Wong Kong Thean – Profile

I will be pleased to be involved in your activities one way or another. I have diverse interests and have the time. Just tell me what you need.

As far as Silver hair clubs, I am involved in my own alumnis. SJI and NJC for the class of 50’s. Same age so we have something in common straight out of the bat.

Bangkok was my home too for two years when  I was looking after a Thai-Spore JV some time back. Since then, I have always been very partial to the country and love to go back for holidays.  I am toying with the idea of setting up a retirement village in Chiengmai. Tell me about your stay-and-tour plans. I would like to join your activities. 

You are right too. Get out the smaller informal meetings first. Just a coffee anywhere will do. If the interest is strong it will naturally grow and take root. Forcing it otherwise will not work as well.

Charles Wee – Profile

Some of my thoughts on the activities. Firstly, it should be easy on the participants, ie. the organizing, planning , logistic could be handled by a full time paid staff . Secondly, the activities should be low costs, affordable for retirees . There could be a coffee/cake session perhaps once a month where members can  fellowship and get to know one another,  at some free premises. Unless members know one another well and feel comfortable with each other, it would be difficult to get them to participate in any activity organized for them.

Use the email as the tool of communication. For those without computer skills, SMS . In this way, the administrative work will be kept simple and effective.

Lim Hong Geok (Ms) – Profile

I spend most of the leisure hours and weekends at home surfing the net, reading books or watching TV.  Currently I am working full-time.

I hope to get to know more people and make new friends and to break away from my current mundane lifestyle.  Presently I have a friendster page which is largely inactive as most of the users are teenagers.  I hope SilverHairsClub can have similar platform where we can get to know members better and interact with members of similar interests.

Patrick Yeo – Profile

It was indeed an opportunity to meet up with you (the founder of Silver Hair Club).  There are much things to learn and share amongst our silver hair community.

I am glad that you have entrusted the important role of matchmaker to me. I will try to the best of my ability to fulfill this task.  Looking forward to more info on our existing members and matching their interests in the forthcoming gathering.  Till then, all the best to you and your organization.

Jenny & Mike Goh – Profile




“How To PREVENT Cancer, Diabetes, Stroke, High Blood Pressure & Heart Diseases NATURALLY?”

"How To PREVENT Cancer, Diabetes, Stroke, High Blood Pressure & Heart Diseases NATURALLY?"

Friday 4th November 2005

798 Thomson Road
Singapore 298186
(Adjacent to Thomson 800 & Opposite Far East Flora Nursery)

6:00pm – Carotid Ultrasound Examination (OPTIONAL – see below)
7:00pm – Please be seated (Seating Capacity : 150 persons)
7:30pm – Health Talk by speaker Dr Clarence Ing commences
8:30pm – Q&A (Time to ask about health matters & tips concerning self or friends, etc)
9:00pm – END

About the Speaker / Topic:

DR CLARENCE ING, MD, MPH is the President of NEWSTART Medical Clinic and Medical Director of Weimar Institute in California. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Opthalmology and the American College of Preventive Medicine with a Masters of Public Health in Nutrition. He was the former Director of the Youngberg Wellness Centre in Singapore for about 10 years.

His talk will cover the role played by lifestyle, nutrition and activities in the avoidance and management of many diseases that destroy many lives and affect many more.

The irony is that diseases are preventable naturally, if we only know how. What you don’t know can hurt you!

Dr Ing, an American-Born-Chinese (ABC) has worked in the field of Lifestyle Medicine for 26 years and have give his talks in the USA, China, Egypt, UK, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa and Sri Lanka.

His knowledge and experience have helped many take the necessary steps in the successful prevention and management of these diseases.

Passed on by Roland Chou.

SilverHairsclub Nov 2005 update

Here are some updates for the month of Nov 2005.

1.  SilverHairsClub founders:
We are pleased to announce the founders of The SilverHairsClub founders.  They are:

* Terence Seah
* William Chew
* Richard Ng
* Margaret Lee
* Richard Kwok.

The founders are tasked with ensuring that the SilverHairsClub meet its objective of providing a platform for "over 45s" to meet and make new friends.  The club taboos are activities and discussions related to sex, religion, race, politics, direct selling and MLM.

2.  Match makers and event organisers:
*  SHC matchmakers are SilverHairsClub members who have vibrant personalities, keen to meet people and whose main task is to identify members’ interests and introduce them to other members with similar interest.

*  SHC Event organisers are also SilverHairsClub members who have their own special interests eg table tennis, social dancing, keeping fighting fish, chit chatting, having a few drinks together, Karaoke, small group remote travel, playing music together, starting a food stall together and enjoying short overseas stays together.  Their key task involves getting you to join them in their activities and events.

