First SilverHairsClub gathering, Chiangmai Sun 25 Mar 2018

As part of plans to build a SilverHairsClub communiy in Chiangmail, we shall have the first SHC gathering in Chiangmai on 28 Mar 2018. A venue will be identified towards the end of Jan 2018. Venue will be in Chiangmai city. we will invite fellow Singaporeans who are already living in Chiangmai.

Currently Scoot flies direct Sin/CNX/Sin on certain days of the week. March is the low peak season, is also attractive because of low hotel rates and low airticket prices.

For those interested, please make your own airticket and hotel arrangements. You may come to CM any date or time, but the SHC Chiangmai gathering is firmed for Sun 25 Mar 2018.

There is also a SHC Retirement community Chiangmai evaluation trip from 23 – 29 Mar 2018. This group will also meet up for this SHC gathering on 25 Mar 2018. For members considering long term stay in Chiangmai, you can participate in this trip. Whatsap Terence +65 9489 4360.

Keep in touch with updates here. Please register your interest to come hee.

Terence Seah

SilverHairsClub goes on a retirement trip to Chiangmai, Thu 22 Mar – 29 Mar 2018

Advance information. After all the talk on retiring in Chiangmai, about time to put some action into plan.

We are organising a special trip to chiangmai, for members to Chiangmai, with the aim of assessing retirement locations, activities and facilities. The dates are 22 Mar to 29 Mar 2018 (fixed).

A few points:
1. Thai tourist visa, applied at Spore Thai embassy is 3 mths, free. You need to show return air tickets.

2. Kenneth Tan, our regular CM advisor, suggests Scoot flying direct Sin/Chiangmai/Sin. Cost, less than SGD 300. So, you may want to book early. This is non-holiday period.

3. This is not a tourist trip, as it is intended for members looking at Chiangmai as a retirement location. CM will be used as the central and springboard to places in North Thailand. We plan to live the Thai way.

4. Accommodation, we will be staying at a few identified places, within a 1 hr radius from Chiangmai city.

5. Facilities planning will include local fresh markets, hospitals, pharmacies, Internet, parks, bus stations, lakes, night markets.

6. For those with special interest eg cycling, walks, gardening, chickens, Thai cooking, herbs, fishing, ease do research on the Internet. Let me know, and we try to accommodate.

So, please plan ahead. Do join the SHC Chiangmai retirement group, if you are interested.

Terence Seah

Personal accident insurance vs Travel insurance

This post is open to SilverhairsClub members and also members who are in the insurance business.  Feel free to share and comment.

Strictly, no URL, tel, video and invitations.  No copy and paste. You are allowed to mention the insurance company and your relationshio. Focused on travel and personal insurance only.  Not life, term plans.  Strictly for members discussions only.

SHC members are generally seniors, and at some stage do need travel and/or  personal accident insurance.  A discussion on this topic came up recently, and i thought it is a valuable topic to discuss.  A number of our members are in insurance.

During the trip planning $D3N to Bangkok next year, a lot of time and discussions were placed on taking insurance and which one to pick up.

So, what is the difference between taking a personal accident insurance and a travel insurance?  Personal accident insurance are usually valid for one year. So are annual travel insurance plans?  Can a PA insurance plan be valid for travel.

As a buyer, which plan do you have?, How much does it costs and what is your experience with claims?

Does anyone know if SHC can have a group accident insurance or travel insurance, similar to corporate accident insurance.

Strictly, no URL, tel, video and invitations.  No copy and paste. You are allowed to mention the insurance company. Focused on travel and personal insurance only.  Not life, term plans.  Strictly for members discussions only.



Terence Seah


Focus group discussion : To find out what does a retiree need for him/her to want to live in Thailand

Hi Silver Hair fellow brothers and sisters

I am holding a focus group discussion for individuals who are interested to retire in Thailand to talk about the needs and wants that are important to living in Northern Thailand.

Date : Sun, 15 Jan 2017, 2pm to 4.30pm.
Location : Blk 495C, Tampines St 43, #08-384, S522495.
Duration : 2.5 hours
Number of participants : 10

The following is the agenda.

1 What do you like about living in Singapore ?
2 What you do not like about living in Singapore ?
3 Do you think you will enjoy the same lifestyle in 2 years’ time and beyond if you choose to remain in Singapore ?
4 Team Presentation
5 If you are given a chance to retire in Thailand, what you must have and what you wish to have ?
6 Team Presentation
7 An example to illustrate the lifestyle you will have if you choose to live in Thailand
8 Q&A

Total participants : 10 max
Facilitator : 1

Light refreshments will be provided.
Please write to me on “” leaving your name and mobile number if you need any clarification. Thank you.


Hong Jeng

Participant list :
1. Terence Seah
2. Jassmine Teo
3. Stella Sheng
4. Jeffrey Lim
5. Zacman Chiam
6. Richard Lean
7. Lilian Teo
8. Bobby Bok
9. Daisy Wee
10.Theresa Seow
11.Ong Lin Lhim

Registration closed.

Direction to my place :
Take bus 293 from Tampines Bus Interchange, located next to Tampines MRT. There are 2 buses of 293. Take the one bus going to Tampines St45. Count 4 bus stops from Tampines Bus Interchange. Alight at Blk 493B. Look for Blk 495C behind bus stop.

