired.  Chatting and fellowship with friends will keep dementia and depression at bay.  Leave the ’empty nest’ and enjoy yourself over a cuppa.  Just indicate your interest by registering here.


Gabriella Chua

Those coming:

  1. Gabriella
  2. Alan Ang
  3. Cheng WK
  4. John SC Chua
  5. Veronica Wong
  6. Friend(MH)
  7. Michael Yeo
  8. David Low
  9. Lim Tiang Soon
  10. Christine Teo
  11. Nina Choo
  12. Richard Kwok
  13. Friend (JL)
  14. Jeffrey Gan (tentative)
  15. Joan Ang
  16. Tony Ang
  17. Peter Loo
  18. Grace Wong
  19. Lily Boon

Thank you dear friends for coming to the kopi chat this afternoon… without your presence, there won’t  be any event ya?  See you all next month – with Christmas in the air.


  1. Barbeque 

    Date : Saturday, October 29, 2016    5:30 PM to 9.30pm

    Cost : $20 per person Please transfer $20 to UOB saving account 348-105-773-4 by 16/10/2016 And  send your receipt and name to whatsapp 82442814 thks

  2.  Location : Pinevale Condo at Tampines., Singapore (edit map)

  3. How to get there :

    Take bus 72 from Tampines bus interchange, or 168 & 27 at Tampines MRT, drop 4th bus stop outside block 742A along Tampines ave 9

    Turn left into Tampines street 73, short distance is main gate to Pinevale Condo, Enter and keep to your right, walk along the pathway to the end is BQ Pit 1

    4. Lucky Prize Items

    1. Dark Knight, Silver colour Keychain Brand New worth $59

    2. Super Heroes Sock Brand New worth $15

    3. Tablet cover Brand New worth $10

    4. Stainless Steel Wine Opener from France Brand New worth $50

    5. Sim Card back-up device, brand new worth $15d

    6. Stainless Steel Wine opener, Brand new worth $25

    Persons attending :

    1. Christina + 30

    —- CLOSED —-

    Maximum : 30 Persons

  4. If anyone turn up without registering, will be charged $40 If anyone pay on that day will be charged $30

Donald Trump attracts more Facebook readers than any other presidential nominee in American history

I  have been following up on Donald Trump since his name was first raised as a Presidential nominee.  He has raised many controversial topics and ideas but the latest and most talked about issue is “Locker room talk”.  There are more and I am sure most of you must have read something about them.

He makes sense on some issues which will change American history and global relations.  He worries the world with his TPP objection.  He talks across oceans with Russia, China, N Korea and Mexico.  He was blunt on sensitive subjects like race and religion.  He attacks previous and current Presidents.  Because of his enormous exposure to the business world, observers do think he can make America richer and wealthier.  Despite his seemingly positive outlook, his personal views on women have caused many supporters to drop supporting him as a Presidential candidate.

What’s your view?  Share your thoughts.  But please do not attack one another personally.  You can challenge the views or comments, but not the person.  Be sensitive when raising issues on race and religion.  As moderator of this topic, I will reserve the right to de-publish any comments on race and religion.

This post closes on 10 Nov 2016.

Terence Seah

Talk on Cloud Storage (Computing)

Cloud storage is about storage and sharing of information. Be it a document, a movie or just images. Six storage (computing) methods will be discussed. They include 1) Apple iCloud, 2) Google Drive, 3) Microsoft OneDrive, 4) Dropbox, 5) Youtube and 6) Blogging.

Topic: Cloud Storage (Computing)
Date: 12th Nov 2016 (Saturday)
Time: 3.00PM to 5.00PM
Course Fee: Free (no charge)
Venue: Bukit Merah Library

Direction: Nearest MRT: Tiong Bahru, exit and turn right, up escalator and take bus number 5 or 16 or 851 to end (Bukit Merah Bus Interchange). About 5 minutes walk to library.

