US dollar has begun to fall. What ‘s its impact on Singapore?

US fed reserve has just slashed its benchmark Fed funds rates to near zero.  This signals the US readiness to keep rates low for some periods of time.  With further contraction of the US economy and further deflationary pressures, banks have been charging one another below 0.5% for overnight loans.  All tools have been tried.  What else is there to try?

Where will the Sing dollar be heading towards?  Please share your thoughts on the impact on Singapore.

Terence Seah 

Managing retirement investments (session 3)

There must be some lucky ones amongst us.  But, by now, many of us must have also looked at our retirement investment statements many times over, and see that we have lost some 50% of the money we have put in as retirement investments.  Time for session 3.  Likely an evening, and likely during a weekday.  Depends on the speakers.

Before I put up a date, may I have speakers or moderators to put up their hands.  Topic can be on forex trading, currency pairs, gold, property or simply cash under the bed.  It’s really up to you.  Use this as an opportunity to share.

This event is now set and fixed as follows:

  • Venue:  18 Bali Lane, complete with large TV screen, microphone, white board and 50 sitting audience.
  • Date:  Wed 3 Dec 2008
  • Time:  1800 – 2100 hrs.
  • Speaker and moderator:  Andrew Thio
  • Schedule:  1900 – 2000 hrs – Andrew.  2000-2100 – Another speaker.
  • Fee:  Free, strictly for registered SHC members only.


  1. Terence Seah
  2. Andrew Thio – Speaker
  3. Steven Tan
  4. Catherine Ho
  5. Annie Loh
  6. Celia Wong
  7. June Chin
  8. Ivan Lim
  9. Andrew Yeung
  10. Lina Tan
  11. Charles Wee
  12. Tim Liu
  13. Lilian Teo
  14. Cliff Wee

Terence Seah

Housing Bubble comes to Australia

Hi, All SHC members.
TS Lim here.

Any one invested in properties or parking yr money in AUS dollars should get out by NOW.

Australia is beginning to face to same credit crunch.
Keep yr money in cash in local banks.

Annoucement for the 18 NOV. gathering.
I will be at the 1st session from  5PM to 6 – 6.30PM.
Not from 4 to 5.30 PM.

This is to allow those working to at least hear something what spot FOREX trading is about.
Also the American market starting this week will open at 10.30PM iso 9.30PM, due to daylight saving.

See U all there

T S Lim

Managing retirement investments (session 2) – equities

This Fri 17 Oct 2008, Roger Lim has offered to moderate the second session on "Managing retirement investments – equities".

  • Place: 18 Bali Lane
  • Time: 1900 hrs. Please be seated by 1845 pm.
  • Fee: Free to SHC members.

Roger specialises in stocks, and would like his session limited to stocks. If you have any questions or concerns, Roger requests you to table them here.  Thank you Roger.

Meantime, we are trying to see if we can get another person to lead on the topic of USD going forward. Will keep you informed.

The earlier Post is

If you would like to come, please do let us know.

Terence Seah

Registration List:

  1. Roger Lim
  2. Daniel Ong
  3. Terence Seah
  4. Caroline Sit
  5. Christina Chan WH
  6. Annie Loh
  7. Peggy Ho
  8. Helen Wong
  9. Ivan Lim
  10. Daisy Yeo
  11. Linda Chang
  12. David Shung
  13. Andrew Thio
  14. Chow Weng
  15. Alice Seah

A series on “how we are managing our retirement investments?”

One way or another, we are affected by the US financial crisis. This has significantly reduced our retirement savings and CPF investments. Lehman has just filed for bankruptcy protection while Merrill Lynch may soon be sold to Bank of America.

I would like to advance and hold a series of talks where SilverHairs can share their personal investment philosophy and how they are currently managing their investment portfolio. We may not have the answers, but I believe sharing this topic is key to keeping a sober head on our retirement plans.

Charles Chua has made the first offer to share with us his personal investment story. Fellow SilverHairs who wish to share their story are encouraged to let me know here. The dates and time have not been selected, but likely will be held on a weekday.

For those unable to attend or are overseas, you may log into SHC Online at to hear and view the sessions live. Any feedback to improve these sessions and benefit fellow SilverHairs appreciated. Terence Seah


  • Date:  Mon 29 Sep 2008
  • Time:  1900 – 1945 hrs (Get to know others on this subject.   1945 hrs – please be seated.  2000 – 2130 hrs (Session commence).  Times are very sharp.  Please be on time.
  • Place:  18 Bali Lane
  • Charges:  No charge to SHC members.  Strictly for registered SHC members only.
  • F&B:  Buy from counter.