The names will be introduced very soon, on the website.

If you like to be a matchmaker or event organiser, simple drop me an email.

3.  Monthly event:
Currently, we have two places to hold the Nov monthly event.  The next meeting date is Wednesday, Nov 30, starting at 1800 hrs and finishing at 1930 hrs.  The location is at Shenton/Raffles area and will be informed to you next week.  It is near a MRT.  Please let us know if you intend to attend, and we will send you an invitation.

There will be a short topic for the evening.  "What do you plan to do when you reach 55?"  As a guide, the general concept for monthly meetings are inexpensive coffee/tea 50 cts to $1, no liquor and a nice pleasant place, preferably free premise.  The idea is for you to meet other members.  It is our belief that the monthly meeting will generate beneficial activities among members.  Only Registered SHC members can participate.  For both English and Mandarin speaking members.

4. Monthly online live forum:
Some members are not able to attend the monthly event. From the comfort of your home computer, you can log into www.star-conference.com.  A short program will download into your PC.  The session starts at 0900 hrs and ends 1030 hrs.  Sunday, Nov 7.  Overseas members can also join in the online forum.  Textchat is available this year, while the voice chat is disabled for the moment.  Please observe SHC taboos.  Join in, and share your ideas and meet other silverhairs online.  If time or day is not suitable, please let us know.

Conference name:  star-conference
Conference Password:  star
User name:  Your registered SHC nickname

5.  Register your name in SilverHairsClub.com:
Please take a few moments to register yourself.  We only need your name, and you can create a password.

Please also write a post about your interest or yourself, under category of Member Profile.  Do not include your telephone contact or addresses when writing a post or a comment.

You can also send us your profile, and we will post for you.

We will use your first name and the last name when we create the membership card. And you have to be over 45 years.  This card will be used to pin on your shirt/blouse when you attend functions.

6. Deregister as a member:
If for any reason, you wish to deregister as a member, simply send me an email. No questions asked.

Terence Seah

Yin Fan – Profile

I am single, 48 yrs old, ex-Malaysian, working as an accountant.

My interests/hobbies:   photography (now only confined to travel photography), travelling (visited  Silk Road, Inner Mongolia, Siem   Reap, Yunnan, Bali, Bhutan and plan to visit Nepal, Tibet, Egypt, Sikkim, Southern Xinjiang, parts of China), exercise such as kick boxing (exercise only), 108 yang style   taijiquan, trekking around Singapore, health and ageing issues


Look forward to meeting other members.

Lily Wong – Profile

I am a Singaporean of age 54. I am still working but may be retiring soon.  Agree that we should make more friends, make our lives more meaningful and enjoy our silver age.

My interest is in cooking, baking, hiking and travelling. I have recently completed a certificate baking course at Baking Industry Training Centre and may be able to contribute in this area.

Evelyn Tan – Profile

I am a retiree and am interested in participating in a club that "excites" me.  I’ll appreciate your informing me of any coming activities or, share the club’s goals and objectives for my consideration. 

I have read the comments in the silverhairs club and have studied yours – the one below, pretty closely. I must say that everything sounds exciting and I can feel the "vim and vitality" emerging. However, I’m not sure if anything has actually taken place. It certainly would be good to have one/two events to kick off and then, keep the momentum going from there. This is only my opinion, pardon me if I’m too quick in commenting.

Well Terence, it appears that most if not all of your members are silver haired. I’m not sure if I still qualify as one or, would be considered a tad too old. I’m close to 58 and fully retired. No, I’m not sitting around and not knowing what to do or how to pass my time. I’m fully occupied pursuing stuff which I’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t when I was in employment. My interests are manifold. Some being, travelling to non-touristy places and roughing it out if necessary, organising makan makan / pot luck parties for those who love cooking, "makaning" and socialising in a more informal atmosphere, participating in activities for nature lovers like trekking, gardening, nature conservation etc, lots, lots more and finally, voluntary work – paying back to society. Hence, my schedule is really tight.

So, why my interest in joining a club like the silverhairs! Well, I can always do with more friends, new people, new crowd and, participating in other interests like, dancing – no not line dancing please, "clubbing", having a drink or two and laughing the night away. Anyway, I’m game for anything that smells excitment. I am adventurous, daring but cautious at the same time and, always looking out for something new. Would like to try "backpacking" if I have some company/companion willing to do this. However, this will have to be some time from now. Too many commitments at present.