Retiring in Singapore

I used to wonder about retiring in a foreign country. The idea was exciting when I was working and in my prime. However, now that I am semi retired, I feel that Sge is the best place to retire for Sge citizens.

CPF is making sure we have an adequate nest egg when we retire. For needy pioneers  the govt provides subsidies for this and that. And medical treatment – no one will be denied medical treatment for lack of money. This govt pledge is really heart-warming.

Our HDB flat is an asset that can be used to earn income should we need cash. Most of us have this asset. At present many elderly including retirees are financially independent and have strong purchasing power. As the country progresses with an aging population in mind, retirees can look forward to  a good future – a vibrant retirement life.

Terence is retiring in Thailand and Abel is retiring in Indonesia. The ‘push ‘ factor for both men is strong – both have families in the foreign countries.  For me and my circle of friends, the pasture is greener at home!

 – A personal opinion.

Retirement community – an idea

The AWWA Senior Home community article in the Sunday Times (26/6)  is an eye-opener on how it operates.   There is a lot of freedom of movement for the residents. I think this is a good model for a retirement village, Sg style.

The studio apartment blocks can easily be adapted to a retirement community by following the AWWA Senior Home model. As the occupants of the studio apartments are owners of the apartments, they would need to pay a fee for the services provided, hence it is important that the retirement community of studio apartments be managed  by a govt. department to keep costs affordable for the residents.

Recently I visited a friend who got a studio apartment in Hougang. She told me her neighbouring units are taken but the occupants are seldom at home. This  implies  that these elderly buyers of the studio apartments have a place to stay but thought it a good measure to buy a studio apartment. These early birds.

Now my friend, flushed with cash by downgrading to a studio apartment,  is going on a  tour of Europe.  Life is good. 🙂

Integrated Shield Plans

I had no clear idea when people talked about integrated shield plans (IP) until recently when I had to give advice to a relative who was wondering whether he should downgrade to the new standard IP  which will come into effect in May.

I went to read up about medisave, medishield, integrated shields etc… and  I realized having MediShield Life is enough health coverage with affordable premiums paid from Medisave if we do not mind being in class B2 or Class C wards.

I asked my relative ( an ordinary employee) why he had bought the IP and he said his insurance agent told him it was good to have that and that  the premium would be paid from medisave which savings he  could not touch anyway. (A little knowledge is indeed dangerous).

My conclusions – IPs are for :

  1. People who want to be warded in B1 or class A ward. They can choose their doctors.
  2. People who want to be treated in private hospitals. 


Interesting info from MediShield Life website:

“60% of Singaporeans have integrated shield plans but many end up not staying in the ward their coverage entitles them to.”  No reason given but I thought it was strange.




Retirement: Some work to do

When asked when he was going to retire, 75 y.o. Tom Jones replied: Yeah, to what? (S.T. March 4 )

There are many elderly who do not want to retire because they do not know what to do if they retire. If you enjoy your work, like Jones, do not retire but if you do not enjoy your work (or more likely your job) but are hanging on to it for the money or the fear of not knowing what to do after retirement, then work, work, work till your health takes a heavy toll.

Retirement is the time when one enjoys a slower pace of life and has the opportunity to engage in work that one likes or even enjoy a second wind where one is one’s own boss!

Cheers!charlie brown


Perth a place for holiday or for retirement. What is your experience?

australia     One of the most sought after activity after retirement is travelling.  Some of us are contented to say in Singapore; while others are forever looking out for near places to live their retirement. In the last two weeks, the Straits Times carried two articles on Perth and Western Australia.

For some members, their children are studying in one of Perth’s universities. For others, it is a golfing outing with friends.  Many just love the open air and wide space. Families may go there to see dolphines and whales.  And for others, a chance to own a 450 sq metre piece of land with a landed property at about AUD 450,000 freehold.

Some years ago, SilverHairsClub organised a homestay among Singaporean homes, enjoyed Fremantle and its wide and beautiful coastline, moved leisurely around Perth city, and mixed with the Singapore community.

Perth is 5 hours from Singapore, same time zone, and with Scoot, jetstar,
Quantas, Singapore airlines and Air Asia, many can buy their air tickets between S250 to 900 return. Hotels starts from AUD100, and rentals of an apartment or house are around AUD 450+ per week..  Car rentals are pretty cheap, and available at around AUD50-70 per day.  Coffee is expensive, at about AUD 4 per cup.  A single dish is big sized, and likely to cost AUD 10 – 18 each.

What are your experiences and considerations when it comes to holiday or retirement in Perth?  Share and discuss.

Terence Seah


What would you do if you are alone at home, and you had a serious fall?

fall2    fall1 I was with a few friends in Petaling Jaya last night.  My Malaysian friends have retired; and we discussed life during retirement, and getting old. Many of my friends were fit; they play golf, and travel extensively. Two weeks ago, I attended the wake of a long time friend of mine who has been with me in the newspaper industry for almost 30 years.  He was only 55, and he suffered a stroke, I understood no one knew about it, until it was too late.

Many of us are alone at some times of the day.  As for me, I travel a lot, staying in hotel rooms most days in a year.  Well, I sleep alone most nights.  How I wish I had company every night; unfortunately it is not the case.  Guys, I swear by what I say.