Registration list:

  1. Charles Chua (He shall be sharing with us on the topic "How he is managing his retirement investments)
  2. Caroline Sit
  3. Ivan Lim
  4. Lydia Chin
  5. Annie Loh
  6. Kenneth Tan  Ann To
  7. Chow Weng
  8. Rene Leong
  9. Joy Chuang
  10. Ivy Low (would prefer to fly in)
  11. Tian Soo (cannot come, so no tapioca leaves and no tapioca)
  12. Celia Wong
  13. Andrew Thio
  14. Vivien Ler
  15. Helen Wong
  16. Daniel Chan
  17. Ella Tan
  18. Ronald Wie
  19. Roger Lim
  20. Catherine Ho
  21. Julie Yeo
  22. Daisy Yeo
  23. Terence Seah
  24. Jane Wong
  25. Susan Tan
  26. Cheng Pun
  27. Eleanor Chan  Christina Chan WH
  28. LH Jie Seok Cheng
  29. Eileen Lee
  30. Lina Tan
  31. Jennifer Lim
  32. Charles Wee
  33. Jessie Teo
  34. Peggy Wee
  35. Lina Ng
  36. John Howe
  37. (Limited to 40 pax)

Terence Seah/Charles Chua


I have in mind for members to share a range of useful tips that SHC  members can find useful.No I am not talking about horse racing,soccer tips(which are my areas of interest)

An example is that my mother says when I do the washing I must  be turn the clothing inside out,zippers must be zipped up and buttons unbuttoned.How many of you out there who does not do it this way please own up and share how this advice has proven useful.

I have 3 travel tips to share ; when traveling always take the name card of the hotel when you go out as taxi drivers have a bad habit of sending you to the wrong hotel and then apologise profusely for hearing wrongly.With the card and name of the hotel written in the local language they will have less excuse of doing so.

The other tip when taking the MRT , METRO, MTR , the TUBE or the UNDERGROUND especially if the language is foreign as in France is to look for the end station when changing lines and not look for directions for the station you intend to go to.For example when going to Dover when coming from the airport do not look for directions to Dover but look for directions to Boon Lay,Of course you need a station guide or map as well!

Another tip is to learn a few useful phrases in the local language eg in France "ou er de toilette?(where is the toilet? How much? Where is the —— ?

If you are a sushi fan please take note that certain outlets(not restaurants) offer a 50% discount 30 mins before closing time.

I used to leave my battery in my laptop even when I was using the power plug connection.Now I know that u should remove the battery when using the power connection.You should also drain the battery as much as possible if u use the battery.In this way your battery life will be much longer.

When I find my notes I will share how certain stains are removed.

Members  can also  share survival tips ,camping tips cooking tips,how to get nice phone numbers without paying extra like 93833883 or 96998511,tips on weight reduction,how to stave of the onset of  wrinkles,special diet or healthy food programmes,cosmetic tips,travel tips,foodie tips on where the best is for certain types for certain types of food,how to travel with children,investment tips,business tips,where to get bargains,household tips,how to keep food fresh for a longer period  in the fridge,how to make things last longer,where to buy the best durians or where to get tasteful durians at decent prices,how to cut down your handphone bills when overseas.I cant possibly cover every subject so I leave it to members to create new ideas

Tips can also be negative: how to avoid getting ripped off,how to avoid bad situations,share bad experiences or knowledge of bad experiences so members can avoid falling into the same traps.

One tip when buying a car or something similar make sure before you sign  read the receipt  or contract as to whether it includes the GST or excludesand state so clearly.One conman try to con my friend out of an extra GST payment after the deposit was paid.Luckily she got out of a tight spot when I advise her to call their bluff as the road tax was expiring soon and they backed off.

Let this post also be an avenue for members to get advice on issues not related to friendships and relationships or personal issues.(this we can cover in another agony uncle post that I might initiate soon).So if you have a non personal problem or dilemna you can ask fellow members for advice!Caveat Emptor clause applies…use it at your own discretion.

I hope SHC members are willing to share and sometimes in the process embarass themselves(you can always say you were told by a friend…) and help each other by sharing our wealth of Silverhairs experience.

Illuminate each other with your glow , light the candle  and lift the darkness upon us!