You may wonder why I’ve written so much & not bother creating a profile under the silverhairs website. Well, I’m not that skillful in handling modern day gadget yet. Perhaps, you or someone can start a class teaching us to be more computer savvy. I may be late again in responding should you reply to this. I’ll be leaving for a 10-day vacation to Sabah tomorrow. I love the place. This is my second trip in two months.

George Sng – Profile

It is good to have such a club to keep all the silverhairs buddies actively occupied in meaningful activities that will make our minds and bodies active and strong. Though we may be advanced in age  our minds and bodies should remain young, alert, active and strong. It is through active interactions with peers that we silverhairs clubbers can maintain and remain young in mind, body and spirit.

I am at the moment very busy with my job especially when my colleaques are travelling; I have to "pau suar pau hai".

I will try my best to participate in some of SHC activities whenever possible. Please keep me informed.

Jessie Lu – Profile

Besides tossing on the ideas of summing up the members potential area of involvement.We can look into sub-grouping all the different linkage of the SHC members Ie: those who are fully retired and NO work involvement and those who are still actively working.I am toying with the idea of encouraging the “non-involvement” type of minority group. This group of people who are nearer to 55 and yet has no plan or totally no idea what to do next. We can sell the idea of how To grow old with “rich” enhancment and fulfillment. Rich not in moneytary term. Rich in experience and sharing with each other. Encourage “old” and those not so “old” to walk out of their usual small comfort zone.
I do agree that monthly event is rather important to get SHC members keep in touch and look forward towards some happening. Be it a gathering at coffee shop. It will be a good meeting ground.

Join me for a drive from Chiangmai to Chiangrai and Golden triangle

Fri, Dec 09 to Dec 12.  Start from Chiangmai and drive to the Golden Triangle.  The Golden Triange is where Laos, Thailand and Myanmar meets.  Mae Sai – entrance to Myanmar from North Thailand.  Doi Mai Salong – beautiful drive to moutainous northeast, a countrified Chinatown, settled 50 years ago.  Interested to join, contact Terence Seah at terence@silverhairsclub.com.

Theresa Tan – Profile

I would like to join your club as a member.  I do not support the idea for elderly people to migrate to another country  for retirement.  They will miss their relatives and friends.

At the moment, I am trying to  form a group  of  retired people who are interested in build and create projects using  lego  products.  Such activity  will keep their minds active. They  can  work as facilitators for children groups, which our company is trying to promote in childcare centre primary and secondary schools, youth clubs. The skills they acquire are many : self discipline, mathematical concept, observation power  etc.

Susannah Loh – Profile

Thank you very much for your reply and it was really great to browse through your interesting and informative website. You have definitely done a good job in this field. I salute to your contribution, bright idea and good heart

Hope to meet up with you one of these days when you visit Singapore. However, since i have stayed in Hongkong and Beijing for the past ten over years, i am more familiar with the Singapore, Hongkong and China’s situation and culture, inclusive the attitude towards life of the silverhairs group in these 3 countries.

Thailand, unfortunity, is completely new to me. To be frank, i have not been to Thailand for the past 12 years.

I would think if we are able to work together for this wonderful silverhairs club, i might be able to organise some activities which cater for the special interest of the silver hairs group for the above 3 countries where i am familiar,  just the "in country" events, to promote the close relationships for those silverhairs who will love to spend their silver hairs years in Singapore. So to promote more friendship, more good health, more happiness, and let them feel that life is always young and active until their "last day". This, i am sure,  will l definitely be an added confindence to this group.

Being an event organiser in  Hongkong , Beijing and Singapore, i am sure, as long as these SH group can open up themself, come forward, enjoy themself…everything will be changed easily.

I stressed again,  strickly no profit is to be made, as what you had sugguested, all the cost involved in the events will be  shared equally amongst all the participants.(even the organiser will have to pay their cost, if any, but not letting the other partipants shared and pay for them) . Futhermore,  all the particulars of the cost which incurred in any event, must be OPENED to everybody, there must be totally NO hidden mark up. I am sure only by doing such a way, so the club will be able to do it in a  very successfull and problemless manner.

Will love to see strong grow of the Silverhairs Club.