Seriously, dont meant to joke about being alone.  But, many of us are alone at times, at home, in the office, while travelling or at an unknown or familiar place. Husbands, wives, girlfriends are not around to help or may have switched off their phones.  We may have a fall; we may sleep through and not wake up.  We could have locked the room door.  The chest was getting breathless and the pain was spreading.  We may have only 10 minutes; and we dont know what to do.  The only thing we have is our phone or smartphone.

Really, guys and gals, what would you do?

Terence Seah

When the time comes to spend the day at the DayCare centre

old2     old8

old10    old9

(Click on the pictures for a bigger and clearer image)

I have always wondered what I will be doing on most days when I have difficulties in walking, when I am lonely and when I grow old.  My time will come.  But, not yet, I can still walk, I can still work, and I like to work for as long as my legs allow me. Of course, soon or later, I cannot work; but I want to keep myself active, and maybe do some volunteer work.  That’s if I have the money to live through my SilverHairs years.

A couple of days ago, I visited a privately-run  daycare centre in Australia. It has a size of about 400 sqm.  It opens Monday to Friday 10.30am to 3.00 pm.  The Daycare is run by some fulltime staff and some volunteers.  It has a good size kitchen that prepares food and drinks for the elderlies that come to the centre.

The Daycare has a program, with different activities each day eg singing, poetry, crafts, games, magic show, indoor golf, …..  The activities are organised by the full time staff.  The elderlies, all of them, require some help in moving around, and thus not bed-ridden.  The daycare accepts elderlies who are not suffering from contagious diseases, dimentia, and mental illnesses.  They live within a certain distance from the day-care and are picked up by a van driver from their residence. They arrive at the daycare at 10.30am each day, in a specially designed van.

The kitchen services the daycare and cooks the meal of the day, as well as prepares hot beverages and biscuits twice a day. The kitchen is run by a full time staff.  Volunteers assist in the kitchen, serves the elderlies and generally clean up the place after lunch.

While at the daycare, elderlies get to play games, learn a craft, enjoy singing, do some gardening and follow the program of the day.  Many elderlies are lonely and they do not want to stay at home.  Their children prefers they go out, keep active and mix with other friends. At the end of the day, the elderlies are happy, and look forward to meeting other elderlies on other days.

I spoke with the staff of the daycare centre.  The daycare employs some full time paid staff who administrates the centre, organises the activities and the daycare operation which includes picking up the elderlies from and to their homes.  The volunteers help with interacting with the elderlies, keeps the place clean and tidy and other odds and ends. The centre is self funded, and it survives based on collections from the elderlies.  At the end of each day, the centre collects between AUD 25 – 30 from the elderlies.  This includes home-daycare centre transfers, a main meal, two tea-breaks, activities and program as per published schedules, plus a healthy day interacting with other elderlies.

I am not sure if the daycare centre is privately owned or rented. But, I see it as located within a quiet residential community. The daycare pays for maintenance, lightings and water tilities and upkeep of the building.

I am not sure how daycare centres are operated in Singapore; but I see some silver linings in a daycare centre.

  1. There are opportunities for seniors and elderlies to use the services of a privately daycare centre.
  2. Full time seniors get to work and get paid in a daycare centre, not a home or a hospital.
  3. Opportunities for seniors to volunteer some time to interact with elderlies who are lonely, chatty, fun and need someone to talk to.

I think each of us has a different vision of what we will do when we have difficulties walking, cannot leave our homes on our own or meet friends without assisted transport or feel lonely while our children are working to earn a living.  Many of our children would hope we can spend some time outside to get some fresh air, meet our regular friends and have our regular lunch.

Will you go to a Daycare centre and join its activities?

Terence Seah

old3  old1  old7


Our CPF; not your CPF


One of the most current affairs stories today is “Our CPF”.  It’s about letting Singaporeans decide how much we need during our retirement. I think it is good we have a discussion here. Perhaps you know everything; but some of us have questions and comments.

If you have questions, do ask; and anyone can respond.  If you have comments, great.  Keep your response short, so we enjoy and understand you better. Please keep short your response to 1-3 paragraphs.  I have questions too.

In the case or we turning 55 in 2016, and the options are:

  1. Basic retirement sum (with property):  A monthly payout of $650 – 700 for life, for basic needs.
  2. Full retirement sum (without property): A monthly payout of $1,200 – 1,300 for life, for basic needs.
  3. Enhanced retirement sum $241,500:  A monthly payout of $1,750 – 1,900 for life, if we choose to put more in the retirement account.

If you wish to rate your thoughts and share it with fellow members, use the scale of 1-10 (10 is excellent), avoid using I dont like it or it is a good idea.

Please share your thoughts.

Terence Seah


Do family duties make it difficult for you to pursue your leisure interest?

SilverHairsClub developed its main objective to provide a platform for SilverHairs, over 45, to meet new and more friends. Over the last 9 years, we get to understand our objective better, and whether it has served our efforts.


The Council of Third Age recent survey revealed that many Singaporeans who have left full time work are not able to fulfil their leisure interests because they need to look after their family duties first.