Horse Racing Advisory

My strike rate has taken a dip in form  and my R.O.I is in the red.However I still would like  to prove that horse investments can make money if one has the right skills ,experience and diligent homework(research).

After a 2 week break I ‘m back with a selection for today . Tim will like this one and he will likely not be a 1st favourite.Even if one wants to play an outsider he should play one of the top 5 favourites as they come in 80% of the time.The problem with rank outsiders is not because of the 20% chances only but which one among this lot? I have tipped  3 value bets of $35 to $40 in my 7naps tipping column previously since the start of this season.

My selection (medium bet confidence) for today is Race 8 nbr 3 Ace Armada.His main rival is nbr 8 with nbr 5 the likely favourite in close contention .The others in the frame are 1-4-2.

I recommend an investment of 50 wins and 50 places on Ace Armada.

  • Foe exotic bet play 3-8/3-8-1-5/3-8-1-5-2-4 and 3/8-1/field and 8-1/3/field
  • For forecast and place forecast 10 tickets @ on 3#8-1
  • For trio go for 3-8/3-8-1/3-8-1-5-2-4

I will do the R.O.I tally some other time.

Your horse racing reit investment pundit

P.S. Anybody thinks he can tip better please feel free to join in before the start of actual races

Soccer Investment Advisory-EPL

I am on a yellow card to do a max of 15 lines.My 1st prediction(a little biased but based on last season’s results with due respect to the newbie lady who is as yet untested) is that Gary Lim of the Newpaper will top the Newpaper panel and the locals will again outshine the expats).

One tip for SHC readers  is to use a results charts based on last season’s results on home games only and a separate chart on away games only .Good ref publications like Football Weekly and Newpaper are useful as a guide but I have one bugbear of their format of presenting info. eg in their head to head column they present actual  past results of matches between both featured teams with no regard to who is playing at home and who is playing away.The Hill  City vs Fulham match is a good example; 1 away win and 2 draws.As  a pundit I am not interested in past Fulham(at Home) vs Hull City(away) results.I would rather know more of the results in previous years when Hull City were playing at home.

Take Arsenal $30 on the 1.5 goals.Take Spurs  $30 to win on the 1 X 2 and Hull City vs Fulham take $30 on the draw.Take $10 on the draw-draw on the HT/FT on the Hull City match and $10 on draw/away on the Spurs match.Take into consideration that "artificial  bad luck " (clue – something to do with Kukup trip on 23rd Aug.)If anybody has a different opinion do post it in this forum before the start of matches.I will post my analysis of other matches later as on thin ice – – – 15 lines axe.Go slow on 1st weekend.Good Luck!!!$$$

CPF investment, retirement talks – Sun, 31 Aug 2008

Unbelievable, for the month of Aug 2008, I am in Singapore for 3 weekends.  Well, I like to do one big retirement issue and event for SHCians who are under 55 or under 62.  We have chatted a lot on this SHC forum on CPF  investments, health insurance, retirement funds, retirement villages and other related retirement issues.  Usually, we do not conduct such topics, and so, I think it would be a good idea if we hear from fellow SHCians on these issues.  If you would like to talk on a related topic, this is a good opportunity.  No selling.  Please specify topic.

  • Date:  Sun 31 Aug 2008
  • Time:  From 12nn to 2000 hrs.
  • Schedule: 
  • 1200 – 1300 hrs – Gather to know one another.
  • Venue:  Scorebot 18 Bali Lane.
  • Speakers:  from within SHC
  • Entrance:  Free, strictly for SHC members

For those planning to listen or meet other SHC members during this date, please jot date in your diary.  More details later.

Session 0: (Moderator and no topic leader.  For those not planning ot attending the sessions): Yew Kwong

  1. Yew Kwong
  2. Boon Liang
  3. Tim Liu – Bananas supplier.
  4. Ronald Wie – Tarzan swinging from tree to tree.
  5. Lydia Chin
  6. ChristinaCL Chan
  7. Andrew Thio
  8. And all others taking a rest, during the breaks.

Session 1:  Moderator and topic leader:  (Currency-Linked Investment (currency pairing/premium deposit) for yield enhancement) Eleanor Chan – 1400 hrs sharp (One hour).