Some people slow down at 60, but not me …

hew lee (EC)

Monthly Cycling on Sat, 15 Oct 2016

Hello Hello

Location : ECP, East Coast Park
Start Time : 4.30 pm
Distance : 2 routes –
1. Burger King to Bedok Jetty (short distance)
2. Burger King to Fort Road (long distance)

Meetup time : 4.00 pm at Burger (for chatting)
Bike collection time : 4.15 pm (from adjourning kiosk)

Things to bring :
1. Helmet (or hats) & gloves
2. Sunblock, arm sleeves, shades and raincoat
3. S 11
4. Your friends

Location map of East Coast Park –

Rain or shine, we wait for U

Who is who coming –
Yew Kwong

Getting to do what I have always wanted to do, but just cannot seem to get it going right …. 

I am sitting now on an Air India flight to New Delhi.  This is an early morning flight, and after a short breakfast, I could see everyone around me sleeping, wrapped around a warm blanket. Zzzz.

Well, I cannot sleep, so my mind wonders. I think about the many friends and members whom I have met in the SilverHairsClub over the last 11 years. And I went further, pondering where we will be in the next 11 years.

Winding back quickly, I remembered how hard it was to get to find a few good friends to spend time together when we retire.  At that time, I was living and working in Thailand.  I then decided to move to Singapore but at that time, the financial markets crashed, and economic scenarios changed.  And from then, many Singaporeans over 45 lost their jobs. Full time employment was a thing of the past, and today, term employment contracts are common. But I was determined to bring SilverHairs together.  A wish till today.  And that’s how SilverHairsClub started.

A. In 2005, I took up advertisements in various media, and here’s my experiences and adventures starting the Club. One lady who today is very active in SHC met up with me.  I forgot whether she called me or I called her. But I met her over a coffee. During the chat or rather the interview, she questioned me on why I am starting a SilverHairsClub. She had doubts, not about the club but about the person who is starting a Club for seniors.  Her son must have warned her mum about getting involved with men or unfamiliar organisations. But I also remembered her saying her son did say, “go out mum”. I have to admit I had difficulty explaining the objectives of SHC. Yet, I decided to preservere, and make effort to build SHC as a platform for SilverHairs to come together and meet new and more friends.

B.  The Club grew quickly, and within a year, we had our 1st Dinner and Dance. A surprise indeed.  To continue…

Terence Seah

Hello … New Members


shc3Ms Christine Teo M L
Mr Michael Yeo T S


Say Hi and connect here !
We look forward to your participations in this Forum and
various events organise by our members.



Members just need to send an email to
for a temporary password.
Remember to include Username.


Yoon Chin

Ho Chi Minh City, Free & Easy, Thur 24 – 27 Nov 2016

A few of us have been toying with the idea of going to Ho Chi Minh City, free & easy.  In particular, SS James, Andrew and myself.

HCMC has many exciting attractions. The food is varied; especially street food. Beef noodles are every where. It’s most famous market is the Banh Tanh market.  The cars and motorcycles just don’t seem to hit you, even if you were to cross a 3-lane road blindfolded. Beer is about one dollar a bottle.

For those in the know, HCMC is famous for its cafe.  The ladies are somehow always slim, 28 inch waist.  With Grab bike, one can travel inside narrow lanes and markets.  And the day starts early for the Vietnamese.  And ends late too.

End Nov is cooler, and the weather likely to stay dry.

We can all meet in HCMC. We can have our own mini flexible itinery.  A private massage.  The dates have not been decided but it does not matter. We meet there.

For those who have been there, please recommend the hotel you have stayed before. Maybe near the famous market or Riverside.

Interested, let us know. I think it will be fun.  You can bring anybody along.

Terence Seah

Selling investment schemes to fellow SHC members is not allowed

It has come to my attention that some members of the Club are offering investment schemes to fellow members.  These members attend Club events and try to convince fellow members the benefits and rewards from investing in these schemes.

I am also aware that these members have misrepresented themselves as founding members of SilverHairsClub. SHC has been around for the last 11 years and founding members are well documented in the Club history.

This post serves to inform fellow members and those who are offering investment schemes that SHC does not allow the selling of these services in Club gatherings.  

If it should come to my attention again that these members continue to sell investment products or schemes within Club activities, the member involved will be taken off the Club membership immediately.