Grand children to look after, keeping the house clean, get ready homecooked food and caring after an ageing family member.  Are you one of those who are unable to participate in SHC activities because you have family duties to do?  What percentage of your SHC friends do you know fall under this category?

Or are you within the 36-45% surveyed that say your reasons for non-participation in leisure activities are due to lack of money or because of age?  The survey added that most seniors prefer to keep to themselvces after they retired and may lack the courage to proactively intereact with others?


Come share your thoughts, even if you have been inactive?  What do you think?  What about you?  Make an effort to share your thots.

Terence Seah

How Not To Retire


I have been comptemplating retirement for a long while and my concept of retirement has been
constantly evolving as I look around , “listen to my body” and observing retirees.
I have seen many friends and neighbours who became so bored that they have become a nuisance to their spouse and children and to others!
A few of them have solved the problem by going back to work. They were able to do so because they have a skill/expertise that is still in demand. The rest live aimlessly or are waiting to die – a very sad situation, indeed.
There is no right or wrong but I have come out with some thoughts for sharing.

4 Pre-Conditions for Retirement

You should retire only when you fulfil these 4 pre-conditions:
1. Your children are financially independent (e.g. they got jobs),
2. You have zero liability (all your borrowings are paid up),
3. You have enough savings to support your lifestyle for the rest of your life,
AND most importantly,
4. You know what you would be doing during your retirement.
DO NOT retire till you meet ALL 4 Pre-Conditions. And of course you should not retire if you enjoy working and are getting paid well for it!
The problem cases I know of are those who failed to meet Pre-Condition #4.
When asked, “What would you be doing during your retirement?” some replied, “I will travel/cruise and see the World”. They did that, some for 3 months and then ran out of ideas. The golfers replied, “I can golf every day.” Most could not because they are no longer fit to play well enough to enjoy the game. Those who could, need to overcome another hurdle – they need to the find the “kakis” to play with them.
It’s the same with mahjong, bridge, badminton, trekking and karaoke – you need “kakis”! Most could not find others who share their favourite game and playing/singing alone is no fun.
Thus if you are into group sports or games, you must form your groups BEFORE you retire. You need to identify your “kakis”, play with them and discover whether they “click” with you.
The less sporty “can read all the books bought over the years”. I know of one guy who fell asleep after a few pages and ended up napping most of the time! He discovered that he did not like to read after all. We do change and we may not enjoy the hobbies we had.

Routine Activities To Fill Your Week
For most people, your routine work activities are planned for you or dictated by others and circumstances. When you retire, you wake up to a new routine – one that you yourself have to establish as nobody else would do it for you!
The routine to establish should keep your body, mind and spirit “sharpened”. A good routine would comprise:
a) One weekly physical sport – you need to keep fit to enjoy your retirement. If you are the non-sporty type, you should fire your maid and clean your home without mechanical aids. Dancing and baby sitting are good alternatives.
b) One weekly mind stimulating activity – e.g. writing, studying for a degree, acquiring a new skill, solving problems or puzzles, learn or teach something. You need to stimulate your mind to stay alive because the day you stop using your brain is the day you start to die.
c) One weekly social activity – choose one involving lots of friends/neighbours. Get yourself accepted as a member to at least 3 interests groups. Unless you prefer to be alone, you do need friends more than ever as you get older and less fit to pursue your sport.
d) One weekly community service activity – you need to give to appreciate what you have taken in this life. It’s good to leave some kind of legacy.
With 4 weekly activities, you got 4 days out of 7 covered. The remaining 3 days should be devoted to family related activities. In this way, you maintain a balance between amusing yourself and your family members. Any spare time should remain “spare” so that you can capitalise on opportunities that come your way like responding to an unexpected request to do a job or to take advantage of cheap fares to see places or to visit an exhibition.

Mind stimulating activities
Most judges live to a ripe old age. They use their brains a lot to decide on cases.
Mind stimulating activities are hard to identify. They require your will to do something useful with the rest of your life, a mindset change and the discipline to carry it through. Find new field to learn or new hobbies.

Your Bucket List
Despite your busy routine, you will at times be bored. Then it’s time to turn to your Bucket List.
Your bucket list contains a list of things to do before you kick the bucket. They are not routine and are usually one off activities. You need them to have something to look forward to. These include anniversaries, trips (and pilgrimages), visits to friends and relations abroad, re-doing your home, attending conferences (related to your hobbies), acquiring a new set of expertise. 4 such activities that are spaced our quarterly would be ideal.

Retirement Is A Serious Business
If you can afford to retire and want to, do prepare to live to your fullest. You need to be fit to enjoy it – therefore get into shape now. You do not want to get up on a Monday and wonder what to do each week, therefore identify your set of weekly routine activities now and try them out to confirm that they are the activities that you will be looking forward to doing each week, week after week. You bucket list of “rewards” or “projects” or “challenges” is needed to help you break away from the routine thereby make live worth living. Start listing what you fancy and refine it as you chug along in your retirement.

I hope the above help for those who are planning of retiring. I am looking forwards to my retirement to embark on my various personal projects.


We see more and more elderly people around us


Two Sundays ago, I took this shot of an elderly lady in the park; she was enjoying herself in the middle of the city.  She didn’t say a word, and while I was looking at her, neither did the caregiver say a word.  But, I could sense in the lady the feeling of peace and satisfaction. This picture was not taken in Singapore.