  1. LH Jie
  2. Charles Chua
  3. Florence Ho
  4. Jessie Teo
  5. Helen Wong
  6. Jonathan Ong
  7. Annie Loh
  8. Gingko Tay
  9. Alicia Lim
  10. Peng Peng
  11. Ronald Lee
  12. Low Ming Choo
  13. James Tan
  14. Susan Tan
  15. Rene Leong
  16. Tim Liu
  17. Lee Ah Nee
  18. Molly Chua
  19. Juliet Ong
  20. Lina Ng
  21. Aaron How
  22. Seok Keng
  23. Oi Cheng
  24. Agnes Tan
  25. Mei Foo
  26. Margaret Tian
  27. Pauline Khoo
  28. Patsy Lim
  29. Boon Liang
  30. Daisy Yeo
  31. Maureen Lee
  32. Jessie Tan
  33. Vivian Lai
  34. Lee King Seng
  35. Rena Wong
  36. Grace Wong
  37. Lilian Teo
  38. Richard Tham
  39. Andrew Thio
  40. ChristinaCL Chan
  41. Limited to 20 40 pax.  Aiyah, as usual, I underplan.  Kind of worried the numbers will exceed the plan.  Looks Like we have to issue coupons for a seat.  After that, got to sit on lap or stand.  Nevermind, I shall let the brains do some work.

Session 2:  Moderator and topic leader: Ronald Wie (How to draw out all our cpf monies before the minimum sum is due for ‘cold storage’). Time 3.30 pm (1 hour)

  1. Juliana Kok
  2. Terence Seah
  3. Helen Wong
  4. Jonathan Ong
  5. Annie Loh
  6. Gingko Tay
  7. Ronald Lee
  8. James Tan
  9. Susan Tan
  10. Rene Leong
  11. Lee Ah Nee
  12. Molly Chua
  13. Juliet Ong
  14. Lina Ng
  15. Aaron How
  16. Judy Lim
  17. Chow Weng
  18. Tim Liu
  19. Seok Keng
  20. Oi Cheng
  21. Agnes Tan
  22. Peng Peng
  23. Bernie Chung
  24. Margaret Tian
  25. Pauline Khoo
  26. Patsy Lim
  27. Boon Liang
  28. Daisy Yeo
  29. Lydia Chin
  30. Grace Kok
  31. Maureen Lee
  32. Jessie Tan
  33. Susan Chan
  34. Vivian Lai
  35. Catherine Ho
  36. Rena Wong
  37. Richard Tham
  38. ChristinaCL Chan
  39. Limited to 20 40 pax.

Session 3:  Moderator and topic leader:  (Controlling Personal Finances (CPF) – Inflation and Recession.  A personal view.).  KT Wong

  1. Terence Seah – Haha, I get the privilege to put my name here first.
  2. Ah Nee
  3. Molly Chua
  4. Juliet Ong
  5. Lina Ng
  6. Aarow How
  7. Chow Weng
  8. Tim  Liu
  9. Ronald Lee
  10. Peng Peng
  11. Bernie Chung
  12. Pauline Khoo
  13. Helen Wong
  14. Catherine Ho
  15. Patsy Lim
  16. Boon Liang
  17. Steven Chan
  18. Margaret Tian
  19. Annie Loh
  20. Daisy Yeo
  21. Grace Kok
  22. Maureen Lee
  23. Ann Lim
  24. Catherine Ho
  25. Limited to 20 40 pax.

Terence Seah

A Tryst with Money

WARNING: Anyone who is easily offended by matters related to money should avoid this thread altogether. This is a discussion thread on investments, trading and income generation matters. Remember this is a discussion not a lecture. It may contain counter  points in advocacy, defence  and passionate debate.
One cannot have a thread on cars without discussing brands eg BMW, Merc etc. So it is with investments. The important thing is not to mix endorsement with analysis. Anyone should declare commercial interest, if exist, when discussing specific products and service by brand. If the discussion is general eg when discussing CFD as a class of instruments then there is no need to do so.
The other extreme of not allowing any discussion on money matters is equally bad.  This thread on investment and strategies is to provide options and alternatives. It is used to educate and help members to approach retirement funding in a more pragmatic manner.  It could be immensely beneficial to participants but only if they possess enough knowledge to discriminate between different points of view. 

Members can learn much from the experience and expertise from fellow members. In shielding one group, we do not want to deprive another.

Business project proposal and study

Hi Terence and all ,

In response to your question what is possible in SHC for retirees to continue to be engaged in keeping themselves employed and offer their expertise and experience. 