Meeting of 17 Oct changed to small group meetings on Oct 26 – 28

The Oct 17 meeting is OFF.  This is because many SilverHairsClub members are working during the planned time.  Also, the date is not suitable to many.  Instead, for those who have responded to the meeting, I have arranged individual or smaller group meetings.  To share with members,

1. It is important I express the thinking and objectives of setting up such a group for Singaporeans over 45 years old.  I am 50, singaporean.  I am aware there are a few retirees clubs in Singapore, Community clubs and small social groups.  Overall the last 10 years, I have noticed a change in the living behaviour and expectations of the SilverHairs group. The financial crisis has changed the Asian market conditions and the thinking of companies in general.  Singapore has changed dramatically and while the over 45s are knowledgeable, experienced and financially capable, they have a tougher life ahead, compared to their predecessors.  There are a lot of debates on this, but I feel strongly these group can have a better life ahead.  Some are pessimistic over the future, and resigned to current lifestyles.

2. I feel the SilverHairs has a great future.  I am an optimistic person.  I believe that the wealth of knowledge and experience would put these SilverHairs into a category of society that can benefit themselves further and provide a more stimulating life.  As a group, SilverHairs are in a stronger position to work together a future for themselves. I am a non believer of a “do nothing” lifestyle for over 45s and retirees.  As someone who has seen colleaques retiring and then fading into a aimless lifestyle,  I see mentally sad souls in many of this age group.  But, of course, there are also contented ones. And, we have some very optimistic individuals among us.

3. The objective of the SilverHairsClub is clear.  It will provide a platform for over 45s to meet and make new friends.  Different individuals have different desires and interest.  They could just be looking for regular chit chats, some are looking for jobs, some looking to find small business partners and some just looking for common hobbies and travel companions. So far, we have a number of match makers, event organisers and membership promoters.  Most of the organising and groupings of interest will be managed by these groups of key people.  But, SHC will keep growing its membership so that the newer and different interest groups can have continued or even changing interests. 

There would be monthly meets or activities, but these will be general activities – social, some makan and opportunities to exchange thoughts. At this level, the gatherings are intended to be large.

As the group gets bigger, we will add a new group of key people to generate corporate interest.  But this will be done sometime next year.  The idea is to grow the group, a thousand is the target. And, I believe it can get bigger.

4.  The advantage of this group is the fast communication.   All SilverHairs use email.  I see many as not net savvy though.  I plan to add SMS very soon.  We also  have the services of Ms Pranita, who will manage the database.  She is based in India.

For cost reasons, we avoid the use of printed newsletters and phone calls..

5. Language-wise, I see strong English skills among the group.  But as my Chinese is not strong, I am looking for strong Chinese skills supporters.

6. For a physical club presence, I am not supporting it at this stage, as it will unnecessarily strain the growing organisation, cost wise.

But, a regular place is good, and I am still exploring.

7. Club registration. Once the team is formed, we should register the club.  The club would not support sex, religious, racial, direct sales/MLM and political activities.

Some of the agenda, topics of discussion with individual and smaller groups would include:
1. Areas of cooperation and support.
2. Activities suited to the group – keeping members young at heart.  Special focus on outdoor activities.
3. Use of suggested places for large meetings.
4. Getting to know one another.

Promoting the club (externally)

The Silverhairsclub comprises people who are over 45 years, experienced after having worked a good number of years, have valuable skills and physically/financial active.  There are external organisations who would like to build a relationship with SilverHairsClub, and this is the category.

Starting from 2006, we would like to promote the SilverHairsClub with external organisations.  This will substantially increase the SilverHairsClub membership.

Terence Seah


Life is never all that smooth.  For the lucky ones, they have planned their long awaited retirement.  But, for many, we still have to work, probably till we cannot work.  Then, there are those who just love to work, and cannot reason to themselves how they can spend their Silverhairs years mentally and physically relaxed.

Some may be looking for a job.  Some of us may be able to help. Bear in mind, life is never that simple or that easy.  But, this is the section.

Terence Seah

Outdoor activities

We have all lived a good 45 years.  The desire to feel young still runs in our blood.  We see our children or grand children active in sports and outdoor activities. Some silverhairs have expressed wanting to go camping, track forest and climb mountains.  Others looking for friends to share swimming sessions.

I am game to go camping. Well, this Outdoor activities category is the right area for you.

Terence Seah

Living in Thailand

I have lived in Thailand since 1990.  In Thailand, Singaporeans have two communities, Singapore Club of Thailand and Singapore-Thai Chamber of commerce.

Many Singaporeans are expatriates, though there are also equally long stayers who have lived, worked or have business in Thailand.

As for me, I travel alot in Asia, and so I spend many weekends in Bangkok.  If you are interested to live in Thailand for short periods, join some of our weekend activities.  You might like the culture and way of life.

If you like travelling in Thailand, not the expensive way, please let me know. There are people who can keep you in the looop.

Terence Seah