Then, I began to see myself and my fellow SHC friends and members in a wheelchair. Various thoughts came to my mine.  Many of us are fit, perhaps working and enjoying our lives.  We cannot wait to see the rest of the world; so many countries to go and not enough time.  We feel we are still somewhere up there, and that we have made it after all these years; and that no one should tell us what to do, how to do it right and that I am wrong.  Then, one day, we land up in that wheelchair.  No one talks to us, not even the caregiver, if we have one.

Ever since SHC started in 2005, I see many fit and young faces among Club members. Where will we be?

Terence Seah

Virtual SilverHair Co-operative

When I first retired from my full time job age 50 with NTUC, I wanted to set up a co-operative for Seniors but was put off as I had an attractive offer to work in China. Now that I am jobless and believe time in on my side .

I believe in pooling  members ‘ existing resources  to work for the success of this co-operative. I do not believe in asking members to contribute money towards this set-up. No body is to bleed for the failure of this misadventure.

Many retirees spend on all forms of necessities- which forms the revenue of  this co-operative. As this co-operative taps on the facilities provided by SHC enterprise- a 3% on revenue sales is provided as a constribution. All resources provided by members will be awarded in monetary gains. Details of rewards will be outlined as we roll out programme.

I have plans for  Tour programme -(A) Spore-Pengerang-Spore (B) Spore-kukup-Spore. we will develop other packages as times go by. The details of (A) as follows :

Spore-Pengerang-Spore Tour 1                          Spore-Pengerang-Spore Tour 2     

8.30 am – Assemble at pick-up point                   8.30 am – Assemble at Changi Ferry T 8.45 am – Cars leave via causeway                    8.45 am – By Boat to Tg Pengelin Ter 10.00am- Arrived lago land/shoppingComp       10.00am – At Pengerang walk  around 12.30am -Lunch at Farm house/others              12.30pm – Lunch at Kg Sungai Rengit 2.30pm  – Tour around Sungai Rengit                                  and tour around                  3.oopm  – drop passengers at Jetty to                3.15 pm – Pick up Tour 2 passengers                       ferry home                                                           heading for  JB shopping         By 5.00pm –  Those intend to stay a night           6.00 pm –  Dinner is optional at own

The resources require to make this tour successfully depends on members car pooling, as well as salesmanship. Sales commission 5%. Car driver get  $ 140 ( travel by Taxi to kampong Sungai Rengit from JB is S$ 70).

I intend to price this tour package at S$88 (all inclusive except Lago Land entry fee) per pax..Any suggestion to charge higher are welcome. Under this win-win arrangement. As participant- you have the comfort of travelling in private car. As a participated Driver-you have ( S$140-88 ) S$ 55.00 appreciation fees.

Opinion poll : How about each passenger pay S$ 75 transport to Participate Driver for Genting / Malacca Trip ?

Tony Ang

Studying conversational Thai in Singapore via Skype

study2   study1  skype

For those who wish to stay short term in Thailand and wish to learn conversational thai, i would encourage you to take up live learning, direct from thai people.  With today’s internet, you can learnt thai over Skype.  You can see the teacher.  You will use a common thai conversation book.  Two adult students can learn and speak and listen together.  You will be corrected if you pronnounce wrong.

These is a great way to learn from your own desktop or even mobile.  Right from Singapore from Central Thailand.  Good Thai schools charge about 30,000 for one-one coaching.  But I think we can get teachers for less than 50% on a twin sharing.

As part of my ongoing plan to encourage retirement in Thailand, i encourage you to start learning thai now.

I look forward to have some Singapore friends in Thailand when I retire.  Especially when you have some thai language skills.

Let me know if you wish to learn thai.  BTW, another way is to have a thai boyfriend or girlfriend or to go for slow thai karaoke.

Terence Seah

Thailand as a place to retire

In 2004, my close friends, William Chew, Richard Ng and Vincent Khoo got together regularly to talk about retiring in Thailand. That’s 10 years ago. We have been living in the region for more than 20 years. Today, Richard stayed on and worked in Bangkok. Vincent Khoo moved back recently to Singapore due to health reasons; he is eager to get back next year. William Chew stayed on in Myanmar, having lived there for almost 30 years. I have been living in Thailand for more than 20 years, and today, I am extending my plans to live in Thailand for an indefinate period of time.

There are many Singaporeans living in Thailand, enjoying their retirement. They can be found in Chiangmai, Phuket, Bangkok, Korat, Pattaya and HuaHin. Most have either a house Upcountry or an apartment in key cities. Many live on a modest lifestyle, enjoying the vastness of Thailand, the beautiful shores, the wide range of medical facilities, the modern supermarkets, the friendly culture, and importantly, the low cost of food, transportation, housing and travel.

Language is easy, most Singaporeans can pick up day to day communication within 3 months. I went to school for 6 months, Thai karaoke every week and speak Thai in my best with anybody around me.

Whether you are a man or a woman, you will find friends to help you make Thailand a place to stay, even for retirement, short term or long term. It’s for you to build the relationships.

There is a Singapore Club of Thailand (SCOT) and there is the Singapore-Thai Chamber of Commerce (STCC). I was the President of SCOT for two terms and a co-founder of STCC. The first is social and the latter is more business. Either one, you can join.