Project Proposal : Supply, Delivery, Installation and Commissioning of Two(2) Weather and Two(2) Air Quality Monitoring Stations in Jambi, Indonesia. Calling Entity National Environment Agency

If there is a company that is willing to finance this project and provide technical expertise, can SHC form a management pool of people to run, co-ordinate the phases from the construction face to the operational phase for 2 years in Indonesia ?

What are your views, consideration and are they people with relevant experience willing to undertake this as a retirement career ? 

SHCIC – Money and You?

I want to share a good article on the budget and state of the real economy. We thank a SHC member for reminding me.
"Stagflation Hits Singapore as Inequity Grows"  Andy Mukherjee  Feb. 18 (Bloomberg)

"the perils of slowing growth and accelerating inflation"
GDP growth coming in at or less than 4% sees the economy braking. In addition, "..the bigger threat is clearly the 4.4 percent rate at which consumer prices rose from a year earlier in December, the quickest pace in a quarter century."
Translation :  Money comes in a drying trickle and pours out in a torrent.

We will have a free time slot for an informal meeting for SHC Investment Club at Scorebot on Thursday 20 Feb 2008 at 7pm. Free. We will discuss
(a) The Budget
(b)  CPF and implications
(c)  How to compute your annuity payout and manage your CPF.
(d)  Strategies to stay on top of the Real Economy 

"However, the rich have fared much better. Starting in 2000, inequality has widened a little every year. Singapore’s Gini coefficient, a widely used measure of income concentration, overtook that of the U.S. in 2006 and rose further last year to 0.485, a very high level of disparity for a society with an educated workforce."
In other words, being smart is suppose be the universal economic leveller. But in Singapore, the rich is even smarter in staying ahead.

Personally, I think the overall statistics understimates the truth. The offical inflation rate has long become a joke. Do you know a single living Sporean who is facing less than double digit inflation of costs? Hint: Forget CPI. See what they do, not what they say. Annualised their pay rise over the years to arrive at a true inflation index. The day that they pay themselves less than inflation will be the day that furry animals fly.

I was at a house party last Sat in Tanjong Rhu. Someone said  that every block in the area has enbloced except one. No wonder than there are so many parties there. So many relatively unassuming and unambitious people have become millionaires overnight doing nothing much except for holding on to their assets for long term until the right time. Smart investments can look very unfair to the guy who is asked to work to his grave. It takes only one good run and you are home on the beach.

Life is actually fair. Everyone has many chances in a lifetime. Few take them.  Question is which side on the inequity line stands thee. If you are on the wrong side, do you know how to cross over?

Last call for AutoFx preview

I had received some request for the above preview. To benefits those we are seriously interested to create a passive income I had arranged

Wednesday, 20 Feb 2008

7.30 pm at Scorebot for another preview.

It’s a two evening course with 3 months Expert Advisor Mentorship @$2,960 Public.

I am arranging for a special discount at $1k for SHC members only. If the batch can start with a minimium of 10 paxs. There will be a further discount of 30%. If neccessary, I will personally assist during the full Course and Mentorship period.

Pls note that a US$500 will be needed for opening a Micro A/C with FXDD to trade LIVE and test the auto trading & manual trading.

The trainer will be our SHC member KT Wong and his associate who had tested Algo trading for more than 3 years. The Algo are their own tested scripts.

This will be my 2008 resolution for all interested members.

Sign up HERE as comments.

Dennis Har,  Together we can achieve MORE.

Global markets plunge

The headline “Global markets plunge” appears in almost all newspapers around the world.

Fear of a US recession behind plunge. World waiting for the Fed to do an emergency rate cut. Analysts looking for a catalyst to turn markets around. Another black Monday. Has the world lost confidence? Is the panic mainly in the Asia market? Is this mass behaviour?

What do you think this mean to all of us? Share what you think?

Terence Seah

What are the investment options for SilverHairs? Thur, 24 Jan 2008

Hi KT Wong,  You have been very vivid, sharing your thoughts on investments with fellow SHCians.  I read your latest comment today, in Jeffrrey’s Post, and I wont let the opportunity slip.  Timing is right.  You should share your thoughts with us.  Cut it short, you gave 3 scenarios on where SHCians can go, with their monies.

  1. The US has bottomed up.  Put your money  against US$assets, US equities or local equities with high exposure to US markets.  The US market has already been on the decline for a long time.
  2. The markets are still trending downwards. And, most people have debts, and values are very low.  Keep selling.
  3. Don’t do anything.  Sit on your money, and wait for the tides to change.