Please do take note.  SHC will continue to serve as a platform for SilverHairs to meet and make new friends.

Terence Seah

Introduction to the World of Acrylic Painting

Hi everyone,
Let me first introduce my humble self – Adeline Yeo – have never written to silver hairs club besides attending a few get together. I am wondering how many of us have always wished to give personalized yet relatively affordable gifts to people whom we get in touch with. Well let me introduce you to the world of acrylic painting, which both young and old, with or without artistic ability can learn easily.

When I first picked up acrylic painting 15 years ago, I had no idea that it would not only bring much joy, creativity, freedom of expression, more friends and best of all extra monetary gains. Acrylic can be painted on most surfaces such as: fabric, paper, cards, fiberboard, wood, plastic and even stones. Thus I hope to share this skill and interest with others who are equally passionate about learning crafts.

The internet, schools and books expose you to a world of both knowledge and confusion about acrylic. Here I list just some of the few subjects:
• Different objects: sceneries, birds, flowers, still life, portraits, landscapes, etc
• Different family of colors within the colors, burnt sienna, raw umber, etc
• Different types of mediums: Retarders, glaze, etc
• Different types of brushes: flat tipped, round, ferrule, liners etc
• Different types of surfaces: Paper, plastic, wood, etc

Internet Links like this: https://youtu.be/AWQ1S1YwkI0

Schools that teach basic acrylic painting: http://pabha.com/ArtClass/Page6.htm

Books: Acrylic Painting for Dummies, Acrylic Painting with Passion
The list above is not exhaustive as you can always google or even borrow books from the library. As I was fortunate in the sense that I blindly followed what was taught because I was attracted to the final product that my colleague introduced. So questions like, what should I paint, what kind of brushes should I use, How do I start? These did not hinder my passion. It was much later that I learnt from Arts of Crafts (a school at Orchard Road) and Spotlight that I further increased my interest, but I should add I am still in the process of fine tuning

So without much further ado, let me show you some of my completed artworks, which were ordinary looking pieces of wood and stones which I had them painted as decorative items, given as personalized gifts and some that helped me make some extra income.

I hope this helped in your decision in taking up a hobby that is both therapeutic, relatively cheap and an enjoyment with your kids and a favorite past time.
Adeline Yeo




Pearl Hill / Tiong Bahru Trail


ECs for this walk: Serene Low and ChristinA Chan
Date: Saturday, 1 October 2016
Start Time: 4.30pm sharp
Duration of walk: approx 3 hrs
Meeting Place: Outram Road MRT, Ground level above Green line outside Ananas Cafe.

At Pearl Hilltop, we would experience light breeze, lots of shade under tall trees and a forestry park of many species of foliage.

Thereafter we shall proceed to Tiong Bahru, one of the oldest public housing estate in Singapore developed in the 1930s by the then Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT now known as HDB). The surrounding area of low rise walk up apartments were a stark contrast to the high rise HDB flats we see today.

Added to the charm of this area lies the rich heritage, unique and one of a kind murals, chic cafes and restaurants that have sprouted up in the last couple of years.

Don’t miss this experience to come together for a walk with friends old and new. We will end the walk at Tiong Bahru MRT where there are many eateries for dinner.

So do dress comfortably with hats, umbrella, drinking water, camera, sun block and comfortable walking shoes.

Walk Team ECs: ChristinA Chan, Charles Wee, Veronica Wong, Mary Tan, Alice Seah, Azhari Cuttlian, Serene Low.

1). Serene Low
2). ChristinA Chan
3). James Tan
4). Susan Tan
5). Judy Lim
6). Winnie and friend
8). Winnie Lim
9). Tony Ang
10).Pauline Chew
11).Monica Tan
12).Janis Han
13).Henry See
14).Shirley Yeo and friend
16).Gingko Tay
17).Janet NG
18).Cheryl Ho
19).Ronald Lee
20).Irene Yap
22).Gabriella Chua
23).John How
24).Alice Cheong
25).Evelyn Ong
26).Doris Lim