You may be able to get a job in Thailand, or you can start a small business with a local partner. Both of which are not complicated procedures. A small business can make your stay beneficial and worthwhile.

While Thailand has a growing middle class, many Thais are still very poor. They are mainly in agriculture. If your heart is to help the poor, you will find doing charity projects meaningful as our contributions to the less fortunate.

Here in Thailand, you can easily have a maid, a kitchen help or a driver. On a shared basis, among friends, you will find the cost of living in Thailand workable and within the means of a small calculator.

I shall lead this Post on Thailand covering issues on retirement living, including short term living. Each week, I shall cover an issue, and you are free to ask a question or make a comment.

Please stick strictly to Thailand and retiring in Thailand issues. For members who wish to join in on this topic, please feel free to join in.

Terence Seah


An idea came up for retired SilverHairs members

Last week I was in Singapore.  I visited an ex-colleaque of mine, and I visited his office. Sat down and chatted with him.  Chatting through, I noticed on his table were hundreds of business cards, messily placed in front of his computer screen.  He is a Sales Director, has no personal secretary, and has to manage his name cards , and keying them in into his Microsoft Outlook contacts.  At the same time, he has one of the latest Samsung S4. He complains he has no time to enter the contract details, but will likely do so before the end of the year.

If someone, contracted through an external company), can do so for the entire company, with 10 executives, can input the business cards into a file, and after finishing, the executive can download the contacts into his smartphone or desktop, the executives will be very happy with this part of the job.  That someone can charge the company a fee.  He can also work together as a group.  This can also be a retirement part time business for some SilverHairsClub members.

We have to continuously think of work for ourselves, to make some money and to keep our fingers nimble and our brains vibrating.

What do you think?  Can this work? and how can we do this business for retirees.
We will get to know more working people, and perhaps get leads and tips.  There are hundreds of companies out there with similar issues.

You know I love ideas, and you too can be a part of it.

Terence Seah



Interesting part-time work

One of the nicest things about retirement/semi-retirement is the opportunity to take on part time work/jobs on an ad hoc or short term basis, thus enjoying the varied experiences that life has to offer.

Recently I went to work for four hours as a Standardised Patient – a what? yes, i was also baffled when i first heard this label. Basically, an SP role plays in a set clinical scenario. This scenario forms the practical assessment of mainly medical and nursing students.

After several days of bracing myself for the ‘job’, i went to report at the venue and saw the great buzz at the lift lobby. How exciting, i thought.  Well, I was really relieved that my ‘debut’ went smoothly and i found the whole experience very interesting, so much so, i’m looking forward to my second assignment!  lol!

I know there are other interesting part time work/jobs  and it’ll be nice if you could share your experience. Who knows – we might form a network of sorts. A part-timers network?  lol!   🙂


Discussion: Affordable Retirement community in S’pore

I chanced upon an article about a retirement community called Nalcrest in Florida. It was built for the retirement of poorly-paid  postal workers in the 1960s. It got me reflecting: Can S’pore have an affordable retirement community for ordinary S’poreans (a.k.a. HDB flat dwellers)? I say yes because we have CPF ,  Medisafe and private savings to support a simple, dignified retirement life for the ordinary man in the street.

The idea is feasible if based on three main criteria: The retirement flats have a short lease,  are non- transferrable and open only to HDB flat dwellers.

If you are interested in this topic, do put in your take and/or share your suggestions/ideas. Perhaps we could send a proposal to the Minister for consideration. 🙂

Gathering for SHC retirees Wed 14 Nov 2012

We shall have another relaxing gathering for retirees at the MPH cafe, Robinson Road on:

  • Wed 14 Nov 2012.
  • Time:  1430 to 1630 hrs.
  • Again, this is a free agenda afternoon.  A good opportunity to meet other retirees and semi-retirees.
  • A set-lunch and a Tea set with toast will be provided free, if you register on this Post.  Simply say you are coming.

if there is some topic you would like to raise with me, please let me know.

I would be pleased to discuss topics on what SHC can do for you.  Obviously, if there is a role you can play in SHC, I would be more than willing to hear from you too.

Look forward to your coming.

Terence Seah 

Registration list:


  1. Terence Seah
  2. Vincent Khoo
  3. Lawrence Lee
  4. Lina Wang
  5. Ann Lim
  6. Jassmine Teo
  7. Annie Loh
  8. Terry Tang
  9. Rosalind Lee
  10. .


Gathering specially for retirees and semi-retirees, Wed 26 Sep 2012

The last gathering for retirees worked out well.  We shall have another few more sessions.  This time, Vincent Khoo will be the EO. Vincent is knowledgeable with Thailand, and has been living there for the last 20+ years. I think he is now 78 years old, still fit and ready to live many more years.  

This retirees gathering is a good opportunity for SHC members to interact with other SilverHairs.  Working SHCians can come too, if you are not working that day.  There is no topic or agenda.  It’s for you to get to know new friends.

I wont be attending, as I am not available this period. 