I have a timeslot next Thurs, 24 Jan, when I am back from overseas.  Judging from the recent gathering at Hans Cafe, the time will be 6.30 pm, and you can start at 7.00pm.  Over the next few days, I shall look for a venue, preferably with a overhead project and screen.  Suggestions for venue welcome.

Can you be speaker and moderator?  On this forum, I see other active an dlike-minded participants – Kenneth Tan, Dennis Har, Tim Liu and Jeffrey Lim.  Can you come and share your ideas too?  The topic can be "Markets are down.  What are the options?".

Meantime, if SilverHairs like to come, please register your interest here.  Strictly for SHC members only.  No entrance fee, just buy your F&B at the counter.

Terence Seah

$3 million boost for your financial freedom

Here it is. This is one rare payback for suffering unprecedented inflation and vaporising CPF values.  But it is up to you to take it up.

If you have an idea of devices and systems for the idea, you can tap into the new established government fund.  The Government’s focus is on developing and adapting new ideas and technologies to local conditions and producing prototypes for HDB living

Any ideas? Get together?

Follow-up to the SHC Saturday Online

From last night’s SHC Saturday Online, I think there is a topic which interests many people.  This is about investments in anything else, other than savings, fixed deposits and insurance.  Our newspapers carry many articles on seniors, and how to maximise returns in preparation for retirement. 

Last night, though adhoc, the participants shared some of their experience on interest rates in Australia, bonds and exchange rates.  We had a good discussion, although I must admit the discussion was not structured.  I dont know if there is a demand for such discussions, although investments can be a pretty private activity.  I use to believe that most SHC members keep their monies under the pillow.  But, in reality, I see many SHC members do try to get more than 1 – 2%.  Some make, but, of course, many do lose monies too.

Picking up from this evening, i think we can have a similar activity, a SHC investment chat online.  We pick a date and time, and if it works or is interesting, we can have a regular timing.  For a start, I would suggest 1000 to 1100 hrs on Wed 16 Jan 2008.  You can participate without leaving your home or your office, just infront of your computer.  It’s live.

For this event, we welcome the newbies investors, those who lost monies, and those who make some monies.  If you are a small or part-time trader, has some experience in equities, forex, bonds, etc, come join in too.  After this event, we shall develop further into more specific groups, if there is interest.

If you like to participate, please register your name here.  Here’s how to enter the conference.  This is a live event,  and participants must be on time.

Strictly for registered SHC members only.   Not for institutional traders. 

Terence Seah

SHCic Meeting Update

All Members,

Every  First and Third  Friday of the Month, SHC Investment Club is holding its Meeting at Scorebot Pte Ltd

Time: 7.00pm to 8.30pm

Cost: Purchase of F&B

Agenda: Open to members suggestion prior to meeting by posting on SHC website.

In order to better co-ordinate and subsequent follow up on the meeting. 

I had created this thread. Please use it solely for discussing matters related to meeting.

Our first meeting in 2008 was 4th January 2008.

Future meeting will have their respective comments added.

Members present:

  1. Terence Seah
  2. KT Wong
  3. Dennis Har
  4. Ronald Lee
  5. Ronald Wie
  6. Roland Tong
  7. Eleanor Chan

Please add your comments

Golden Gateway

Hi there

My name is Christina Leow, an ex-Regional Accountant and in Financial industry for 5 years now. Currently engaging in various Social Enterprising work. I  first initialled "Golden Gateway – Social Entrepreneur Hub" in October 2007 to Terence and few others with the intention of sharing this knowledge and gifting I have for SHC members.

Would be officially launching this platform sometime in End January/Early Feb 2008. Details like its objective, its purpose, its mission/vision etc will be presented.  Meantime, would like to invite SHC members to participate through sharing and giving feedback on this platform.

Social Entreprise covers a wide spectrum of services, however for a start, I will only be targetting on the following areas of services:-

(This platform will also be suitable  for smaller (similar industry)companies to come forward to form a group to provide services to the marketplace):-

Accounting    – book-keeping, tax audit, corporate secretarial, Merger & Acq ,IPO, etc   

HR matters   – Handling Foreigners/Expadriates who want to obtain PR        status with business interest locally. 