  • Date:  Wed 26 Sep 2012
  • Time:  1430 to 1630 hrs.  We finish at 1630 hrs sharp.
  • Place:  Robinson Road, MPH cafe, 63 Robinson Road, nearest Tanjong Pagar or Raffles place MRT. 
  • Dress code:  Proper.
  • Charge:  No charge.  All members who registered here will have a lunch voucher and coffee/tea voucher too.
  • Closing date of registration:  24 Sep 2012 1800 hrs.
  • Strictly for SHC members only.  Those who have not registered here can buy their drinks or meals at the counter.
  • Requirement:  All members must bring their own name tag.  You can make one yourself.  Click here.

Vincent Khoo/Terence Seah

Registration List:

  1. Patricia Low
  2. Morris Ng
  3. Vincent Khoo
  4. Lawrence Lee

This event is cancelled, due to unforeseen circumstances.

Terence Seah 

SilverHairsClub Aug update – SHC Live! and part-time work opportunities

Dear fellow members,

This month, I shall focus on another part of Club members’ needs.

SilverHairsClub was formed in 2005 for the benefit of Singaporeans, over the age of 45. Therefore, it is important we meet your needs to meet other
SilverHairs.  If you find that the Club does not meet its objective of providing a platform for you to get to know
new and more friends, please do share with us. Your feedback would be shared with other members.  You may also want to do something which you have behind your head. 

I like to encourage you to take this opportunity to meet other SilverHairs.  If you have not visited SHC before, feel free to write to me or voice your ideas on this forum; but you must first register to enter

If you are always busy, you may like to join SHC Live!.  This is a live event, where you can meet
other members on the internet, from your home.  We have a Men’s night on Sat 18 Aug 2012.  Click here for details   There is a ladies’ night too.  Watch out for more details on when the organisers are ready with their details. 

Please feel free to organise an activity or event for other fellow members.  And, do take the lead.

For members who would like to make use of their experience and available time, and would like to take up part-time work opportunities,
please feel free to also write to me at  As SilverHairs and seniors, we can still reach
out to society and contribute to society. Currently, SilverHairs Enterprise is focused on opportunities in the
part-time area, for SHC members only, in areas of Eldersitting, errand runners, Office stand-ins, and Chinese tuition online.

I like to extend an invitation to members who can help to make our Blue Helmet projects a reality and success. 

We have started in the area of Eldersitting, and I am happy with the progress.  Two members have
volunteered as Enterprise administrators Jenny and Vivian, and a few members have already worked as part-time Eldersitters. Feedback from clients have been good. 
If you like to be an Eldersitter, read more about it in We see there is a demand for eldersitters, and we intend
to recruit more eldersitters. 

In Jan 2012, a few members have suggested we attempt govt or public funding.  We tried, and with the
help from participating members, we submited our proposal.  Unfortunately, the deciding department felt
that the SilverHairsClub members are not a disadvantaged group, and in Mar
2012, notified us that it could not support our project.  Nevertheless, under the SilverHairs
Enterprise, we decided to proceed on.  We pursue the eldersitter project because this project is our way of contributing to the elderly society. Fit and healthy seniors providing eldersitter services to the less fit elderlies.

We recruited fit seniors from SHC from April to June.  Members are interested
in part-time work, and all of them have experience looking after their elderly
parents and many have worked in eldercare organisations. Besides a part-time work income, we also want to interact with society. We are definitely wanted by society.

In May, after reviewing various systems, we went ahead to purchase and design
an online service booking system where our clients can book for eldersitters on
the internet.  Besides recruiting eldersitters, we also took in two administrators working Mon to Wed and Thur to
Sat to take calls, take online bookings, and pair clients with our eldersitters.  While we do face snags here and there, I am happy with the progress.

In June and July, we launched a series of advertisements in the Straits Times, Today newspapers and classifieds to test the effectiveness of advertising, and
which days are worth our spending advertising money.  We trial tested our procedures from system
tests, advertising, liaison between administrators and eldersitters, payment, live accounts, handling the clients and managing returning clients. We have
almost completed the basic steps.  Of course, more needs to be done.

During this period, we determined public needs, relative to services we
provide, and our eldersitter services are mainly companionship-type services.  We have no plans to go into nursing or
medical support services.  Following the good advices of supportive members, we are now venturing out to make links with
organisations whose patients require after care assistance.

This is the stage we are in now.  If the eldersitter srevices continue to meet our needs, we will quickly move into
other part-time work opportunities for members. If you are interested in any part-time opportunities for SHC members, please write to me.

We are now into the second half of 2012; and would be celebrating SilverHairsClub 7th anniversary in Oct. Give it a thought.

Terence Seah

SilverHairsClub &
SilverHairs Enterprise

Home-based marketing as a secondary source of income?

Mention MLM and there will be a lot of people screaming ‘no no’! Can a taboo be broken? I know I am treading on the precipice but I feel that this is something that need to be discuss.

Multi-level marketing utilises a combination of direct marketing and franchising. MLM have an image problem because of difficulties in distiguishing between legitimate network marketing and illegal pyramid selling, "ponzi scheme" or scam.

Life is about choices, then came MLM, work hard for three to five years and then you never have to work again. Is this possible? The answer lies in the one word "leverage". MLM is also about personal development and and business education.

A new and powerful trend is emerging, the marriage of MLM and internet maketing to connect with their distributors. The internet is a 24/7 and accessible anywhere and anytime. Physical contrains is no longer an issue. Cross borders business are now possible so is overseas recruitments

The questions now is why, is it because we worry most will take advantage of free advertisements on this post or? Most MLM distributors have their own websites, they can tap on Facebook, Twitters and so many other blogs to promote their ware.

I hope we can have a lively discussion here and should there be any qualms, let put is down here. Why deny us an opportunty to earn a secondary source of income in our twilight years?

Desperate Dan

SHC Retirees dreams in Myanmar

This Posting is approved.

William Chew, one of the founders of SHC, is opening opportunities for retirees to discuss possible options in Myanmar. 

We are looking for retirees who wish to spend time relaxing and working in Myanmar.
Possible options, can be:
1) Creative designer in Digital format.
2) Who wish to write (can be team work), turning cooking experience into cook book and we will publish into BOOK (share sale profits income), this can be Singapore Cook BOOK, Asian Cook BOOK, Indonesia cook BOOK.
Can enjoy live cooking and sell to good restaurants in Myanmar as well. Like running a restaurant.
3) Advertising related roles…sales, marketing, copy writer…
4) Printing related work

Send all your interest to email: with details specific to the needs above. Please note only emails with sufficient details will be forwarded to William Chew. 

Hope to hear from you all soon.  Closing date end Aug 2012
William CHEW

Medicines, health products and medical accessories – a discussion

Hi everybody,

I would like to start a discussion, and would like to hear from you.  What you do and your experience can help some of us decide where we can get our medications, health products and medical accessories.  Do not discourage the discussion with what you think is improper or even illegal.  But, if you have experienced any good or bad, then, that’s it, we should hear from you.

Here goes.  Cheaper or better?

Many seniors and elderlies suffer from some long term sickness.  We see a doctor, get a prescription, and we get most of our medication from polyclinics, private clinics, general hospitals and specialist medical centres. For some of us, the medisave allocation gets used up, during the first appointment with the doctor during the area.  Some medication is expensive, and requires life long consumption.

Where do we get medication, especially the specialised and expensive ones on a continued basis?  We can also buy generic medication, instead of original branded medication.

Where do you buy your medication?  Do you go get them from JB, KL or Thailand? Numerous pharmacies in JB.  Or do you get them from India, where there are lots of generic medication. Or you try sourcing them from the US and Europe.  Give some examples and price comparisons.  Have you good experiences or bad ones?  Share with us your experience and observations of differences.

Again, please do not discourage anybody from sharing their experiences or recommendations.  Be open, and expensive does not mean they are always good or the best.

Terence Seah 


Retirement living: Looking to studio apartments for seniors for inspiration

  • Today i visited a block of studio apartments for seniors near Toa Payoh Central and was glad to see how PLEASANT the environment is. The common areas are SPACIOUS and CLEAN. The common corridors outside the individual units are WIDE and UNCLUTTERED. The units are small bed-sitters, bright with windows on one wall. In the bathroom is an emergency alert cord.
  • The two lifts are BIG and stop at EVERY floor. On the third level are two cozy GARDENS.  Seats are PLENTIFUL and INVITING!
  • Nearby are other blocks of flats, shops, a hawker centre, a market….
  • Could HDB adapt this concept of studio apartment living for seniors with smaller nest-eggs to cater to seniors with bigger nest-eggs by building bigger studio apartments and providing more facilities? But however HDB modifies/adapts, it must keep to the 30-year lease and the non- marketability of the studio apartments for the ‘richer’ seniors. These two conditions will keep out the sharks and the profit-driven entrepreneurs.

N.B. Comments no. 1 -5  are pre-post comments.

Join a team to prepare a feasibility paper on “Short-term Retirement homes outside Singapore for Seniors”

On this forum, there has been many discussions on the setting up of "Short-term retirement homes outside Singapore for Seniors".  So far, we have many ideas and suggestions; but we have not been able to put up a feasibility paper.

Perhaps, this is a good time to bring together SHC members who like the idea, are interested in promoting this idea, with the aim of setting up facilities and services and also investing in the project if feasible.

Assuming we take 4 months to prepare a draft paper, the team can bring these ideas together, consolidate the discussion and finally write out a paper that is viable and feasible, practically and financially sound.  All participating members must have roles in the team.

If you have interest to work in this team, please let me know, and we will organise physical meetings and offline discussions.  Please indicate the role you would like to participate.

If the team can put up a feasibility paper, we can use it as an investment paper.  If you have experience and would like to participate, join the team.  I will coordinate the team; but if there is someone with experience in a similar project, do let me know.  Closing date for the formation of this team: 30 Apr 2012.

Terence Seah 

Old Age – The Last Lap

  • How does one want to spend the last lap of one’s life? with angst? with upset when one’s pride/ego is bruised? gripe? …
  • The ‘king’ in *Eccl. thought he was a superior being as he was very clever and good at acquiring power and wealth. Then he realised Death would come for him and LEVEL  him with the poor and the foolish he despised. Defeated, he lamented in agony "all is vanity and a striving after wind" 
  • I would like to have serenity in my old age. Question is – how to acquire/have this state of mind  (serenity) in old age? What personal qualities/character traits would be an advantage in this quest?

* a non-secular book

Constructive comments and feedback are welcome. 🙂