Financial/Estate Planning – For both individual and business in areas of Investment(unit trusts) planning, business succession plan, retirement plan, Directors’ and officers’ insurance

Property     –   Redevelopment of land with business model

Business consultancy – business restructuring, business expansion, Funding etc

Funding      –  Separately, will be launching a "Financial’ Hub where SHC          members will be invited to come together to pool in their funds under assets acqusition management eg for business acquisition, business start up (Macro loan model) etc.   ( Members are welcome to forward ideas. Formal Entity will be incorporated and governed by appointed Committee  who will be doing the due diligence. Full details will be review later)

Legal  –    All legal advises 

Objective : To advocate using capitalism(profit/earnings)@business platform instead of charity to address social problems like income gap, poverty etc

Motto       : To be fund-reliant to self-sufficient

Mission : – 20% of above profit generated will be put under Trust a/c where plans of building orpanage homes,  Training school for marginalised people etc

I welcome ideas, suggestions and if need be I can be contacted at HP 96251162.



Christina Leow

SOHO for Remisier & Brokering Agents

We have a Trader’s Hub ideally tailored as a 3rd party support centre for remisiers, trading representatives etc. Just direct your clients to us and we become your support centre.

We have incentive scheme for your clients to trade. Trading is no more lonely here.  Its also a cafe fully setup with internet access for trading on a 24/7. 

Any startup business can also tap on our SOHO.

Forex Sharing

Lets start Forex Info sharing here.emoticon


 1.  It’s Automated.  This makes it easy for your broker to run. They’ll be no confusion.
 2.  The program attempts to recognize LONG TERM trends. It’s not a day trading approach.  This will minimize transactional costs (you’re not "trading" in and out).
 3.  Every trade has a clear stop loss.  Most experienced traders will tell you, "It’s not where you get in, it’s where you get out".
4.  In the event of a strong trend, your stop will trail, preserving more of what you’ve gained.

 Note: If you inspect a long term chart, I think you’ll discover that currencies tend to trend.  Why?  Because much of the basis for currency strength and weakness is interest rates (and interest rates tend to trend).  Witness: The dollar has been drop, drop, dropping for years!

If you have any Forex info to share,  post it HERE…


Stocks Investing, Sharing of Experiences

Hi, fellow SHC members,

I would like to see similar interest members sharing there trading experiences here.  Hoping that we can benefit from each others experiences, be it good or bad but please by sure that its not going to be too personal and expect much HELP.

To start with, I am a trader with a local brokering house managing my own personal Fund only. My approach is Fundament and Technical Analysis. But mostly TA for the timing of my trading.

Invested thousands of $$$ on Investment Courses before doing Full Time as an independent Trader. If you are also a Trader, I am most happy to see if we can storm out some money making Strategy.

SHCIC – The Investment Club

The time line is imminent. Here’s an update and an explanation of what to expect. Most important how to best use the club to create the investment opportunity and to create the elusive passive stream of income.

It requires some commitment and effort from you to make it worthwhile. Trading is like running a business. You take risks for returns. There is no magic formulae. Practise makes perfect. The more you apply yourself intelligently to trading the better you will become.



Blue Helmet – Business with a Heart

An opportunity appears on the horizon to be operated as a business with links to SHC and her members.

We are looking for people having managerial traits with skills and knowledge in finance, administration and computers to automate as many repetitive processes as possible.  Collectively, interested parties will work together as one Biz Unit – SOHO Team that will work out the business model.  Amongst yourselves, please appoint your business officers and be prepared to stand before the Select Committee to make the marketing pitch to clinch the deal.  We encourage as many teams as possible to come forward.  There is enough business for everyone.

Typical business model will be to run automated finance & administration services to customers who are resident with us in the same office or externally.  There are more that one can do for Company, which wants to outsource their backroom work to reliable third parties like SOHO.

The Biz Unit – SOHO Team will think through the service product, it’s pricing and the operational flow and control needed.

If you do need help, just let KT Wong or Edwin Ong know, and arrangements will be made to have that support provided.  Just post your request here.

* SOHO = Small Office / Home Office

for & on behalf of  :

Edwin Ong

Protem Team Leader

Property Investment for financial freedom

Anybody like to group to invest in properties on a TIC basis? (Tenant-in-Common). You can also share your traumatic experience if you have a recent en-bloc. Like what to do with too much money.

One enbloc can set you free. Put back $300 to 400 K in a beautiful spacious HDB flat say in Punggol and the remaining million plus into annnuity for $60Kpa will set you free for life. Your only problem left is how to live beyond 85 and beat the house odds.

We call this "HomeRun". The final stretch. Hee-hee.